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so the fresh new real me x3 super zoom is coming to the uk at the very beginning of june not long to wait at all now for the princely summer just 469 quid so that’s 100 pounds less than the real me x50 pro and if you’re not bothered about the likes of having 5g support or an oled display then the x3 super zoom could definitely be a great more affordable way of getting some super premium tech for under half a grand you see despite that very respectable price the x3 super zoom offers a almost flagship experience proven very good indeed for gearman for instance while packing some premium camera features including a five times periscope zoom so the question is is the realme x3 super zoom good value for money as well well i’ve been using it as my full-time smartphone for the past week and here is my in-depth review and for more on the latest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so the design of the real me x3 super zoom can be summed up in three words simple yet satisfying real me hasn’t gone for flair here you don’t get an edge-to-edge display with a waterfall finish or seamless blends or anything like that what you do get is a pearly white finish in this arctic model which feels a lot more luxurious than it really should at this sort of price point and it also does a bang-up job of hiding any greasy prints and muck and so far it’s proven tough enough too one week on not a single wee scratch on that arse end and the screen should also be just as tough for this gorilla glass 5 cotton although so far the pre-installed screen protector is busy soaking up all of

the damage you don’t get a proper ip rating with the real me x3 super zoom but rumi has apparently added three separate layers of protection around

the ports and other entry points and i was fortunate enough to test out the water resistant capabilities of the x3 super zoom in a sudden and unexpected downpour and let me tell you those seals seem to hold perfectly fine it’s a good bit of android 10 on here although the real me ui launcher has been smushed on top to change up the vibe and add a bum load of extra features and rumor ui is basically still color os by another name serving up the sim handy gesture controls easy one-handed use and plenty of smart customization options i’ve wibbled on a great length about the software side of things in my full in-depth realme ui tips and tricks guide so go check that out for all of the best bits and thankfully i didn’t really notice any general everyday quirks with the real me x3 super zoom either beyond a couple which i’ll mention later it overall behaves itself very very well even in this pre-release state and i particularly enjoy using the super zoom’s edge mounted fingerprint sensor which is perfectly positioned and pleasingly responsive too and this is backed by respectable face recognition which in its default state works even when you’re wearing sunglasses although you can improve the security level in the settings if you like and i gotta say that little face animation is cute as love it so let’s move on to that 6.6 inch ips display yeah it’s not an oled unfortunately sometimes you don’t get any hdr support but the contrast level is generally fine and you can’t tinker

around with the color output and the likes of that in the display settings by default those more vivid hues have plenty of pop or if you prefer they can be dialed right down as well either way the full hd plus resolution helps to keep visuals sharp i was happy enough to watch a full movie on the x3 superzoom on those particularly special days where it seemed utterly pointless to even consider getting out of bed in fact it’s not one of the brightest panels out there so i did occasionally struggle to see what was actually happening in particularly dark scenes in movies and tv shows when i was sat outside but that said everyday shenanigans like checking your meal things like that absolutely fine even on a sunshiny day unfortunately like on a lot of real me smartphones that auto brightness is about as clever as your average tory mp i found that i had to manually adjust it quite often bumping it down when i was sat in a darkened room and chucking it back up again when i was outside in the sun and there’s a recurrent software feature here as well called aussie which is supposed to improve the clarity color and contrast when you’re watching a bit of video but i noticed sweet fear difference when this was knocked on regardless of the stream of service that i used what i definitely did appreciate however was the 120 hertz screen refresh rate which matches more super premium smartphones of 2020.

and i also love the x3 super zoom’s audio chops with full support for ldac high-res audio and dolby atmos playback too and the bluetooth connectivity gets a big thumbs up which is just as well because there’s no headphone jack here as for the built-in speakers well sadly it’s only a single built-in speaker mounted here on the bottom edge of the x3 super zoom we’ll assume that it doesn’t have a stereo speaker setup but the audio is nice and loud and nice and clear as well i’m fully testing out the red magic 5g one of the most exciting gaming smartphones of 2020. so definitely absolutely fine if you want to enjoy bit netflix or whatever without plugging in some headphones although i definitely would say don’t even bother for music and i’ve got absolutely zero complaints when it comes to the performance either the super zoom runs off a qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus platform which was qualcomm’s flagship smartphone chipset until 2020 and it’s still an absolute powerhouse capable of absolutely anything especially as you can bag it with up to 12 gigs of ddr4 ram and this bad boy right here is the 12 giga if you fancy a great game in smartphone without spending over 500 quid on the likes of the red magic 5g or the black shark 3 then this weed beastie definitely gets a thumbs up from me you can happily play pubg mobile on maximum detail settings at 60 frames per second rate with very little fluctuation at all in the frame rate after all this is the same

setup as the rog phone 2 from last year that flat screen is perfectly suited to gaming and while the 120 hertz touch response rate isn’t quite up there with dedicated gaming phones i found that the x3 super zoom was still very very responsive it certainly did the trick for fast-paced games like pubg you’ve even got a vapor cooling tube packed inside the real me x3 super zoom to help prevent the phone from heating up too much under duress and sure i found that the back end of the phone did get a little bit toasty after you know 30 minutes an hour of gameplay but certainly nothing to any troublesome degree battery life sadly isn’t quite as impressive the four thousand two hundred milliamp cell drains alarmingly quick if you’re indulgent in a spot of pubg or skype or zoom so a couple of times i maybe just about script through until the late evening on a single charge occasionally i had to plug it in before bedtime now you do have a bit of 30 watt fast charge support as well so that’ll get you up to full again in around about an hour or so at least you don’t need to leave the x3 super zoom plugged in all night long as for storage you get up to 256 gigs of space packed in here and it’s ufs 3.0 tech so you’re absolute nice and quick and your downloads are nippy too and so now on to the camera tech which is one of the areas where real me has really concentrated with the x3 super zoom as if the name wasn’t enough of a massive hint that 64 megapixel primary lens shuns the usual sony sensors for a samsung gw1 i found that occasionally the x3 oversaturates an image in an attempt to brighten things up a bit especially when you’re shooting indoors but the hdr smarts are

generally strong outdoors with an appeal and balance between light and dark and even with the four in one pixel bin and you get good at enough detail capture so your photos look crisp when thrown up onto a big screen and you do have a 64 megapixel option if you really really want to get things nice and sharp colors are occasionally a little more vibrantly reproduced than expected although nothing too unnatural unless you chuck on the scene mode ai which tends to add some serious sparkle to all of your shots and one of the highlights here is of course that 8 megapixel periscope lens with built-in optical image stabilization this serves up a five times optical zoom or 60 times maximum zoom which proves easy enough to use thanks to that stabilization and it’s definitely as strong as those super premium rivals for taking distant shots with sharp natural results you also have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens which is great for those more unique photos plus a 2 megapixel macro lens which can capture low res up close shots of bugs or flowers and stuff like that and seriously can someone please explain why every phone these days has a macro lens seriously just just why there’s also plenty of bonus shenanigans including a portrait mode that works rather nicely despite cropping your subject’s hair if you boost up that bucky effect and that night skate mode can brighten up low light shots although if the light gets too though then the focus really starts to struggle so the end results will be blurry anyway and you’ve also got a new story sky or astro mode on here as well to satisfy anyone who wants to take pictures of the endless infinite void presumably because they’d rather be

somewhere up there then stuck for another living deer on this ridiculous planet but anyhow i digress this actually does a great job of showing off all of those stars that you can’t normally see with your puny eyeballs unless you live in the australian outback or somewhere else in the arse end of nowhere as long as you have a tripod or some sort of stable setup that is because it takes a full four minutes to capture shots like this onto the whole movie front and you can shoot video at 4k resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second and even at that maximum resolution and frame rate you still get some pretty good image stabilization as well color reproduction is rather natural rather than the occasionally super vibrant stuff you get from 4k capture and you get respectable audio pickup at all times too there’s even an hdr mode for those tricky contrast situations although admittedly this doesn’t actually seem to do much at all really meanwhile up front you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie camera this one using sony’s imx616 sensor while there’s also a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens when you want to cram in a lot of background or other people once we’re actually allowed to get close enough again and this also supports night skate mode so you can capture sharper detail and more attractive results in challenging light so there you have it there’s my full thoughts on the real me x3 super zoom my in-depth review after using it as my personal phone for a week as you can see not quite a perfect handset but certainly great value for money at this sort of price point great news for gamers who don’t want to spend half a grand or more on a dedicated handset for the likes of pubg mobile something that’s got plenty of grunt and actually definitely do the job for those fast-paced titles plus you know it’s got a great name as well super zoom so definitely let me know what you think down in the comments below if you’re tempted or otherwise and please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely week people cheers everyone love you you

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