Increase Effective Resolution/PPI on Samsung Galaxy Note II

everyone came below from Cuba King 77 come below to do a video showing you exactly how to change or adjust your efficient resolution or adjust your PPI your pixels per inch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 this could benefit other devices also but it’s absolutely something I desire to show on the note 2 even if the display size is so large so altering your effective resolution or increasing it is absolutely something you could wish to take into consideration given that the display dimension is so huge however as soon as possible before you do leap into this you do need to be rooted so see to it that you are rooted this is for rooted users just so if you’re not you’re out of good luck I can link to my video clip on how to root in the description of the video clip in situation you intend to you desire to do that simply for this and prior to we do this alteration some things are not going to work when you make this adjustment and also I do want to offer a shout-out to intellisense for placing together some points that that alter what I suggest mounting it would certainly be different things first off a new launcher I I just set up a nova launcher you can utilize apex anything like that just a different launcher go launch or anything like that because I’m not due to the fact that you’ll see that this launcher gets a little

screwed up when you make this adjustment you’re likewise mosting likely to need to install an electronic camera application you’ll see I have a silent cam there so just go to the Play Shop mount one of those you’re mosting likely to intend to set up an alarm application you’re going to intend to mount a brand-new keyboard I have jellybean keyboard however you’re mosting likely to need a different one well not always can you swipe however the Samsung key-board is not going to function so the stock alarm the stock camera the supply launcher and the stock key-board are all simply kind of sort of be broken and not work effectively so those are simply some things that you require to prerequisites to to plan for this or else you’re additionally going to require rOM Toolbox like to make the modification itself so once you have all those change you can go in advance and go right into rOM Tool kit light you’re going to require to grant it Incredibly Individual approvals once you have actually done that you need to swipe over to the performance tab there and also once you’re on the performance tab go to develop dot prop editor and afterwards scroll all the means down once you scroll all the means to the base you’ll see 2 points are OSF LCD density you’ll see two of them you require to transform both of them so what we intend to transform it you’ll make note that stack is 320 so just make a note of that in case you do wish to go back if you do have a personalized recuperation ensure you do have an Android backup just in case anything goes wrong but or else proceed and also pick our OSF LCD density and also down near the bottom you’ll see default worths push it and alter it to 240 so choose

240 and after that it needs to change the home value as well if it does not proceed as well as manually transform that to 240 so ensure both of those values go to 240 hit conserve and afterwards struck no do not reboot not yet currently select the next one as well as then change that do the same thing change that to 240 too it’s conserved however this time you do intend to reboot so go on as well as of course and also rebooting your device after you reboot it’s mosting likely to go on and transform that reliable resolution as well as your PPI your pixels per inch on your note 2 so I’m going to allow it start up as well as I will certainly be back alright so my phone has actually went ahead and also transformed on and today you will see every little thing does obtain smaller that is one of the important things that this modification does transform you see all the symbols down at the bottom are smaller sized you go as well as unlock it and also you’ll see you need to launcher options I hope you do you’ll see when you make use of TouchWiz residence as well as you select as well as you choose to use that it actually does not transform with the modification you’ll see it simply makes every little thing smaller all your residence displays are up there you have this big gap down near the bottom same with your app drawer also so it looks truly goofy so simply kind of keep that mind that’s why I recommend mounting a different launcher so I’m usage Nova Launcher I’m mosting likely to simply select constantly and also hit alright as well as now when they have nova launcher you will see that it makes use of the full screen with the house display you can place applications anywhere down right here so i can

drag as well as drop them anywhere you’ll see all throughout there it makes your house display much bigger we can go in advance and go right into our application drawer as well as you’ll see our app cabinet teems with applications altering our efficient resolution or ppi is mosting likely to proceed as well as permit this to occur you’ll see you have so lots of applications I would not necessarily recommend this to a person that has trouble with seeing just since it makes every little thing so much smaller sized if I take down the alert bar you will see everything is smaller however with it being smaller it makes every little thing basically you can fit much more on the display so you can see so a lot a lot more such as if you’re searching a websites as well as you most likely to the websites you can see a lot more the web page since your efficient resolution has been altered so as you can tell on Cuba King 77 tranquil you can see a lot more I mean it is a little smaller sized but again it it certainly allows you to see even more things additionally such as if you can entered into the messaging application opening that up it does look a little close to each other a message in the name so if I wished to strike compose I can proceed and also send a Google a message as well as say hey there and also hit Send out and also after that so sending

Google a message is mosting likely to send out as well as you’ll see also the strings as well as the text you’ll see a great deal more so if I went to one of my strings you will observe it reveals the entire string simply via every one of these messages so it shows a great deal much more within the messaging application which is amazing I’ll pull this down and once again you’ll you’ll see you’ll go show more notifications as well so you will not necessarily need to scroll with those notices I did want to make note that the dialer does get a little ruined so you may desire to install a different dialer yet it still functions so I can show you that proceed and go to phone and also you’ll see the the dialer remains really small too which is all right I don’t mind it like this due to the fact that you can utilize it one-handed if you want to so that’s just something that does get a little silly I believe the calculator may also so if I desired to try the calculator yet you’ll see that remains small as well but again great for one-handed use as you can likewise mount third-party applications from the Play Store if you would certainly such as the Play Store works just fine setting up applications and also such that’s really almost it if you did intend to see a video game in activity I have Angry Birds below we can attempt that out the application should function fine you could face a pair little insects occasionally even if of this modification so simply sort of maintain that in mind that it just sort of includes that if you’re mosting likely to make

this kind of alteration to a gadget so if we went on and also played Angry Birds there you go it works simply fine so it looks typical as well as it functions fantastic so that’s working simply great I likewise didn’t wish to reveal off multitasking you’ll see that it does get reduced off down here which is not as well large of a bargain but if I wished to proceed and vomit in the messaging application go into this thread and afterwards if I desired to open a different application allow’s claim I intended to head out and also transform some setups I can proceed as well as drop that down there as well as because the resolution of the pixels per inch has have actually been transformed it shows extra on the display when you do the multi window attribute so that’s simply a little neat little function since everything’s a lot smaller it fits a lot more on the screen as well as obviously you have the option to utilize multi window to its greatest all those sweet functions as well but that’s about it so you have to let me know you think again you need to be rooted with any luck this some individuals do intend to utilize this it’s it’s definitely an awesome alteration that works quite possibly for me so definitely make certain to examine it out be sure to subscribe to me follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google+ I wish to remain in the description the below as constantly for make sure to provide this a thumbs up

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