Blu Studio Energy Review: Amazing Battery Life

hey every person tim scofield right here from it’s time to examine another phone this time around the workshop energy from blue even more of a budget plan style tool it really has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery so a whole lot larger battery than you’re utilized to as well as it has a 149 dollar rate tag currently keeping that cost comes some good ideas as well as it also has some bad points also great so here’s a closer check out it let’s go on and also take a look at the design to start with so like i stated it has a 5 000 milliamp hr battery which includes a little mass to it makes it a little thicker it’s not as thick as you ‘d assume it would certainly be but it is uh visibly thicker it includes weight too which i guess for some people would certainly assist it really feel a little a lot more durable currently checking it out you’ll see i have the white alternative something i wish to mention is if you get the white variant it’s beginning to get a little unclean on the sides so simply type of keep that in mind um you could wish to obtain the black version if you’re out and concerning quite usually but anyways you got speaker on the back which i may add is really good that is among the ands also of this tool the audio speaker is actually wonderful it gets pretty loud 8 megapixel cam on the back we’ll discuss that in a late a little bit in the future the ideal side you have a power button and two volume rockers on the left side no buttons on the leading you have a 3.5 millimeter

earphone jack down near the bottom you have a mini usb slot now you can additionally eliminate the back of this device yet the battery is not detachable um so you’ll see it’s an embedded battery right here but it is essential to note it’s a double sim so you can really place in two sim cards allow’s sim one right here and then sim two below as well as it additionally has a micro sd card slot i think it claims up to 64 gigabytes so you can expand the memory uh due to the fact that it just features 8 gigabytes of internal storage so just kind of maintain that in mind yet anyways allow’s proceed as well as relocate along to the software program now that we have actually discussed the layout so you do you can turn it on with the power button you can likewise set it so you can increase tap the display and also it will certainly transform it on too which is a nice touch uh with the software program right here’s the lock display you can go directly to google currently you can go ahead and most likely to the electronic camera application or simply unlock the tool by swiping over now there’s 2 points i advise you do as soon as you do if you do determine to get this phone one would be to alter the launcher the stock launcher is basically the old jelly bean launcher not the google now launcher i suggest mounting possibly a third-party one from the play shop which i did i have the google currently launcher myself now uh so simply sort of keep that in mind additionally a third-party sms

application i advise that also but generally their blues manufacturer overlays really minimal in a feeling of the quantity of intrusions it does currently there’s no way to obtain to google currently the menu button simply serves as a food selection button pushing and also holding it doesn’t do anything as well as the back button certainly just serves as a back switch currently it has a 1.3 ghz quad cpu in addition to one gigabytes of ram which is sort of on the low side and also it’s kind of visible when opening up multiple applications as well as multitasking currently i additionally wish to make note that it is kind of slow-moving just the total os at the very least compared to the vivo air i’m not exactly certain why it’s so much various currently simply to offer an instance if i swipe down from the notification bar it’ll take a little bit of time this is really good it’s not generally this quick yet in some cases it’s even slower than this as well as it can simply type of be annoying if you swipe down you can swipe over and also you have a bunch of various settings you can remove the ram right below distresses you can change wi-fi bluetooth numerous various things much more if i enter into setups now you’ll just kind of obtain a suggestion of when i scroll with just view the scrolling type of how the efficiency just type of delays behind currently once again it’s so weird because on heaven vivo air it had not been like this you would certainly simply assume they toss the very same software program on it since it’s practically the exact same hardware currently to provide you one more suggestion of efficiency if i play a video game such as crossy road i open it up just kind of make note of it opening up if i hit play allow’s go on as well as simply play

a fast game of crossy roadway you’ll see performance is fine it responds well it looks simply great there you go so you’ll see crossy roadways working just great now if i go to an extra into graphic extensive game such as goat simulator allow’s proceed and also lots that up it’ll take a bit of time to lots which is alright and also after that once it loads up i’ll reveal you the gameplay all right so fill it on up you’ll see goat simulator right below um just kind of watch the animations as well as things just to provide you a suggestion of how the display is a 720p screen too which is rather nice i’ve no actual problems again like i claimed 720p display screen so not high-end 1080p or 1440p but once more what can you anticipate for 149. Once again allow me load up a quick game below alright so one thing i want you to take note of is the joystick down right here as well as just kind of the responsiveness of it so you’ll see it definitely lags behind ideal below um general i imply you can kind of get made use of to it and also kind of make things work as well as i mean it runs that’s for certain it’s simply kind of not as receptive as you would like what’s fascinating is that on the vivo air ran simply fine like i said um very comparable specs so i’m not precisely certain why it’s so much different however yeah i indicate it’s you can play it it’s not like you can not play these high-end visuals video games yet it’s simply kind of a little slow but you saw crossy road job fine that’s not as

intensive though so and also simply to give you a concept that’s simply a quick gameplay but like i claimed you can kind of face some performance problems at times if you’re multitasking so if you intend to go in advance as well as go back into setups multitasking is alright however with the one job of ram you can locate that applications sort of close out in the background as well as don’t keep running just undoubtedly as a result of the restricted ram for instance you’ll see crossy road had to refill even if of all the ram that was being made use of by the various other applications open one little point i additionally do not such as with the condition bar besides the lag it requires to open up is that you can’t broaden or contract notices for some reason you can do that on the vivo air either i assume it’s simply something with their overlay that they don’t allow you to increase or acquire notices now let’s go on and also speak about something i know you all desire to read about which’s the battery life and with the 5000 milliamp hr battery you can anticipate it to have a lot of battery life and it does not disappoint battery life’s actually excellent i took a screenshot i use this phone for a pair weeks in fact as my daily driver as well as you’ll see here um timeout display on is 8 hrs and it’s still at 27 that’s simply one youngster of the days that i took a fast screenshot of the battery life so you’ll see eight hours of screen on time it’s honestly it was simply ludicrous how good the battery life was you’ll see a pair days 14

hrs too it easily lasts me one day if you can not obtain this battery to last you all day you’re on your phone method excessive so like i stated it’s mosting likely to last me about a pair days without having to place on the battery charger battery life is really great currently let’s go as well as discuss the 8 megapixel cam um it’s okay maybe better don’t expect it to take really fantastic photos however just to provide you an idea here’s some that i did take i indicate right here’s one i simply took um simply for for clarity i imply they’re okay they’re not as well bad so i if you’re somebody that takes a lots of images as well as you desire a good camera i wouldn’t always claim choose this uh however i indicate it takes pretty average images especially with an 8 megapixel electronic camera now genuine fast entering into setups uh two-finger swipe obtains you right into the settings choices below some great ones you can actually have a timetable power on and off in an arranged plane mode on and off uh you can just claim hi i wish to transform my phone off everyday at this this time around and turn it uh on it on a daily basis currently as well as additionally they have some clever motions one of them being the dual click to wake one more one being flipped

the phone to stop your alarm and after that quick running one of those things where you can utilize on the lock display or when the phone’s actually off you can uh swipe as well as it’ll open up specific applications such as messaging you can not customize it which is a little unfavorable however i’m still kind of nice you can get to the camera actually fast by swiping a c on your black display on your phone one even more point that is necessary to note it does not have lte it’s hspa plus uh so i imply hspa plus on t-mobile where i go to is good so i had no issues utilizing it i was okay without lte however just type of keep in mind that you will certainly not obtain lte if you decide to purchase this phone and also you remain in an lte location anyways i simply desire to offer some last thoughts on the studio power the battery life is just truly excellent honestly if you’re searching for a phone where you don’t wish to have to bill it this is the way to go if you can manage that individual interface lag like i said

takes a little of time for it to swipe down particularly if you have a great deal of notifications up there simply kind of overall multitasking and even like i showed you men in a video game it simply sort of felt a little rough a little slow-moving just sort of dragged a bit with that said one gigabyte of ram yet once again like i claimed it’s 149 bucks so it’s hard to beat that cost factor
especially with a battery that’s going to last you a pair days also much more anyways that’s it that’s a workshop energy from blue let me know what you think make sure to leave a remark uh subscribe to me i’ll be doing a lot even more videos on spending plan phones on flagship devices i know s6 appearing m9 appearing i’ll be doing evaluations on those so make sure to click that subscribe switch follow me on facebook twitter google plus all web links will certainly be in the description listed below and also as always guys thank you

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