How to Unroot/Unbrick the Samsung Epic 4G Touch to Stock FI27 ICS

everybody Tim here from Cuba kink 77 calmness right here to do a video showing you the most recent and also simplest technique to unroot your unbreak your sprint Samsung Impressive 4G Touch back to completely equip this is for the Legendary 4G Touch only it will certainly not deal with any kind of other tool yet anyway this will take you totally back to equip if you need to take it back in for a guarantee factors or simply desire to return to stock for any kind of factor whatsoever it does not matter the setup of your phone whether you’re running a specific ROM or anything it does not matter whatsoever this will certainly help any arrangement on your tool the initial thing you’re mosting likely to wish to do is click the web link in the description of the video it’s mosting likely to download and install a file or take you to a link where you can click on a web link to download a data and it will certainly be an exe file you can go on as well as most likely to your PC then this is what that connect will certainly take you to simply click this documents right here and also download it it will be an exe data when downloaded you can proceed and also go right into your downloads folder really so proceed and also enter into it and you’ll see there’s an exe file up on top here prior to you do double click it I suggest going to your desktop and also making a brand-new folder so go in advance

and most likely to your desktop computer and also strike new folder and after that just claim unroot efore GT or you can call it anything you desire simply so that you recognize what it is so that’s what I have actually named it and you’ll see on roadie for GT this will certainly take you back to total stock ice-cream sandwich fi 27 which is the most recent develop so what you can do is double click on that exe file that we did download and install and then struck run as well as now we need to extract it currently strike this dot dot dot on the extraction procedure and then go on your desktop computer find that unroot efore GT folder that we have actually put on our desktop computer so pick that folder as well as struck OK and also after that simply hit remove it’s gon na go ahead and immediately extract the documents required right into that folder so be client with this extraction alright as well as as soon as done removing you can double click on that unroot efore GT folder that we have made and also you’ll see one more folder inside called odin OC you can increase click that and afterwards you’ll see an application here go on as well as double click on that also and this will raise your Odin one click it’ll take us back to FI 27 supply so once you have this open you prepare to go proceed as well as power off your Impressive 4G Touch so just go on and also totally shut it down and also when completely power it off we need to obtain into what is called download or

odin setting to do so press as well as hold volume down and also the power switch at the same time maintain them both held down and afterwards a display needs to turn up this warning screen you can allow go as well as after that press quantity approximately proceed so proceed and press quantity as much as continue and this will certainly take us right into download setting so you’ll see downloading and install as soon as this setting shows up you can simply connect your device right into your computer so proceed as well as just connect this on in as well as there we go so it’ll connect it on in if for any factor you’ll see this yellow box turn up if home windows is mounting chauffeurs or anything like that allowed them set up offer that a little bit of time however you’ll see this yellow box appear this is usual that a number if that does not turn up you can attempt setting up vehicle drivers that can connect those in the summary you can try reinstalling chauffeurs other fixing steps with odin would be to try a different cord that’s the main one make certain you attempt different wires attempt various USB ports which’s concerning it for repairing actions so place on the main ones with all bits to attempt those if you’re having concerns once this yellow box appears you can just proceed as well as strike begin and also

after that it’ll proceed as well as run through the Unruh ting process for us you’ll see a progression bar on both Odin and the phone itself so you’ll see downloading you’ll see a little blue bar appear it does take a bit of time this set rooting process is gon na take anywhere as much as about 10 mins if it gets hung up or stuck on anything once more attempt those fixing steps that I pointed out earlier in the video clip so I’m gon na let it do its point see to it you don’t disconnect your device make sure your computer system doesn’t enter into hibernation setting or turned off anything like that and after that I will certainly be back as soon as it is nearing conclusion alright so it’s just ending up modem is normally the last point and also when done with the modem it should automatically reboot your tool alright so reset pass as well as then it must instantly reboot your phone you’ll see it is restarting now you’re not always done yet you might be done if your phone it must take a bit of time to boot-up yet if it takes longer than usual or simply keeps rebooting or obtains stuck on a specific screen after that there are repairing actions to deal with that mine ought to start up great simply I recognize that based on the arrangement I had formerly so it booted up just fine and now what I’m gon na advise it is let’s say my phone obtained in a boo loop or you’re having concerns allow’s state if it start up fine but a bunch of programs

are required shutting anything like that what we’re gon na need to do is a factory reset so I’m gon na show you exactly how to do that now okay so to do that factory reset again let’s say your phone’s not booting up or anything like that what we’re gon na need to do is you can just pull your battery if you remain in a boo loop or power off your device if you’re having problems with force closing with applications as well as such so a great deal of power down now as soon as completely powered off we’re gon na need to get involved in stock recovery to do so press and also hold volume up and power switch at the exact same time up until the Samsung display illuminate so proceed and also release once it does so release on said Samsung screen lights up and it will certainly take us right into our supply healing so here it is supply healing now what we’re gon na require to do is I might go on as well as zoom in a bit on our stock recuperation currently once more all you have to do is proceed and use the quantity keys to navigate the power button to select press volume down two times up until wipe data/factory reset’ as i press the power switch to choose it and afterwards hit indeed remove all

user data and push the power switch to select it so I can go ahead and do it I don’t have any data that needs to be saved so once more just proceed as well as do a factory reset in that stock recovery that reset will certainly take a little time it’ll clean every little thing clean all your data and also such and afterwards hit reboot system once in a while your phone ought to boot up simply great after you do this factory reset it will certainly take a bit longer than common to do the boot up yet once again it will start up and also every little thing need to function completely so that’s it that would certainly be the most recent and also most convenient approach to unroot your Epic 4G Touch back to equip up by 27 Android 4.0.4 Gelato Sandwich you have any kind of inquiries whatsoever do not hesitate to ask make sure to leave a remark make sure to subscribe to me also follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all web links to be in the description of the below and as constantly many thanks make certain to provide this a thumbs up

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