Nest Thermostat E Unboxing and Setup!

every 110 Schofield right here I wish to go on and unbox as well as setup the new nest thermostat Yi as well as no nest really did not send me this Google didn’t send me this either Google actually has nest I just got it myself went out and acquired it I desired to try it out set it up in my home as well as set it up with my Google house integration all that good things so I figured I would certainly share my experiences with you now I’m gon na open it up show you actual fast what remains in the box and also established it up in my apartment examination it out go gone through the arrangement procedure too so let’s obtain started to begin here’s a glimpse at the box nest thermostat II and also on the side it claims jobs with most 24 volt home heating as well as cooling systems yet they do have a choice to see to it it works so before you also check it out most likely to nest that comp reduce works mine does so let’s start go on as well as open this bad child up as well as today you do have the thermostat right in your face really small much smaller sized and also I believed it was gon na be actually but you’ll see a wonderful port as well sent to the side I’m gon na proceed and also examine out installment guides so I could not need that it seems pretty obvious exactly how to set the electrical wiring up and every little thing so it claims switch off the power of

cooling and heating before installing so see to it you do that and also right here it is simply home plate that you attach the cables with it undergoes the wall surface and after that into right here and afterwards obviously you can just connect the nest right into there currently keeping that being stated I believe there’s one more thing in below and there it is so a last point is just a backplate due to the fact that of training course your various other thermostat may be a little bigger so it may have a mark yet below’s a backplate mine actually has a backplate but I’m still gon na think about taking that off and really placing this one on so let’s go on and establish this up likewise we go to the show it does include a pair wall surface screws also now I will say it was pretty very easy to set up I screwed in the back plate you see on the left there’s a little deposit from the old backplate however it was a large thermostat very little I can actually do regarding that however I did connect the wires the site was really very practical as well as telling me where to link per certain wire so make certain you go to the site I discussed earlier regarding compatibility likewise worth noting you are going to require a Phillips head screwdriver so that did not been available in the box yet allow’s proceed and also connect the nest as well as pop it right into that port and also it simply breaks in I will make

note this does rotate about on the outside to set your temperature it looks like it’s booting up for the very first time a residence icon right there now next you’ll see I have an option for a bunch of different languages I’m going to do English us and looks like this and also this button down at the bottom to press and also after that verify my choice and also then next I desire to go on and set up my net connection so allow’s go ahead and link as well as find my Wi-Fi mine’s in fact called Google Wi-Fi and also I’m going to go in advance as well as do the password on the internet so I don’t always require the app all right so I went on key in my password hit done and it’s gon na go on as well as connect to my Wi-Fi claims his thermostats on-line press to continue and also now it’s just checking for a quick software upgrade doesn’t resemble anything is needed so now place is next I’m gon na proceed and strike proceed as well as it will certainly go on and in fact kind of see where I’m situated based upon my net connection next it’s gon na describe what kind of residence it is single-family multi-family apartment or a company so now where is your thermostat mosting likely to lie this is in between the kitchen area and the living room so I’m just gon na go on and also select household space heating and also cooling now it states U and s Pro I’m not setting up any kind of intricate system so I’m not gon na strike Pro Mode I’m just gon na strike residence proprietor as well as now tools it just lets you understand where every little thing is attached I’m gon na go on and strike proceed

and also now allow’s go on and also proceed what’s the fuel source for home heating – gas choose that what type of heating do you have my own’s forced air and also there we go enough temperature so true pick your eco temperature I’m just gon na hit done to skip that in the meantime system test allow’s go on as well as run a fast examination examination the fan and indeed I can hear the follower turning on and it did transform on this was in fact the very first time it switched on so it was a different sound that I’m utilized to and also I’m gon na strike done currently following is the nest app itself so I’m going to go ahead as well as order my phone and also get this app established so it’s asking if I intend to control with the nest app and also it obtains a vital to type into the app so I’m running via the application with the home configuration it aids you recognize if your house are away I’m mosting likely to hit OK as well as it needs permissions I’m gon na allow it for place so any kind of the phone recognizes I’m not house I’m gon na obscure the display for evident reasons but if it identifies I’m residence or away it can turn on and also off you can likewise share it I’m not gon na share in the meantime I will certainly in the future with my roomie so now right here’s the arrangement procedure mount your thermostat I’ve already done that and then enter that secret that appeared so I proceeded as well as got in the crucial and also it claims attached so now we’re all excellent to go returning to our thermostat it says do you intend to switch on autoschedule standard routine or even more info I’m just gon na do Car in the meantime and also it will learn your preferred temperature level based on your changes and also

preferred timetable to establish is done it may take a couple of minutes to show the appropriate temperature level which is great allow’s go ahead as well as hit coating as well as there you have it it says sixty-eight today and it appears like it’s 75 in the house currently likewise worth noting that you can actually touch the display it really is just a button when you continue the actual display so you do not necessarily need to push the nest switch we can in fact simply press the real thermostat itself so pressing the screen obtains you some alternatives back settings fan switch off or switch to Eco mode so if I delve into settings too it obtains me to fan schedule Energy background lock house away Asus nest feeling wake display when you go by I’ll check that out in a 2nd click sound you can transform from Fahrenheit to Celsius if you want to which is constantly nice I’m just gon na strike done currently of training course you can simply utilize the meter to really alter the specific temperature that you intend to so I’m running the fan today you can establish a certain time it’s competing 15 mins presently so the fan is on now you’ll see the thermostat presented shut down and I’m gon na stroll by it now so or stroll in the direction of it too as well as you’ll see the screen just transforms right on so you can approach it transform the temperature level anything you desire but you once you leave it it will

in fact transform that screen off I am brand-new to this so please reduce me some slack but it appears the air conditioning wire which is the blue cord did come separated when I went to press because real nest to make sure that’s what the air conditioning choice really did not show up I assumed it was going nuts yet I did am NOT so make certain that you take off the nest thermostat if you have any problems as well as check those wires so you’ll see it acknowledges that the wiring is different so I’m type of happy this took place because it may be a problem you face so glad I clothe this now you’ll see in the upper left the awesome choice appeared I’m gon na go in advance and continue as well as currently warming air conditioning and also follower so we’re excellent to go so now obviously I can set a setting heat great heat and cool or eco I mean that’s really amazing on and also currently you’ll see a blue icon turns up so here we go it will certainly allow you recognize I can activate the fan activating the a/c switching on I’ll allow you understand regarding how much time it’s going to require to reach that specific temperature so in about a hr it’ll reach 73 degrees which has to do with where I want it to be I’m gon na leave it there if I enter into the menu

now cooling down exists you go or off to ensure that cooling down setting simply got included the nest is likewise suitable with various other extremely clever home tools such as the Google residence which I did simply sync in the Google house app and you’ll see I have the temperature set at 75 and also inside the apartment it is 73 levels now all I need to do to transform that is transform hey Google turn the temperature to 70 degrees boom there you go so it simply activated the air 70 levels in one hr and 10 minutes it should be that temperature so really awesome so to complete whatever off the configuration process was fairly painless other than me not attaching that wire correctly however that’s entirely on me of training course however aside from that I’m delighted to attempt it out it’s wonderful that I can simply go ahead and also transform the temperature level with my voice not having to stroll over to it and if I do stroll over to it it will light up and also recognize that the activity of me coming in the direction of it generally that’s it with any luck it conserves me a little cash on my energy costs proceed as well as click that thumbs up if you appreciated this video I ‘d actually value it subscribe as well a lot more insurance coverage ahead as always men thanks really much

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