Review LG Tone Free (HBS-FN6) True Wireless Earbuds

so if you’re looking to get yourself a new pair of true wireless earbuds well it could be pretty bloody confusing because there is a plethora of choice out there i’ve actually lost track of how many bluetooth buds i’ve reviewed so far just in 2020 and the latest pair that i’ve had lodged in my lug calls is the lg tone freeze these bad boys will cost you 129 dollars so around 100 pounds basically and they pack some pretty decent features and respectable audio quality but are they worthy of a purchase how do they compare with other buds well here’s my full in-depth lg ton free review and for more on the latest and greatest tech including of course lots of true wireless earbuds please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so first off i really like the design of the lg tone phrase the case itself is very nice and dinky easy to slip into a pocket especially with that sort of rounded shape as well and the buds themselves once you whip them out they’re very compact and they are seriously light too you can grab them in either a black or a white finish so not exactly a huge amount of choice no vibrant options sadly but maybe that’s something that lg will sort out later in the day you’ve got these lovely silicone tips of course which are pretty much standard for true wireless earbuds now which help to keep them nice and comfy when they are lodged in there but i did find that the lg tones tended to move around quite a lot they shift about when they’re actually lodged in your locals not really sure why i couldn’t find an exact fit despite the fact you’ve got differently sized silicone tips bundled in the box possibly that’s down to the antibacterial corten i’m not really sure and good news for any joggers as well because the algae turn freezer ipx4 sweat and water resistance you can pound the pavement to your hearts delight hit the gym whatever no worries and they’ll be absolutely fine in a bit of drizzle

action as well which is just as well if you live in britain because it looks like it’s gonna be another one of those summers and actually hooking up your lg tone freeze to your smartphone is a piece of pedal especially if you’ve got an android phone you’ll find as soon as you open up the case they will start looking for a smartphone to pair with and you’ll get hooked right up and i found that the connectivity stayed strong on the lg tone freeze as well as long as i didn’t stray too far from my phone the sun came through loud and clear and no stammers or stutters or anything like that and as you’d hope you’ve got full support for the usual codex including a good bit of aac action now let’s chat about the controls and the lg tone freeze have sensors in them which detect when one or both of the buds has been pulled out of your local and when that happens it will auto pause whatever you’re listening to which is of course a great feature if somebody suddenly starts talking at you unexpectedly just whip them out don’t have to worry about your podcast rolling on missing a big chunk of it anything like that they will also auto resume when you shove them back in as well although i found that doesn’t work all of the time just most of the time and you do have full touch controls here on the torn freeze as well and you just need to tap up here near the top end of the stem not near the bottom and i thought it was perfectly responsive as well just a quick single tap and that will pause or play your music you can double tap the left bud in order to lower the

volume double tap the right buds in order to raise it back up and as always with true wireless earbuds of course you’ve got to get the timing just right between the two taps otherwise it’ll get messed up but i found it was fairly easy to get to grips with here and then a bit more challenging is a triple tap in order to skip to the next track so basically all of the main stuff all of the main controls you would hope for in a pair of two wireless earbuds are covered off and you can do a little bit of customization as well if you jump into lg’s tone free app which you can download from the google play store and apple’s app store all you got to do is scroll down to the touchpad settings option and as you can see there you can have a little bit of a tinker around although some of the options can’t actually be changed and you’ve also got a mode on the lg torn phrase called ambient sound which you can activate or deactivate something by pressing and holding your finger on either of the buds and what this does is it basically uses the external mics to pump in all the ambient sound going on all around you straight into your locals you don’t have to remove the buds in order to have a quick chat with someone listening to a trade announcement something like that although it also doesn’t lower the volume of whatever you’re listening to or pause it so

you will have to do that yourself if things are a bit too loud and in this mode everything does sound a little bit weirdly sort of robotic uh which is slightly off-putting at first but you kind of get used to it pretty quick and algae has once again teamed up with british company meridian as far as the audio chop score on the torn phrase and i found that the music quality was pretty good if not the best around base fans will definitely want to look elsewhere because there’s not enough power behind the laws here on the torn free so it takes some of the beef out of your metal tracks your rock tracks uh dance hip-hop things like that it sounds not quite flat but they just don’t have the sort of kick that you’d really hope for if you’re into bass on true wireless earbuds around this sort of price point i’d say maybe go check out anka’s spirit.2s instead if you want to tinker with the audio settings you can once again jump into that lg tone free app and as you can see you’ve got equalizer settings there that you can mess around with there’s a bass boost option but to be honest i didn’t really find that this boosted the bass at all it just kind of made everything sound a little bit hollow and lifeless but i found that most of date stuff and pop tracks and things like that sound absolutely fantastic and podcasts and audio books also awesome those vocals come through nice and crisp and clear so no worries on that front and definitely no complaints on the volume either these things can absolutely blast your eardrums to smithereens if you pump that volume all the way up to the

maximum levels and because you have those external mics you can of course make uh calls on these things as well i thought the tone free the call quality was absolutely fine uh certainly the other person’s voice came through nice and crisp and clear uh sonora was there and apparently my voice was picked up nice and cleanly as well even in a sort of reasonably noisy environment so definitely thumbs up there and of course another final important factor is battery life and lg ranks you get around six hours of use when you pull the lg tone freeze out of their case and i found that estimate was pretty much bang on as well with the ambient sound deactivated i got pretty much exactly six hours that’s pretty much average as far as true wireless earbuds go in 2020 if you want a really strong pair for battery life then definitely as always check out the creative outlet gold i absolutely sing the praises of these things they’ll give you like over 10 hours of use per charge when you pull those buds out so perfect for long-haul flights and when you’re out of juice uh all you need to do of course is slip the tone freeze back inside their funky little case and you’ll find that when you do you get this eerie blue glow which is very sci-fi very funky indeed it looks really cool but it’s actually also apparently cleaning the uh the tips of the buds there and apparently this process can kill almost all of the bacteria residing on those silicone tips in just 10 short minutes and that can help to prevent you from getting ear lurgy which will be particularly handy i guess if you’re also sharing these buds around your family or your friends or

something like that which it’s kind of gross but there you go and the kids itself can fully recharge the lg tone free buds twice over so that’ll give you 18 full hours of use until the case itself also needs a recharge and when it comes to charging the case you’ve actually got a choice you can either plug in a usb type-c cable that kind of charges more smartphones these days otherwise the lg tone free case also charges wirelessly now that’s particularly good news if you’ve got one of those fancy phones like one of the huawei’s the samsung’s with reverse wireless charging support means you just stick the lg tone three case on the back of that phone and it will charge up on the go do note however that there is a version of the lg tone freeze out there that won’t charge wirelessly it’s a little bit cheaper so if you’re not bothered about that wireless charging support just go for those instead and there you have it that’s my review of the lg tone free true wireless earbuds after using them for a full week in fact just over a week now uh so let me know what you think down in the comments below are you tempted by the lg tone freeze be great to hear from you and for more the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers you

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