Goodness JB FK23 Rom on Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everybody Tim right here from qbking 77. com below to do a full evaluation video of the benefits jelly bean ROM on your sprint samsung epic 4g touch very excited to display this rom for you firstly i’m mosting likely to proceed and also go into settings go to concerning tool you’ll see near the bottom benefits jelly bean i was obvious his name wrong so mi jjz big proclaim to him that programmer putting this round together likewise showed it to any person else entailed our neighborhood 12 anyone else also so big thanks to them you can really look into the rom string if you wish to see anybody else involved with this rom but you will certainly observe it is based off of FK 23 claims that at the end the dripped FK 23 jelly bean build based on android 4.1 point2 so i’m sure you’ve already seen the theme of this room is entirely different it looks actually good actually i’m really satisfied at the motif of this specific rom so you will certainly see that it does have the supply TouchWiz launcher included I don’t know of any various other launcher that’s included naturally you can go to the Play Store and download and also mount any type of any launcher that you do like however you will discover symbol they are all basically themed a lot of them there are additionally inverted applications you’ll see I indicate whatsoever these various application icons are styles you’ll.

notification they do not all always have the same shade they’re all various icon styles and also such which I like concerning this ROM it’s not all always one shade to the theme I indicate it absolutely this history is really great too I intend to point that out but it’s got a much more dark aim to it you’ll see not necessarily lighter colors yet even more dark aim to the theming of it you got a whole lot of black to it draw this down you’ll see up the top notice bar is themed also you can swipe away alerts naturally you have setups in the top right-hand man corner you have expandable alerts with power saving plane screen rotation mobile information you can push and also hold on any one of them and also it goes straight into that certain setting that you want to have a look at going the electronic camera application naturally practically a supply video camera application nothing necessarily uncommon keeping that one take a quick picture there likewise desired to make a note of the lock screen we’ll see it does have the really water causal sequences from the note 2 as well as s 3 that they have consists of that’s kind of amazing you can swipe up from details applications as well as it opens up you’ll see the dialer right here really clean-looking dialer I really like to look to this you can go over to logs favorites calls as well I also send it in my.

google account yet but that would be the dialer there once more wonderful seek to that water droplets you can pull down the alert bar while and also you remain in your lection you can actually tailor these faster ways so you’ll see I think this is google currently shortcut I don’t my google accounts connected as i pointed out so the cards are not going to turn up i can try and do a voice search what’s the weather like in las vegas nevada all right so you’ll see that job simply great it appears like it has actually quit on that particular sure why may need a Play Store updates I’m not precisely sure why I just force close but anyways I will really report this to the programmer right away so ideally that’ll be repaired by the 10 major launch they have not necessarily posted this rom download yet but once again I’ll make a note now letting you understand if this google now problem is since i do not haven’t signed into my google account or what it’s all about it needs to be updated i’ll let you understand but again hopefully that obtains updated must function simply great so expect it to when you download it yourself anticipate that to work let’s go to the messaging application we can go on and send a quick message to google 466453 and also we can say hi there as well as send it you’ll see all themed it does a direct telephone call you can use it when you draw it up to your face i’m going to do that currently i actually simply place it up I don’t assume the key-board can be open i don’t know however I’m going to put up to my admit it simply did a fast vibrate and afterwards it ought to in fact call that certain number there’s the nice incall screen looks looks rather amazing I’m mosting likely to end that genuine fast my number isn’t on my legendary 4g touch to make sure that sms message did fail you’ll see you have one more theme key-board i.

think it is the samsung key-board so it does have the swype capacities again it is in blue you can pull it down you can pick input method they have swype as well if you are a fan of swype i can pull so you can have a look at that so it it is simply the typical swipe i’m not mosting likely to register or anything so skipping everything go back and also there we go so swipe looking the exact same it isn’t style swipe yet the Samsung key-board is themed cool application they’ve consisted of is the pop-up web browser so we can go in advance and pick that as well as you’ll see it’s simply the pop-up web browser much like from the last three or the note as well that shows up you can just select that as a different application so when you leave from it you can return residence you can enter into a messaging application or papa web browser still there if you’re trying to review something anything like that so really great you can in fact press this arrowhead and also it will certainly open up the full internet browser you’ll see the complete internet browser is themed too and it will certainly bring us to that particular application I additionally intend to make a note when you click a web link to visit a website as well as provides you the alternative to open up turn up web browser or your complete web browser too so you can either pick to go to the net browser or once more you can go to that turn up web browser does have various upside down applications i believe the Play Store is inverted the calculator has a nice theme to it I think google talk is inverted gmail may be inverted too so since those are inverted it’s definitely going to make use of a more dark want to it it’ll go very well with this details motif so you usually was naturally those symbols are themed I do intend to return right into those setups and also when we’re in the settings Oh before I enter into settings I.

intend to make a note when you go to apps you will see the sprint hotspot application you can use that for your Wi-Fi tethering needs simply go in advance and use that it ought to function simply fine on mk23 the hotspot is exposed for you to use you can just turn it on and also it will certainly work great as long as you have an information connection which I do not at the minute however let’s return right into the settings that i did discuss you can scroll down you have numerous ones you can transform your lock display settings that i discussed you can most likely to secure screen choices select faster ways and also you can alter whatever shortcuts exist if I intended to change mail to calculator you can it switches over immediately as well as your lock display does alter you can switch off that ripple result if you do not like it it depends on you you if you desire that surge effect or currently we can scroll down somewhere you’ll see some extras here you obtained benefits upgrade benefits fast panel toggles and super individual so the goodness updater isn’t does not have anything in it yet a lot of things will be added soon so anticipate that anticipate that to be included i do not recognize specifically what’s taking place appear like there is an ED advertisement there you can just revoke it immaterial you can donate if you would such as however there we go so you have the ROM you have actually installed apps or setups so you.

have different things that you can install with this updater again they will certainly add things soon goodness quick panel toggles you can change which buttons are up on top so if you desire different ones with these quick panel toggles right below you can alter which ones reveal up if you desire a specific one I don’t want lockscreen let’s say we want LED flashlight there so those get included it does not look like they’re modifying them though so let’s uncheck GPS GPS is still there it is so it doesn’t look like they’ve really integrated yet with these panels up right here so off to make a fast note of that as well once again hopefully this will be altered by the time the public release is out so there’s a couple keeps in mind that i will make again i’ll make a note if they do get transformed they must be changed just great yet apart from that that’s it’s actually regarding it you have those various other movement similar to the one where you place it up to your face to make the call you double touch the leading till to zoom panda step icons tremble the upgrade turn over burial place you pause all those different movement features that TouchWiz is included with with jelly bean certainly to make sure that’s actually concerning everything I did intend to cover straight off the bag give you a great take a look at the theme of it nice blue icons up the leading press as well as hold that power button you have various alternatives power off data network or airplane setting reboot mute vibrates and also noise and you can press as well as hold that residence switch and you have alternatives to head to Google currently job manager as well as clear all you’ll see this is our current running applications list you can enter into it when you touch on it like I just unintentionally did or you can.

swipe away particular applications that you don’t wish to see there or you can push these waste can in the lower right as well as it will actually obtain rid of every single one of them simply like that so now when I return right into it it’ll say no recent applications you can swiftly just Google now what not I also intend to make a fast note when you enter into settings more settings and it is let’s see where is it I believe it’s under mobile networks connections optimizer right there I suggest checking it you can leave it checked if you would love to it’s not mobile data links optimizer uncheck that if you don’t want it it’ll arbitrarily switch on your Wi-Fi sometimes when you don’t require it i like to manually manage my radios however you can use it if you ‘d like i always like to reveal people where that goes to because some individuals claim why is my partner i arbitrarily transforming on i do not I didn’t ask it to well that’s why that’s that’s almost every little thing I did want to cover that with you you’ll absolutely allow me know you think how you like this rom be sure to leave a remark make sure to subscribe to me as well discovered me in facebook twitter and also google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the video below there’s always thanks make sure to provide this a thumbs up.

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