Preview Ticwatch Pro 3 LTE Tour & GPS comparison

so i recently reviewed the ticwatch pro 3 gps a really instead brutal goodwear os smartwatch boston better than average battery life thanks to that nifty dual spectacle blueprint and now producer mobvoi has exhausted an lte version of that very same smartwatch very unsurprisingly called the ticwatch pro 3 lte give full cellular approval so you can reply to words and like without having to carry your smartphone around at the same time now here in blighty that lte modeling will cost you 330 quid that’s 40 pounds most expensive than the mire standard tick watch pro 3. and here in the uk you’ll likewise is my finding that the cellular sport is a vodafone exclusive so you can have to grab yourself an e sim contract through voda if you want that full functionality but fairly of me yapping on let’s scourge the ticwatch pro 3 cellular lte out of its pretty little box make you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and compare it with the original ticwatch pro 3.

And for the latest greatest tech delight do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so firstly let’s have a quick gander at what you actually get in the box you get the watch itself you get a billing cable usb there’s no actual push adapter bundled in the box you’ll have to provide you’re on there otherwise merely introducing it into an accessible usb port on your laptop or whatever and it is of course a proprietary charger and that basically simply slaps onto the back end of the ticwatch pro 3 lte and as you

can see it’s a magnetic relationship so it props there nice and house and you’ve got the usual documentation as well and that’s mostly it so let’s actually check out this wrist rocket now as you can see in a direct side by side comparison with the original click watch pro 3 there’s absolutely bugger all difference in terms of the actual design you once again get lovely stainless steel bezels with the actual time labels on them and then the rest of the casing is basically plastic and the ticwatch draw 3 lte just like the original ticking watch pro 3 is once again only available in black as well so no vibrant hues or anything to speak of and more it’s still a somewhat masculine blueprint quite chunky especially on childlike wrists like my owner though not as bad as some of the smart watches that you see if you keep on spinning it around you’ll see it’s all plastic in various regions of the back as well and then you get some silicone straps affixed again just like the original tic watch pro 3 exactly the same straps mostly and the good news is this really is standard 22 mil straps so they’ve got little catches in various regions of the back in order to be allowed to just prise them off and then stick on your own if you demand something a bit different maybe some nice sexy leather band action for a suitable nighttime out but i find when i was reviewing the original watch that silicone fasten is nice and comfortable to wear even when you mostly never take the watch off your wrist awfully awfully helpful it’s really good for exercise seminars as well seems quite sweat resistant and the actual watch itself is ip6 8 so again

water and sweat resistance are perfect for jogging in the flood rocking down the gym all that good stuff now to get the tick watch pro 3 lte all set up all you need to do is download the wear os app onto your smartphone and then that will help the two to pair up only takes generally another minute or two and the two will stay connected via bluetooth when they’re in range but of course thanks to the lte connectivity on this bad boy if you straight out of range of your smartphone you’ll still be able to receive letters and everything it’s all good now just as the design of the ticwatch pro 3 lte is basically the same as the original make watch pro 3 consider the rest of the specs and everything as well you’ve once again got a dual expose design which is really really helpful for saving battery life so the majority of the time when you’re rocking the ticwatch pro 3 lte this will be the active display the lcd screen it’s very low powered expose it is therefore suctions very little battery life when it’s actually in use and as “youre seeing” exactly displays the most basic information like the current time date steps count and battery life and that can actually light up with a bit of backlighting as well so say you’re outdoors on a radiant sunshiny era merely want to check the time merely raise your wrist and as you can see you’ll be able to clearly then accompany meter appointment steps weigh without having to activate that oled showing which does start exhausting the battery life and that 1.4 inch oled showing is an absolute stunner nice

and bright nice and clear and sharp and super super colorful as well those more colourful colours actually shine through and anyone who’s used wear os will be right at home it’s basically the exact same menu setup as before so exactly swipe right in order to access your google assistant and various flecks of info you can swipe left in order to access all of your numerous tiles which can be set up via the google wear os app all you’ve got to do is hit tiles and then basically customize what it is you want you can swap around the order of them if you like or you can get rid of some and replace them with other persons and if you want to access the watch specifies that’s just to swipe down i’ve noticed that uh sometimes the screen responsiveness can be a little bit off sometimes takes a couple of swipes in order to actually do what you want but that retrieves the likes of do not disturb the airplane mode all that good stuff and then you can dive into the full-on fixes menu so it’s here that you can change the display sets like the brightness the always on screen now you can turn on if you want to but that will kin your battery life screen timeout all that good stuff your actual notifications gesture corroborate you could also customize that bottom button to set it to the app of your option mostly and then any notifications that you get on your smartphone or time via your esim of course will pop up on screen and you can access a full list of them precisely by swiping up from that home screen you can tap your route into one and check out the information you can read most of the

message from within there and then you can choose to either delete or reply what it is you imagination sadly like with the original ticwatch pro 3 the lte account only has a small selection of smartwatch faces to choose between merely three in fact and i’ve got to admit none of them specially stalked my sausage but thankfully once again it’s very easy to get a whole selection of bonus faces on the go as you can see merely tap your weight into here you’ve got a totality consignment of wear os faces that you can choose between and of course you can dive into the online store to grab more now you can actually take bellows via the ticking watch pro 3 lte uh either by your smartphone or of course via that esim as long as it’s not a data only sim uh because it has a built-in speaker and mic so you know as long as you don’t mind looking like a bit of a timber start fucking talking to your arm then it’s all good that too comes in handy for the google auxiliaries you exactly leave that a little tap and say who would win in a fight between a shark and a polar suffer according to travel manitoba polar tolerates eke out a 4-2 acquire against sharks yeah go polar endures and as well as been able to download all of the usual wear os apps from google’s online accumulate you got a whole bunch of stuff pre-installed on here as well including of course the standard wear os fitness trackers and everything got a lot of gathering articulate substance on now as well although unfortunately a lot of it is basically repetition of the google substance so for instance you’ve got tick pulse which is pretty much an exact duplicate of fit

heart rate you’ve also get click breathe which again is very very similar to fit breathe so that is slightly annoying but the main thing is you’ve got all of your basic smartwatch functionality on now so for instance the 24 -hour heart rate tracking tick exercise can exactly help to monitor your various activities so for instance walking a bit of swimming all that good stuff but you get a lot more uh effort categories if you actually go to the google fit version good old fit workout and then now you’ve got a crazy selection of works that you can choose from basically anything you could possibly even think of a bit of flossing what that’s a new one exactly floss for 12 hours per day that’ll probably burn off a good fragment of energy kite surfing martial arts pretty much anything you could think of you’ve got tick sleep which is your basic sleep tracker it’s supposed to offer a bit of guidance and everything as well but in my occurrence the original ticking watch pro 3 all it said was make sure you get eight hours a day and booze slew of sea or something and then highly fashionable at the moment is the old spor2 monitor as well just to tell you how much your oxygen is spouting around in your blood and again it can do that whenever you like and i’m a hundred percentage apparently excellent must be breathing well but as usual of course they point out that it’s not a medical implement it’s only used for sort of guidance purposes basically got a couple of more savvy preposterou apps on here or tichiron which is

supposed to analyze the sound in the environment and made to ensure that basically you’re not going to be going deaf from too much crazy noise however i did find that this with the click watch pro 3 and now clearly with the lte simulation as well is that it clicks into that risky positions even when you identified much as farts like i’m literally just talking in a silent chamber and it’s already in the perilous hundred decibel elevation and even when i’m not talking it’s still generally in intense so uh yeah i’d go that one with a tinge of salt and there’s also articulation memo as well which can be used to uh just take basic little uh recordings right there on your wrist just to remind you of oh god so many t’s and z’s just to remind you to pick up more vodka when you go to lidl or whatever and these then get auto uploaded to your smartphone and uh by default they are then automatically cleared from the the watch itself simply to clarify matters some seat and the ticking watch pro 3 lte like the original tip watch pro 3 also supports google up now as well so you can merely sounds your wrist to a placard reader appear for whatever you require and off you of course the big hoo-ha around the original tig watch pro 3 when that first came out was it was the first wearable to rock a qualcomm’s lid a snapdragon wear 4100 chipset which is supposed to be more powerful and more vigour effective and you do get that very same chipset packed once again into this lte model and i noticed the performance on the whole with the original pro was absolutely fine sometimes was still a little bit stuttery

here in wear os but i think that’s a problem with the actual ui itself rather than that chipset but on the whole apps basically load up pretty much straight away you’re not hanging around waiting for stuff to happen and now on the lte pattern just like the original ticking watch pro 3 that is backed by a gig of ram which is necessarily facilitate followed and time maintain everything clicking along neatly so to speak that’s for the battery life well the original tick watch port 3 “ve been given” three full epoches of use per indict it’s hard to see plainly how much of that is down to the energy efficiency of the 4100 and how much is down to that funky dual showing pattern regardless it’s definitely an improvement over most wear os watches which tend to need charging every single night just like the apple watch as well unfortunately it’s nowhere near as good as the likes of the huawei watchers which tend to go for at least a week or two between accusations of course i would amply expect the battery life to be a little bit weaker here on the ticking watch pro 3 lte if you’ve got that e sim all set up extremely if you’re straining into an area where the mobile coverage maybe isn’t so good so it’s persistently trying to search for the best network to join nonetheless it is desirable to gaily last-place a weekend apart emphatically which is great news if you want to be not carrying around extra charges with you and things like that and it does have a built-in battery essential mode as well where mostly it’ll kill the majority of members of the smart-alecky lotions and it’ll just leave you with the ability to check your time check your steps count all that good stuff if you do find yourself in dire need of a bit of liquor so that right there is a will win tour of the tick watch pro 3 lte how it stacks up to the original ticwatch consortium 3. It’s mostly the same except with e-sim support if you’re still not sure when i’ve remembered lots of the other big smart watches that made the uk in 2020 the likes the apple watch those huawei watches the apple watch all kinds of stuff stuff you go check those out and i’ve also be rounded off my favorite small watches of 2020 in a separate video i’ll try to remember to deposit a poster thing here i’ll almost certainly forget also confessions and for more than it’s great to say please time poking subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages everyone love you

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