Samsung Galaxy S4 Unboxing and First Impressions

Everyone Tim Schofield here from cubic 877 tranquil doing an additional unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy s4 I am really excited to obtain this to obtain this thing opened I didn’t even anticipate it to come today yet it did so it was a great shock for the weekend break so with any luck I can get some other video clips on the s4 up which I will this weekend so be sure to subscribe to me however another unboxing video you recognize I did one on HTC one as well I will certainly be doing a comparison of the two phones once I go in advance and offer the rundown on both tools so expect some outstanding videos to come in the future but allow’s go in advance and also unpack this guy alright so right here is the box you’ll see they attempt to provide the imitation of being made out of wood a wooden box but of training course it’s not it’s just paper you’ll see you flip it over you have the sprint variant 16-gigabyte offers you some information about it but allow’s just go ahead and also open up that up I just have a knife right here to slide with the tape so I can open this up yet

Time slide this out of the box placed that to the side as well as below we go we can open up the box on up as well as right away of program welcomed with the phone as normal so we can draw that out feels very light my guess is the battery’s not in since it really feels exceptionally light so allow’s go ahead and place that to the side for currently I will transform that on in simply a second we could go in advance as well as pull this up as well as see what’s below the tool we have a number of brochures getting started guides etc put that to the side and also after that allow’s see what else we have of program a billing cord let’s go in advance and also take an appearance at the size of the charging cord that’s something that I always such as to say quite basic dimension it’s really longer than the HTC one wire of the HTC one cords extremely little yet it’s difficult to reveal on electronic camera however it’s actually a decently sized microUSB wire I just would certainly like to point that out for individuals a whole lot of people do like seeing that of course you get the adapter as well for fee it’s you have headphones extremely great not as trendy as the HTC One mobile phones I understand I’m kind of comparing a great deal to the HTC one I did just do an unboxing video clip of it however right here are the earphones they look a little bit different than the ones included with the note 2 in the s3 a little bit various design to them especially

here with these little guys so I’ll give you men a good take a look at it below the cords a little bit different also you do have controls on them quantity backwards and forwards placed that sideways and certainly your items right there some extra ones my hunch is different dimensions as well and also of program as I claimed the battery which is sort of tough to obtain out so there’s the battery right there we can really draw that out and pop it in the gadget it says totally billed your battery prior to calling your provider to trigger your phone usually I’m too thrilled to do something like that so I’ll generally we’re going to the battery charger as well as turn on the phone itself so there’s a battery 2600 milliamp hrs right there what we can do now is really simply pop it in the phone I’m gon na want to draw the wrapper off really interesting seek to it looks like it’s obtained a wonderful textured feeling yet I do not really feel any type of structure in any way it’s got the imitation of some structure draw this down and also there’s the gadget itself I don’t truly recognize just how to take the back off from the side

here it looks like so pull that off I’m not mosting likely to reveal you the rear of it even if it has the de CES end number and also there you’ll stand out the battery in and to have a look at it it does have a SIM card right there for the LTE I do think as well as additionally certainly a micro SD card port which a great deal of people simulate you’ll see the audio speaker down below under left as well as certainly the video camera so we can go ahead and snap the back back on the device and also there we go and also turn it on actually I’m no suggestion how much battery it’s gon na have typically it doesn’t have all that much however we can transform it on galaxy s4 while it’s activating I have the s3 right here so you can do a little comparison of the two s4 does have a bit bigger of a display a really comparable kind variable actually so hard to set apart between both right at start so there’s a little start up screen there you’ll see no carrier branding on the back the s3 did have provider branding again this is the Sprint s4 this is the Sprint s3 also so a little bit various you’ll see the audio speakers down near the bottom instead of the top bottom that got on the on the note 2 as well the flash is listed below the cam when look checking out it up and down so appears like it’s attempting to do hands-free activation it’s not going to work something to cancel I’m.

gon na hit next it’s obtained a really light really feel to it really really feels exceptionally light you can go on and also have a look that’s exactly how thin it is and after that you can kind of contrast it to the thinness of the s3 you’ll see the s3 provided the appearance of a little bent design as opposed to the s4 being directly backwards and forwards we can proceed and I’m actually gon na browse all this things absolutely nothing that I really intend to I do not didn’t suggest it’s can we can avoid with these beginning displays I can establish that all up later no huge bargain but once again it really feels really light it actually feels lighter than the HTC One which I have actually been making use of for a couple of days currently to make sure that feels it feels a great deal lighter than that nonetheless it does not really feel as sturdy or as costs as the HTC One of course it’s got the more plasticky feeling to it find out about functions sbeam every one of those clever scroll air motion you can transform those all on and also off I will certainly reach those all on my complete evaluation video obviously but finish that up take us to the house screen as well as below we go go ahead and also get greeted with TouchWiz naturally many various screens we can go in advance as well as scroll this down enter into setups when you do that you have connections my gadget accounts and a lot more so my device there should have to do with device my guest at some time looking for it I have not truly tinkered this brand-new.

TouchWiz homescreen so most likely to even more as well as there has to do with tool there you’ll see Android 4.2.2 which is the newest jelly bean right there which is very wonderful that it includes that of course HTC One does not so you can quickly touch on that and there’s that covert easter egg Android 4.2.2 jelly bean which’s nearly it nothing nothing big there we can go ahead and also return to the house screen it’s all I wished to show I might actually do a quick criteria if you guys intended to I did one on HTC one and also was really pleased so allow’s go on and run a quick quadrant conventional criteria and also see exactly how it fares alright real quick prior to I do the quadrant typical benchmark I do intend to direct out the bezel looks a little slimmer than the s3 which behaves I simulate having a embezzle so the display looks terrific honestly it does not seem like there’s a lot of kind of room undoubtedly with the HTC one really pull it out right now you’ll see that it has the audio speakers on the front which is great I may add it’s great in fact so there’s simply a little check out a contrast of the the two so ideal following to each various other simply figured I ‘d reveal you men that real quick anyways back to the s4 checking out the lockscreen of it you can you can set some shortcuts as well as such I have not done that but it’s obtained some noises so naturally you can turn those off you don’t need to stress over.

that than that though it has to do with every little thing I wish to reveal I’ll go into the camera application we can take a quick picture if I intended to go on and take one of this charger I have right below we can go on and also concentrate and take a picture take a number of them if you wished to obviously it’s really close so it’s not truly focusing that well however once more take a great deal of images just sort of desired to show that off we have a bunch of various setups over here an absolutely an entire revamped cam application does make use of the complete screen to reveal whatever photo is being displayed to ensure that’s kind of interesting but once more same style where you have menu back as well as home alright anyways I desire to simply proceed and also do a quick reboot before I ran the quadrant criterion so I will certainly be right back alright boot it right back up person hold the house switch you’ll see no current applications and absolutely nothing opened we can go on as well as go into quadrant criterion currently so load it on up and also I’m gon na run a full criteria I do wish to make a note that the HTC One did get a rating of eleven thousand six hundred as well as eleven when I ran it right at the first unboxing video clip so we will see it it promptly went through those just like the HTC one.

did it is going very quick check out the graphics of the gadget extremely smooth really proficient it looks excellent the display looks fantastic as well around 60 you got up to 66 structures per second there right here the earths is where I such as to take a look in between both planets is job as well as stutter of it and also it’s never again around 60 frames per 2nd extremely consistent it’s looking great extremely smooth so I’m very interested to see if this gets a better quadrant criterion naturally benchmarks don’t imply that much I prefer real life performance as a standard in contrast to simply standards so do you wish to continue indeed as well as we will certainly see what it obtains and there we go have a look at it you will certainly see eleven thousand five hundred and also twenty 2 an HTC one hit eleven thousand 6 hundred as well as eleven so HTC One wins I presume you might claim that once more benchmarks not being a large offer but HTC One did win by nearly a hundred a little bit under a hundred so they’re extremely close head-to-head once again I will certainly be doing a full comparison of these two gadgets in the future again I’ll obtain testimonials on every one separately initially prior to I compare both so anticipate the HTC one evaluation to be quickly and after that the s4 to comply with and after that the comparison video so once again make sure to sign up for me it has to do with whatever I desire to display the unboxing video again telephone some headphones we will see how they are I will certainly discuss that in the testimonial billing mini USB wire that’s regarding everything that is available in the box however that’s it let me understand you believe be certain to leave a remark make certain to register for me also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description the view listed below and also as always many thanks make sure to provide a thumbs up.

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