Review of the People’s Rom on the Samsung Epic 4G

hi everyone qbking 77 right here from the air conditioning syndicate team here to do a testimonial video of individuals’s rom on your samsung legendary 4g this ron his thanks to kent glass one two three large yell out to him large large many thanks to him large good friend friend of mine so be sure to thank him i will connect to the rom itself in the summary but i also have video clip on how to install this ROM I will certainly link to it in the summary the video clip too however anyways as you can see it has in fact simply booted and I wished to point this out that the Sprint links optimizer will turn up generally it will certainly undergo and also help optimize your connections you can sit agree what it will do is your will remember your Wi-Fi connections as well as generally it’s its primary goal is to boost battery life so it’ll essentially remember them if you leave them it’ll actually switch off the antennas itself which will certainly assist which will certainly help drain much less battery naturally so besides that I would certainly suggest leaving it inspected so that’s the first thing I’m mosting likely to hit the back arrowhead once you’re done there you have actually got three launcher options as you can see

you have launcher TW launcher which is touch with launcher and seem launchers allow’s go to launcher initially and it need to stand out on up it appears like the supply gingerbread launcher with the Sprint ID alright so we additionally have 2 various other launchers certainly we ever before touch with launchers to those of you that do like the supply TouchWiz launcher right below you’ve obtained that for you and additionally another naturally you have zeem launcher which is a totally free on if you can discover in the market it’s really extremely slim it’s extremely quick in fact I’ve most definitely examine it out if you haven’t seemed launcher there you have you got a dock down right here also so I suggest you can obviously select whichever one you want apart from Watchers of training course you have theming choices as you can see icons some symbols are style but up on top allow’s go in advance as well as check out the status bar you’ll see it has a good blue circle mod battery indication up there ninety ninety 2 percent battery you have blue signal bars also three of them I’m mosting likely to go

in advance and also switch on 4G we can see what that resembles i think the Wi-Fi icon is blue too so resemble 4g symbol illuminate blue so very nice that all the symbols up there go along with the with the motif of the ROM so extremely great hello try to find D currently we’re connected outstanding yet anyways scroll down as you can see right below it actually on my video camera screen it looks like this part purple but it’s not it’s actually blue I do not understand why it’s coming up this purple on my camera display that’s quite fascinating same with this information this information switch looks purple as well so I don’t know if it’s mosting likely to appear like that on YouTube yet believe me it’s actually a really dark blue looks pretty cool you also have scrollable fast panel widgets up there you have various ones lock display display timeout airplane setting information bluetooth general practitioners Wi-Fi so really cool that you have that it’s a completely black alert bar as you can see so currently no transparency whatsoever apart from that I imply you have certainly a lot of other points also to browse nice dialer so go to the phone icon you obtained a good dialer they’re very great blue themed dialer so extremely

cool their of kenny glass 123 to include that messaging symbol is themed obviously as you can see following clear messaging application right there so we can head out in duck send out a message i do not know if it’s going to send it’ll probably simply a fall short i guess i can text send out google text looks like Sam huh samsung keypad is set by default look and also send out so there you have it it is a little bit themed the symbols are themed it is transparent also let’s go in advance and take a look at the various other key-boards we have choices to input method we have gingerbread keyboard and also samsung keypad below is our gingerbread keyword which is theme so it’s the gingerbread keyboard yet it is themed as well so we can say there just how are you? so there you have it so you got your your gingerbread keyboard too certainly none of these are mosting likely to send out because my number is out my epic presently so do not that’s an issue that message in that feeling exactly how the following symbol up there that the message wasn’t stated that’s actually quite cool so

or else we have some some other points you want to experience of program you can use voltage control the application found out there if you wish to overclock your rom it does include the darkness Colonel three-point 0 which has no audio voodoo shade too most likely to settings scroll down most likely to regarding phone it is based off of the the most recent build FC 0 9 in situation you were wondering construct number the people’s rhombur in 2 factor oh there you have it so you recognize you’re running the individuals around I message just still aren’t obtaining sent out so down there it in fact looks purple on my electronic camera once again yet it’s really a dark blue with black I do not recognize exactly how it’s mosting likely to appear in YouTube I’m really pretty excited to see what it’s mosting likely to resemble however anyways you can simply get rid of those out various other points that I want to show you individuals you have the CRT screen off computer animation right there so certainly you have actually obtained that you have a basically the AOSP gingerbread black display where you obtain seem on as well as off along with unlocked just to slide transitions are very trendy

everything is really rapid and snappy no concerns in any way with speed or lag eNOS I mean I’ve I went through as well as tested some things on this rom and also it’s really fast so really most definitely around you’re mosting likely to want to take a look at specifically with a good touch with style experience and also this very early TouchWiz but obviously not a OSP certainly other things it has a GPS fix so GPS need to be working simply penalty has the hotspot hack so your cordless hotspot simply go to that application and you should be able to simply turn it on and utilize it that’s since the cordless hotspot hell you’re not gon na need to spend for of course just go to wireless hotspot and also you obtained that application to make sure that should function simply excellent various other things that you have I imply very little actually you have a logs carrier fixed so when you most likely to your phone you go two logs you’re not going to see message messages obviously as you can see there’s no texts you’ll only see phone calls there which I understand a great deal of people like to have a quantity rocker you can have a silent alternative simply drop after shake as well as you got ta sign one choice which is excellent i always like having that on my my tool that alternative to make it simply quiet the vibration with the quantity rocker which I do not recognize why they

do not do by default they must i’m rather a lot all the vices of program anything anyways besides that I truly do not wish to have anything else I intend to review I imply I actually I do it I lied you have a fast panel setups application right below as well as essentially what that does is it permits you to personalize these fast panel switches up here so you obtained widget buttons to reveal which ones show up as you can see every one of them are checked by default and you can alter the order also so you can riffle of them as well as which one’s show up so let’s state I do not want I don’t desire general practitioners to show up on check it and also as you can see there’s no general practitioner up there at the leading absolutely no general practitioner shows up let’s claim I wish to scuff of them I desire Wi-Fi to be below 4G just do that and also you’ll see Wi-Fi is below 4G right there so no concerns there functions

great quick panel settings is just an application in the app cabinet you can most likely to if you want to personalize though those so it’s actually wonderful that you can customize those it’s very personalized so overall a very quickly really stylish rom certainly one you’re gon na intend to look into if you have an epic 4g huge shout out to my guy Kenny glass one 2 3 on his very first rom first extremely successful rom i imply i’m really pleased no pressure shuts absolutely nothing everything’s working great so absolutely a rom to have a look at so provide any kind of inquiries in all allow me understand you assume leave a discuss the video clip make certain to sign up for me follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all links to be in the description the below and also as constantly many thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up

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