Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera In-Depth Look!

everybody Tim Schofield right here and also I’m still servicing my complete evaluation that’s coming really soon nonetheless I did promise that I would do an extra in-depth look at the dual electronic camera on the back of the Galaxy Note 8 and also of training course I’m making use of the front-facing electronic camera today however number I offer you a little taste of exactly how the microphone appears when I’m video clip recording as well as also simply to consider video recording on that front dealing with video camera to begin I wish to take a close appearance at that twin electronic camera system on the back of the Galaxy Note 8 and also you’ll see what both lenses on the left side is where the telephoto lens is to make sure that will certainly offer you approximately 2 times optical zoom so not using digital zoom

and afterwards the one on the right is the wide-angle lens which is practically your conventional lens likewise worth keeping in mind that both of these lenses have optical photo stabilization which is truly terrific the initial phone to really have dual oh is in their phone as well as the apple iphone X will in fact have that once it at some point appears yet the Galaxy Note 8 has actually been out and also does have dual OAS and also for those of you wondering I did obtain tired of obtaining many finger prints spots and just oil smudges on the back of my no-date so I did place a glossy wrap on it I believe it looks really tidy with this black look to it and certainly include some additional defense despite the fact that those lenses in that video camera also I will link to it down listed below if you’re interested one of the initial things I want to describe is that telephoto lens on the left since it doesn’t constantly get used and I don’t believe a lot of individuals rather realize that you are not always obtaining two times optical zoom when you make use of a telephoto lens on a phone now this is the very same as that of the iPhone 7 plus as well as additionally the 1 plus 5 too so let’s go right into the camera application load it on up let’s break a quick photo allowed’s focus as well as snap another picture so you’ll see focusing it needs to use the optical zoom as a result of the lighting

problems that I remain in and actual quick to test that out what you can do is just conceal that leading lens after you focus so go in advance as well as zoom in and after that just conceal that leading lens and you’ll see it’s covering it up it’ll pick up that it obtains covered up as well as switch to that wide-angle lens to make sure that’s what happened I’m still hiding that that telephoto lens but if i zoom out and also zoom back in it will certainly simply adhere to that wide-angle lens because it understands that I’m actually covering it up and after that of program once you allow go of it it must change back to using that telephoto lens and it did as I go on and cover it up as well as that’s naturally in the lighting scenario that I’m in so I’m gon na reject my my LED lights actual quick now as you can see I have actually switched on my LED lights as well as what’s gon na occur is I can break a picture I can focus as well as break another image yet right now it’s not making use of that optical zoom lens it’s not using the telephoto lens I’m gon na cover it up I’m hiding right currently and you’ll notice it really did not see my finger you’ll see I’m covering it up it is actually utilizing that wide-angle lens now which’s due to the fact that of the illumination that remains in the space now it detects just how much remains in there and also just how much actually great is going to appear of using that telephoto lens and it identifies that utilizing electronic zoom will certainly bring out a much better photo than as if it used that telephoto lens as well as next I desire to talk concerning the camera

application in basic as well as what you can do with those double lenses the camera opens up quickly I’ve never ever had a problem where I’ve needed to wait for the cam to actually open you can open it from the lock screen by swiping up from the right below or also double pushing the power button as well as that will certainly trigger the camera currently within the video camera application you’ll see 3 choices Bixby vision live focus and sticker labels so I’m mosting likely to flaunt big speed vision actual fast nothing as well different from the s8 and si plus what’s gon na happen as you point the video camera at some kind of object you can hit text and you can translate some type of text if it’s an image or you can shop so it’s gon na go ahead and sense what this item is and also it claims zoom h4n helpful portable digital recorder so it recognizes what this really took an image of can can be found in handy I do not utilize it as well often myself it is really neat modern technology though on the right side is a stickers switch and also this is sort of similar to what snapchat has you can place some kind of stickers on your face I honestly have never utilized this yet you may intend to it if you remain in the market for that and also of course you can include sticker labels as well you can

download them on the side I’m gon na avoid online emphasis for simply a second I’ll reveal that off in a little bit but you swipe over to the right to obtain to your filters filters is not something I actually make use of typically either yet they exist and after that obviously you can swipe over to the left and this is where you get your options we can reach a professional mode of food mode panorama there is naturally a slow-moving activity which I did such as to play around with and also it did work rather well I was pleased with just how it did capture the sluggish motion that’s something I make use of all the time however it’s type of cool to just check out something to use as well as there’s just a quick hyperlapse setting also and obviously always excellent to have a pro setting on there we can transform your aperture focus white equilibrium ISO anything that you can think about and get some actually much more expert shots rather than just using Car under left side below you can switch over to the front-facing cam if you want to and afterwards here’s a fast little faster way to in fact transform the facet ratio of your camera so generally fires in 4:3 which uses that 12 megapixel video camera so this is a 12

megapixel video camera both lenses are 12 megapixels nonetheless if you switch and make use of the increased version it’s going to enter into full-screen setting nevertheless if you enter into setups you’ll see the picture dimension is now a various ratio that 18.5 to 9 so it utilizes a 7.9 megapixel video camera currently if I go back as well as sort of condense it we’ll switch over back to that 4:3 element ratio let me reveal that out 4:3 aspect proportion making use of the complete 12 megapixels quickly you can turn the flash on auto and off and after that these settings in the upper ideal hand edge or you can in fact change your video clip dimension they do have completely up to 4k nonetheless you can use 1080p 60 structures per 2nd if you wish to and also customize that to your taste general though nothing also insane there’s timers you can make use of shooting methods so you can touch the display to take selfies tap heart price sensor or show hand too and also it will take a photo of you after a few secs you can choose to have the volume keys do

something various as opposed to take pictures you can have a record video clip zoom or system quantity and also you can control so smile cheese capture shoot or record video to regulate your cam as well as talking zooming in also one little good attribute I have rather than just touching on the 2x symbol to actually focus you can actually make use of the shutter switch which is this white button and also just sort of drag it up as well as gradually focus as high as you wish to you can kind of change up to two times is where that optical zoom enters into play yet if you do wish to go more it goes up to 10 times electronic zoom however you’ll see it behaves to get an accurate zoom 5.6 5.5 go truly slow or you can accelerate also I’ll provide you a much better instances in just a second however I do intend to display the online emphasis mode currently you’ll see below remains about four feet far from the subject as well as it will allow you know when it’s available whether you understand whether it’s a details angle exactly how far something far from you is you see online emphasis is readily available you can tailor the blur and the history whether you don’t desire any kind of and see all the means down or if I swipe right up it adds that blur to the background so if I go ahead and also snap a fast image as well as we’ll go in advance as well as take a picture left wing

side below you’ll see dual capture you can have that on or off so allow’s proceed and have a look at that picture we simply took currently you do have the ability to readjust the history blur to your preference so if you don’t like just how much the background is blurred you can actually tone it down and also you’ll see it will certainly obscure the background just a little yet not nearly as much if you headed up right currently the double capture option is what I was pointing out up below you see you have a close-up however you can also go to that wide-angle shot so it takes a picture with both of your lenses which is actually incredible so certainly with that said close-up it utilized that telephoto lens due to exactly how close it is yet you can likewise check out what the photo making use of that wide-angle lens is naturally with no blur behind-the-scenes yet you will certainly obtain an initial image out of that wide-angle lens there’s simply a couple images that I took with real-time emphasis and also you see the quit check in focus and in the background get a couple structures and some trees that are out of

emphasis as well as this is all synthetic you see right here some blossoms with the background fake as well and also this is all artificially done on the phone nonetheless it is an actually good function it doesn’t look also fake II in my viewpoint when you take a picture also of a person in the background it doesn’t look also fake but you do require to see to it you line it up appropriately are the ideal range away from the object you’re attempting to make use of also but on the whole if you get the right circumstance it does start to look truly great here’s just a fast 4k video clip I fired outside utilizing the back video camera of the Galaxy Note 8 in 4k high quality total it records almost whatever I would certainly expect a smart phone to catch truly as lengthy as I’m holding it still although the optic optical picture stablizing does do a good job you see I’m rising actual close right here I’m attempting to hold it consistent and also it does a good work at make sure it’s not hugely jittery you see when I walk you’ll see a bit of choppiness however that’s just me not holding it extremely steady if you had a gimbal it would look just fine and

then if you proceed and obviously a tripod also would certainly aid and also here’s just a pair a lot more far shots using this phone you’ll see some vital so fortunately they really did not come near me due to the fact that geese are just the most awful as well as you’ll see it does have that – time zoom button in addition to I pressed it right there it sumed in on the geese and afterwards going back to the flowers and also the here’s just one more instance using that to times switch to zoom in while shooting video clip I also wish to have a look at some of the low-light shots I took with this phone and also with the optical photo stabilization being on the lens it does a great work in low-light even from that necessarily holding it still these are as well as on the whole the photos taken look brighter than they perform in genuine life this had not been necessarily an excellent lights circumstance nonetheless you can still get the colors it doesn’t lose a crazy amount of information this wasn’t even a worst lighting circumstance inside truly not much light

whatsoever and also you can still kind of read the message it does not shed a lot of quality as well as it just looks brighter general after you take a photo I wish to provide a pair much more examples of what that telephoto lens can do in terms of away and afterwards zoomed in and it takes some really great shots and it simply this is just one of my favored ones of these 3 structures out there with the trees and also the water but you still focus and also it appears like you’re much closer to those structures and also just pets you don’t need to scare them away you see that butterfly as well as this is just a shot that I took that I liked and an additional one out in nature and total that’s just around every little thing I intend to cover with the Galaxy Note 8 electronic camera hopefully appreciated this video I do intend to do future ones similar to this so if you have any type of suggestion ideas drop remark let me know I will really value that from you guys as well as with any luck enjoy this video click that thumbs up if you did click that subscribe switch full testimonial of the note 8 very soon and also as constantly people thanks significantly

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