Official Android 6.0 Marshmallow Review

everybody Tim Schofield there from television King 77 tranquility and also it’s time to review the main Android 6.0 marshmallow update to the Android operating system it’s a fair bit that’s new so let’s proceed and have a look in any way these changes among the first points that’s change is really that boot animation so right here is a better consider it whole lots going on whole lots of different animations however it looks pretty trendy and once it’s done it just shows Android and afterwards boots your tool up and also as soon as placed it up it takes us to the lock screen you’ll see the clocks a little much more strong you still have your video camera shortcut in the bottom right-hand man corner instead of the dialer in the bottom left hand corner you swipe from the lower left hand corner and also it simply opens an extremely fast voice search I’ll show you men on the Android 6.0 marshmallow I’m going to enter into setups regarding phone and also you’ll see Android variation 6.0 is the official develop swiftly tap

on that particular to get to the easter-egg raises in M it’s different coloured every single time you touch on it once again and also after that you have the little marshmallow with the Android man you press and hang on it nonetheless and also it brings you to the flappy Android flappy bird design game it counts down it’s spruced up new icons as you can see as well as it kind of feels a little much easier perhaps maybe it’s simply me however you’ll see it has a touch input I don’t know what the point of that is wherever you touch it has a little line going from the Android people well do not know what the factor of that is now throughout this video make note of refined animation modifications what I intend to mention is when you tap on a particular application icon it opens it from that certain symbol so if I go right into here and also go to calculator you’ll see from that calculator it opens up when you revoke it it simply moves down okay the launcher has been upgraded some of you may currently have this launcher actually it’s in the Play Store so who got Walton new wallpapers as

well if you wish to download these for your device I’ll link to where you can in the description of video this’s probably my favored so I’m just going to establish that a person actual quick an additional upgrade to the launcher is that the widgets web page is currently a vertical scroll and after that if you have multiple you can swipe over thus scrolling down you likewise see there’s a brand-new sound search widget that obtained upgraded so you see what’s the track tap on it as well as it’s mosting likely to pay attention for music now another notable upgrade is that the application drawer is currently vertical scrolling some of you liked it some of you do not I directly simulate it you’ll additionally notice some app suggestions up on top likewise one more little subtle computer animation when you go from the letters it shows the first app that appears from that letter so you’ll see Instagram just kind of appeared a bit at I at Facebook kind of appeared to ensure that’s just a good little subtle animation likewise quick idea press as well as hang on the app drawer switch and also you obtain a fast search up at the top so you

can browse your apps sadly they did obtain rid of the horizontal launcher it’s still on tablets just not on phones anymore when we enter into setups you can turn off lack like I stated that turn up in the app cabinet an additional amazing function on the homescreen if you have an application on there you can press done hang on it and uninstall alternative appears so you don’t need to do it straight from your application cabinet marshmallow brings currently at hand so press as well as hold the home button it does not open Google currently any longer it is integrated in the stock launcher still with a swipe over to the left you can turn currently and touch off and also it will return to exactly how it was in the past will go directly to Google now when you press hold the home button now I have a presentation of now at hand that has even more examples but one instance that I really love is when I’m in a message messaging thread as well as a person says hey we’re having supper it’s Poli tonight press as well as

hold Google currently at hand is mosting likely to review that screen what gets on it you can develop a schedule event for supper as well as also you see CH draw a turns up Google Facebook Twitter Instagram Google And also web site News you have particular number of different choices as well as you can do that system-wide so whatever screens on usage press as well as hold and also Google currently and taps going to fill up as well as review that screen there’s a little surprise attribute within Android 6.0 marshmallow currently press and hold on the Setups icon that’s in fact ideal there as well as you’ll see it’s been actually swiftly let go of it and it claims congrats system UI receiver has been included to settings so you’ll see system UI receiver right here currently simply make note enjoyable for some except all you can get rid of it by doing the specific same point as in the past as well as also you discover a little wrench beside that setups symbol currently below’s what the system UI receiver can do entering into fast settings you can alter just how they are arranged so press and continuing it as well as moving flashlight up to where do not interrupt is it goes right before do not disrupt and there it is to make sure that’s really well you can type of customize that you additionally

have a reset alternative including tile there’s a broadcast one that as well that turns up now going back we have condition bar so below is where it really reveals those little icons and you can type of declutter it if you recognize you have an alarm system on yet you do not wish to reveal the alarm system icon just uncheck it let’s claim you do not need to know you’re on Wi-Fi uncheck that you saw the Wi-Fi symbol go away currently the following one I desire to flaunt the program ingrained battery percent so checking it as well as you’ll see my battery is at 21% it’s fine it’s not excellent though ultimately demo setting just places in this look for app designers to take screenshots and talking screenshots yet I wish to take one actual fast quantity down as well as power button it takes it now when I enter into my alert tray you can remove it straight from there or share it so it’s fantastic that you can finally erase it due to the fact that I accidentally do it sometimes as well as I need to remove them currently quantity controls obtained an upgrade for the better so dropping you’ll see vibrate

just go down one even more as well as it goes to alarm systems only so it do not disrupt mode you additionally see a do not disrupt symbol right there that shows an only alarm systems just do not disrupt you can alter for one hr till following alarm until you transform it off for complete silence obstructs everything consisting of alarm systems like I claimed you might do it for one hr or until you transform this off or return to concern just currently let’s go ahead and return to those quantity controls as well as you’ll see it’s in concern just I’m simply mosting likely to hit end now there’s a little arrow right below as well as discover those little refined animation looks quite wonderful as well as you have media control quantity as well as then additionally a LARM volume too now cut duplicate paste got an actually great update so let’s go and also press as well as hang on this as well as you’ll see it reveals up right here rather than the top of the screen and also inspect this out as well as when I say halving and also I press these three dots if you have Google Translate installed it automatically translated via the system so that’s a neat API that they included likewise when you’re going to select message it does a complete word

choice when you visit the right as well as after that it goes letter by letter when you most likely to the left which is in fact a really good enhancement because it makes it a lot easier to just sort of select 4 words at once and then kind of if you require to be a bit a lot more elaborate with it go backwards with it currently when it comes to battery updates go on and also enter into them and also what’s really amazing is per everything whether it be display or an app it tells you the number of milliamp hrs it has used just how long it was on so if I enter into the Google Play Store you’ll see it’s utilized 19 milliamp hours of my battery currently there’s also battery optimizations and there’s a function called doze included in Android marshmallow and also I can’t truly show that off because what’s going to happen is when you are not using your phone for time periods screens off it’s mosting likely to drastically stay battery and standby time so I have actually had the ability to check yet hopefully it does function well currently one more adjustment is application permissions granular application

authorizations so for instance if I go and also I would certainly pay and authorizations it will really ask as they’re regarding to use them so video camera you can check location storage space you can uncheck all of them too so you’ll see I enter into settings below within the applications and also application approvals it lets you know exactly how lots of are utilizing body sensing units context as some mass currently app linking is better also so as opposed to asking you every single time it allows you know which web links are going to open up within which applications an additional included attribute to lower the number of actions to sharing is here’s an image if I press that share icon it’ll raise a checklist of get in touches with as well as likewise app symbols alongside it allowing you recognize where it’s going to share to so if you frequently share to certain people so I click on test it’s mosting likely to open up into that person and also connect that picture that I can send there’s also currently a different memory alternative which allows you know exactly how much RAM was used for a certain quantity of time as well as likewise each application particularly how much RAM that they have used now we most likely to storage as well as USB it

calculates exactly how much storage you have actually left as well as classifies it as well as additionally you have a traveler option down at the bottom where you have a constructed in data supervisor which has actually been much needed on Android for a very long time going right into noise and notification and afterwards application notice you can disable peaking per application and also what peaking is is when that little icon stands out down as well as allows you know when there’s a notice so as an example allow’s say you don’t want snapchat to stand out down notices you can simply uncheck enable coming to a head and also it won’t do it any longer and also appears and also alerts you can most likely to various other sounds and also toggle on and off charging sounds you weren’t able to do that already within the dialer I think it’s intended to have actually integrated visual voicemail as well I have not been able to check this out just yet when we go to more as well as activate tethering portable hotspot and established up hotspot I believe it’s supposed to have a 5 gigahertz band included if the hardware supports it as well now when it comes to tablet computers running Android 6.0 marshmallow there’s really not

much difference among the primary ones is when you pull down the condition bar relying on where your finger draws it down the status bar in fact relocates to that area and no it does not consist of multi home window mode whatsoever throughout the system and also no it does not consist of split keyboard either on the tablet computer sadly there’s no dark mode alternative hopefully they can add that in later as well as certainly there’s no fingerprint sensor on any one of these tools got ta delay for the brand-new Nexus tools which I will certainly get quickly as well as that would be the official Android no marshmallow update on the Android os with any luck appreciated this video if you did please offer it a thumbs up share it as well if you would certainly like register for my channel great deals much more to come you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links in the summary listed below and also as always men thank you very a lot you

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