CyanogenMod 10 JB Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G [REVIEW]

everyone can be king 77 here here to do a video doing a complete testimonial of the indication Jamaat 10 rom on your samsung epic 4g the initial one with a keyboard i’m going to go i do have video for you how to install this ROM I can proceed and also web link to that in the description of the video clip this is in fact the nighttime construct from September 11th so sort of maintain that in mind I do discuss Knightley’s and such in my how-to video clips so most definitely be certain to examine that out however right now allow’s go on and also check it out to start with you intend to go to setups scroll down go to concerning phone and also naturally android version 4.1 point one jellybean right there we get on jellybean you’ll see signage amount version letting you recognize it is cm10 also i’ll let you understand the construct day too whichever one that you do determine to mount or else though it is in fact remarkably smooth to be sincere everything has been running effectively I have not had actually any problems undergoing downloading different things you’ll see obviously with jellybean you do have that great pinch notification option where you can expand notification you can contract them too I.

really went in advance as well as swiped on away in a little bit but yeah you can swipe away alerts that you do not intend to see you’ll see it’ll go away up at the leading you do see you do have notice panel alternatives with faster ways allowing you recognize you can switch on and off Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS you can in fact edit these I will certainly reach that in a second yet that’s quite great that you can modify them up on top you’ll see every little thing looks different on jelly bean with the time the day as well as you have a setups button to take you straight right into settings down near the bottom you see a sprint and also simply a little blue bar that illuminate when you select it review all very great there you do additionally have an upgraded or different lock screen so you will certainly see appearances pretty common Gelato Sandwich you got unlock and cam yet you can additionally increase to go to Google currently I will certainly survive google now in just a little bit yet let’s go ahead and also go to settings first also actual fast with notification if you do have a certain setting you wish to most likely to hop to so let’s say I wish to go to my Wi-Fi settings I can press as well as hang on Wi-Fi and you will see it will go right right into my Wi-Fi setups to ensure that’s a little quick suggestion for you there otherwise go into settings and let’s go in advance as well as look into several of the choices so you have some.

launcher alternatives where you can alter some house display you can uncheck search bar if you do not desire that there offer some tharoor settings also as well as you can car rotate the home display too or else though you have lock screen setups where you can change the safety history you can have battery status constantly on so which is something I such as so to let you know what your battery standing is at you can have weather condition turn on too and also below you can most likely to slider shortcuts as well as you have a couple open spots to place shortcuts so let’s state I intended to place a faster way there I swipe up so I wish to place an application I can go ahead and also select whichever application I want so if i desire the messaging application i can pick it simply go on and also hit alright hit the Save button and after that when I proceed and go to my lock screen now you will see the ads there’s a faster way to the messaging application so that’s one of the coolest features of indications your mod 10 that you can edit that lock screen you have motif alternatives too you can just proceed and also most likely to the Play Store as well as look for cm10 and it will come up with different.

styles that you can apply which is extremely cool you likewise have some system setups which is where you can edit these notification options you likewise have some standing bar setups where you can have the clock closed off you can alter your battery condition design from icon to portion so it primarily offers you the percent up there along with concealed you can hide it as well you can additionally change the signal condition style from symbol to text if you prefer that also otherwise notice cabinet setups this is where you can change those power widgets you can transform which switches show up so let’s state you intended to plane mode to reveal uprightness to show up mobile information to reveal up which’s it so allow’s say you wanted every one of those to appear when you proceed and pull down you will see they do all reveal up they are scrollable if you choose a whole lot of them you’ll see you can scroll via you have a flashlight one too which will certainly turn on the torch so you’ll see my LED light did switch on once I selected it you can riffle of them as well so allow’s say you wish to torch to be up on top you can relocate that up on top and also you’ll see right now it obtains moved right from the Wi-Fi as well as it is up at the leading otherwise though you have other various setups you can simply.

alter the wallpaper font dimension power food selection so when you press as well as hold the power button this would be the power food selection you you can modify which appears reboot screenshot and profile switcher as well hardware secrets you can enable custom activities which if you press and also hold on particular switches and also such you can modify it to do certain things when you press as well as hold the home button it will in fact take you to that current running apps list so if i open various applications such as the dialer messaging as well as well as i press as well as hold the house switch you’ll see you can scroll via a list of various applications you can generally quickly undergo and also multitask it does function effectively you’ll see opening up applications obtained that great jelly bean computer animation my number is not on my impressive at the minute so i can’t really send out the text yet 466453 hi there so if i wish to send hey it’s going to fail however you will certainly notice that a very wonderful pile AOSP messaging application also naturally you do additionally have google currently which is what i intend to get to naturally so i can in fact push the Settings switch down here or there’s that search bar that you can choose and it ought to open Google currently for us which it did so brings us to this uncover Google now and also clearly you can run via it is functioning you’ll see message not sent out allowing me understand that obviously it did not.

send out properly I am tethering to my galaxy s3 right now which is just how i’m getting Wi-Fi so you’ll see card reveal up letting me recognize how far it is to my home letting me understand the white sox won the other day and also letting me know what the weather condition remains in my existing place so really great remarkable google now features if i would like to know the weather condition in a various location i can proceed as well as ask what’s the climate like in phoenix az arizona it’s 79 degrees as well as overcast in Phoenix there you go so you’ll see Google currently does function fantastic you obtained those voice actions so you can scroll down have various other alternatives go experience and find a various weather condition choices so very good Google currently working wonderful is it’s type of amusing to see jellybean working on the legendary 4g of course Samsung is going to be like oh it’s not enjoyable of high enough caliber tool to run jellybean yet our remarkable designers got whatever going so extremely awesome go to the internet browser you do have naturally the supply browser I will proceed and also instantly check in to your accounts and numerous points so should load up google com very wonderful lots up fantastic so one point I did obtain an inquiry also about was to.

run a fast quadrant standard on C cm10 so i assumption i can proceed as well as do that I for one do not put a great deal of belief in 2 benchmarks I prefer real life performance in contrast to criteria whatever has actually been really quick and also smooth not understand not also many problems whatsoever on this I don’t understand of any type of bugs to be truthful you’re gon na encounter minor insects right here and also they’re just little ones yet points all the significant points ought to be working simply fine so you actually do not need to fret about that or else though I can go in advance and also allow quadrant go ahead as well as download and install and afterwards I will certainly be back alright so quadrant basic proceeded and also downloaded and install as well as open it on up and strike okay and we can run a complete bench mark on it just something that I obtained a demand to do just to see exactly how it deals with the impressive 4g even if it’s such an older gadget it’s over what 2 years old and you’ll see it is on the current operating system of Android which is great truly I make certain you people don’t really want to enjoy this so I’m mosting likely to proceed and also miss with simply this standard thing and after that i will certainly reveal you individuals the a lot more visual functions of it and afterwards.

obviously reveal you the final score alright so you’ll see going through the corridor below about 20 frames per second right now lifts obviously when we get to this it’s even more visual extensive however i have not seen any stuttering or lag so overall looks extremely wonderful i like to see what the worlds to look like usually you’ll obtain a little bit glitch there but I don’t see any kind of at all concerning 56 structures per 2nd so on the whole a wonderful task with that said its managing it very well haven’t had any type of problems with this all right so benchmark outcomes let’s proceed and inspect out what the last score is as well as it appears like 1181 so there you have it that would certainly be the rating of the impressive 4g on cm10 no huge offer truthfully I’m not a big man running criteria but that’s what the final score was so total that’s almost it whatever I wished to cover I suggest nothing uncommon in the application drawer you do have superuser it is pre rooted certainly you have the Beauty music application which is the CM 10 cm music application where you can run via swipe through tunes artists cds etc cam does function wonderful it concentrates extremely well so I intend to take a fast photo of my laptop computer emphasis swiftly break a photo and then it.

takes it so there you go you can swipe from the right to review the picture you just took I do not know why it’s turning up gray it should not yet there you go so possibly swiping to the right within the video camera application is an insect so you’ll see you will run right into tiny things similar to this camera does function though the photo did save I make certain it’s a properly yet you’ll choose gallery isn’t reacting you desire to shut it of course yet I make certain I can go back into the gallery and also view that picture and also I can so you’ll see the cam works if you pack it up below it does work it’s simply you may run right into small pests like that to make sure that’s a fine example of the type of insects you could possibly encounter if you wish to take a screenshot press and hold volume down and also power button at the very same time go take a fast screenshot saving a screenshot it’ll save it you’ll observe it will certainly give you a quick sneak peek of the photo this is what a picture message would resemble.

it would certainly offer you a quick sneak peek you can also pitch in and remove it as well you can additionally go right into the messaging application I believe there should be a setting to activate fast reply where you can in the notice if you stand up text message you can hit fast reply so you can hit enable fast message and after that it will generally turn up a quick reply in the setting to make sure that’s actually one more great centimeters attribute there within the messaging application besides that Dallas regarding whatever I want to cover definitely let me recognize you believe make certain to leave a comments make certain to subscribe too finally in facebook twitter google+ all links will certainly be in the summary of the d below as constantly many thanks be sure to offer this a thumbs up.

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