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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from Tech’s burn and say hello to mortal as fresh new 2020 flagship smartphone the Motorola edge now the edge promises a proper premium flagship style experience but for the sum of just five hundred and fifty quid which is of course fifty quid cheaper than the oneplus it and a but Lord less expensive than the likes of the Samsung’s and the iPhones of the world it’s gonna be hitting the UK in early June you’ll be able to buy it from the likes of Amazon and direct from Motorola and I’m gonna give it a full unboxing an in-depth tour right now about hardware and that software so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to throw your money more doors way if you want to grab the moral edge direct from a provider here in the UK you can grab it from or – I think I forgot to do all that usual YouTube governs denied please box subscribe doing that notifications Bell you very much appreciated guys so there’s the actual Motorola edge itself has just chucked that aside and see what else you get in this lovely black box so you get of course the obligatory condom case which now comes bundled with pretty much every smartphone out there which is definitely great if you want to keep your phone pristine you don’t mind it looking a bit like a prophylactic then there you go job done got the usual readme shenanigans that you’ve got a three-pin plug of course

naturally to charge up the Motorola edge you go your type-c USB cable to slip into that bad boy and lucky you even get some proper white headphones witching stick in there actual 3.5 millimeter efforts not type-c headphones which are becoming increasingly common of course and they actually look alright they should definitely do you just as a spare pair which you can shove in your backpack just to get your Bluetooth pair runs out of juice or something ah thought you could have skipped me did you a little porcupine device so I should get your sim in there cunningly hidden amongst the manuals and the other guff that you might otherwise ignore so there you have it that’s the highly exciting contents of the Motorola edge box and now let’s check out the phone and there you have it’s my first clips are the Motorola edge in the flesh and this is the sole all-black model which is basically just old black in some regions you’ll also be able to grab it in an almost as dark a midnight magenta but in the UK it just seems to be the sole or black on offer this thing is so damn dark I’m actually really struggling to to get it on camera to show up any of the sort of the finer detail ends of it I would say that more to all those catering for Goss as well but actually as it catches the light it has to offer kind of a rainbow here which you can hopefully saw make out there just think is a little bit of blue green red let me tell you this camera focuses I’m a whale of a time trying trying to pick up his thing I mean they’ll tell you what I’m even just staring at it I’m going to kind of cross-eyed it’s already proven itself over smudge magnet as well as you can see that I’m literally just touching it I’m a little bit oily because it is quite warm in the studio today but yeah look at that fingerprint magnet and the model wedge definitely feels quite light

certainly lighter than a lot of other smart phones that I’ve tested our recently and apparently the reason plight is because actually got a plastic back instead of glass and it certainly doesn’t feel quite as solid because you can see that it’s got a little bit of flex to it which you would not expect from a glass handset although around front apparently it is Gorilla Glass 5 so at least that should prove reasonably Hardy I’m just a little bit worried that that plastic back is gonna get scratched up rather easily which of course I will be fully testing out for my in-depth review but of C I do love the way that that front ends what curves nicely around the edges of the phone and then comes to meet the back end as well it almost looks like a seamless curve from front to back like one piece of glass but there is a narrow groove there where the glass of the display meets the plastic back end of course while there likes the 1+8 are now fully IP rated for water and dust resistance unfortunetely the motorola edge is merely water repellent so hopefully should be fine in a downpour but I certainly wouldn’t go take it in to the bat for the shower or anything like that with you anyway it looks like we got juice in the tanks let’s get the motor all that edge all set up we’ll take a full on tour the rest of the phone so I’m gonna slap my personal sim in the mod wall edge cues that’s my full time smartphone ahead of my review as you can see they’re just a single SIM slot not dual SIM unfortunately be Devon microSD memory card slot you can slot memory comes up to a terabyte in size inside this bad boy to expand that 128 gigs of storage plenty of room for all of your Netflix downloads your music your naughty pics we don’t judge now of course mostly used to having these

motor all the smartphones have a fingerprint sensor around the back end of the device actually built into that Motorola logo whereas it’s actually an in display sensor here on the Motorola edge this is busy setting up my printer hopefully this will be nice and responsive and accurate and there we have it all set up and we are ready to rock here on the Motorola edge which as you can see lives up to its name that display is Kevin quite nicely around those edges so it is a proper front fill-in experience look at that only the dinky little bezels above and below so something looks like a premium flagship for and even if it does have that plastic arse end I’m just hoping it’s smart enough to realize you know actually poking the edges of the display when you’re clutching it quite tight it’s a problem that I had with the TCL 10 Pro there’s of course Android kernel it’s freshest a version of Android here on the water ledge as you would kind of hope and expect from a flagship smartphones of course you’ve got the discover feed all usual shenanigans it’s very stock version of Android as you usually get with Motorola I’ve got some in a few little tweaks here and there if you sort of dive under the surface you will a spot a couple so for instance dive on into the security section and you’ll see you do have a proper face unlock action so let’s get this all set up put yep or goods align your face only partial face detected that’s a bit harsh so if you’re not unlock your smartphone you’ve got a couple of options of course we’ve got that in display a fingerprint sensor which I set up earlier seems nice and accurate and responsive and you’ve also got that face unlock all you need to do is pick up your smartphone from fierson camera stop scanning for your mug and there we go so for perhaps ins in the most responsive I’m not there we go yep but I’ll be fully testing that out to see how it works in everyday life and that curve the edge to edge screen isn’t just for Lux either Motorola’s made the most of it with a variety of features surfaces you’ve got edge lights notification light feature where the edges just light up to say that something has weight and your attention now it doesn’t look like you set up for precise and notifications or particular apps or anything but basically the incoming calls alarms or all

app notifications by the looks of it rollin individuals you can also change the brightness levels are only sure when the screen is fierce and down etc and you can also set it so that feature turns off at night as well which is pretty handy if you’re trying to get a bit keep you doing your small format flashing at you that’s for damn sure what I’m really trying very hard together edge lighting to work to demonstrate to you guys and it’s not having any of it whether the screen is on or off or whatever app is getting notifications is just not doing it so yeah leave that one with me and again hopefully for the full review I’ll be able to show that off and then also here on the motorola edge you’ve got the edge touch you got the touch oh my god that was awful scene which basically mimics Samsung’s edge panels to make use of that spangly curved screen and with this feature active you get this funky little action bar which you can then drag from one edge of the display to the other position it exactly where you want it then with this active you can swipe in and you will open up a bunch of shortcuts which as you can see there for some of your favorite apps and various tools like a ruler if you need to measure something urgently because you’ve got full control over exactly what pops up in there so you get rid of that ruler if you don’t need to do any urgent measurements ever get rid of some other bits and then pop up faster shortcuts to the likes of a search within these are starting a new doc within Docs you can also set up shortcuts to some of your favorite contacts in there as well and as you can seen up to six shortcuts in all using that edge bar thingy you can also for instance swipe down in order to access your notifications you can swipe up in order to access all of your recent apps

planned you’ve got a full gesture navigation on here anyway somebody’s sure what the point of that would be especially as you can just swipe down from anywhere on the screen to pull down your notifications – and of course this wouldn’t be a Motorola smartphone or certainly not a flagship without that model experiences app as well so of course you’ve got the model action section which adds a bunch of gestures for it including the excellent fast torch 100 that’s not so good on the author etiquette wrists which basically just quickly loads up the camera up with a quick double a twist like so one feature that does happen to be missing from there however is the one handed mode which is a bit ever surprise that it’s a real shame because one-handed action is always definitely good and you got the mortal game time feature on here as well a relatively new one I played around with it on the Moto G power lights I think it was one of those handsets anyway this will handily turn off some features like that edge display while your games you don’t accidentally trigger them you can disable the adaptive brightness to keep everything nice and bright at all times and more usefully as well blocking notifications I’m calls so you are not disturbed in the middle of a frantic buggy session motorola in the past hasn’t been one of the best around as far as updates are concerned it has promised at least one Android update for the Motorola Edge not quite as good as some who offer at least two so for instance like some Nokia but they do say they then reassess later on so hopefully the moral edge being the flagship will also get an update to Android 12 next year and you got the other features you’d expect on there like NFC dual band Wi-Fi support all that kind of shenanigans again which you would expect from a flagship let’s check out that six point seven inch endless edge all that display in a bit more detail so as you can see obviously it curves around both sides are the fournette so it gives like a glorious a full view experience when you are

checking out a movie TV show whatever your fancy definitely getting some very 1+8 vibes from this thing especially with the dinky little pinhole camera down here in the corner thankfully doesn’t intrude very much at all as you can see there when you are kicking about with some Netflix or whatever you’ve got a full HD resolution so so far everything seems to be and in crisp on there despite the fact that it isn’t a full quad HD panel the color reproduction looks nice and natural when you’re kicking back with ash or Netflix whatever when you are indulging in a bit of geeky anime action as well those nice vibrant colors really punch and really poppy shining through lovely stuff definitely be smashing my way through a good bit of crunchyroll on this thing and if you’re not a fan of that super vibrancy you can’t just dial down their color reproduction to a more natural sedate effort instead as well if you’re a bit boring you’ve got each to your 10 spot on here as well and you can also play around with refresh for it as you see it’s on auto mode by default become bump it all the way up to 90 Hertz permanently if you’re on that super silky smooth experience non-stop and more good news for media fans because it’s a stereo speakers setup here on the motorola edge let’s just give them a quick test in out got a hell of a kick on that top volume you’d be able to easily make your cell phone no matter where you’re on certain Lee’s seriously piss off everyone on your bus or train or whatever once people start actually using public transport again you’ve got bluetooth 5.1 support for your wireless connections as well and a proper headphone jack down below of course for a bit of non wireless connections all right now power in the more drawler edge is called comm Snapdragon 765 chipset not the super premium eight six five that would have bumped up the price a considerably no doubt backed by six gigs a ddr4 Ram little DDR 5 which is a bit of a shame but anyhow so if any stats lovers out there here’s the benchmark scores on Geekbench 5 as you can see obviously not as high as a lot of flagship smartphones that Rock the latest x86 5 chipset

but the 765 back by 6 skin serum you should be able to blast through Android titles like Pub g4 night all that kind of stuff on high detail levels at no problem whatsoever the Sensex wine was made for gaming just at a more affordable price point and you still have full 5g support here on the edges why because I actually built them 1m is built into that chipset you don’t have to supply it separately like you do with the year 65 so again that helps to cut costs but as ever stay tuned for my in-depth Motorola edge review for a proper look at the performance if there are any little stutters or issues or anything like that see if I managed to get my ass handed to me by schoolchildren as usual that’s for the battery tech while it’s 4500 milliamps all in there so a reasonable size hopefully should last you a full day on single charge and you do have 18 what turbo power wide charging in there not particularly special considering 30 35 watt is pretty much the standard these days even for mid ranges but we’ll see how the we bug affairs with a good bit of everyday use and now once again we play the game of can my camera actually focus on the more taller edges we turn it over and take a gander at the camera setup it’s actually a triple lens arrangement here on the back you get a 64 megapixel primary lens pretty standard these days f 1.8 aperture and that’s backed by an 8 megapixel telephoto lens offering a 2 times optical zoom and a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens which also doubles as a kind of macro lens and today it’s willing camera subject is a creepily realistic bold thing that I swear one day is gonna come to life and murder me in my sleep know what you get here is the standard Motorola camera app which is lifes and easy to use despite having a fair number of

features packed in there so of course you’re in your auto mode as you start up the app you can swap between that and the pro mode with a quick tap up here now you see this just brings up a whole bunch of manual controls include ISO levels white balance etc etc you can shoot in standard JPEG or raw or both at once and at any point of course you can swap between the 64 megapixel primary lens and that telephoto lens can you the two times optical zoom get a real close-up view of those creepy sinister features which are going to come to life at any moment and it goes that ultra wide-angle lens as well from or pulled out view my even though it’s a sixty-four megapixel primary lens as you can see that it shoots it 16 megapixel a resolution by default these look a bit foreign one pixel villain just out brighten up the shot a bit if you do want to shoot at full 64 megapixel resolution there is a feature for that though I’ll just give that a quick tap and boom full 64 Meg’s so if you’re gonna be shooting something to be blown up onto a big tele screen or a poster or something that’ll do your job in swap a video mode with a quick tap here as you see you got the ultra steady mode which is handy if you’re walking and shooting at the same time you shoot up to 4k Ultra HD resolution footage although something you cannot do so at 60 frames per second because you tap here you’ve got a little bonus feature selection that you can play around with so for instance like to the spot color mode a Motorola staple night-vision which can take some nice brighter shots when it’s a law light action got your macro mode which I still think is utterly pointless it goes good bit of portrait action as

well shoots a nice bit but the bokya affected to look like you’ve actually got any studio effects here actually on the motorola edge which you normally do on the mid-range more trollers that’s a bit weird but you can play around with the bokya effect anyway and then if we swap around 25 megapixel front-facing camera yeah got it as you can see there of course you’ve got full portrait mode access there as well so you can shoot yourself a lovely portrait shots blur out the background otherwise you can just shoot your standard shot do you actually have full Pro controls for that selfie cameras what you do love these stuff and you can shoot up to full HD resolution video as well I believe of your gorgeous mug let’s check that out yet foolish di1 of course be fully testing out the motor all that edges camera for my in-depth a review along with the battery life performance everything else that you need to know so the statue but make sure you POC subscribe ding that notifications bell and all that claptrap to be the first to see when that goes live and please do let us know your thoughts down in the comments below as you see the respectable little flagship smartphone for that sort of price point if you don’t appear top dollar for likes for Samsung and I thought of course it will have strong competition from likes the Nokia 8.3 5g the real me X 55 G and a few other handsets that are around that sort of mid-range price point but offer a very premium experience as always have a lovely rest of the week and catch you soon boy

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