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helloyou absolute stunning you I’m Chris from tech spot and I’m here to unbox and take you on a full tour of the real meet six model which is just launched here in the UK I’ve got you Kia specific pricing at the time I shot this video became expected to come in at under 200 pounds which should be incredible considering it’s got a quad lens rear camera it’s got a 90 Hertz display a large fast charge and battery all kinds of incredible specs so go stop banging on and actually pull it out the box and see what we got and for more the latest greatest oh please do poke subscribe ending that notification spell says let’s get the Box open up lovely yellow boxes well nice and vibrant and looks like the phones themselves come on a collection of good bright colors as well let’s see which one we’ve got here this looks like the comet blue version also pick it up in white as well if you prefer something wee bit brighter we’ll just take the phone itself aside for a second check out exactly what you get in the rest of the box so of course you’ve got usual prophylactic cover just to help keep it nice and protected against the elements and the rest pretty standard even for budget handsets these days to come with one of those bundled in the box it’s got a bit of your type-c USB charging cable action and a rather beefy adapter as well I’ve obviously got a European review model hence the 2 pin adapter but

you will get three pin plug if you buy it here in the UK and it’s what’s 30 what fast charging as well which is pretty damn good again for a budget blah and of course can’t forget a bit of porcupine throw strikes you get your sim card in the wee blighter as well and a bit of motivational message and let’s embrace a new journey certainly very sexy of sim that’s get a new smartphone so there we have the real me 6 in all of its sexy glory nicosia the room they are absolutely meal in it when it comes to budget smartphone design they take what could be a fairly straightforward basic finish and they just add these striking little touches so for instance like the way that it catches the light just saw when you staring directly at that surface and it definitely looks like a sort of 3d style effect is very very cool stuff indeed the roomy 6 is a 200 gram smartphones that they’ve got a decent hair for a budget bra as well as should be pretty Hardy’s where you’ve got a gorilla glass 3 cotton here on the front and apparently has even splash resistant as well they’ve got a little bit of extra protection on the ports just to help prevent moisture from getting in there at all definite on ball dropping it in the bath or taking in the shower or anything like that got to see a bit of age amount of fingerprint sensor action here on the side of the real nice six as well generally pretty comfy if you just quickly unlocking your smartphone and yes he is actually a power button as well as the scanner so let’s see if we’ve got any gas in the tank can get the really six all set up and then take

you on a proper full-on tour of that hardware and software yeah right so the real music’s is all set up nice and easy and as you can see there it’s running a bit of real me UI which is real me zone launcher it’s moved away from color OS and the way is very heavily based on color s kind of like magic UI and Wow is a motion UI and it’s slapped on top of Android 10 as well sort fresh out of the box nice bit of Android tin action hello it’s good to see the real me you I’d comes with an apps tray triggered by default which is great stuff you do of course get a bunch of pre-installed apps on here some of which are doubling down on the Google Apps like for instance you get your different browser on there and just random Tosh as well like a compass app most of which doesn’t look like you can actually uninstall if you want to thank so you can get rid of that browser it’s white bright you’ve got your smart assistant which is bits just a page of fully customizable widgets you get that set up however you like and then if you dive on into the settings that’s where you’ll notice the biggest similarities with the color OS you’ll see a lot of the options in here are very very familiar such as for as dive into convenience tools you can change around the navigation method so I’m going to go for swipe gestures from both sides and then as you can see you can then get back home the quick swipe up you can bring up your recent apps by swiping up and holdin and if you’re actually inside of an app you can get back at any point to the swipe from the side it’s got a whole bunch of gesture controls then all those Android 10 goodies as well like the digital wellbeing and parental controls and of course as you can see here but a

dark mode as well although you can obviously knock that off and go back into the standard light mode at any point and one of the features that should prove particularly helpful here on the real me 6 is that one handed mode as well because it’s a 6.5 inch Beast and absolute behemoth and the first glance at 6.5 inch IPS screen seems absolutely fine and dandy pretty much standard for your real me budget handset nice and bright nice and punchy but if you dive into the display settings you’ll notice we’ve actually got the option of fiddling about with the screen refresh rate so as you can see there by default the real me 6 will add or select the screen refresh rate depend on what you’re actually up to at the time but you can bump it up to 90 Hertz permanently if you want that nice silky smooth finish and with this on hopefully as you can see there go Lydon through the UI is just beautifully smooth and responsive that is of course an incredibly rare feature for any kind of budget style smartphone even latest iPhones don’t boast a 90 Hertz refresh rates or great to see it on the real b6 definitely a pioneer and bit of budget tech there and as you can see their full HD visuals nice and crisp super super bright those colors are really shining through you can completely customize the color saturation and output in the display sentence as well and you’ve also got a single mono speaker housed here on the bottom edge of the device let’s just boost up the audio to top levels yeah yeah pretty damn loud on that top volume so normally if you’re less than in a noisy household with several small children running about the

place and you’d actually get a headphone jack mounted here on the bottom as well so we’ve got a plug-in job done now as mentioned before you’ve got that edge mounted fingerprint sensor in order to actually unlock your smart phone and it seems super super responsive and accurate as you can see there no issues at all with the response rate it’s basically unlike she’s a smart phone the second you tap your thumb to that surface if you have to be wearing gloves your fingers a bit mucky or something you’ve got full face unlock support on there as well just using that selfie camera which is a pinhole effort shoved away in the corner so if you see if we just turn the phone off and it’s got better ears twig supports will just pick it up boom again straight into the desktops it’s crazy how fast this thing is just a quick run through some of the other pertinent specs those where you get dual band Wi-Fi on this bad boy a bit of Bluetooth 5.0 if you do want to connect wirelessly to a pair of headphones or Bluetooth speakers and as you can see they’re nice pair of NFC support as well give it a google p action lovely now let’s take a look at the performance and the real e6 is powered by the mediatek helio g9 TT platforms a 12 nanometer chipset and apparently it’s pretty good for gaming on a tight budget so let’s just get a bit Geekbench

on the go see what results we get spat out by this and there she blows there’s the Geekbench 5 results can I just point out as well that this is the 8 gigabyte model of the real me 6 you can also pick it up any base for gigabyte model to ship and look at them extra money off the cost is bit of a leap there there’s no in-between the 6 gigabyte version or anything so there you have it not a bad result at all or a budget-friendly smartphone all results to the lights the Snapdragon 845 which was Qualcomm is a big flagship a platform just a couple of years ago so yeah not bad at all that’s for the battery well it’s a good size cell crammed in here 4300 milliamp battery so hopefully should keep you going all day not quite as immense as the likes of the Opera a 92020 which is a five thousand milliamp cell did all the Moto G 8 power basses here should keep you going the full day as long as you’re not absolutely hammering it of course it will depend on whether you bought that 90 Hertz display feature turn on full time or not you’ve got the usual power saving modes and all that onboard as well and of course you get 30 watt fast charging as well via the type-c USB port and before we check out the camera tech as well just a brief mention of storage you’ve got a trophy for the 64 or 128 gigs of storage this top-end model comes with 128 gigs you’ve also got full microSD memory support in here as well the great is we pull that symmetry on out as well because as you’ll see here you’ve got jewel at sim support you’ve also got a separate tray via microSD memory cards you don’t have to compromise have one or the other so now let’s flip the real me6 over and take a look at what will hopefully be some very impressive camera tech so what you’ve got here is a mighty 64

megapixel primary lens use an ace Samsung sensor that’s backed up by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro lens and a basic depth sensor to round it off so we jump on into real knees come up you’ll see what a wealth of features as always I believe on auto photo board it shoots at 16 megapixel resolution does a nice bet pixel binnen just in order to brighten up images in those low-light situations but you can bump it up to full 64 megapixel or if you do want to capture and nice crisp shot got all the usual bornus modes like the portrait mode use and that depth sensor just to add a nice Bakke style effect to your backgrounds and if you jump into video as you can see there you can dive between the ultra wide-angle lens and the standard lens on a video and you can shoot a 4k resolution footage I believe with either of them yep as you can see they even the ultra wide-angle lens has a 4k option although it doesn’t matter which lens you’re using if you do bump it up to Ultra HD you lose the 30 and 60 frames per second feature it just shoots at 30fps by default we also got a good bit of what I believe they call night skip more as well which again just takes lots of different exposure shots pieces them all together and it looks like that also works with the ultra wide-angle lens as as a standard lens as you can see there you can also zoom in digitally as well if you want you don’t actually have a dedicated telephoto lens unlike the pro model what you do have you dive into the extra sense you’ve got the ultra macro mode using that macro lens and of course you’ve got your pour expert mode as well we just love that there aren’t the white balance the ISO levels whatever you like and then last up here on the standard real me6 you’ve got a 16 megapixel

single lens front-facing camera as well being so shoot a bit of portrait action using a bit of software smarts there’s a bit fierce track in action on the go and you can shoot up to full HD resolution video with that bad boy as well so there you have it that in a nutshell is the real me 6 new budget-friendly smartphone definitely seems like a nice little improvement on the Rayleigh 5 some very impressive features and then clean up 90 Hertz display content it probably will start off at around the sort of 200 pound price point so I will be bringing you a full review of this I’ve also going to be unboxing the real me 6 pro and hopefully the real me 6 iron did a big comparison between all of them so you know which real me what friendly smartphone is best for you so please do bugging your comments down below let us know what you think of the new real me handsets if there’s any burning questions you have anything in particular you want me to test out oh please do poke subscribe think that notifications bar and have yourself so lovely bloody week people Cheers love you

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