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Iran Cuba King 77 here from AC syndicate dotnet here to do a video showing you how to root your Samsung Epic 4G Touch from Sprint when it is been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich first of all we’re gonna want to double check and make sure we are on Ice Cream Sandwich go ahead and go down to settings scroll down go to about phone and under build number you should see FF 18 right there under build number you should see it also under baseband version FF 18 Android 4.0.4 that would be the official update that has just come out today the 12th so I do have videos for you how to update it from stock gingerbread as well so if you want to watch that I can link to it but anyways let’s go ahead and get into it so we’re gonna need to root it first thing you can do is actually we don’t need to put the phone in USB debugging mode we’re gonna need to get into download mode this second but go ahead and click on the link in the description of the video and once you click on the link it will take you to this website first of all big thanks to my friend SF Hub big shout-out to

him be sure to thank him for this putting this together for us this would be how to root your Epic 4G Touch on FF 18 Ice Cream Sandwich so first of all we’re going to need to make sure you have drivers installed in your PC so scroll down and you will see right here you’ll see number one install the drivers so go ahead and click on this if you have not downloaded and installed these drivers right here that would be the first step so make sure you have those installed on your PC next what we’re gonna need to do is download the preserve user data option so you will see once preserve if you do want to factory reset when you root your phone you can go ahead and use the one that resets data but anyways you select the one that says preserve user did it download it from one of these mirrors so click and download it’ll take a bit of time to download it’s kind of a big file but once downloaded it will actually look very similar to this right here it’s actually an exe file before we do double click on it what I’m gonna recommend us doing is going to our desktop actually and making a new folder so just go ahead and hit new folder and you can call it something like ICS root if you want you can call whatever you want it does not matter so you’ll see I have an ICS root right there now what

we can do is double click on this file right here this exe file double click on it and hit run and you’ll see it’s a self-extracting archives I’m using 7-zip for this if you want 7-zip I can plus the download for that as well but what you’re gonna need to do is click on this dot dot dot right here and find that ICS root folder we just put on our desktop so find ICS root right there and hit OK so then it navigates to that and hit extract to what its gonna do is basically automatically extract all the files you need into that one folder so it’s actually making it very easy sf Hub has done a great job at making this as easy as possible that for us so as I said be sure to thank him but let it do its thing alright and once done extracting you will see in that ICS root folder it has files in it double click on that folder and inside you will see Odin OC so you’ll see Odin 1 click double click on that folder and here we go so here is basically our Odin 1 click application that’s gonna route our device for us right click on it and hit run as administrator so that run as administrator is going to go ahead and ask for user account control hit yes and then it will open up our Odin 1 click so here is our Odin 1 click a tag it will do everything for you you don’t have to put any files anywhere it’s actually quite easy so before we do get into this we have to get our phone set up of course so our PC is all set up now what we need to do with our device is go ahead and power it

off so grab your Epic 4G Touch and hit power off and let it shut down and once your phone has fully powered off we’re going to need to get into download mode or odin mode one or the other and go ahead and press and hold volume down and power button at the same time to do so so press and hold both of them keep it held down and then it should bring up this screen now just press volume up to continue so volume up to continue you are now in download mode or odin mode ever you want to call it once you are on this screen you can actually plug your phone into your PC so go ahead and plug your Epic 4G Touch into your PC once plugged in your PC could be installing drivers if you just installed those new drivers I’ve already had them but once let the drivers install if that’s what it’s doing you should see a yellow box right here just say common than a number it does not matter what that number is but yeah so once it says that it basically lets you know Odin recognizes your phone and you are ready to go so once you see this yellow box your phone’s plugged in in download mode go ahead and hit this start button so go ahead and hit start what it’s going to do is basically install the stock rooted ROM from Ice Cream Sandwich FF 18 on your device and it’s not going to wipe any

data at all so it will take a bit of time though so you’re gonna have to be patient with it as it’s doing basically a full reinstall of the ROM with it being rooted I do want to talk a little about a little bit about Odin though if you do run into any problems at all generally it’s probably due to the cable make sure you try a different cable I have the best luck with blackberry cables I’m actually using an HTC one at the moment and that one works fine so if you do run into any issues with Odin troubleshooting is try different cable try different USB ports try reinstalling drivers on your PC and that’s that’s really about it for now that’s pretty much all the troubleshooting steps but on your device you should see in a blue progress bar right there lets you know how far it is and a green progress bar in odin so you will see on your phone that you got a progress bar going it’s gonna take a bit of time I’ll be back once it’s almost done alright as you can see it is just finishing up usually it finishes up with the modem modem sometimes does take a little bit of time to flash if this takes any longer than let’s say 15 minutes something went wrong it’s just sitting on a certain screen and progress isn’t moving something probably went wrong again try all of those troubleshooting steps that I did mention earlier and you will see it says reset pass it will automatically

reboot your device once it says passed you can actually unplug your device so don’t worry about leaving it plugged in now but you will see it will automatically read your phone let’s go ahead and go to our phones now alright and as you can see it says Android is upgrading as I said you can unplug your device you don’t need to leave it plugged in and here we go so boot it on up just fine you will see everything is the exact same no data should be lost whatsoever unless you obviously use the reset user data option first of all let’s go to settings about phone and again still FF 18 both of them FF 18 what we can do is go to our app drawer and inside our after you should see an application called super user right there so you will see this super user application just because it’s there it does not mean you’re rooted if you have a special root application that you want to use to test it out you can otherwise you can actually download an application from the Play Store called root checker I believe it’s just called root check let’s go ahead and look that up so it’s from Joey Krim you’ll see root checker right there so go ahead and install that application shouldn’t take too long I am on 3G so it might take a bit of time but yeah so you’ll see it’s installing what this is gonna do is actually

double check and make sure that your phone is fully rooted just cuz you have Super User does not mean you are rooted but anyways let’s go ahead and go to the root check application and hit agree and there we go so let’s hit verify root access and hit allow Super User permissions and there we go it says congratulations this device has root access full root access and there we have it so that would be about it so that would be how to root your Samsung Epic 4G Touch on Ice Cream Sandwich FF 18 if you have any problems any questions feel free to ask just leave a comment be sure to leave a comment let us know if this worked for you which it should I will be doing an updated video on how to install clockworkmod you’re gonna want to watch that because it’s it’s gonna be a little bit different you’re gonna have to be careful as Ice Cream Sandwich recovery has some issues so be sure to stay tuned for that video when it comes to clockworkmod and such i’ll be doing an updated one very soon i’ll probably do an updated video on hotspot as well as some users we’re having issues with the old one so there we have it so other than that that’s really about it that’s all I wanted to go over if you have any questions at all feel free to ask be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all the links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for be sure to give this a thumbs up

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