Preview Realme 6i Tour 5000mAh Moto G8 Power Rival

hello just peeps I’m Chris from Tech’s Burton and today we’re gonna be unboxing and doing a full-on tour of the real me 6i the final of real needs new six series trio and the most affordable of the bunch as well at just 200 euros so hopefully around 180 pound price point when it comes to the UK it’s gonna be arrival to the likes of the more legit power operas in 92020 with a massive five thousand milliamp battery stuffed inside so let’s get the room e6i ripped on out of the box and for more on the latest in greatest tech please do PAC’s subscribe ending that notifications bell kids oh that’s on there nice and tight that here we go saw hey welcome to the real me a family thank you very much nice warm welcome there inside this bad boy let’s embrace a new journey very dramatic indeed you get a condom kiss in order to help protect your real meat 6i on the cheap you’ve also of course got porky pins of i stripes you get your sim in there that’s the actual real me 6i itself has just set that aside for a second see what else we get here in the lovely box got a rather sizable charger as you can see there this is a two pin european edition because it’s a european review sample but of course you’ll get a three-pin plug if you buy it here in the UK and you got your USB

type-c charging cable as well going to see a bit of type c action even on a budget-friendly smartphone and that’s you like that everything in that so there we go over and she’s the real meat six i and one of the things that I always love about real me is the fact they always go absolutely bat bonkers with the design even on their budget-friendly smartphones check out that funky striation pattern as the roomie six eyes are send catches they’re like that is a thing of glory so this is the green tea model you can also pick up the real v6 I in white milk as opposed to green milk something on the gone seriously wrong there so they’ve got quite a plasticy sort of finished to it as you’d probably expect from a sub 200 pound smartphone as you can see other other a matte finish as well there’s no gloss a surface in or anything like that so hopefully shouldn’t attract a greasy prints dirt muck things like that and seeing stuff you’ve got a proper heft to it as well it’s around the 200 gram markzware deftly doesn’t feel Tory like in that respect that’s always a good thing so a quick tour of the handset looks pretty straightforward stuff really of course you’ve got your power button over here on the right edge flip it over to the left edge you’ve got your volume

rockers right there nothing up top nice and bare and then down below you got your type-c USB port your mono speaker grille and glory of glories and actual headphone jack to love these stuff can always count on budget blowers to still be rocking that headphone jack action I caught it on the back you’ve also got a fingerprint sensor an actual physical sensor which is just slightly indented into the surface there so it’s easy to find and you’ve got your multi lens camera arrangement which we’ll be touching on in a bit and if you were to slip the bundled condom kiss onto at the real meet six I well first of all you hopefully do a better job than I have because I’m really struggling with his thing go on your little bugger you know you want to there we go slap that on as you can see you still so will make out that funky striation effect on the back end doesn’t add too much in the way of girth I’ll stop the back end of the room e6i from getting all scratched up and also it juts up above the surface of a bit of space so if you were to accidentally faceplant the phone on the ground off you should protect that screen as well and now to somehow get the bugger off again and the good news is not only do you get a bit of Gorilla Glass 3 platon to protect that display we’ve also got a built-in screen protector as well so as you can see they’re pre-installed so hopefully it will soak up a good bit of damage keep that screen absolutely pristine right we are all set up and as you can see there of

course a good bit of really UI action which is what all real neat smartphones that will come out now will be rocking instead of the old color OS that said of course really UI and colour s share a lot of DNA I’m not going to spend it just banging on about real new UI again here in this room ly6 ion box and though because I’ve actually gonna fold tips and tricks guide showing off the best features and basically how to get started with real nice fresh new launches go check that out if you want to normal now the roomies 6 I deftly impresses as far as the sim arrangement goes because as you’ll see here when I yank it out of the tree you’ve not only got space for two SIM cards but dual sim action we’ve also then got a separate tree via micro SD memory cards as well great stuff and to unlock the phone of course you’ve got that rear mounted fingerprint sensor let’s just give it a quick test in out sort of my finger now yeah that seems nice and fast and responsive definitely great stuff on top of that you’ve also got face unlock as obvious always great to see on a budget blow so you’ve got to do is just tap that power button as you can see this is recognised within about a second or so your into your desktops you’ve also got a full raise to week support as well so that you just pick up the room e6i they’ll start scanning for your face and boom nice and nippy very impressive it’s a 6.5 inch display here on the room Li six is a pretty standard size these days as you can see you have a

little nipple notch poking its way into the action when you go a bit full screen on your bit Netflix YouTube whatever but it’s not too intrusive as you see they’re reasonably punchy colors as well for an IPS panel looking pretty good brightness levels seemed perfectly respectable viewing angles and everything like that’s all good – those bezels aren’t crazy thick again for an affordable handset you know a fairly tricky one down below but pretty standard and of course the fact that it is a 720p HD resolution rather than Full HD means that things do get a little bit grainy at times certainly when you’re kicking back with a movie something like that nothing too terrible they’ll be absolutely fine for just kicking back with a bit of Netflix or something like that and if you’d I’ve run into the display send you’ll see you’ve got a little bit of control over the real nice six size color out but just basically the temperature that’s pretty much it we do have the usual dark board the I care more just to make the color temperature a bit warmer automatically in the evenings so it’s a bit easier on the I know there’s not ninety hurt support here on the rail we six I frankly I was surprised to even find it in the original six and the six port ops it bonkers or that sort of price point so as far as the audio goes is where you get a single mono speaker up as no stereo speak action here unfortunately unlike some of the the mortal smartphones and some opera budget ones as well but it seems pretty punchy on that top volume there nice and clear even on top volume and and I’ll be able to cut through a reasonable amount of background noise as

well so the decent stuff and you got Bluetooth five support on there and of course their headphone jacket as well if you need it now power in the real me six I you’ve got media Tex Healy or gez chipset backs pay you the three or four gigs around this is the four gigabyte version so far seems perfectly smooth the everyday of stuff I’m expecting to see a few little stammers here and then for game and it will probably be maybe just about cope with pub G Mobile on those lower details essence and Freddie benchmarking funds out there there’s further confirmation that of course yes the real me six I isn’t going to be the NIP iasts orce out of the blocks but so yeah again it should be absolutely and this is a decent multi-core score so obvious would be apps that you find for your multitask and running a few apps in the background all that kind of shenanigans unfortunately is only single band Wi-Fi here on the roomies six i 2.4 gigahertz doesn’t look like it supports the 5 gigahertz ban but in better news you do at least get NFC support she can get a bit of that on the golf for your android payments things like that and what are the endowed highlights of the room we six eyes the fact you’ve got a five thousand million battery packed in there the exact same size as the opera 92020 the Moto G at power and the G at power light so hopefully that should easily keep you going for two full days especially as you’ve got that 720p resolution screen and that very energy-efficient mediatek chipset as well so it doesn’t seem to be trickling down much at all just with the general screen on time and of course got the usual power

saving modes and even the first charge is pretty impressive you’ve got 18 watt charge insufficient take all day to power you back up again and then press of a months of storage as well the base model comes with 64 gigs so you can bump up to 128 gigs if needed as well plus of course you gotta form microSD memory card support too so definitely very solid affray budget brawler and then last up there is in Quad lens of rear camera these budget brawls are getting upset you bonkers with the number of lenses you got 48 megapixel primary lens f1 point 8 and that’s backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens and a final 2 megapixel black-and-white portrait lens now as you can see even though this is a budget-friendly device you’ve got absolutely stack full of features here to play around most you’ve got lights when it’s your Lords give this a little tap you’ve got the chrome up boost which will just help to pump up some of those more vibrant colors your these are all filters and everything as well if you want them and then of course you can play around with the different lenses by tapping ears you’ve got that ultra wide-angle lens you can slap too and then you’ve got a bit of digital zoom action as well because of course there’s no telephoto lens that’d be a bit much of an ask so you up to 5 times but I’m guessing things are gonna get pretty grainy even at 2 times it will start to look probably not me isn’t you’ve got that

portrait mode used and of course the black-and-whites depth sensor so you can snap to that at any point and if you tap down here you can control the bokya level as well as you can bump it all the way up really help your subject to stand out by default the real v6i uses that 48 megapixel lens but it shoots at 12 megapixels because it uses a bit of pixel bin and just to brighten up your shots when the conditions aren’t quite perfect but if you want that full 14 megapixel resolution just slap on there and that will give you a nice detailed shot and you’ve got a few extra bonus modes as well including braw expert modes which allows you to fill the round flex the white balance and everything doesn’t look like there’s a row option on there unfortunately though and it doesn’t look like use that ultra wide-angle lens when you’re in the expert modes either you’ve also got a night mod which you can use with a variety of lenses which would just capture various different exposure shots and slap them together to create a more balanced brighter result and then that’s all the video goes like believe it tops off a foolish deep let’s just double check yep full HD is the maximum level that and then if we swap for an so that’s 16 megapixel selfie cam as you can see there it’s gonna be fairly basic for your sort of standard Instagram shot so everything I’m looking quite grainy there already which is a little bit worried

you’ve got it to your smart you can use the like to the portrait more just use a bit software smarts if you want to block out the background stuff let’s see how those luck oh my god I look like I’m absolutely thrilled to be human this video but you know that those portraits won’t seem absolutely fine and a lot of grainy a little bit blurry there sore knees and sorry there in a nutshell is the real nice excite budget-friendly blower suddenly be a reasonable rival to the likes the Moto G power light things like that with 720p display 5000 milliamps I should get some very strong returns indeed per charge so if battery life is a priority definitely give it a go the camera tech seems pretty basic obviously the display itself and everything nothing overwhelming but should be absolutely fine just fear every dish and an against so let me know what you think in the comments down below please do poke subscribe ding that notifications about and have yourselves love the week people Cheers

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