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so the latest real me smartphones now Compaq in a fresh new launcher which is imaginatively titled real meet you I it’s still in very early days for roomie UI so it does very closely resemble a bit color OS action on which it is based in fact any colorized funds you want to be flicking around in the settings might get a serious case of deja vu all the same I’ve definitely been enjoying real me UI here on the latest real me x50 pro flagship smartphone and the good news is that that software experience is basically the same on the more wallet-friendly handsets as well like the six series stuff so even if you’re a bit skin you should still be able to get stuck into the very best real new UI features those tips and tricks guide is designed for anyone who’s new to real new UI just to walk you through some of the best features show you how to get the most out of your fresh new real nice smartphone now from on the latest greatest tech this new POC SUBSCRIBE ending that notifications bell Cheers now first up quite a lot of the best tools and features can be found scrawled away inside but that notifications bar however you’ll definitely have a bit of a fiddle and a play around with those

shortcut icons because a lot of the best stuff is actually hidden away by default and to actually edit the shortcut icons you need to tap this wheat icon up here looks a little bit like a notepad and pen or perhaps someone stub in a box with an icepick so give that a wee poke and then as you can see these icons up here are ones you’ve already got in your notification shortcuts and these ones down here are ones that you can add in all you need to do is long press on one drag it up and then it’s added to the bunch three shortcuts that I personally recommend dragging in there because I find them quite helpful at least our focus mode Kidspace and greyscale focus mode is particularly great now that we’re all self isolated and basically messaging each other non-stop for some semblance of human contact well this allows you to do is basically restrict the use of certain apps that you might find quite distracting in everyday life such as Twitter good bit of Watts up things like that you can restrict them for however long it you need to actually set a schedule as well so for instance all the when you’re working during the week and that kids space features definitely well worth upon now as well now that all the schools are out at all wonderful offspring and our surrounding us 24 hours a day unless you don’t have kids

of course in which case it’s a bit pointless so if the Wii buggers are irritating basically just turn on kids Pierce at the exactly Jewish and they’re allowed to use the phone set up any app restrictions they don’t see anything they’re not supposed to and then enter that kid space and then there you go they’ve got a really fun selection of apps that they can play around to keep them distracted and they can’t actually access any of the important stuff and then to quit kids spirits just tap this little icon down here and as you can see you’ll need to actually scan your fingerprint or else use your password to actually get out of it and then last up that grayscale app basically filters all of the color from your display makes it nice and easy on the eye great use if you find yourself wide awake at 3:00 and worrying about the state of the world is what a browse a bit of Instagram or something although if you are worried about the state of the world right now Instagram probably the best idea maybe just go read a book or something now real the UI sits of course on top of androids 10 and it sports a lot of those best Android 10 features on there such as for instance the excellent dark mod not all apps currently supported but the large majority do which is great to see especially all of those google apps of course if you want to turn on dark mode at any point nice and easy just head into the

settings then go to display and brightness and then there’s an option right at the top there and you’re actually find that you can add a shortcut icon to the dark board here in the notifications menu as well as usual just tap it and drag it up and there you go now one thing that real me handsets and smartphones in general have in common in 2020 is the fact that they are absolute whoppers they’re freaking massive which means that one-handed use can be a little bit tricky at times no worries though because really UI offers a fair bit of help so Francis did you know you could drag down our notifications bar from anywhere on screen just by swiping down with your thumb no more stretching all the way to the very top of that display which frankly at times can be completely impossible to set this up all you need to do is pinch your fingers on the desktops then you’ll see the settings menu pop up and in there you’ll find the swipe down on home screen option just give that a tap it is actually set to global search by default all you need to do is change that to Notification Center and really UI also boasts a dedicated one handed mode as well what you’ll need to do is go into the settings and then go to convenience tools and then navigation buttons now I’ve got the standard swipe gesture navigation setup and what you need to do is go down to the bottom of this screen and you’ll find pull down to enter one-handed board make sure that is active and then what you’ll need to do is just swipe down with your thumb right in the center of that display

so you hit the bottom edge and as you can see the entire screen then shrinks down you can use all of your apps in this format it’s much much easier to use one-handed job done and really you I also have some screen off notification support as well it’s been always on display and some funky lighting effects that would just help to attract your attention whenever something pops into your box so to speak anything that’s demanding your attention will pop up in the form of a little icon and then you can just unlock your smartphone in order to actually check it out set up the always-on display just go into the real meat UI settings head to display it and brightness and then you’ll find the screen off display option in there you can actually schedule what time the screen off display is active so you can shut it off when you’re supposed to be all tucked up with Teddy at night handy stuff and you could also sort of exactly what information is displayed on that always-on display as well and then back in the display and brightness section of the settings scroll down to the bottom and you will find screen at the light effects this is basically the equivalent of a notification LED feel really smart far as you can see that you can set up exactly what color you want it between purple blue and or is not the biggest selection ever but at least you’ve got a choice it is a neat little effect with all the edges will only flash a couple of times when you get a

notification it’s not like a constant effects probably to preserve battery life I guess and norther unfortunately not all real new smartphones will have that always-on display option or the light notification either sort of the lights the room you 6-series for instance it’s missing in action now another nifty little tool that I love here and real new UI is the easy to use split screen feature you finally scrolled away if you want settings and then dive down into convenience tools and then gestures and motions three-finger screenshots and then if you’re in a supported app and you want to get a bit of split screen action on there go just swipe three fingers up that to split as you can see that will pop up to the top then you just find something else to open for instance better YouTube and Bosch I find it’s really helpful if you just want to get a little bit of YouTube action on the go while doing something else so for instance checking meals or browsing the web something like that very easy to do makes use of that massive display now another great thing about real me UI is it doesn’t seem to feature half as much crap whereas quite a lot of other Chinese launchers as well you dive in there you’ve got a couple of bits but they are actually genuinely helpful for instance one up that’s bound to stir the rinds of any gamers out there is their game space up

you’ve got quick access to all of your titles you’ve got downloaded on your smartphone and once you’re actually in there just swipe down from the left hand corner and you have fast access to a whole bunch of bonus tools so for instance you can quickly access the likes of whatsapp and messenger if you need to get in touch with someone urgently you can reject you can check out the current time the current battery starless how much of your resources the game is sapping and you can even do a bit of screen recording if you want to share your mad skills and I also quite like the fund manager app as well which unsurprisingly allows you to manage your phone for instance in here you’ve got full control over your app permissions is just another way of saying exactly which apps are allowed to start up with the smartphone which apps can access various bits of your phone such as for instance your contacts your camera and also which apps were allowed to use floors and windows on top of that you can also perform a full check your smartphone as well make sure it’s all in good Nick until you’re on the real me 6 series you’ve even got the likes of a virus scanner as well for added protection sorry there is my full tips and tricks guide for real me UI just to show you some of the best features that you find scrolled away in the settings menu there how to get started with your room you smartphone hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do and I’m looking forward to seeing how real me UI evolve over the next couple of years to hopefully sell itself apart a bit more from the likes of color OS if you’ve got any tips or favorite features of you want if you please bundles down in the comments please do pop subscribe ding that notifications about do all the usual YouTube shenanigans and have yourselves a lovely week people do serve on

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