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now I cover a lot of budget smartphones here on tech spirt but if you’re really really strapped for cash then potentially an option for you might be the fresh new on a nine year and yeah I realize it’s not the most exciting of boxes obviously not the final retail effort this is just what my sample came in but take my word for it it is the honor nine years stuff that inside now of course she’s just a hundred and twenty nine quid here in the UK and making it a strong rival to the likes of the Nokia 5.3 and the Motorola g8 so I’m gonna whip that the honor nine eight on out of its rather lovely box and take you on a full-on tour of the horrendous software in case you’re tempted to grab one for yourself and from on the latest quiz tech please do poke subscribe and ignite notifications Bell cheers at first of it might not say it on a nine ear on the front but this is pretty much what you can expect if you do bag yourself one of these smart phones that can set itself of course with a literature and your porky pin device you got ya adapter and you’ve got your USB cable as well of course if you buy it in the UK should get your three pin Yuki adapter and bad but not exactly unexpected news on the USB cable phone because it is micro USB not type C pretty much standard around this sort of price point still burner for that bore and nonsense on to the actual phone itself which actually looks alright for a 129 pound handset certainly looks more attractive than the Nokia 5.3 which I just reviewed which cost 150 quid so a little bit more it is just a plastic back you can’t expect premium materials like glass at this sort of price point so you can expect to probably scratch up a little bit if you don’t take extra care or slap a cover on it and I can already see as well it’s gonna be attracting dust and

hairs and fluff like a mother thankfully no such worries around the front of the honour 9 ear because what you actually get a pre-installed screen protector subtle absorb any scratches scuffs things like that and if it gets too bad you just whip that off and then stick and you one on and the choice of colours is fairly measly with the on and einie you can grab it in this midnight black effort which is a pretty straightforward black as you can see there otherwise you can also grab it in Fontainebleau which is that kind of aquamarine recolor their honor and while we have enjoyed for quite some time let’s go another quick dusting off a grime was showing up pretty bad on this black model but yes well the design goes of course not really much in the way of frills or flair but I do quite like the the curved finish it feels nice now a bit of heft to it that’s for sure and I like the fact that the camera grill doesn’t really jut much out from the surface there it’s quite it’s almost level just just a tiny bit and of course remanded fingerprint sensor there as well essentially position quite high up so should be easy enough to find without having to sort of grew up around for it and slightly indented as well to make it quite obvious if we get that pokey pin device on the go pull open at that symmetry and see what we got as you can see there you’ve actually got

room for two SIM cards at once which is great always good to see a bit dual SIM action and there’s also space there for a micro SD memory card of up to 512 gigs in size to expunge the on-board already pretty generous 64 gigs of memory right so just going to get the on a 9-year all set up and then we can take a tour of the rest of the handset all right so we are all booted up and the honor 9 ear is ready for action and what you get here is a lovely bit of androids at 10 with magic UI 3.1 slathered on top that’s honors very own overlay is it really magic not ready it’s busy just while we is a motion while I by a different name with a few little tweaks here and there but it’s pretty much the same thing and of course you’ve got all those grid Android ten features like a bit dark mode action you got your swipe navigations all that shenanigans unfortunately what you do not get is Google services instead it’s a good ship HMS all the way something it’s not uh collapse on here either I did use the phone contour which comes pre-installed here on the on and I’m here to get some of my apps off my old smartphone copying them across but not all the Google ones wanted to work unfortunately

besides like you’ve got what we is a very own app gallery to download fresh apps and it’s starting to get better it’s getting a growing selection starting to get some more local UK stuff you can also use third-party app stores such as Amazon Appstore which actually came pre-installed here on the owner 9e and that’s obviously been around for a good few years so the selection on there start to get better on that gain not quite strong as the likes of the Google Play Store but you’ve got a good few games on there are lots of time wasters you’ve got some of the bigger apps entertainment stuff like the BBC iPlayer of course Amazon’s on stuff like playing video music etc and while we’re doing everything it can to sort help you find apps that you might need as well so you’ve now got the petals search app as well so an app to help you find other apps basically it’s not quite there unfortunately a lot of these so-called apps they’re actually just web clients busy so the likes of Disney Plus for instance you hit go and it just loads it up in a sort of browser window and it can at least put a link to it on your desktop see and get straight back to it in a jiffy but fortunately Disney plus one didn’t work at all basically it says login with your creds I did and then it just said download the app from Google Play which obviously yacon

because you don’t got it and then of course your final option is just download an android APK files from the internet I definitely recommend a service like apk mirror if you’re gonna do that because you might end up downloading something dodgy some crap where spyware basically stuff like that so definitely caution kitties and you do get a fair few apps pre-installed here on the owner 9 years some of which are definitely termas crack whereas for instance the likes of Uighur flights and hotels whatever that is and flex that amazon appstore you can get a fair few of the video streaming apps installed as well as in the likes of iPlayer crunchyroll stuff like that as for the security side of things well so far that really mind a fingerprint sensor seems absolutely fine reasonably responsive once you tap your finger generally it takes about half a second I saw if your desktops to pop up nice and quick and easy and you don’t have full face recognition here on the owner 9 ear as well so just a quick tap that power button scan for your mug and as you can see you’re generally straightened as long as the lighting conditions are all right so 429 quid pretty good as for the square roots of six point three inch IPS it’s got an HD resolution 1600 by 720 which is basically the minimum you would expect these days even at this sort of budget price so fast is absolutely fine just for kicking back with

the SHA something like that something nice and bright on those top levels so outdoor visibility should be fine viewing angles and everything alright it colors and contrast sort of you know as you’d expect for a budget bra not amazing but will do the job on the road you are funny you get a single button fire and morale speaker here on the on a 9-year though it’s on the top volume it seems pretty powerful something when use it to listen to music or anything but definitely clarity for video and everything is absolutely fine I’ve had a lot worse that they saw a price and honor has included a party mode here on the honor nine here as well which apparently allows you to share your audio with another smartphone quickly and easily all you’ve got for Bluetooth 5 support on here anyway so you can split the audio between a couple of different headphones couple of different speakers so I’m not really sure what the point of that is and if you don’t like going Wireless then the good news is you do get a proper headphone jack housed here on the bottom as well as are I’m pretty impressively for a budget smartphone the honor 9a it also supports NFC as well which is fairly rare this sort of price point although obviously they’re likes of Google peer ain’t exactly gonna be working on this thing as for the

performance was actually for a change one of what ways on curing chipsets packed inside this bad boy and said it’s a mediatek helio p22 InTouch one it seems to be doing a fairly happy job with android 10 back to long by three gigs of ram if you like all the geeky nerdy details as well take note that this isn’t the MT 6760 2t as found in the Sony Xperia L 4 and a few other budget blows it is in fact the MT 67 62 or which I’m assuming is a slight step down but as I say here on the owner nine it it seems to do the job because I wouldn’t expect to do a huge amount of gaming with this thing but you’re not the likes the Amazon Appstore it’s packed full of very simple little puzzle games and time wasters and stuff it should be absolutely fine with a lot of doors your your dual crushes or whatever it is and great news on the battery front as well as a five thousand milliamp sells stuffed inside of the honor nine it’s like should keep you going easily a full day I reckon probably two maybe even stretch it into a third day based on the fact that it’s a quite energy-efficient media tech chipset running the show as well which brings us neatly onto the honor nine is camera tech awake a is a triple lens setup not bad at all for a hundred and thirty quid so he got is a 13 megapixel primary lens a 5 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a basic 2 megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots let’s load up the honor 9 is camera up and take some shots of a spangly rainbow unicorn which is let’s face it fast becoming a hobby of mine so it looks like a pretty stripped down simple camera UI which is definitely fine by me as you can see of course take a photo like so you can manually focus you can fiddle around with the

brightness as well if you like but you do actually have a dedicated proton get on a 1,000 pound iPhone to mess run with the ISO levels shutter speeds or like kind of shenanigans and sort them between that 13 megapixel primary lens and the 5 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens just a case of tap and that icon there as you see that obviously gives you a wide angle view shock horror you’ve got no dedicated HDR action or anything and the automatic photo mode you do actually have to dive into a separate mode for that one so if you’ve got any high-contrast scenes you can get that on the go if you want to take a portrait shot where it’s basically the aperture mode right here so I just make sure you’re not too close to your subject not too far away give that a shot then hopefully you’ll get a nice bit of sort of background blur action as you can see if you tap here that’ll change the aperture level which bizzy’s just the level of blur that you get in the background that’s for your whole movies well looks like you once again swap between that premier lens and the ultra wide-angle lens I’m guessing with the primary lens are probably tops off at full HD resolution yeah it’s a stick at 720p by default you can bump it up to full HD if you use in that primary lens and the frame rate just 30fps yeah I’d have been surprised if there was a 60 FPS option that’s for the for the video quality here on the on an idea what I certainly would not expect wonders as you see this endure

for a bit leave the lighting isn’t perfect it’s quite soft and grainy it’ll be fine if you sort of yet everyday little shots simple shareable things for the likes of Twitter and Facebook but yeah I’d stick to that and that’s tube you’ve got an 8 megapixel front facing camera as well which again should be fine for your very simple shareable shots as you can see just look since your fierce you’ve got hopefully users bit know you’ve got no portrait modes using that front facing camera so you’re stuck with just your bog-standard snap and see how gorgeous I look in this one yeah absolute stunner Christ I need more sleep and if you want to shoot a bit of front face and video action as well you can do that and it looks like it again tops off at 1080p I’m not right there in a nutshell is the on at 9 ear as you can see if your budget is super tight 120 hundred 30 quid and you don’t mind the lack of Google services then it’ll definitely do the job some decent specs and features however just a little bit more cache and you’ll be able to further likes the Nokia 5.3 the Motorola G which offers a nice clean stock version of Android 10 with all of those google apps and services for your enjoyment so be gritty your thoughts down below if you’ve actually been using the on an idea that be great to hear from you guys as well your own personal or mini reviews down in the comments so please do plug subscribe ding that notifications bar and have yourselves a lovely week cheers are on love you

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