How to Install a Modem on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

everyone Cuba King 77 below from the air conditioner distribute group right here to do a video clip revealing you just how to mount a modem on your sprint samsung galaxy s3 so first off to examine which modem you’re running go ahead and enter into setups scroll down go to about phone about gadget and also under baseband version the last 3 digits the last 3 ELC lg8 is what I get on now that’s the modem I’m running LG 8 which is really the current modem the current of the over-the-air updates there’s in fact four modems presently at the time of this video clip it can be updated in the future Eliane lf9 LG 2 and also LG 8 are the four modems presently LG 8 was the latest not always the most effective what a modem does it impacts basically the radios of the tool so it could potentially influence signal stamina it can likewise affect 3G rates as well as possibly 4G rates too and I suggest potentially GPS also so I have actually net general practitioner concerns whatsoever so I imply that actually general practitioner yet primarily signal strength and also 3G are both that modems can influence it’s best to do some real-world performance if you’re not if you’re in a particular area and you do not obtain specific bars or you get

terrible reception try blinking a various modem and afterwards go to that area and see if it’s any better that’s an excellent way to examine it out you can also attempt doing speed examinations of various ones so I indicate it’s truly up to you however anyway so allow’s proceed as well as and blink your various intentions so I’m on LG dislike right currently I can flash a various one now what you require to do is go on and click the web link in the summary of the video clip doing so will certainly take you to this website first off substantial proclaim to Clarke 40 for putting this with each other for us be certain to thank him this is really outstanding you’re actually going to be impressed by this however shot the Clarke 44 you’ll see Group Sonic modem flasher for all ratings scroll down maintain scrolling down and also under downloads you’re mosting likely to need to download and install the file right here modem flasher you can click on either of these web links and also it will certainly download and install the apply for you it’ll be a zip data as for that zip data over to your tool you are going to need to make certain you do have a custom-made recovery clockworkmod or TWRP healing so transfer it on over to your device once transferred over return to your phone alright as well as when we are back to our phone which zip documents gets on our gadget proceed and also go

right into your custom healing so proceed and also strike recuperation hit all right if you’re on around running it if not you can do it manually power off the tool pushing house up quantity up residence button as well as power button all at the very same time till the Samsung screen illuminate let go it’ll take you to your customized recuperation anyways I have TWRP recuperation so either one clockworkmod or TWRP will work simply great all right so you’ll see team win healing currently to mount this from it as well as mount this ROM install a modem it’s in fact really easy I’m actually satisfied with this modem flasher device just go to install and afterwards either use interior storage space usage external storage space or if you get on clockworkmod most likely to set up zip from sdcard select it from sdcard or interior sdcard and afterwards go ahead and also discover that essentially modem flasher zip pick it come on there so you choose that modem flash or zip which’s it swipe the verify flash and afterwards it must open up a brand-new installer really it’s called the aroma installer you’ll see Sonic Team and after that it tons this up so it resembles please select a motif you wish to proceed for the aroma installer so it looks like you have some theming alternatives which is very intriguing let’s go as well as pack this up alright so it was actually intense and also there was an unusual screen so I needed to change the illumination hopefully you people can see it I can see it just fine currently on the screen which is far better so I’m you have a budget plan that you have

theme choices for the Installer this really does not matter you can do any one of them I can do ICSD that’s what I’m mosting likely to do hit following as well as now it claims welcome you will use the modem installer press alongside continue I’m mosting likely to strike following once again and also below we go so now which modem do you intend to install there in order the initial one was LAN next one was lf9 next one cell g2 and last one was LG 8 so it’s really up to you which one you want to install I’m gon na go ahead and also install hell up 9 for fun it’s simply the one I selected I have not tested these out myself so I’m gon na have to do so I presume and after that determine which one I like the most effective each phone takes care of each modem in different ways maintain that in mind not all phones are mosting likely to necessarily function finest some work better on others so simply kind of keep that in mind anyways lf9 proceed and it next and it says prepared to install so hit following and also there we go and it should begin the mount process of this lf9 modem so blinking successful claims please press the following switch so hit following when done reboot your device currently hit surface as well as it must instantly reboot your tool you’ll see it’s going into TWRP healing and now it’s going to instantly reboot our sprint samsung galaxy s3 this is just for the sprint alternative these modems are just mosting likely to function on the Sprint brains however there you have it so I’m mosting likely to let this

start up and after that show you individuals I’m currently on the health and wellness f9 modem alright phone’s booted back up I’m going to go on as well as enter into setups once more regarding device and also under about this is settling Android update you can let it do that if you ‘d like to Android upgrade successful concerning tool you will certainly see baseband version lf9 at the end those last three numbers it’s currently on lf9 so you recognize it has functioned properly and also there we have it so I imply certainly something you’re going to want to mess around with it is a little time consuming due to the fact that it takes a bit of time to flash the modems as well as test them out suitably so just sort of keep that in mind it it’s it’s most definitely something that might assist you out if you have actually been having inadequate signal in particular areas as well as whatnot so it’s truly great that we have this installer to make whatever so much easier so there you have it once again if you have any questions just leave a comment allow me understand you consider this device I assume it’s amazing so make certain to allow me recognize leave a remark make sure to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links to be in the description the people oh as always many thanks for make sure to give this a thumbs up

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