Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and HTC One M9 Specs, Features, and More

hello every person tim schofield below from Cuba King 77. com today has actually been a crazy interesting day both Samsung and also HTC have actually unveiled their newest front runner gadgets at Mobile Globe Congress in Barcelona the good news is I wasn’t able to participate in Mobile Globe Congress hopefully in the future I’ll be there but this is just a video chatting regarding the s6 and the m9 I’m mosting likely to do a complete Mobile World Congress wrap-up due to the fact that there’s a great deal more that did appear I’ll make sure to obtain that video clip out quickly sufficient yet today allow’s speak about them to huge things s6 as well as the m9 currently generally this entire early morning was full of me simply enjoying the two meetings I just SAT they had them streaming on youtube I just watched both of them I bore in mind throughout the entire thing as well as basically at the Samsung Galaxy unpacked occasion was a little bit longer than HTC’s event nevertheless they mosted likely to more information on certain things which caused it to be a little bit

much longer both of them unveiled brand-new virtual reality headsets like I claimed I’ll do a full mobile world congress point however right currently like I said they simply went a little bit a lot more detail regarding the s6 as well as the unpacked occasion where similar to the m9 they didn’t enter into as much information about the tool no I was virtually tweeting throughout the entire thing also and also i also got samsung’s main twitter account to tweet at me so if you don’t follow me on twitter make sure to do so i always upload on there also various other really social media sites if you don’t use twitter so follow me over there like i said when i do when these occasions occur i simply always upload simply arbitrary stuff all right however let’s enter into it so currently both type of conferences held made to be a huge offer for both companies currently what’s interesting is given that HTC assumed layout was a huge offer they maintained the exact same layout rather

high as the m8 whereas with the galaxy s6 they type of selected a more recent style particularly with the edge tool which we’ll talk regarding in just a second okay however anyways with the unpacked occasion they unveiled two gadgets not simply one the s6 as well as the s6 side currently they directed out some bottom lines to their introduction in the unpacked event I’m mosting likely to talk about the s6 initially they spoke 2 design finest display fastest cpu finest camera oh as well as likewise we have Knox also currently the galaxy s6 will certainly be available in three variations 32 gigabytes 64 gigabyte as well as 128 gigabyte I believe it ‘d possibly have to do with a fifty dollar difference we do not know the precise price my hunch is the 32 job will opt for concerning 650 without agreement as well as they have said the launch is on April 10th so April 10th you can go on and also go get your Galaxy s6 now it’s additionally important to note one big point they do not have a mini SD card ah terrible they say hey just by 128 gig as well as you won’t need to buy my christy card yeah yet you’re gon na need to invest crazy amount extra with any luck not however most likely you’re going to invest a lot much more for that internal storage whereas I can simply go buy a 32 gigabyte microSD card for a whole lot cheaper now we discussed the style with the s6 edge it’s the first double rounded display screen gadget in the

globe in fact the non curved device looks sort of comparable to an apple iphone in fact I’ve listened to a great deal of comparisons to both especially all-time low of the gadget all-time low of the s6 simply truly looks really similar to an apple iphone 6 in particularly the audio speaker grill the speaker with those those holes it just looks so comparable anyways it’s made from basically glass as well as steel two things so they selected an entire brand-new no plastic no synthetic natural leather absolutely nothing like that the front and also back is both glass acrylic glass for so ideally it will not break you might in fact see a decrease test from me we’ll see we’ll see what takes place yet anyways and then you have metal too now Samsung really jabbed fun at Apple and also the iphone they claimed this when they were discussing the metal the solid metal this things won’t Bend so they just kind of jabbed jabs a little bit of enjoyable at Apple anyways allowed’s carry on to something extremely essential with the galaxy s6 and also that be software application particularly with TouchWiz battling battling behind as well as hanging back essentially and also I quote they have said lag or

stuttering is gone and also the gadgets are remarkably receptive so those are direct quotes from the meeting that they held and that’s kind of appealing if that holds real if they in fact made it so the equipment and also the software integrated well and also the software program isn’t incredibly blody and it doesn’t delay that’s mosting likely to be a significant plus for the s6 currently with design of their software program they stated they were placed icons with message to make it less complicated to decide what you were doing they have actually got brighter colors a lot more worldly style overall with the lollipop update currently a couple things that look rather neat with any luck I can get photos of them on the side of me the lockscreen had options to respond and do various things call right from the lock display with those lock screen notices also among the coolest points in fact is you can designate as much as five calls a various glow color as well as what I mean by that is you’ll see the side of me when maybe your s6 is upside-down it’s mosting likely to illuminate a particular color and also glow a specific shade so you can see that let’s state my mother is red so if it’s beautiful red it resembles oh I recognize my mama’s calling so I’m probably gon na select this up also an additional pretty cool attribute is let’s claim for

instance I have the blue shade established as my buddy Joe and Joe is calling me and also I see heaven glow I can place my finger on the heart price sensing unit and it acknowledges my finger and afterwards it’s mosting likely to send an auto-reply a vehicle sms message reply in fact simply ignoring the telephone call and then sending out a text reply to him now let’s discuss performance of the galaxy s6 it has a 64-bit Exynos processor so not a Qualcomm Snapdragon they with their very own Samsung Exynos cpus as well as then it has 3 gigabytes of ddr4 memory so like I said with TouchWiz with any luck they slim it down and also they make that memory more effective currently one more vital statistic certainly initial point you see is that display it’s a 5.1 inch quad HD present so in 1440p screen it’s super amoled as well as has 577 pixels per inch so given that it’s only 5.1 inch comparison to the note for it has one of the most pixels per inch in conformity to a 5.1 inch display since displays something to type of make note I’ll speak about this when I get to the m9 currently Samsung actually concentrated a lot on battery life which was sort of appealing i’m actually pleased they did the expander is so crucial to me in a smartphone they claimed that 10 mins of charge can get you as much as 4

hrs of usage i make sure it’s extremely light use I’m sure it has battery saver setting on but still they claim that it bills exceptionally rapidly it’s meant to charge like fifty percent faster than an iphone so really promising things in the charging rate it additionally has cordless billing it’s WPC and also PMA compatible so certainly it’s going to sustain she simply kind of both basic so it’s going to be extremely global with their wireless charging now the s6 and also of course said you need to divide batteries i believe the s6 is a 25 50 in the s6 side is a 2,600 do not it could be flip-flopped but it’s virtually 50 million power so i’m not too big of a deal however they’re essentially going to have to do with the very same now they’re both embedded so no removable battery in the s6 an additional big thing so no microsd card port as well as no detachable battery 2 huge points currently with the non detachable battery it enables them to make the gadget bit thinner 6.
8 millimeters thin they also discussed how they expect battery life to be sufficient whereas you don’t require to get rid of the battery and put in an additional one if that’s real if the battery life suffices I’m absolutely fine with a non-removable battery nonetheless the microSD card point is

simply something I can’t release currently on the back you have a 16 megapixel rear video camera on a 5 megapixel video camera on the front the rear camera of optical picture stablizing crucial to keep in mind and likewise something called real-time HDR which will certainly just type of basically permit HDR mode to be quicker when you take photos now you can double tap the house switch to get to the camera quickly and also it’s intended to open in much less than a second which is terrific because Samsung has actually had issues with opening the camera they emphasized to state hi opening the cam really is fast now currently one thing that kind of fears me is in the past on samsung devices if you double tap the residence button it opened up s voice and you can close that off nevertheless if you had it on it kind of caused the house switch to be a bit laggy because it was awaiting that 2nd faucet if you double tapped it now I do not understand if it’s going to coincide with the cam however I’m really hoping that if you haven’t activated it the residence switches specifically responsive and exactly how you need it to be currently lastly 2 last points first of all it has a finger print scanner in the house button where

you do not need to swipe your thumb down any longer much like the apple iphone you can just establish it exactly on the home button if it functions as well as the apple iphone does i’m gon na be very delighted as you saw my iphone challenge i actually truly like that thumbprint scanner on the iphone and afterwards ultimately with the s6 they revealed samsung pay which is a brand-new settlement platform and also what’s so incredible regarding it and also it’s something that I really felt was required for it to become a big huge deal as well as something everybody’s probably mosting likely to use is something that they allowed it to be through NFC which is what Apple pay does however they also made it so you can pay with typical magnetic magnetic strip viewers for the charge card so you can just kind of place your phone up following that magnetic strip card reader which you practically utilize for your visa mastercard etc as well as it’s going to read your card so you don’t necessarily require to utilize an NFC payment system and an accepted area anywhere that accepts credit rating

cards now consider approved if I’m at a dining establishment or a bar I’m not mosting likely to offer the waitress my phone resemble hey go faucet this up your point however if you’re at somewhere like McDonald’s a gasoline station anything like that it’s gon na be extremely easy to simply promptly pay also if they do not have that NFC repayment setup alright so allow’s relocate on to discussing the HTC One m9 HTC’s most recent front runner tool they introduced at Mobile Globe Congress currently the initial thing they really claimed and I quote design is like nothing else besides possibly the m8 as well as the m7 it’s really similar to both of them they really did not actually make any kind of modifications of large adjustments anyways as well as a great deal of people were rather distressed concerning it actually it’s sort of unsatisfactory I was I would hope they have had made some style improvements and also not simply maintained that some individuals really like the style though so do not get me incorrect so people are gon na be pleased some people were pretty distressed including myself I desire they had actually made some style fine-tunes to

make it look a little better currently when it involves release time it’s they have actually said center of March they said at the conference in Asia Pacific India and North America currently it’s amusing Verizon in fact prepared tweeted concerning it and they stated they won’t get it til quarter to and also they additionally have a really unsightly branding on it it has a big verizon logo design and pretty normal verizon now when it comes to rate not main but ideal buy dripped a web page for the 32 gigabyte without contract as 650 so that’s most likely be pretty common as well as additionally it has a mini SD card port so Samsung oh sorry it’s DC consisted of something you really did not which’s rather large deal for some individuals so we’ll see if that SD card microsd cards really going to sway people to go HTC/ samsung currently speaking about style like i claimed not also a lot various light weight aluminum unibody simply totally consistent it has all the buttons on one side as well as there are updated boomsound audio speakers so I’m rather thrilled concerning those I understand just how much you men know just how much I loved the m7 + m8 front-facing speakers from fake front-facing audio speakers

must be just a requirement that that’s something HTC’s had pretty over a lot of manufacturers currently Samsung has it under of the tool I believe simply it’s a significant renovation just having those front-facing audio speakers currently software application wise it sees going to roll it because 7 which I talked concerning my report video they have actually sent out six now because seven must concern the m8 also I would certainly assume them 7 as well as they didn’t go right into also much information concerning the adjustments that it makes it was type of unsatisfactory they claimed it’s going to know whether you go to house or at the workplace and reveal pertinent apps on your residence screen they additionally said there was a feature called recommended applications and also it’s rather amusing because Apex Launcher did nearly the same point as well as I’m really feeling fortunate application cabinet point as well as people were truly mad about it due to the fact that it could advertise spamming or paid promotion for apps etc so we’ll see if you can shut that off hopefully you can I understand a whole lot of people didn’t like it in the peak launcher and also currently it remains in the feeling 7 residence launcher however total they did speak regarding there’s a lot of personalizations you can make with the application icons the colors you can even have an image and also it will certainly check the image and also take all the colors and also make your own style from it it’s type of great so we’ll see a lot more when I.

obtain my hands on the tool and also I could I can get a review of both tools for you now let’s go in advance and speak about efficiency it features a Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm and it runs at two gigahertz I in fact believed it’s going to be run a little faster than that so a little intriguing that it just runs at two gigahertz has 3 gigabytes of RAM as well which is quite strong as a 5-inch display as well as it’s a 1080p display screen which is another interesting point in fact even if it’s not 1440p which is type of appears to be the requirement of front runner gadgets i indicate the LG g3 was as well as no for was simply the more current phones are coming out with that 1440p display so I indicate the 1080p screen is gon na be great for right now however perhaps in the future might not be as future-proof currently throughout HTC’s presentation they really didn’t talk regarding the m9 battery extremely much they didn’t go right into information not almost as much as Samsung did all I virtually knows has a two thousand eight hundred forty million power battery embedded not removable that’s virtually it they didn’t talk significantly concerning battery and advancements currently when.

it involves camera on the m7 as well as ma camera was doing not have a great deal of people understand that so they required to make a big dive with the m9 they consisted of a 20 megapixel video camera as well as I’ll megapixels do not definitely correlate with photo top quality it’ll interest see just how great it is particularly due to the fact that it does not have optical image stablizing I don’t know why they really did not include it it’s mad that they didn’t have optical photo stabilization on their cam currently one software feature in the gallery is that it has face recognition software application it seems like we’re if you desired to see in your whole gallery much more images of a particular person you can most likely to their face and afterwards it’ll scan through all your pictures and find all the images of that person currently ultimately HTC discussed accessories they maintained their coming out with a second-generation dot view case you can play games tailor alerts have scrolling alerts as well as we.

sort of intriguing to see just how well they execute the dot instance right into the phone itself but anyways that’s it that’s just talking regarding the specs given my thoughts on the galaxy s6 as well as they One m9 you got let me know you believe men leave a comment allow me know you believe likewise I have a survey going on over at my site so go enact that if you’re interested in buying one of these two which one you going to buy that’s basically what it is whether you say that m9 is going to be much better as 6 is mosting likely to be much better there’s pros and cons to both I spoke about both of them I tried to mention the the primary factors the primary focus factors so like I stated allow me understand you think follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links in the description video clip below if you wish to sign up for me I’ll get a full testimonial on both devices quite quickly so remain tuned for that and as always individuals thank you quite.

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