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the hp spectre x360 fresh for 2020 busts 4k visuals dedicated graphics and a flexible design making it well suited for creative tasks kicking back with a movie or even a bit of light gaming but with the two grand price tag it also ain’t cheap so is it actually worth that cash well i’ve been using it as my full-time laptop for the last week and here’s my full hp spectre x360 review and from the latest greatest tech please do pog subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now this model here is the 15 inches it’s the hp spectre x360 15. It’s an attractive machine i love that angular finish around the edges and the pattern grille inside as well and of course those big fat chunky hinges they all come together very nicely for some pleasing aesthetics at a might under 2 kilos the hp spectre x 260 15 certainly can’t be described as featherweight but you know what for a 15 incher it’s surprisingly compact and especially quite slender and considering that slim build the connectivity is pretty good you’ve got a pair of thunderbolt 3 ports alongside one another over on the right with display port support and you’ve also got an hdmi port for hooking up external screens and a full-size type-a usb port for other peripherals when it comes to that keyboard though me and the hp spectre x360 don’t always get along the bits that i really love are the firm design and also the travel when you hit those keys which gives you good feedback for touch typing and there’s also some solid two-stage backlighting which means you can beaver away well into the wee hours i also like the fact that you’ve got an led on the sound and my commute buttons as well which is handy in these zoom heavy days now bits that i’m less impressed with include the fact that there’s no space in between the main board and the numeric pad which means it was constantly hitting number lock instead of backspace or the home key

instead of delete and also hp has committed the cardinal sin of crushing the return key into a single raw the absolute monsters okay so perhaps monsters is a little bit full on but i did find myself having to stop and stare down at the board a fair bit while i was touch typing just to make sure i actually struck the right key but those grumbles aside it is a good board and you also get a respectable touch pad as well which is pleasingly spacious and then most of the time you simply forget about that touchpad because you’ve got full touchscreen controls here on the hp spectre as well and because of those 360 degree hinges you can actually bend the screen all the way back and turn the specter into a makeshift tablet if you like albeit admittedly a rather bulky and heavy tablet but it is handy if you want to get sketching something like that and you do actually get a stylus pen bundled in the box with the spectre x360 now when you’re actually logging into the hp spectre x360 you’ve got a couple of different windows hello options the first is a bit of face recognition which as you can see is nice and swift and

accurate even in quite a dark environment so i actually use that pretty much all of the time but if for whatever reason you can’t use the face recognition for instance you’re in a caffeine you’ve got a face mask on something like that well no worries you do actually have a bit of fingerprint sensor action down here as well so it’s great to have both options for extra bit of flexibility as for that 15.6 inch display here on the spectre x360 well as you can see it pretty much entirely fills the inside of that lid there’s very little wasted space and it’s also cornered with gorilla glass as well for extra durability you’ve got a 4k resolution by default so this thing is perfect for creative tasks like photo or video editing and of course unwinding with a bit of casual extreme violence those visuals are beautifully crisp and packed with finer detail it’s an amoled panel and you really feel the benefit of that with the impressively accurate color reproduction we’re talking full coverage of the srgb gamut and a whopping 96 of the adobe rgb accurately renders here and the contrast is also strong and on top brightness you’ll get 450 nits of power so combined with that anti-reflective display i certainly

did not have to squint when i was enjoying a movie outdoors which is especially enjoyable in this here tent mode however this here is about as dim as the display gets and as you can see it is still rather bright so it’s not exactly ideal for working in bed when your partner is trying to get to kip next to you and no qualms when it comes to the sound either you’ve got some bang olufsen audio tech stuffed inside of there got a big speaker grill that stretches across the top end of the keyboard and also you’ve got a couple of speakers housed down beneath it as well so you get quite full bodied sound definitely as far as laptop speakers go i was very impressed the clarity is fantastic so really good for enjoying a movie something like that the only issue is that it’s not exactly the loudest on that top volume but it’s just about powerful enough for enjoying a bit of netflix in a fairly noisy kitchen as far as the camera tech goes you’ve got a 720p webcam house just in this tiny little skinny bezel right above the screen and it does the job for your zoom calls and everything as you can see the quality can be a little bit grainy in a low light environment but as long as you’ve got some

respectable light and it’ll definitely pick you up in plenty of detail and the internal mic quality absolutely no problems with that as well you’ll have no troubles making yourself understood and hp has absolutely nailed it on the privacy side of things as well as you can see you’ve got a little attention grabbing led right alongside that camera that lights up whenever it’s in use you know if some app is sneakily trying to use it in the background you’ve got that mic mute button if you don’t want anyone to hear what’s going on and you’ve also got a camera kill switch over here on the right hand side as well just a quick flick of that and as you can see the camera is completely disconnected now on the performance side you’ve got intel’s 10th generation core i7 10750h chipset running the show backed by a generous and rather whopping 16 gigs of ram and that’s certainly more than enough ground for your everyday tasks i saw no kind of stuttering or stammering or slowdown when i was using even multiple tasks side by side although i did notice that the spectre x360 occasionally took a little while to boot up and for any benchmark fans out there silly bench returned a score of 2117 not world beaten but it does the job a dedicated nvidia gtx 1650 ti gpu handles the visuals and this does the job absolutely fine for creative tasks like video editing and it can even handle a slice of gaming on the side as well

definitely don’t go too well than crazy though because the latest memory guzzling games like doom eternal run like an asthmatic tortoise even on the really low detail settings so you’ll definitely want to stick to less demand and fare all the titles such as strange brigade ran just fine on medium detail and once again a few benchmarks times by extreme return a score of 1527 while skydivers spaffed out 16 295 not great results compared with a lot of dedicated gaming or creative laptops of 2020 so if you want proper power then you probably want to look at the likes of dell’s xps laptops or some proper gaming machines the main problem here seems to lie in the coolant system the hp spectre x360 does have two fairly wide vents running down both edges of the machine so that hot air can basically bugger off out of it but you’ve got some fairly beefy components packed into a really tight space because of that slender build so i found that after gaming or editing video just for a short while the keyboard started to get a little bit warm and if you move your hands to the sides of the laptop or up top above the keyboard things are very toasty indeed and in the stress tests in 3d mark the hp spectre x360 failed with a score of 96.7 stability albeit only just failed so there is some throttling going on there but all the same if you don’t put

proper pressure on this thing with more demand in games it will do you just fine and it’s certainly nippy enough for your internet shenanigans as well if you’ve got yourself a wi-fi six router at home well good news the hp spectre x360 is fully compatible and the storage is just as speedy as well you’ve got a one terabyte ssd stuffed inside this thing and it turns out write speeds of three gigabits per second and read speeds just over that and you’ve even got a micro sd memory card reader in this thing as well so you can quickly transfer files or just boost that storage when you need to as for the battery life well it’s fine if not great i found i’ve got around five hours of mixed use on a full charge that basically involves working in google chrome while streaming music and occasionally getting a bit of netflix for youtube on the go so that right there is what i think of the hp spectre x360-15 after using it as my full-time device for a week and i’d say definitely if you’re after a bit of a gaming machine then you’d want to look at a dedicated gaming laptop something like one of aces predator range or the lenovo legions but on the other hand if what you’re after is a flexible great looking creative device that’s just as good for entertainment as it is for graft well job done so that’s what i think it’d be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below please do pop subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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