HTC EVO 4G LTE: Spigen Steinheil Screen Protector [REVIEW]

everyone can be king 77 here from AC syndicate that net here to do an accessory review on the HTC evo 4g LTE from sprint it’s actually on a screen protector from a company called spigen it is a Stein hall screen protector they actually come in three different kinds there is an ultra crystal one right here which is for ultimate clarity you have ultra oleophobic right here which is for a glossy oil resisting film and they have an ultrafine one which is an anti fingerprint one so you have three different options with these screen protectors I’m going to go ahead and throw on the ultra crystal one which is supposed to be the ultimate clarity option a lot of you guys with evo LTE they asked me to do an accessory review as i did a flag group review on the galaxy s3 it’s not just for the galaxy s3 i have one of my evo LTE as well so of course not just for the galaxy s3 but let’s go ahead and jump into this so i’m going to go ahead and put on this ultra crystal one so if we wanted to open it on up in case you were wondering these are 1399 i will link to their website in the description of the video they have other accessories and such as well so definitely be sure to check it out let’s go ahead and open it on up so

inside it looks like you have two comes with two screen protectors here and let’s see what if there’s anything out so there’s a lot of stuff and I just drop it all over the floor alright picked everything up you got a squeegee you have basically a certificate of authentication leave that’s all that was in there open up you got a basically a cloth to dust off your device and clean the screen before you do put it on but otherwise you get a little packet you have dust removal stickers as well as I said two screen protectors and inside looks like you got talking about different accessories and such and there you have it so on the back of the actual actual case is the instruction so it does give you instructions on how to install so first of all you’re going to want to obviously clean off your screen make sure that there is no dust or anything on it just because you don’t want us getting underneath a screen protector of course just clean it with this microfiber cloth once done there we can actually grab one of these and we can put it on so it says back in front so we want to remove the front and then you got to remove the back as well so I believe you want to remove half of the front so let’s go ahead and start peeling this off I believe actually I think you’re going to have to peel the whole thing off so just peel the front off since it is the front with the back though is

where you want to start peeling off half of it so go ahead and start peeling off the back you’ll notice that the curved edges are supposed to be the rounded edges are supposed to be towards the bottom the flat is supposed to be at the top try not to touch the other side of it because you really don’t to get fingerprints on it so I mean you can’t it says to do it put it halfway off I’m just going to take it all the way off just because because that’s what i want to do so let’s go ahead and do it i’m going to go ahead and try and do it from the bottom first so i’m going to put it on and basically what you want to do is start it from the bottom and push down towards the bottom and then just kind of basically feed it on I’m not the best of these but I’m going to try my best so we do this and I slide it on and there we go so it’s on but you will see there are lots of bubbles and it looks like I put this off center as well so you should be able to peel it off and pop it back on its it’s not very adhesive so you definitely don’t have to worry about oh well if I put it on once and I do it wrong I am screwed but you don’t have to worry because you can basically just try it again so let’s try that again and looks like I did it better this time but I’m getting a lot of air bubbles so what you do is grab that squeegee that they include and basically just push out these

bubbles out from underneath your screen protector it will take a little bit of work so I mean you’re going to have to work at these bubbles that you put so try and get as little as possible you might even end up with one that just stays there and you can’t get it out that’s basically what happens with screen protectors sometimes but you should be able to get pretty much all of these out and so yeah I’m going to go ahead and basically give as many out as possible and I will be back all right so spent about a minute and tried to squeeze you out of the bubbles usually it actually can take a couple days for some of them to work themselves out so don’t be too worried if some of them are stuck there eventually they usually just work themselves out so I don’t know if you can tell there’s one there there’s one on the side there but that’s really about it so I mean it looks very good it feels a little bit different on the screen obviously you have a screen protector on there as opposed to just the screen but let’s go ahead i’m actually going to go ahead and turn on my device use it for a little while and then just basically come back and talk about how it feels maybe scratch the screen a little bit with some keys or something and basically talk about the clarity as it is the ultra crystal option so it

shouldn’t really hinder anything on the screen so I’ll be back alright so I really had a chance to basically try out the spigen ultra crystal screen protector and overall it works very well you’ll see I do get a little finger get some fingerprints on their know if you guys can tell but you’ll see swiping through I did actually have some bacon so my hands are probably little dirty I probably should have clean them but I’m actually glad I did it so you can kind of see it does get some fingerprints on there but they should be very easily cleaned I even just with a shirt or but obviously you can use this cloth but yeah they come off right away you can just kind of use a shirt and just wipe them off so I mean it’s no big deal there with those obviously it’s going to be a lot easier to get off than it is with the screen the screen collects a lot of finger puts on its own but anyways let’s go ahead and get into it so I mean overall use touch responsiveness to the screen is the exact same as if I didn’t have it on so exactly what you want out of it it does not affect any graphics anything like that if I wanted to go into a game or something it really doesn’t look any differently the colors don’t look any different everything looks the

exact same as if I didn’t have one on so it’s exactly what you want out of a screen protector you don’t want it to really show I mean if you go into this game and there you go so I mean everything looks the exact same like it did when basically I didn’t have one on so there you have it with that colors look the same everything looks great down here the capacitive buttons work the exact same there’s no lag or any times when I don’t press it and it doesn’t respond so i mean the responsiveness is great everything is the exact same as i said it does collect some fingerprints but if you don’t like those fingerprints you can get the one that the ultrafine one which is anti fingerprint so again this is the ultra clear so it shouldn’t really affect anything having to do with the screen and it’s actually 25% thicker than the previous model so I mean you got a lot of protection let me go ahead and grab something here’s my keys so if I want to grab my keys and scratch my screen I’m good to go I’m actually really scratching it pretty hard you’ll see on the screen protector though

it does it looks like it has some marks but I wonder if those will come off they probably should and there we go um it looks like it did come off um there is still slight showing of those marks still on there I don’t know if they will come off in time or not if I may fight you some water or

something a damp cloth they might come off but I mean overall though obviously it’s going to protect your not going to really sit there with some keys and scratch your screen so you don’t have to worry about that but if for any reason you accidentally drop your phone in your pocket with your keys you know you can kind of feel safe knowing that your screen protectors on there and it will work just great so there you have it there that would be the spigen screen protectors i will link to them in the description of the video definitely let me know you think be sure to leave a comment subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description below and as always be sure to give this a thumbs up

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