Camera Review Sony Xperia 1 ii Best Phone Cam?

so the fresh and fancy new experience like ship-borne really should post the best smartphone camera of 2020 at the very least on paper after all Sony mobile not only collaborated with its alpha arm but also got in touch with optics expert Zeiss to help craft that clever bit of camera hardware but of course the original Xperia one is strangely and sadly flawed when it comes to photo and video capture so when it came to test out the Xperia one Mark twos optics I was a wee bit apprehensive and that’s despite an apparent slew of upgrades and updates so what is the final verdict on the Xperia 1 Mach 2’s camera tech well I’ve been using it for a good few days now as my full-time personal snapper and here is my in-depth review and from all the latest greatest actors do poke subscribe ending that lot of patience Bell Cheers so first up just in quick squint at that camera hardware and what you have here is a triple n setup around back you’ve got a 12

megapixel primary lens 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle and a 12 megapixel telephoto which boasts a spot of optical image stabilization just like the primary lens and you also get a time-of-flight lens to help with the focus and if you’re all about the numbers you might get a little bit antsy about the fact that the Sony Xperia Walmart who uses a mere 12 megapixel primary lens while some rivals bust out 64 even 108 megapixel efforts instead but as well we know it’s not about how many megapixels you pack in your pants it’s all about how you use them and thought was captured with a sony xperia Walmart to still look wonderfully crisp and detailed even when you chuck them up onto your big widescreen telly I’m also a big fan of the color capture here as well those hues are reproduced exactly as seen with the naked eye for a natural accurate finish a lot of rivals also pack in an AI mode of some description as well which helps to basically boost those colors and give them a more vibrant finish the sony xperia wall Mach 2 doesn’t bother with any of that guff and that’s absolutely fine by me because those naturally vivid subjects just come out gorgeously punchy and look absolutely stunning anyway that ultra wide-angle lens is easy to switch to and ours pleased to see the same natural results in my test photos a lot of other smartphones produce warmer deeper colors when you swap to the other lenses and it’s the same story with the 70 millimeter telephoto lens too which can pull you right into your subject and once again capture plenty of fine detail this time at a distance in fact even when pinch to zoom in further I thought my foot was still really impressed just check out the

right hand on this Memorial and even that advert on the bus stop behind is just about legible despite being a really good distance away now for the Xperia watermark to Sony Mobile decided to team up with optics expert Zeiss to craft these t-star anti-reflective branded lenses and these are basically designed to help prevent flare and other issues arising from shooting in really bright conditions unfortunately I definitely did still see some over saturation and the occasional spot of light halo action on a proper sunny deer so you will need to be very careful with your aim still but as long as you’re sensible you’ll get great looking snaps indoor and out even with quite strong contrast on sure the primary and ultra wide-angle lenses here on the Xperia warm walk to apparently use a fresh new dual photodiode sensor which is 50% more receptive to light compared with the one used on the original Xperia 1 and it definitely shows with soft interior lights and you’ll still pick up on those finer details no problem while in very low light Xperia Walmarts who automatically captures a series of shots and different exposure levels these are then blended for natural-looking results complete with impressive balance of light and dark to avoid over exposing any of those brighter elements the results are good with all three lenses not just the primary and while the Xperia one walks who can’t quite see in the dark like walias flagships I’m still very relieved at this cameras nighttime chops and one of the other areas that’s really been improved the

experiment mark 2 as well as the autofocus and the auto exposure and now it allows you to burst shot it up to 20 frames per second simply by holding down that camera key and that’s definitely handy for those action shots especially where kids are involved and meanwhile the experienced ability to churn through 64 calculations per second with dedicated I focus smarts means your subject stays shop at all times and even the ultra wide and the telephoto lenses can burst at 10 films per second while performing half the number of calculations which is still very impressive indeed now a lot of rival flagship smartphones from the likes of Apple and Jamie serve up a frankly bewildering platter of extra bonus modes and camera features but thankfully sony has shown quite a lot of restraint at least when it comes to the standard camera app here you’ve got a bucket feature for your portrait shots which offers some control over the depth effector as well and this quite often produces slick results helped along again by the X forcus but beyond that it’s just a small selection of basic stuff like a panorama mode and a slow-motion effect instead sony has really concentrated on the pro board for the xperia 1 Mach 2 which now actually comes bundled in its own separate app for tour pro and this boss is a similar setup to Sony’s alpha cameras complete with full control over the white balance the focal point ice or levels all of those super important sentence you get exactly the kind of photo results that you want you once again swap between all three of the xperia war mug whose real lenses and of course you’ve got full access to that excellent I ought or focus feature as well as you’re definitely not missing out on anything by using the pro mod the only feature that is still

surprisingly missing is full support for raw image capture but Sony assures us this will be coming in updated very soon that’s for video you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage out 30 frames per second using that standard camera app with similar results to the photo capture ela expects impressive detail levels gorgeous colors and everything stays super sharp thanks to those nifty focal smarts stabilization is as good as ever at that Ultra HD level two so you can confidently strut and shoot at the same time while a built-in wind filter helps to produce clean audio and if once again got an HDR mode for dealing with those tricky lighting situations and this does offer brighter results than the original Xperia one thankfully although occasionally the image will be overexposed if the contrast is a bit full-on and if you want to create cinematic masterpieces with your Xperia 1 mark – well that cinema pro mode is definitely well worth a squint this once again gives you total complete control over the camera hardware with the addition of filters if you want to capture a certain kind of mood in your scene and you can even shoot 4k footage at 60 frames per second unlike with that standard camera app so here’s an example of the kind of shots you can create with cinema Pro and the app is definitely easy enough to use that anyone can just jump in there and experiment with all of the different features and tools just imagine a samba voiceover from Verna Hertzog and you’ve basically got yourself an indie hit and last up is that it megapixel front-facing selfie camera which unfortunately is definitely the weak link in the Sony Xperia Walmart twos optics now from the results for this lens were often either soft or overexposed or something not very

attractive and that’s not just because they heavily featured my own Haggard face it was partly thanks to that but seriously this thing does not justice to my majestically bushy eyebrows so if you’re obsessed with selfies I definitely see it luck elsewhere and that right there is my full camera review for the sony xperia war mark 2 which is definitely a massive relief to complete it’s at 100% step up from the original Xperia 1 can handle those tricky lighting conditions high contrast law like things like that much more a Blee than the original smartphone so it’s good to see sony back on track and sure enough this is one of the better cameras of 2020 that you’ll find slaps on the back of a smartphone it’ll be especially appreciated for sure by anyone who’s used to handling a DSLR and wants to get very precise shots whether you’re a photographer or a cinematographer definitely the manual controls are very impressive indeed so that’s hopefully all you need to know about the camera tech stay tuned for my in-depth review on the Xperia 1 mark 2 and go check out my unboxing and my Tips & Tricks guides right now for a look at the rest of the smartphone and for more the latest greatest tech piece to blog subscribe ending that notifications bell chairs

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