How to Manually Update to Official FF18 ICS on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch

hey everyone keep getting 77 here from AC syndicate that net here to do a video showing you how to find you finally manually update your samsung epic 4g touch from sprint up to Ice Cream Sandwich FF 18 this is the official build this will show you how to manually update from stock al 29 so first of all I’m gonna go to menu settings scroll down go to about phone under about phone you’ll see I am on gingerbread 2.3 point 6 under build number it will say gingerbread II l-29 you must be an el 29 to update this I’m Noah I know I’m gonna get a lot of questions in regards to what if I’m routed to answer that I’m not positive yet but generally what happens is if you have clockworkmod recovery installed it’s not going to work so if you have clockworkmod recovery installed might as well not even try it but if you do have stock recovery if you’re just rooted you have superuser you’re after but you have stock recovery it should work fine if you remove some applications it might not work depending

on what you did with your root access so but if you’re just stock rooted and no clockworkmod this should work fine anyways let’s go ahead and get into it so first of all you’re going to want to click on the link in the description of the video it’s going to download the update zip file for you what we can do now is actually plug in our device into our PC as well so download that file plug in our device into our PC let it show up or actually going to need to also have an external SD card you need to have one to manually update a microSD card so once you plug it in we can go to our PC alright once we are at our PC it should pop up something similar to this basically you’re going to need to determine what is the phone’s internal storage and what is the SD card storage again we need to put this file on the on the external SD card anyways go into our downloads and you will see the file that you just downloaded will look like this it will say I have a bunch of numbers and letters in front of it but then you will see he l-29 to FF 18 that would be the we’re going to need to rename it so go ahead and click on it and rename it to something called update that’s it just type an update and hit enter and that’s it it says do you want to rename rename this to update to apparently already have one called update so what I’m going to do is

actually transfer this over to my card so go ahead and click and drag it over to where it says card or a removable disk if you have USB debugging on I believe so you might have to transfer it over and determine which one is your external SD card but anyways transfer that zip file over to your external SD card all right so that file has transferred over i’m actually going to go ahead and navigate to where it says card and you will see i’m actually already have one on there but anyways you’ll see i have update to you don’t want it to say that you want it to just say update so erase any excess and just make sure that on your external SD card that file just says update and that is it and there we go so now we are ready so what we can do is actually whoa unplug our device from our pcs to go ahead and unplug it we go back to our phone alright and once we have that file on our external SD card we are ready to go so now we are going to manually update to this what actually what I’m gonna do is to show you that no data gets wiped actually I have a application downloaded I have an application called catalogue downloaded from the Play Store so I’m going to put that in my home screen just see you guys can tell i’ll remove a calendar application a voicemail just to kind of see that my setup is

basically the same after i update so what we can do now is we’re going to need to power off our device again this shouldn’t wipe any data you really shouldn’t have to worry about that as it’s an official update from sprint and samsung alright and once your epic 4g touch has completely powered off we are going to need to get into stock recovery now to do so press and hold volume up and power button at the same time press and hold both of them until the first Samsung screen lights up so I’m going to go ahead and hold it samsung screen is going to light up and I’m going to let go so once you see that screen go ahead and let go of the two buttons and you’ll see it has taken you into stock recovery so let’s go ahead and check this out so this would be stock recovery you’ll see android system recovery 3e you should not see clockworkmod otherwise it’s not going to work so to navigate through roo stock recovery use the volume keys so go ahead and press volume down once and you will see apply update from SD card you can go ahead and use

the home button to select anything while in stock recovery so go ahead and press the home button button once apply update from SD card is there and then you’ll see it will take you to your external sd card so now you need to navigate and find that update zip so go ahead and scroll down with the volume keys until you find update dad zip and go ahead and press the power the home button want to highlight it so press the home button and what it’s going to do is actually automatically find that update zip and basically manually update your device to FF 18 Ice Cream Sandwich the updates actually pretty large so my guess is going to take a bit of time make sure your battery is over like forty percent just to be safe but again it looks like it’s sitting on the screen with android guy and a basically a orange triangle it’ll probably sit there for a little while while it’s loading up the file I’m going to let it do its thing I’ll be back once it makes some progress alright so as I said it’s going to go ahead and make some progress it stayed on that screen with the ! for a little while so be

patient with that screen again then it loaded up it only stayed on that screen for a couple minutes and then it went ahead and brought up this progress bar going on here so again it’s a large file so you’re going to need to be patient with this update i’ll give you a general idea of how long it’s going to take again i’ll be back once it makes more progress all right so it looks like it’s finishing up the progress bar is full i don’t know exactly what’s going to happen sometimes it goes back into stock recovery and makes you manually press reboot or sometimes a mani automatically reboots which is what I I’m guessing is going to happen I’m not sure how it’s going to handle this but we will see so it looks like it is going to automatically reboot our device booting on up keep in mind that the first boot up after you install ice cream sandwich is probably going to take a little bit longer than usual just because it’s a full update looks like the boot animation is the exact same as it was on gingerbread kind of disappointed they didn’t update it all right as you can see android is upgrading its optimizing the applications depending on how many

apps you have installed this could take a while again I only have about one from the Play Store installed nail rest are all pretty much stock applications so I mean if you had a lot of applications installed this could take a while with Android is upgrading so be patient with that all right and phone is fully booted now as you will see I am now on android 4.0 point for ice cream sandwich you will see my home screen is set up just how it was i can go ahead and go to menu it looks like it’s still loading up so finalizing android update alright and here we go android update is successful and then hit ok and now i should go ahead and be able to go to menu go to settings scroll down go to about phone under about phone as i said android 4.0 point for right there build number FF 18 right there at the end so we are on ice cream sandwich android 4.0 point for little hidden easter egg quickly tap on that android version and you will

see this a little ice cream sandwich droid press and hold on him and you have some flying ice cream sandwich droids i actually just really skip through that sorry about that so there you go there’s your flying ice cream sandwich droids alright but anyways that’s really about it i’m going to be doing a full review video on how to do many different things with ice cream sandwich to talk about the update of course one of the things you can swipe away notifications individually and there you have it so that would be how to manually update your samsung epic 4g touch your samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch from sprint um up to official ice cream sandwich i know a lot of you guys will be very excited to do so so that’s how you do it hopefully this work be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks be sure to get this a thumbs up

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