Galaxy Note 4 Revisited After 10 Months

each Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 dot-com a couple weeks ago I did a Nexus 6 took another look at video and also you guys offered me a truly great action if you intend to see even more of those so time for one more one this time around the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I’m gon na revisit it it’s been out for concerning 10 months currently so it’ll be a year in October they’re really almost set to announce a brand-new one the note 5 on August 13th to ensure that’s turning up soon yet yeah I’ve been utilizing this as my daily vehicle driver for a couple weeks now got a great deal of excellent notes got feedbacks from people that have actually been using it for 10 months too so let’s go on as well as review the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4 all right so I swiftly intended to touch on the style of the note 4 this is when Samsung just began to relocate away from the all plastic appearance and also went with even more premium product such as light weight aluminum around it which includes a bit more weight but it gives it a much more exceptional seem like I said and also it’s been really long lasting overall it’s stood up really well however pen isn’t sliding out at the it still embeds it does not befall arbitrarily anything like that so overall I truly enjoyed the layout one

point I don’t like is that speaker in all-time low left it doesn’t get really loud as well as it just in general it’s on the back of the gadget so obvious I like front encountering audio speakers myself now when it involves that screen truthfully Samsung did a great job at future proofing it with a 1440p Super AMOLED display screen and also certainly it’s an amazing display when it initially appeared I was blown away at how great it is and also it still is a terrific screen particularly due to the fact that flagships now the highest possible it’s coming out with this 1440p currently so yeah it’s a terrific screen studiously the colors are great simply in general an actually terrific experience specifically when it involves simply shades as well as outs exterior exposure whatever now I intend to touch on a couple internal specifications on the device one of them being the IR blaster and also this is something I wish every every phone had when you can regulate your television through your phone it’s just an amazing included feature now I additionally want to speak regarding GPS and truthfully I assume just the GPS on this tool is broken as well as on the note 4 it’s actually been sort of a problem reading via discussion forums numerous things to reveal you this I have a fine

functioning general practitioners as well as a busted general practitioner and I’m going to open the general practitioner condition application for yet as well as you wish to check the satellites and the fix of satellites so you’ll see it’s got 5 on this and absolutely no it simply takes a long time on the note 4 to really connect to these satellites and get a general practitioners secure general and also occasionally it’s just can’t as well as it’s simply a discomfort like I said I require to obtain this gadget replaced I even attempted particular solutions such as squeezing the sides of the tool that actually really did not do anything I likewise tried tightening the screws on the back of the gadget just total I believe it’s just a difficult we’re issue as well as if it’s on your tool if you have GPS issues you may intend to check out obtaining it changed all right so allow’s chat concerning that s-pen that is consisted of trademark S Pen so below we go opening it up you have Air Command you have action memoranda wise choose photo clip and also screen right so apparent honestly the S Pen mostly I utilize for activity memorandum simply to write things down just swiftly say conference at 4:00 as well as that’s it and you can pin it to your home display if you require to touch and also touch as well as hold it to to pin it an additional thing that I utilize it a lot for is really when I go in advance let’s see I did I can double tap on it and

I activity memorandum if I require to type a number in if a person’s give me a phone number I can just claim 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 you push this and it highlights it and also then there you go you can add it to context edit your phone to make a phone call send out a text message all I obtain things or if you want to include an e-mail address that’s honestly what I utilize the s-pen the most for sometimes I’ll just be sitting there scrolling through my phone if I if I require to if I’m resting there with it and I go right into setups one thing I like about it as well as when you’re scrolling simply some cool little attributes like this when you can scroll faster and also slower it’s just total practical particularly with a larger tool like this in your you have 2 hands open I do not typically utilize it to type message extremely much in message messages or anything like that so that’s not truly what I utilize it for truthfully the main point I utilize it for is to write down notes as well as likewise the pen itself has held up really well I haven’t even had to replace any of these suggestions I’ve even listened to of any individual that’s had to even though it came with a couple additional when it comes to the finger print scanner it’s really getting better over time with software program updates most of the time it acknowledges my fingerprint on the first swipe periodically out to do it a pair times nonetheless the main gripe I have is that you have to swipe your finger in basic in comparison to the galaxy s6 regions to establish your finger on the residence switch especially with a larger

gadget such as this it’s just sort of troublesome to need to relocate your hand around to try and swipe to open the gadget currently when it involves the electronic camera it’s in fact still one of the top cameras around when it comes to concentrating simply photo quality total having a look one downside is actually the gallery takes four ever before to load I can sort of show you that in simply a second yet here’s just some fast point-and-shoots I did as well as just generally the high quality as well as just the shade recreation on it and also everything just looks really fantastic with the video camera so I mean also 810 months in the video camera is still fantast as well as here’s me opening the gallery you’ll see it open up simply penalty right here yet that’s due to the fact that it was packed already however overall it does take a great amount of time to load the gallery simply at certain times it’s quite aggravating it’s one of the drawbacks and also after that when it involves battery life below’s a pretty standard day for me a little over 4 hrs consistently I can sometimes obtain almost 5 hours of display on time with that 3220 milliamp hour battery it’s superb I indicate general I have really no grievances regarding the battery life particularly with that

1440p display screen I can in fact show you my battery life right now too allow’s go to evaluate on time seats at 3 hours 37 percent that seems about ideal I will overcome 4 hours once again so it gets me via the day it’s simply truly terrific battery life currently let’s speak about software presently the t-mobile Note 4 is out android 5.1.1 yet it gets on 5.0 they are really gradually rolling out 4.1 it’s in fact a little undesirable how slow it’s taking that my number sprint variation simply obtained it yet so yeah I mean simply with updates they need to do a better job at updating its faster I presume I should state yet in general the TouchWiz is just confusing and bloated I kind of desire it had the s6 TouchWiz that’s honestly my opinion it would probably make the device that far better specifically with a motif engine simply in general much less bloat it can be type of slow I’m certainly gon na switch back to Nova Launcher after this video I’ve been making use of the basic touchwiz launcher and it’s okay I imply when I attempt and make a hub a folder you can not drag and go down symbols on each other you need to go up develop a folder it’s simply an extra step that you do not intend to experience the trouble is really the current applications switch takes a long time to load up the current apps app you press it to ensure that really was truly quick but occasionally it takes up to about 3 secs for you to in fact press that switch and also wait for them to come up and also it’s general just

inappropriate most definitely something that needs to be repaired with a future software update hopefully with 5.1 I heard it assisted it yet it absolutely really did not fix it sometimes it simply takes means too long to fill up specifically their multi examining you wish to undergo swiftly which stops that nevertheless the note 4 is really one of otherwise the finest at multitasking you have points such as pop-up home window where you can use them in smaller screens you can actually minimize them to little bubbles this is on the s6 too so allow’s lots up one more application do it the very same precise point you can need to open up at the same time as you can see if you desire to perhaps attempt see a youtube video clip on one side and after that look for the applications and also the Play Store on the various other air it’s simply anything like that I mean certainly going to Epps’s once is a really excellent thing and you additionally have multi window where you can have one up here and also one down near the bottom when it comes to running high in video games it manages the most up to date games just fine it’s honestly delightful to play video games it loads them rapidly they look fantastic on that screen the only point that’s whine about is that speaker on the back but anyways software program like I claimed just not up to par it’s clunky you

see I can do away with finder a quick link up here let’s proceed and also go into settings the setups menus a joke appearance at for how long this is indeed you can include you can change the style yet despite the fact that if you change the sight to a tab check out the tabs are just truly far apart check out this wacky void right below if I swipe via as well as they’re simply truly poorly simulated I stated it requires an upgrade TouchWiz hopefully Samsung obtains her act along with Android em and also simply type of makes it all cohesive with the s6 Note 4 s5 all that good things however overall I imply apart from that I truthfully keep in mind for customers I don’t always see a reason to update to the note 5 especially if the note 5 does not have that micro SD card slot and detachable battery that’s something that you enjoyed regarding the note 4 the note the note 4 is really future proof that 3 jobs of ram you got that 1440p presented still has wonderful battery life even with that display screen so that’s my total take and also revisit of the galaxy note 4 hopefully you appreciated this video if you did provide it a thumbs up share it as well if you recognize somebody with the note 4 or if they don’t have it also you locate me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all the links in the summary listed below as always people thank you significantly

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