Official Android 4.0.4 ICS FF18 Update on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a full review video on the official Ice Cream Sandwich update Android 4.0.4 f of 18 on the sprint samsung galaxy s2 Epic 4G Touch so right away I’m gonna go ahead and hit menu you’ll see this menu is a little bit different go to Settings scroll down go to about phone under about phone you will see under build number it does say FF 18 right there Android version 4.0 point 4 so you do know you’re running Ice Cream Sandwich I do have a video training on how to manually update to Ice Cream Sandwich from Gingerbread if you need to you will need to have stock recovery and installed if and need to be completely stocked to update anyways let’s go ahead and get into it right away you’ll notice there aren’t too many visual changes at least I can tap icon wise there’s really nothing new out of the ordinary they’re all pretty much the same unfortunately what you can do though is if you don’t like the stock

touchwiz launcher you can actually what’s nice is Samsung actually left in an option to basically use the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher so what you can do is go into Sprint ID so hop in the Sprint ID hit continue and then switch it over to my ID and tap on my ID and once you do that there you go you now have the stock Ice Cream Sandwich launcher on your device as opposed to the touchwiz launcher which is great that they included that I know a lot of people are happy about that of course you can use a third-party launcher from the Play Store if you would like to other than that though while in notifications with the notification bar has been changed not really a little bit actually you’ll see the 4G icon is a little different I’m actually going to turn off Wi-Fi and turn on 4G you’ll see the 4G icon has changed as well so let’s go ahead and see you’ll see 4G trying to load up it’s not signal bars anymore it’s just just like the 3d icon but it says 4G instead and is gray so very unfortunate there they get rid of those signal bars letting you know your signal strength and such on forge I don’t have 4G I’m not in the 4G area so I’m not no WiMAX zone

but there you have it otherwise signal bars have changed up at the top you’ll also see the battery icon has changed and it has a percentage right at the bottom there so let you know what your battery percentage your you are at if you do not like that you can actually get rid of it I will get to that in a second but you’ll see I have all these notifications here if I don’t want to see one if I don’t want to if I want one to go away I can go ahead and swipe it away and you’ll see all the others remain sorry about that let’s go ahead and do that again so if I want to remove one I swipe it away and it gets rid of it keeps all the other ones which is great so that’s really nice feature of Ice Cream Sandwich of course you can make clear to clear all of them go back and forth and clear them so it clear and they’re all gone so there you have it there that would be the notification pull down bar change another nice new feature of ice cream sandwich on the Epic 4G Touch is the face unlock feature so you go into settings and then scroll down and find security so security actually before I talk about

face unlock what I’m gonna do is actually show you the new lock screen there’s actually a new lock screen which I really like you’ve got the lock screen basically you can tap anywhere on the lock screen and then swipe outside of the circle and it unlocks your device so obviously a little bit different before it was moved the whole page now it’s tap anywhere and swipe away and it unlocks there’s actually also icons that show up if you have a missed call or a mix missed text message you tap in that circle and move out it’ll go straight to that text message reminisce call so that’s great also of course let’s go ahead and hop back into face unlock so I can go back into security I’m gonna tap on screen lock and then you will see face unlock is right there it’s obviously a new Ice Cream Sandwich feature so what we can do is set it up and hit continue from I’ve used this before and it seems to work ok I’m gonna go ahead and try and get out of the way of my camera as you can see so it looks like it’s having trouble seeing my face there it goes so there you go it it found my face face

captured hit continue and you can add a pattern or pin lock I’m gonna go ahead and add a pattern lock so I’m gonna draw a pattern draw another one this is just in case it doesn’t recognize your face or it’s dark out or anything like that so I can hit OK it says you’re all done so there we have it sand now we have faced some lockout so when I lock my screen I turn it on and you’ll see it looks for my face and once it finds it it unlocks my device so that’s a really neat feature you’ll see it takes a little bit of time to load up the front-facing camera but it seems to work well so it’s it’s definitely a nice little feature on Ice Cream Sandwich you’ll see right away you get a little bit of a different settings menu with Wi-Fi 4G bluetooth on/off toggles here if you want to go into them you actually tap on the icon here and it loads that up so if you want to see different Wi-Fi networks you tap on where it says Wi-Fi and it will go into it you can obviously hit more and you get more settings as well that’s really about it out of the ordinary settings there you have battery so it lets you know your battery’s been ads all that good stuff another thing that has that’s interesting is that Google Chrome really does not work I used it and basically what happens is it’ll just close out randomly so it’s basically useless unfortunately they did not get it working it isn’t beta but it’s still very unfortunate that they can’t get it working otherwise let’s go ahead and go into the browser so we got a somewhat new updated browser I

was checking the weather actually earlier so let’s go ahead and go to a website ec Syndic kids duh net you will also see you have an updated swype keyboard right there I’ll get to that in a second but loads up a TC syndicate dotnet I am on 3G I turned off my Wi-Fi and you have different tabs as well of course so you got your different tabs and loads up AC syndicate seems to be pretty smooth especially because it’s on 3G so it’s still loading rendering the page let’s actually open up a new tab so we hit a new tab and we can that’s find vision Sprint PCS comm is good so I’ll load up the basically sprint home page you’ve got two differents tabs open I don’t know how many you can have open I haven’t really tested it pushed it to the limit but overall I mean you have a little bit of lag when pinching out and in nothing nothing crazy though so I mean it works pretty well the stock browser is pretty nice so definitely something to try out hopefully that google chrome gets working soon because it is definitely a great browser I really like it let’s go ahead and go into the camera application really nothing new and the key within the camera application I mean you got all your same settings all that good stuff I mean I haven’t really found anything new with the camera application

snap a picture and snap another picture and there you have it so about the same camera application going on there what you can do now is actually press and hold on that home button that capacitive home button and it brings up your recent running its apps list so you will see you have an entire list of recent and running apps that you opened up in the past or apps that are already open what you can do is actually swipe them away to close them out you’ll also see that you have a bit of a visual bug down here that is actually a visual bug that little gap down there should not be there I’m not too sure why Samsung didn’t just fix that before they push the over-the-air update but that is a little bit of a bug you have task manager as well so you can basically swipe away all of these different applications keep going until you get down the bottom and there you have it so now obviously no more applications are open go into that dialer pretty much all the same stuff nothing really out of the ordinary dial wise I mean you’ll you will see theme wise you really don’t have much at

Ice Cream Sandwich blue which is very unfortunate I really wish they would have included a more Ice Cream Sandwich – like theme or stock ICS like theme of course with this Ice Cream Sandwich launcher you can press and hold on icons and drag apps out of the dock so you can obviously add different ones well you can also do with the stock launch or the stock ICS launcher is click-and-drag apps on top of each other and it creates a folder this is only with this launcher actually if you go back to touchwiz launcher so go back to the touchwiz launcher we will see you actually can’t drag and drop applications on top of one another you’ll see it just doesn’t work so that’s only with the stock ICS launcher which I prefer but again you can obviously use the touchwiz launcher if you’d like you have continuous scrolling in your app drawer continuous scrolling in your on your home screens tap on these dots swipe around you can go through them so I mean obviously it’s a personal preference whichever one you want to use I just figured I’d show you guys you do have the option in sprint ID to change another thing you’re gonna want to be heads-up for is actually some people consider it a bug but I guess they released it officially it must not be a bug but anyways let’s go ahead and go into settings you’ll notice when you have when you’re scrolling if

you just kind of flick a little bit it will kind of jump on you and go really fast so I don’t know if you guys can tell I mean if you just barely flick it really shoots down between the top and bottom let’s go ahead and go into my files I think I have a list Calista file so you can kind of see that but yes I mean you’ll jump down see how fast you can go to the top and bottom I mean you barely flick and it really goes so it can be kind of jumpy with the scrolling some people like it some people don’t you have to let me know if you do like it or not be sure to leave a comment about that but again I mean it’s it’s probably personal preference something Samsung decided to include it’s definitely different than Gingerbread so again you got it just a bit of a scrolling difference on Ice Cream Sandwich now have access to the new Ice Cream Sandwich Gmail application so you’ll see it is a little bit different from Gingerbread most of my emails are from YouTube way I can track down all your comments anyways so I mean go into it loads on up the the message and there you go so you’ve got a

new basically a new Gmail application you can try out that’s it’s very nice and very cool anyways if you didn’t want to take a screenshot now now that has been updated Ice Cream Sandwich press and hold volume down and power button at the same time and keep it held down and it takes a screenshot there it has been updated from home and power like it was on Gingerbread so you have that option now you’ll see you can view it swipe it away if you don’t like it and there you have it again you can do that within applications just pressing home volume down in power and it takes a screenshot for you also again we can go back into settings and in those settings you can go down to display and under display you have scroll down you got display battery percentage so that is where you can turn that off and you’ll see up at the top that battery percentage is gone and if you don’t like it if you do like it leave it on it’s up to you of course

so also there’s actually clock and whether you can have weather on the lock screen so we can turn that on so let’s go ahead and turn on weather for our lock screen and there we go so let’s see if that actually worked I don’t know if it’s going to probably not because we have FaceTime lock on so let’s turn off face unlock and we can actually check and see if weather is actually working on the lock screen so that’s obviously new from Gingerbread it’s not too amazing but let’s go ahead and go back to just slide you can actually also have no lock screen if you do prefer that so let’s go into our lock screen and says unable to display weather data it probably needs to update so I mean give it some time to update there’s also weather settings you can go in I’m not really gonna mess with all of those other than that though that’s really about it that’s about all that’s been updated on FF 18 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch you’re gonna have to let me know what you think I’m using a flag grip by the way in case you were wondering how I stood up but that’s really about it so let me know what you think let me know how you guys liked the update be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for be sure to give this a thumbs up

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