WiFi 6E is The Future of WiFi | Linksys Atlas Max 6E Tri-Band Mesh WiFi

so i have actually had this issue ever before because i relocated to a brand-new area you see the decrease from my net service lands in the center of my house which need to be a wonderful area right well somehow regardless of my area liing just a short range down this hallway my net connection is dreadful at the ends of my house as well as i do not also stay in a large residence obtaining rate so negative for my space as well as also having disconnects is very frustrating in fact below’s a smart light bulb in my bedroom it’s lost connection so this has actually been a major problem for me and also my roomies particularly with everyone functioning from house taking courses instructing courses live streaming as well as seeing means a lot more content this past year and also proceed to do so for the time being a lot more frustrating is i have a bunch of smart home tools which seriously accumulate so quick with the buttons the light bulbs the plugs and every little thing and it maxes out most routers and clever house gadgets is truly excellent unless they have a tough time staying connected which’s the issue that i have due to the fact that my existing router won’t get to all the areas in my residence

even crazier is that the wise light bulb at my front door spends 90 percent of the time detached and also it’s with an eye shot of where my existing router is what is that 25 30 feet away enough of that i do not want to need to take care of that and if you’re experiencing something like that you don’t have to deal with that any longer much to my surprise lynx has gotten to out to me as well as wished to fund a showcase and have me inspect out their brand-new linksys atlas max 6e tri-band mesh wi-fi this is the first wi-fi 6e mesh wi-fi system ever before so let’s unbox it and see if it works now the very first thing that actually stood out to me is the reality that this can conceal to 9 000 square feet among the 3 various mesh points that you can put throughout your residence or your office as well as 9 000 square feet is a whole lot that must cover any one of you unless you’re living in some kind of insane mansion and also if you have a crazy reference well many thanks for watching now all that is because of wi-fi 6e which if you resemble me you’re possibly believing oh i’ve come across wi-fi 6 however what’s wi-fi 6e i indicate i was

simply discussing this to a close friend and also he offered me a confused appearance he’s like what is wifi 16. So i looked it up as well as it’s all the benefits of wi-fi 6 yet with extra regularity spectrum and support which all occurs in the 6 gigahertz range which is kind of like opening heaps as well as bunches of additional lanes on a road and also those lanes are also much faster and also safer as well as can do way even more than before without interruptions as well as all at the exact same time we have one of the mesh points as well as some power a/c bricks as well as then two more mesh factors below wow look at that okay so you have 3 power bricks 3 mesh aims a itty bitty little ethernet wire charming and after that a flying start guide as well as some little service warranty information there’s actually not a ton of things in here which implies it’s most likely quite simple so since of that included capacity from wi-fi 6e it enables you have that outrageous coverage as much as 9 000 square feet the capability to deal with 4 times the device ability of existing wi-fi which permits you to connect over 195 tools

which is terrific for clever home tools this is feature ford right and also it can handle some actually hefty bandwidth giving you accelerate to 8.4 gigabits per second i seem like we just began to see gigabit internet an increasing number of in 2015 so having 8 times the capacity is sort of insane currently along the back i’m really happily surprised to see a 5 gigabit wan port which would be ample for wise tv streaming tools video gaming consoles ar virtual reality enjoying classes anything like that a full-size usb a port there so you can link neighborhood storage space media and after that you have an entire lot of ethernet ports also currently that is particularly intriguing since those ports are on every solitary among these mesh factors typically with mesh systems you can only link things to the main mesh center yet this appears like you can have it on every single among the centers which implies you can connect devices to it anywhere that there is a hub setup is extremely simple you simply plug in the power you plug in the ethernet wire right into the five gigabit wan port and afterwards into the ethernet port on your modem

then you just most likely to the application shop or the google play store and download the linksys application currently this is using envelope smart mesh modern technology established up on the application is incredibly simple it’s really well developed actually simple to follow you function through action by step you produce an account and also then you finish up on the screen where your name your wi-fi network as well as give its password since awaits an additional node allow’s get among them and also just plug in the power which’s it let’s click add a node exactly how to put your node so this is best since it’s in my studio and after that connect it in of course it’s blinking purple so it’s truly easy to add added nodes because of the velp intelligent mesh innovation now i’m actually interested to see what the wireless efficiency is like in this because it has a qualcomm chipset in there it’s meant to give next-gen technology that gives a wire-like security as well as blazing fast efficiency what’s nice is that you can regulate your network via the app anywhere you are in the globe in the application you have a whole lot of various features like adult controls you can regulate the wi-fi settings established a visitor network gadget prioritization notices network

management advanced settings therefore far more allow’s inspect out a rate test genuine quick oh my goodness it in fact got an upload rate much faster than what i generally obtain that’s insane i have actually legit never seen it review 20 megabits per second for upload that’s huge for me now what’s actually awesome is that some phones will in fact present whether it’s a wi-fi 6e signal or otherwise the rates i’m getting in my bedroom are way much better currently and also guess what this clever light bulb functions in my room it keeps connection the linksys atlas max 6e is extremely easy to establish you do not need to be an it individual you just need to buy it install the app set it up it’s so easy and also you understand it’s actually essential to have rock solid net when you’re taking classes when you’re teaching courses when you’re doing your work if you’re beginning a company or you’re running your service so this is an actually excellent financial investment so you can have a truly rock strong link with truly high transmission capacity and also the latest modern technology to support the future and to conserve some cash keeping that investment usage code this is technology today 6e for up to 200 off your purchase between might 21st and also june 6. if you wish to discover more there’s a web link down below in the summary alongside that code so go on as well as examine it out many thanks a lot to linksys for funding this video as well as thanks for seeing this is technology today till following time you.

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