Moto G (3rd Gen) Unboxing and First Impressions

hey everyone sim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 calm and I’m here to give some impressions and show you what’s in the box of the brand new Moto G the third generation Moto G 2015 from Motorola Motorola’s trying to be the top dog in that budget smartphone market there’s actually two variants of this there’s a one gig of ram 8 gigabyte model that runs you 180 and then you have a 2 gigabytes of ram 16 gigabyte model that runs you 220 that would be this model the 2 gigs of ram for 220 with 16 gigs of internal storage so let’s open this up real quick show you what’s in the box real quick turn it on give you some impressions on the brand new Moto G all right so let’s get into it it’s a little bit of a modified unboxing I got about 30 seconds into it and realized I forgot to press the record button in the camera so sorry about that you see here’s the shrink-wrap right there and let’s go ahead and open this guy up so right away you’re greeted I made this with Moto maker actually so you’ll see I have a black and white version one thing I notice right away is that texture that’s on the back of it as you can see in the camera now and

then you’ll see of course you have that little dimple right there I like I’ll clean the black-and-white looks I’ll let you guys know once I make my review video how dirty the back white plate gets but anyways I’m going to turn this on the battery is embedded so I know it’s inside of it take this out and then inside here you’ll see I have a cable a charging cable what’s different about it though is that this is not detachable and it’s not a USB port as you can see which is kind of a downside see it’s a micro USBs standard charging cable but I’m guessing having a cable like this cuts down cost if I had to guess and now you have read me and then a protection guide so now the Moto G is booted up now before we get into the setup I want to talk about the design of it right now so the back is actually removable so it is ipx7 water-resistant so it’s actually seals pretty well it should seal pretty well here’s the back you’ll see on the

upper left-hand corner of a micro SD card slot to expand your storage and a SIM card slot as well so let’s go ahead and pop this back on I kinda wanna give you an idea of what this looks like in comparison to other moto devices here’s the Moto e the most recent Moto e and then here is the Moto X second-generation so here’s the screen size difference actually a 5 inch 720p display on the Moto G one thing that’s different about them is actually you’ll notice on both the Moto X and Moto e that the these speakers up at the top actually protrude out of the device as you can see right here just a little bit you could feel you can feel them and then when I drop the Moto G the new Moto G down you’ll see it’s inside it’s indented the speaker so if an earpiece up at the top and then a speaker down at the bottom both of them are the exact same so just a little different design tweak to them also on the buttons on the side they stuck with the same design where the volume tees are smooth but the power button has a little bit of texture similar to that texture

that’s on the back as well so you know which power button is different from the volume buttons you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up top 13 megapixel camera on the back which I’m excited to try out and test any of a micro USB charging slot down at the bottom so here’s a standard it does come with lollipop 5.1.1 out of the box so that’s nice that you have a budget device that is essentially on one of the weight on the latest Android operating system and that shows that hopefully they will be able to update these very soon especially with a very small not very themed skin over Android so here we go welcome you just have your standard stock launcher basically let’s go ahead and swipe down you see says check your back cover to make sure it is completely sealed you want to double check that in case you do accidentally spill water on it drop water on it show you real quick we’re on 5.1.1 about Phone Android version and then let’s go ahead and scroll up you do have a camera let’s go to it I wonder if this is set up it is so you double twist and you can

open up the camera quick capture is on so let’s go ahead and take a quick very very quick picture of this so wow that was really quick focus quickly swipe over to the gallery let’s go to the first one that we took and that was really quick it looks okay a little bit fuzzy so it looks like I needed a hole that’s still this one’s definitely better one more textured to it there’s a far away shot so overall not too bad I’m actually pretty excited to test this guy out and we’ll see how good it actually performs I’ll let you guys know in my full review review video of course but yeah overall let’s go ahead and go into settings you see you have those moto settings similar to that double twist it says are you in yes I’m in maybe later so you see you have assist actions I react to motion chopped twice for flashlight as well there you go and chopped twice the turn flashlight off and it worked that’s good and then twist for quick capture which we actually already have and then you have display which is actually wait the display window case arrived on moto display see how much detail it shows that’s a nice addition as well I’ve heard that this isn’t an AMOLED display anymore so hopefully it doesn’t affect battery too much I’ve heard that it doesn’t it has a 24 70 milliamp hour embedded battery and I’ve heard better life’s really good so I’m pretty excited to try it out like I said full review video coming soon after I gets more hands-on with this hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe as well more videos coming very soon you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ always in the description of the video below and as always guys thank you very much I really

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