How to Manually Update the Google Nexus 4 to Android 4.2.2

every person Tim below from Cuba King 77 calm here doing a video demonstrating how to manually upgrade your Google Nexus 4 to Android 4.2.2 it is called jdq 39 the most recent upgrade since today I simply intended to do a quick video revealing exactly how to by hand mount it if you are not obtaining the over-the-air upgrade on your tool and you didn’t intend to wait this is the official update this is specifically what’s mosting likely to come through I’m totally equipped with stock recuperation if you do have a custom-made recovery and also you are stock rooted then you must have the ability to simply set up the upgrade zip with your personalized healing and it must update your device you could need to reroute after that but that’s simply a fast note but anyways if you are stock simply like me with a stock recuperation there are a couple steps that you require to follow first off you require to turn on USB debugging so go on and also go into setups scroll down go to about phone and also as I stated you do you will require to be on Jo P 40d right there that that’s what your develop number needs to state Android 4.2.1 swiftly tap on develop number seven times up until it claims you are currently out you are a designer

and also then you will certainly see programmer options right there pick it turn them on as well as see to it USB debugging is checked so when USB debugging is examined we prepare to go you can proceed and download the upgrade zip documents to your PC I’ll link to whatever in the description of the video you’ll additionally need to arrangement the Android SDK tools and ADB on your PC as well I’ll connect to a video revealing you exactly how to do so it’s rather very easy actually so those are both prerequisites you require to download and install that update zip and additionally arrangement the SDK devices on your PC so do that currently alright as well as once you are done establishing the SDK tools and also ADB as well as you have that update zip downloaded it ought to appear like this it must state de8 the very first three letters and also numbers and also a bunch of them right there I recommend right-clicking and also hitting duplicate you can strike cut if you want to you do not need it in that downloads folder you can return as well as delete it if you would love to but I’m simply gon na go on as well as replicate that upgrade zip proceed and also go to my C Drive as well as you’ll see that St Android SDK folder there dual click on it go on as well as enter your system tools folder as well as then simply paste that update zip right into that system tools folder so you’ll see it right down there

when you have it pay proceed and highlight the documents name right-click and duplicate the data name so proceed and just duplicate this documents name to your clipboard there when you have the file name replicated your clipboard go on and hold the change trick on your keyboard and best go here let me proceed as well as see get it so you men can see so proceed and hold this shift secret as well as right-click over someplace that’s not on a data name and also hit open command home window below so go on as well as type that in as well as after that what’s gon na take place is a command timely is going to open it on up so it’ll resemble this currently what you require to do is go on as well as order your nexus 4 which wit does have USB debugging on and connect it right into your PC so plug it on in if for any type of reason in all you are having problems with PC not acknowledging your device I highly suggest installing PDA internet on your PC I will certainly link to personal organizer satisfied in the summary of the video see to it you simply unplug your tool mount personal organizer web on your computer and also then attempt this these steps again so as soon as your device is plugged in proceed as well as type adb tools in your command trigger right there and also hit enter what’s gon na take place is it’s mosting likely to allow you understand if it acknowledges your device through ADB right here and also if it reveals a bunch of letters and also numbers

right there it’s going that allows you know that it does identify your tool as I stated if it does not recognize it after that mount personal organizer and after that replug your gadget into your PC so once I allow you understand that it does recognize that you can simply kind ADB reboot healing so go on and kind ADB reboot recuperation and what that’s gon na do is take us into our supply recuperation that we do have or you can do this if you have a custom recovery also so as I stated it ought to reboot our phone into that stock recovery alright when you enter into that stock recovery this screen will certainly turn up it’ll state no command to obtain past this screen it’s kind of tricky it’s a little particular to do so push the volume up and also the house switch at the same time a few times it’s it’s sort of complicated because you sometimes unintentionally press the power switch way too many times and you hit reboot system now but simply type of do that up until you get involved in the supply recuperation it’s going to look much like this you’ll see Android system recovery it’s actually rather easy currently I make use of volume up and also down to navigate and also push volume down when till you see apply update from ABB as well as after that press

the power switch is selected and afterwards one gon na do is state oh I’m awaiting this data currently send it on over so currently what we can do is return to our command prompt here and once we are at our command trigger it’s actually rather simple all you have to do is type adb space sideload all with one word and after that go on and put room and after that appropriate click on top of your command prompt and emphasize edit as well as after that struck paste what its gon na do is paste that file name that we copied to our clipboard a bit earlier if it currently claims dot zip at the end of it then don’t do this however add dot zip at the end of it if it does not make certain it does not claim dot zip zip just one dunce it throughout so add that that action is required to just identify the file itself so now we are all set to go it claims currently send the documents over simply go on as well as press ENTER and also after that what that’s gon na do is side lots that file on our device you’ll see it’ll go through as well as once it’s done side loading it’s actually gon na run via the upgrade on our gadget itself okay once it’s done it claims installing system upgrade it’s gon na verify whatever you’ll see a little development bar right there my assumption is it will not take as well long the documents claims just what about 50 Meg’s so not too long but it will certainly take a little bit of time so I will certainly be back when it is nearer

to conclusion all right as well as it appears like it is now done it claims set up from Haiti be full which would certainly be it so currently all you need to do is in your stock healing simply proceed and also press the power button while it’s highlighting reboot system now and that need to be it so our phone will currently reboot considering that an upgrade was applied the very first boot up may take a bit longer than normally you can disconnect your gadget currently you do not require a connected in any longer it’s up to you if you require it in there or not yet yes I’m gon na allow this boot and also I will certainly be back alright so you’ll see it says Android is upgrading relying on how many applications you have that might take a little bit of time it’ll begin up the apps that will certainly finish our boot and after that we will obtain taken to our lock display thus when I go ahead and also unlock it as well as then what I’m going to do is go right into those setups scroll right down return to regarding phone and show you we are currently on Android 4.2.2 right there build number jdq 39 and also there you have it so we are now on the current software program from Google manually mounted if you have any problems really feel free to ask just leave a remark I will certainly do a video clip turn up discussing the changelog and the different functions of 4.2.2 I have not done that yet but I’ll connect to in the description when it is done yet yeah with any luck this assisted make sure to leave a remark register for me too for future videos you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ all links will be in the summary below as always many thanks be certain to provide this a thumbs up

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