Odexed Blue Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III [REVIEW]

hey every person q came to be 77 right here from the AC distribute team right here to do a full evaluation video clip of the odexed blue rom on my sprint samsung galaxy s3 really thrilled to show off this rom I’ve been running it virtually all the time today I blinked it the other day which is really when I made the how-to video which I do have I can connect to if you individuals would like to know exactly how to mount it so you can check that out however anyways if you men had an epic 4g touch you recognize with this rom due to the fact that he made one of this for among these roms for the impressive 4g touch it was excellent however anyways this is an absolutely a blue themed drum thanks to solid Steve he constantly suches as to make his roms odexed which exists’s DX tenho text some case DX is quicker some case 0 texts quicker I don’t truly wish to get involved in the debate but anyways it’s really harder to edit and theme odexed roms so shout out to him for doing that anyways allow’s go ahead as well as get involved in it settings scroll down about tool and also we get on android 4.0 factor 4 and we aren’t on strong steve-o decks blue right there 1.1 LG 8 it is based off the most recent over-the-air update LG 8 it is a TouchWiz

based run you’ll see right away you obtained some awesome blue/ scroll glow nice blue settings symbols right over there you’ll see does a terrific task at theming his runs this background is really a custom-made history sent out to me by a buddy as well as ham he has made it for me you’ll see it’s a custom Cuba King 77 history certainly you’re not mosting likely to have this when you install it’s actually a some various other blue history however anyways does not have screen why’s he rather a lot have the the supply lock display you can customize faster ways and so on launcher you do have I believe it is apex launcher as well as nova nova launcher sorry concerning that men you have nova launcher which is extremely smooth he did a terrific task at making this run extremely smooth i actually get no lag whatsoever gmail application is themed you’ll see black and also blue right there I imply undoubtedly if you’re not a fan of blue tell his area so you’ll see obtained all my Eve good YouTube remarks a little behind on the commons 248 must obtain to several of those tonight anyways though up at the leading let’s proceed and examine out that standing bar right there great blue clock you have a great blue battery symbol there’s really a mod for a various battery icon if you do not like this one in the initial post of the thread so I can connect or obviously I’ll link to that for you people so simply what you can do is just blink it install it with clockwork mind you can clean cache as well as dalvik cache before you install it you’ll be excellent so you can do that if you would certainly like I’ll in fact

possibly do that after I make this video wonderful blue signal bars a wonderful blue Wi-Fi icon along with even more blue symbols up there go in advance as well as take down the notice bar you’ll see undoubtedly blue much more blue you’ll see some good blue symbols up there when picked the illumination bar below is blue also I got the following android guy down there taking place it is semi-transparent you can sort of see via it yet not actually so overall a very good wealth clean themed notice bar there apart from that though I indicate you’ll have a bike on Heavy steam you’ll see calculator I would certainly believe that you see that steamed a little bit schedule electronic camera icon is themed you’ll see several of the icons down below are themed too allow me go on and change there and also there we go so you’ll see the button there is themed blue various other things gallery that the icons style web web browser the stack web browser yet it has a themed themed symbol right there to appear like the AOSP design gmail icons obviously themed naturally messaging icon is themed the Play Store really he altered it to state the market so Gil nostalgia go on if you bear in mind when it was called me android market which had not been also lengthy back so I wish you to keep in mind these supply

Samsung music players symbol has actually transformed so I mean it has actually a good themed Wi-Fi secure application to you’ll discover that so total an extremely themed rom looks very great the great blue aim to it dialer sensible you have an excellent motif dialer you’ll see right here extremely cool you can really get some telephone call recording while in a telephone call let’s go in advance and telephone so you can see what it appears like in call so you can strike document there I assume it records your internal sd card if I had to presume I have not tried it yet however there you go so there’s your incall display right there really great total fantastic dialer great theming there the messaging application is themed i believe which it is so let’s go on and check it out so you’ll see i mounted the Gelato Sandwich keyboard on my very own let’s go ahead and message google as well as claim hello the bubbles below are themed by yourself certainly so you’re going to have to mess with those on your own so or else though I indicate it’s really quick believe me it’s an extremely smooth rom everything has been very well-versed and fast I haven’t it actually any type of leg problems batteries been fantastic as well it’s been a little bit much better than supply so that’s what you go for in iram you have the jelly I think you have the jelly bean animations allow’s go on not sort of you have a lot more gelato sandwich computer animations the supply

computer animations virtually so you’ve got that going on you have the 1x + 3g basically alteration so when you actually obtain 1x rates it will switch over to 1x and when you obtain 3G rates it will certainly most likely to 3G so you’ll see you obtained a good blue 3g symbol there up on top lights up blue allow’s state I intended to open up a websites you’ll see the symbols brighten blue also so very outstanding extremely wonderful style or person i’m a i’m in fact a follower of heaven then i said looks give it an air conditioner blue seek to it yet i’m really a pretty huge follower of it it looks nice you’ll see take down alerts you obtained great blue icons I imply whatever looking that black as well as blue feel to it which I such as undoubtedly you might not be a follower which is a personal point of view naturally so once more i’m really a follower of this round i have actually been running it all day as i claimed and also it’s it’s been very great so you’re absolutely gon na have to examine it out especially if you’re seeking a steady rom this has no insects whatsoever every little thing must function simply great you remove some sounds no video camera appears no screenshot seems in all so you do not need to fret concerning those luckily anyways that’s really concerning it it’s all I wish to reveal you men allow you individuals understand about this remarkable rum odex blue politeness of

strong Steve so be sure to thank him however again I imply snapping via all these web pages whatever is extremely smooth with your app cabinet with your widgets through your pay is whatever is very quick and snappy so most definitely take a look at Oh Dex Blue Space especially if you’re a follower of blue
press as well as hold the power button you got some reboot options if you hit reactivate reboot quick reboot download Odin setting and recuperation so you got some choices there to go promptly right into specific things which is fantastic yet apart from that though you’re most definitely sufficient allow me recognize you believe if you similar to this blue if you don’t what you assume of the ROM you ought to leave a comment make certain to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google And also all web links will certainly be in the summary of the below and as always many thanks for make certain to give this a thumbs up

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