Sprint 4G LTE Network Speed Tests!

everyone can be king 77 right here from the air conditioning organization group right here with a really special video for you people a video that you most likely haven’t seen yet so I’m pretty delighted to a/cs unique video clip but i directly have gotten some sprint 4G LTE speed test results on my tool as well as it was a total fluke in fact i’m a little interested regarding why i got 4g connection yet right here’s what occurred so I had a conference a quite vital conference actually that I needed to go to it remained in elgin illinois so if you know with that it’s most likely regarding an hour outside of Chicago I’m elgin illinois so of training course you men are gon na would like to know where this is that so it’s in elgin illinois i had a meeting there and also when I went there I strolled inside and after that I went into the individual’s office so I was in this individual’s office and he gets a call so he’s talking on the phone therefore I was like all right I’ll simply type of take a look at my phone see what see what’s going on I was carrying my EVO 4G LTE of program on sprint and I considered it and I needed to do a double take since I took a look at it looked at the leading as well as it claimed 4g in place of 3g and also I resembled what I thought it was just me seeing points or something however I looked up at the top and also it definitely said 4G so what I did actual fast was take a screenshot of it which I’ll.

reveal you guys in a second so I took a screenshot of where it’s at for G as well as undoubtedly it’s not why I’m it’s not attached to ymax that does not it does not have those capabilities on this tool so it was most definitely LTE that it was attached to so I took a look at my phone and also saw that as well as of training course me being the geek that I am had to create some type of way to run some rate tests right so I remained in this conference and I was like ah what am I mosting likely to do so actual subtly i looked at my after and fortunately i had the speed examination app mounted so I just went to it and type of without looking i simply had start test therefore I ran the examination and I ran it i believe a few times really that was much more towards the start of the conference and also in the direction of the end of the conference i ran an additional one at the end so i imply i did obtain some good speed examinations they were a little inconsistent with the results however I sort of offer you an excellent idea what to expect what’s ahead of training course I had no suggestion what type of connection what sort of range i was and also maybe i was far from the tower I don’t know specifically why I obtained connection maybe they were doing some screening on the LTE tower because location and also somehow that while they were testing it naturally my.

phone gadget made a decision to connect to that tower so I was excited certainly me being the nerd that I am of course was all like all right I was going crazy so yet was what was odd concerning it desired the satisfying the man strolled me outside towards my vehicle and also I figured ok as soon as i obtain outside i’ll get some much better outcomes I’ll get even more rate tests perhaps they take a screencast of a speed test or something but however it wouldn’t attach when I was outdoors so when I remained in this structure in some individuals off is he connected however when I was outside it really did not I do not know if they quit testing or what however yet yeah so I really drove around the city awhile seeking one more connection but could it locate one however besides that allowed’s proceed and also obtain right into it I wish to reveal you guys my screenshots together with my speed examinations all right so let’s proceed as well as show you individuals the display shots I took so I of course he took some screenshots I go into him you’ll see I took 3 of them or no green light the rate test application however I’ll just enter into that however you’ll see at concerning two-thirty I took a screenshot as well as up on top naturally certainly this is a.

screenshot so don’t think this is my device now up on top you will see there’s the 4g symbol right there so naturally I’m not existing but I had not been in pingree grove i remained in elgin i do not know why i didn’t upgrade however i was in elgin illinois in case you men are asking yourself but and then i took one more one at 316 up on top you see it’s still established for g naturally i remained in the exact same area so it corresponded I imply for 45 mins I was attached to 4g there which I was quite excited regarding so there we go there’s some screenshots revealing you i really was attached to 4g but now allow’s go on as well as go into the rate test application itself and also i’m going to most likely to my outcomes so what’s great concerning this is it really separates in between when it’s a Wi-Fi rate test or a mobile network rate examination so i most likely to results as well as you will see below on the left side it’s as a kind and down below was a Wi-Fi speed examination to make sure that was where I checked some Wi-Fi and after that you’ll see the remainder our mobile network so I took four tests you’ll see that below are the outcomes of the sprint 4G LTE once again I really did not recognize what kind of signal toughness I had my 4g network I had not been certain how near to the tower I was certainly you can see download rates are rather inconsistent but not also bad yet upload speeds are really excellent and extremely consistent paying that really great so I’m assuming maybe I really did not I most likely wasn’t that near to the tower I was in a.

building too so I was even shocked I obtained connected but here we go so you’ll see around probably a standard I suggest around 2.8 was I suggest you obtained 2 trial run at 2.8 megabits per 2nd download rate you have actually obtained one that increased up to 3 factor four four and one that we got down to 1.4 6 so those are sort of the outliers there yet so concerning 2.8 download which is extremely poor that’s very frustrating on LTE so hopefully it was in concerns to where I was possibly the server I was linked to with the speed examination application or whatnot yet what gives me hope is these upload rates those are very good you’ll see I have actually navigated five megabits per second upload rates which is possibly around even much better what I obtain at my residence so I indicate ideally maybe it’ll concern my location so i can begin uploading some videos on sprint LTE since i believe i get regarding 4 megabits per secondly in my home for upload speeds to submit video clips and also such which which certainly i do not grumble about but yet yeah so the ping had not been that great 240 millisecond to 2,200 so.

nothing right there yet yep there’s some initial tests of the sprint LTE once again I don’t understand there are a great deal of variables that might have happened with type of made these download speeds not excellent upload speeds are respectable though so type of excited there hopefully I can get out there to elgin again quickly and also with any luck obtain linked to 4g as well as i will certainly attempt my best and also hopefully get a video of that running some even more rate tests and such yet type of intended to give you people an idea of the kind of rates i got naturally really did not intend to leave you individuals hanging tough so there would be my initial speed examination of sprint LTE as well as Elgin Illinois just outside of Chicago yet yeah that would certainly be it so let me know you assume be sure to leave a comment make sure to subscribe as well follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all web links will remain in the description listed below and also as always thanks make sure to give this a thumbs up.

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