How to Root the Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

hey everybody Cuba King 77 below from the air conditioner distribute team below to do a video clip revealing out just how to root your Sprint Galaxy Nexus yes the sprint variation of the galaxy nexus is different so ensure you do not do this if you have a verizon version or a gsm version i make certain it’ll work yet i would not advise it due to the fact that this is particularly for sprint there’s less complicated methods out for the various other two however anyways let’s proceed as well as leap into it initially of all you’re mosting likely to require to do a couple of various other actions as well as enjoy a number of my various other videos I’ve already made really firstly we’re mosting likely to need to see to it we have actually the drivers set up on our computer i will link to that video clip in the summary of the video of this video clip and afterwards after you have actually the motorists mounted we’re mosting likely to require to open our bootloader so i will certainly connect to a video on how to do that just keep in mind unlocking your bootloader will in fact clean your phone it will certainly do a factory reset it will certainly also wipe the inner storage space of the phone such as your photos or songs etc so make certain you have every one of that those points backed up also so keep that in mind when unlocking your bootloader

you need to make certain you have every little thing backed up anyways my boot loaders are the unlock so see to it you go watch those video clips obtain the chauffeurs mounted get the SDK established and afterwards go in advance as well as obtain your bootloader opened as well as then return to this video because clearly you require to do those prior to you can follow this video so once you have every one of that configuration what you’re going to require to do initial is I presume you can proceed and also go in advance and go to setups on your phone so we’re mosting likely to need to make certain we have USB debugging as well as able to visit settings designer choices and also up on top make sure you examine USB debugging as well as hit ok that does get untreated after you unlock your bootloader so we’ll simply require to make sure we have that examined next just go in advance as well as plug in your phone into your computer plug it on in need to be attached as a media tool which should place immediately since we’re mosting likely to require to move a documents on over but once we have our phone connected in go on as well as click on the link in the summary of the video clip the following web link being the the data to where the documents are at so click on that

web link clicking on the link will certainly take you the EC distribute discussion forums as you can see where i struck i have actually published these files for you as you can see my galaxy nexus stood out up today even if we’re going to need to move a file on over where they have it plugged in but anyways we’re mosting likely to require to download and install two documents these to the superuser zip which is called not incredibly users if it’s actually called tor OSP root big thrill pet dog zip and likewise the Torp IMG zip click that download also as well as download that once you have both of them downloaded we’re all set to go so go on and enter into your downloads folder actually it’s most convenient to simply go right into your downloads folder and also when you go right into their you require to transfer among these documents over to your storage space on your Galaxy Nexus so right here are 2 documents we have actually downloaded and install in our downloads folder the twerp to 12 and the excursion OSP origin device big rush dog the one we need to transfer over to our phone is this top the top on the Toro OSP route to a big thrill pet dog right below that’s why we need to transfer as you can see I obtained a Galaxy

Nexus appearing in the lower left right here just click and also drag it over to your Galaxy Nexus as well as it ought to transfer on over as you can see you can increase inspect simply click Galaxy Nexus internal storage space as well as you’ll see it right below you’ll see this Toro file right there be yeah that’s that’s practically it when done there we’re all set to go we can proceed and unplug our guitar Nexus from our PC so we can return to our phone alright so since we’re back to her phone as I claimed we can disconnect it from our computer as well as we are practically all set to go so what I’ll recommend doing is by hand going into the bootloader so go ahead and also power off your Galaxy Nexus since we need to clearly access that perp image since’s the second step to this process certainly so currently that our phone is powered off what we’re going to require to do is press and also hold quantity down volume up and also power switch all at the same time press and also hold all 3 of them maintain it held down in fact as well as it will take us into the bootloader all right so as you can see it takes us right into the bootloader below we are currently in fastboot mode so that’s virtually it we prepare to go there of training course so we can really connect our phone into our pc since we remain in fastboot mode so proceed and also connect it on in as well as we are going to need to return to our computer since we require to obtain every little thing established up to flash the documents over to our phone all right so once we return right into

our downloads folder we have this twerp 212 picture data as well so we have actually obtained this data go in advance as well as navigate to any place that is minds of my downloads folder still so what we’re going to need to do is hold shift right click as well as strike open command window here so click on that it’ll open a command prompt as you can see it’s pointed to see users Tim downloads as well as all we’re mosting likely to need to do is first of all make certain our computer acknowledges our phone hit quick type quick boot devices so kind that in as you can see we got numbers right here so fast boot recognizes our device so when done there obviously as you can see our phone still in fastboot as well as connected in what we need to do is key in fastboot flash recovery and space healing really not recuperation sorry so fastboot flash for covering then the name of the file the twr p2 12 dot IMG so just like that that’s what it’s mosting likely to look like flash fastboot flash recuperation twrp 21 tube dot IMG and hit go into so what that’s going to proceed and do is flash group win recuperation twrp recuperation to your device which resembles clockworkmod for those of you that don’t know is generally a customized recuperation ok so now done there we prepare to go back to our phones in fact alright and now we are finished with the computer component so we’re finished with that so now what we’re going to need to do is you can unplug your

phone if you desire to does not matter what we’re mosting likely to need to do is in fact use the volume tricks as well as press the quantity down button you’ll see reactivate bootloader press it once more you obtain healing setting press it once more you obtained power off press it again and begins so go to recuperation setting quantity keys regulate that as well as then choose the power button to choose it so choose recovery mode what that’s going to go on and do is take us right into our customized recuperation we just blink that Torp recovery it must reboot right into it as you can see group win right there nice drape right there however anyways it is a primarily a touchscreen recovery so you have generally all these buttons that you touch you do not make use of the quantity buttons and also power button to browse with so let’s go ahead and also run with it first off you got to mount which is installed as if you got wipe back-up bring back place settings progressed in reboot so what I’m going to initially have you individuals do is press the back-up switch and also we are going to intend to backup the system the data and the boot you do not require to repeat up I wouldn’t recommend supporting the recuperation simply system information boot and afterwards you need to swipe to support so that is what i advise you do originally that would be the very best alternative is initial making a nandroid backup that’s really needed presently considering that we do not have supply healing photos so to return to stock you need to do this first allow’s go on as well as swipe and after that it should proceed and go through and also make

a nandroid backup it’ll make an entire back-up of your system so it will take a little bit of time so see to it your patient keeping that what it’s mosting likely to do is make a back-up of the system that is unrooted so it’s not going to be a rooted system so when you intend to unroot your tool you require to recover this since it won’t be rooted naturally so i’m gon na head out and also let this back-up it’ll take a little time so be patient as well as i’ll be back once it’s done alright so as you can see up at the leading it claims back-up complete effective our back-up has been made so that is referred to as a nandroid backup usually so if you listen to that you understand what I’m speaking about so go ahead and also hit the back switch so as soon as we have our backup just go right into the back arrowhead in the bottom right-hand man edge also so we are ready to path now or not rooted yet on what we did was make a basically a backup simply to be secure in case anything goes incorrect we can recover that backup today what we’re going to require to do is push the set up button and after that go ahead as well as find that scenic tour OSP course to a big rush dog to that zip that submit we transferred on over to our phone so we’re mosting likely to need to go ahead as well as press that and also as soon as we press it is sort of finicky so make sure that you simply kind of maintain pressing it up until it selects when done there we are in fact ready to go so see to it it says documents to

flash toro route 20 big thrill zip as well as swipe and also it will certainly blink it it should not take long whatsoever the backup will certainly take a whole lot much longer so as you can see successful we are done so simply go ahead and hit reboot system so once we reboot our system we are just about all set to go so when we reboot that’ll be it truly we will certainly be transmitted I’m going to go ahead as well as allow it boot up I will be back the very first start up can possibly take a bit longer than common so kind of endure that boot but I’ll be back once it boot alright so my sprint galaxy nexus has simply restarted and also I must have superuser my application cabinet so I’ll go to it as you can see right there extremely customer so I have the extremely customer application taking place so I should be transmitted to check i’m mosting likely to go to the root check application found in the Play Store just it’s called the brute check standard and also then I’m mosting likely to strike concur and after that when i struck confirm root gain access to it ought to turn up

saying do you intend to enable the superuser gain access to so there you go super customer demand it allow we are currently rooted completely rooted congratulations the tool has root access on our sprint samsung galaxy nexus so there we have it if you have any type of concerns in all we are now totally rooted we do have irreversible clockworkmod healing not clockworkmod yet permanent twrp recovery to install our roms and also such however yeah that’s it if you do require to understand how to wireless tether to obtain complimentary tethering i will certainly make a video clip for that i will certainly likewise do a video on how to unroot as well so check that out as well simply make certain to register for me follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links to be in the description below and as always thanks make sure to offer this video a thumbs up

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