HTC One (M7) Specs and First Thoughts

as I’m sure a few of you may have seen HTC has introduced a brand-new flagship tool they will certainly be coming out in the future called the HTC One really excited for this yet will it’s just how will certainly it accumulate to the upcoming s4 or just how does it accumulate to also current phones on the market we’re going to take an appearance at several of the specifications a few of the some of the style features too and contrast them hable on Tim here from Cuba King 77. com you’re simply doing a video clip provided my ideas as several of you men have been asking on the new newly revealed HTC One I’m going to be showing photos throughout this video clip also so you guys can take an appearance at what I’m chatting around immediately you’re greeted with a 4.7 inch HD LCD full HD display 1920 x 1080 so it’s a complete 1080p display it likewise has 468 pixels per inch which is great the screen is going to be great absolutely HTC has certainly gone above and also beyond with their construct quality of this gadget a few other hardware attributes of the tool has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 cpu running and also 1.7 ghzs it’s a quad-core cpu which is wonderful I mean that the procedure of processor is going to be so quick as well as quick it has two gigabytes of RAM comes with 2 variations at 32 gigabyte in a 64 gigabyte just which is great it does not have any type of expanding memory you can not place on mini SD card port

in it which is a little regrettable 64 gigabytes is a great deal of storage space though as well as it additionally has a 2,300 milliamp hr embedded battery so you can not remove the battery seems like a great deal of suppliers are going this Samsung appears to be simply regarding the only one that hasn’t opted for this path yeah however unfavorable in my point of view I would like detachable battery i would have additionally liked a larger battery perhaps even 3 thousand milliamp hrs however we will certainly see exactly how battery life is when the phone does appear alright just software application in simply a 2nd but a pair various other of the layout features of the gadget it is completely light weight aluminum it’s obtained a complete aluminum body which some individuals thought had not been possible even if it’s going to hinder radios yet it looks like HTC has actually done it ideally it does not interfere with the general practitioners radio anything like that I’m assuming they evaluated it as well as it appeared as well as I make certain it worked simply fine so that’s that’s excellent i imply the construct top quality is going to be excellent it may include a little bit of weight being all aluminum however i would believe it’s worth it for the construct top quality of the tool itself you will certainly also discover that on the front of the phone HTC is calling it boom sound they have twin front stereo audio speakers which I enjoy honestly I’m it’s terrific that they have actually determined to put the audio speakers on the front of the tool given when you’re.

seeing something you desire the audio to be shooting out the rear of the gadget just due to the fact that obviously you desire it’s coming in the direction of you so you can truly experience whatever video you’re seeing any audio you’re listening to etcetera it also has HDR microphones and also then it likewise chatted about feeling voice I do not recognize exactly what that is possibly it’s HTC’s variation of s voice that Samsung needs to come out with perhaps Google now features I don’t recognize and also flipping the device over you will certainly see a camera on the back it has an ultrapixel cam it only has 4 megapixels yet don’t allow that prevent you I think HTC is going to try as well as break the myth that you require an increasing number of megapixels for a far better electronic camera megapixel quantity of megapixels don’t always imply that it can be an excellent camera so I would not always say oh this video camera has 8 megapixels all this has five so the 8 megapixel video camera is much better that’s not necessarily always true yet what ECC is stated is that the pixels in this ultrapixel cam are larger extra outlined so I’m presuming it’s going to be really nice sir they’re not going to say I’m going to launch a 4 megapixel camera it’s going to bring out bad image quality so I’m certain photo quality is mosting likely to be really good I don’t know how good it’s mosting likely to be but I’m assuming that it will possibly be far better than a lot of.

smartphones on the marketplace now it also takes fires 1080p video clip on the front and back video camera so it’s sort of cool that they have actually consisted of 1080p video clip recording on the front dealing with cam as well power switch gets on the upper left hand edge of the device which I do not like it all truthfully I do not recognize if you individuals like that or not yet having the power switch on the top of the gadget is kind of a problem due to the fact that you have to adjust how you’re holding the device and I do not like it I do choose the power switch to be on the sides so I imply that’s just an individual choice of mine some individuals might like it some individuals might not you also discover that under of the device you there are two capacitive switches back on the left house button on the right and that’s it that’s the only two capacitive switches that they have actually consisted of that you’ve likewise seen that the branding HTC is down there in the center which isn’t a switch anything like that it’s simply branding to say oh consider HTC whenever you intend to try and also push a button you will see HTC which is type of wacky honestly they might have simply put it on the back or something I do not understand why they had to place that there even simply throw in one more switch there they can have also they could have even included that HTC to be a residence button or something that would have made good sense to me yet.

anyways there are still means to get to the food selection switch as well as a recent running applications yet if you double touch the residence button it raises the recent running applications list if you press as well as hold the back button you can configure it to where it’s a menu switch that’s all within the settings of feeling 5 point on as well as talking sense 5 point out the software application of the gadget it is running Android 4.1 point2 and also ah that makes me so mad I don’t know why it’s so challenging for suppliers to reconfigure the most recent Android operating system for their current design I don’t know if it’s mosting likely to be a marketing method where they release the phone as well as very soon after they released the phone they’re going to bring out a software update to 4.2 I’m unsure if 4.2 is out for a little while now so I do not know why they could not state especially because there’s concerning a month in between currently as well as when the tool itself is going to be released anyways I do not recognize truthfully HTC has always usually been lacking and also software program updates Samsung does a bit far better work they still do not have.

in some cases what they’ve been doing a better job at obtaining updates out HTC has actually really been lacking so I don’t recognize if this is kind of demonstrating how much they’re doing not have claiming oh I’m throwing out this flagship gadget that’s not even heading newest Android operating system I do not get it I’ll be fascinating to see if Samsung’s s4 is going to be on 4.2 or otherwise I think that would certainly be a respectable indicator on whether or not which company is is actually wanting to make the gadget last much longer and maintain out the lip keep pushing out the most recent Android updates anyways as I say the HTC has actually stuck to their feeling overlay and also have actually type of reconfigured it called it feeling 5 factor every one of you do understand i am not a follower of sense myself at the very least because 4 factor oh I had not been a huge follower it is too it just feels like as well much of bloat and it sort of reduces the system in my viewpoint gave some individuals like sense that there’s nothing wrong with that but in my opinion I simply don’t like feeling but from what I listen to given that 5 point O has actually most definitely ended up being more marginal not as intrusive in the Android os nonetheless there are some new more recent different functions among the main ones being the blink feed when you most likely to your residence display it’s it advises me of Windows tiles the windows phone floor tiles when you open your device and after that it also reminds me of the Google+ application when you scroll backwards and forwards there’s a little computer animation there it’s it’s all right I indicate it’s type of silly but I suggest it just kind of programs news and also stuff you can swipe over to various residence displays too I do not recognize why.

blinkfeed had not been I do not know if I think it’s a widget on that positive it’s simply an incorporated residence display or if it’s a widget I’m a little overwhelmed there yet I could see it working for some I can likewise see it being sort of insignificant for others I don’t recognize it’s it’s a fascinating feature that HTC has actually included it makes the home display look sort of trendy yet as for performance I’m not as well certain exactly how that’s mosting likely to go HTC additionally has incorporated this brand-new video camera picture gallery attribute called Zoe as well as honestly I assume it’s sort of goofy what it does is type of takes images and also video clips as well as places a little clip to them and also audio and a video to them so you can kind of see a preview of the photo or video I believe it’s kind of goofy I don’t recognize why they’re sort of really pushing it as a fantastic feature I do not really see it as that satisfied factor on you can additionally make folders in the application cabinet which is rather neat I like that function where you can can go down applications on each other in side the after itself so you’ll need to have the folders on your residence screen you can likewise have them in your app cabinet that’s just concerning it for the software application of it as I stated I want woodhead android 4.2 and that 4.1 to ensure that it’s a personal choice I have actually core obviously i make certain most if you desire that yet anyways let’s go ahead and speak regarding service providers and also prices i think on March fifteenth the UK is expected to obtain the device that’s when intended to be released I don’t understand just how much it is i assume it’s around 500 euros as well as.

that positive on that you’ll need to do a little study little googling on your own on that particular one when it comes to service providers in the united states is intending on coming out to AT&T Sprint t-mobile as well as cincinnati bell you’ll discover I did not claim verizon it is not arranged to be pertaining to verizon in all sorry verizon proprietors resembles you’re stuck to the android DNA which I do not recognize if perspective is just saying i intend to market even more of these droid dna’s it can be they are pretty comparable devices however yeah the t-mobile versions actually mosting likely to have LTE capabilities I assume t-mobile’s preparation and rolling out a brand-new LTE network in the close to future to ensure that’s sort of interesting too so apart from verizon all ATT Sprint t-mobile the 3 my other major service providers in the united states are obtaining the device which is rather amazing me getting on one of those providers of myself when it comes to launch dates in the united states i would think sometime in late March afterwards March fifteenth day it’s hypothesized March twenty second however nobody understands without a doubt it’s just an assumption of mine but for valuing it is nobody recognizes exactly for certain yet it’s obtained probably going to be 199 for the 32gb white Mike design on agreement and also about 250 to 300 for the 64 gigabyte model so a rather respectable price approved the note 2 was a little more costly and then I assume was 250 to 350 but other than that off.

agreement my guess is around six hundred bucks these are all conjecture assumptions you need to do some research later on when it’s officially introduced you can follow me on facebook twitter google+ i’ll maintain you men updated with that or you can simply check my website too i’ll keep you men upgraded there today i just desire to give you men some last thoughts sort of couple with some current phones out today so the HTC One has a 4.7 inch screen instead of the anticipated 5-inch display on the galaxy s4 so they chose a bit of a smaller screen I personally choose five inches however it’s just a personal preference of mine yet it likewise has a 1080p screen I’m presuming the s4 will too the cpus amazing 2 gigabytes of RAM you can’t beat that also so I equipment wise it’s definitely great it’s an action up from the note 2 right now which is probably the most effective specs today or perhaps even the android DNA having a 1080p screen as well which is possibly why Verizon chose not to offer the HTC One at the moment the software application HTC Sense 5 point all isn’t anything remarkable a minimum of from what i have actually watched reviewed it does not seem like it’s innovative in any type of sense however the develop top quality of the tool is fantastic that is something HTC has most definitely done right with the HTC One is keeping that aluminum body an extremely streamlined appearance also those 2 front audio speakers I like I desire it had a removable battery as well as even expandable storage also nevertheless 64 gigabytes is a great deal I still want there was a microSD card port in there that’s enough about what I believe I want to recognize what you men believe be certain to leave a remark and allow me understand if you people prepare on obtaining the HTC One if you think it’s worth it if you believe you’re going to await the s4 most definitely let me recognize what you assume leave a comment you can additionally register for me as well you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google And also all the links will remain in the summary listed below as always many thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up.

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