Oppo Find X2 (& Pro) Tips Best Color OS 7.1 Features Guide

so operas fine x2 phones are finally here and they’re definitely early contenders for the best premium smartphone crown of 2020 what you get is cutting edge display tech incredible smarts and some exclusive and highly versatile optics on that pro model and you also get a feature pack software experience on both of these fine x2 phones thanks to the color OS 7.1 launcher which squats neatly on top of Android 10 but of course the latest color OS is incredibly dense so here’s my full Tips & Tricks guide for the fine x2 under fine x2 Pro and that color OS 7.1 software which sits on top just so you can help find the best bits nice and easy and from all the latest greatest tech please do prog subscribe and thing that notifications bell Cheers it’s one of the features introduced by Android 10 as a good dark board action and yes you do get it here in color OS 7.1 as well you can find and activate the dark bulb by diving into the find x2 settings go on to display and brightness and it’s right away if either switching on the dock mode doesn’t just affect the Opera fine x2 and the fine x2 post settings menu you’ll find that most of your Google Apps will also adopt that dark finish as well and quite a lot of your third-party apps as well a port reckons that 90% of the most popular third-party apps will switch to dark mode

once you activate it in those settings and you don’t actually have to have dock mode activated all of the time you can happen to come along just in the evenings for instance to provide nice easy on the eye experience as you can see here you just have to have that scheduled time option activated and there you can set the exact start time and the exact end time as well and if you actually want fast access to that dock mode you can add a shortcut icon to the notification center as well are you going to do is tap this or edit icon right here there is a proper dock mode icon just drag that into the rest of the fray and then when you want to activate or deactivate just drag down the notifications and then you can just tap that icon to switch it on or off now another tip and something that I always do as soon as I get a new color OS device is ditch that navigation bar down at the bottom of the handset and start using navigation gestures to do this just head it into the settings head all the way down until you find convenience tools and then in there you’ll find navigation buttons you kind of customize the buttons if you like but I prefer to just use the swipe gestures from both sides option and with this active you can go back at any point in any of your apps or the sentence use the quick swipe from the left or the right side of the screen and go back to the home screen just by swiping up from the bottom edge and if you swipe up and actually hold your finger you can then access all of your recent apps now one of the highlights of the Oppo find x2 and the fine x2 Pro is undoubtedly that 6.70 inch ultra vision display it’s absolutely stunning stuff and it’s fully customizable from within the bind x2 settings menu what you want to do is head into the settings menu not too

surprisingly just go to the display and brightness section and there you’ve got all kinds of customisation you could do so for instance you can tweak the color output on the find X 2 and the find X 2 for it’s in vivid mode to begin with be considered too gentle if you prefer more natural hues or very cinematic as well I bought to find X 2 and the 5 X 2 pearl have a dynamic screen resolution it can switch between Full HD Plus and quality post and match whatever you’re up to at the time so I’ll jump up to quality plus if you’re watching a supported video playing a supported game I recommend keeping it on dynamic thought if you have an interest in preserving your battery life digital the refresh rate they can’t top off at a hundred and twenty Hertz it’s set to a dynamic refresh rate though so it only bumped up to those high levels when really needed of course if you would prefer to have a silky smooth experience at all times over having along about your life then definitely bump it up to that 120 Hertz maximum method I’m over there in the display sense you’ll definitely check out the all one ultravision engine slightly clunky title but it’s some very clever software smart that Appa has installed exclusively on the fine x2 and the fine x2 Pro and this can be used to upscale your video and given visuals similar to Sony’s x-reality engine found on its Xperia one Mach 2 smartphone because the all want ultravision engine is deactivated by default so you’ll need to turn it on with a quick tap of that little slider and then you’ve got two options as you can see here you’ve got your HDR video enhancement which basically up skills SDR content to me HDR levels really bumps the contrast and the color output so it looks absolutely stunning and then you’ve also got the video motion enhancement option as well and this can boost your 30fps content through the 60fps or a hundred and twenty FPS although take note that if you want to jump up to 120 FPS as you can see there you can’t have an ultra HD resolution that has to be in full HD and the corner took up all this enhancement technology supported by Amazon for its prime video

service and also a youtuber though there’s no mention of Netflix now the OP will find X 2 and the fine X 2 Pro about six point seven eight inch devices in other words they’re absolutely unit so if they’re gonna be pretty tricky to use with one hand right well you’re gonna need to take all the help you can get thankfully there are a couple of features here in color OS version 7.1 that definitely help out so first you can swipe down that lord if occasions bar from anywhere on screen without them to reach all the way up to the very top to get this on the go what you’ll need to do is go on the settings menu on the find x2 and then go to the home screen and wallpapers section and in there you’ll find swipe down on home screen by default this will open up the global search bar but what you want to do is switch that to Notification Center and then if we go back to the home screen and you can just drag down the notifications bar anywhere but that’s not all there is actually a proper dedicated one handed mode here on the fine extent of I next to pro as well part of that color OS 7.1 software again you’ll need to dive into the notification shortcut icons and it’s buried away it down here as you can see right there one-handed board again just drag that into the icons and then whenever you need that 100 more just pull down the lord of creation Center it’s right there and then this just shrinks everything down to that bottom edge of the screen so it’s nice and easy to

access and then when you don’t just tuck this alike on here and you’re back to normal now if you just briefly dive back into the display section here on the color we’re 7.1 there are a couple of other great features in there that’ll well worth our mention the first of all being the screen a light effects feature this basically allows you to light up the edges of the fine X 2 and the fine X 2 pro to further notify you whenever something like a call is coming in you can actually change up the color as well so first as i’ve got on amber orange to match the gorgeous vegan leather finish here on the back of my fine x2 pro if you scroll up a bit from there you’ll find the screen of clock feature this is basically just another term for an always-on display as you can see they can actually schedule it come on between specific times you can change up but the clock style as well so I’ve got this funky neon effort so whenever the screen is off that will pop up on to the display so you can still see what the time is and you see any notifications or anything that are awaiting your attention now one of the benefits found such a flippin huge displays the fact that it’s dead easy to get better multitasking on the go and definitely worthwhile so for instance whenever you actually in an app you just swipe three things up the screen like so and then you can open up another app the secondary up the line open up in the bottom half of the display so you can quickly scroll around there you can resize each of these windows as well so you can have one dominates and the other it’s quite

handy especially if you’re watching a bit YouTube action you can just watch it at a tiny little window up at the top well actually having a pretty damn good bit of screen space to get on with email and work whatever you want to do and in case you’re wondering this feature can actually be activated and deactivated in the special split-screen dedicated section in the settings menu the modern life can of course be pretty damn ferocious at times really stressful stuff and like Moore’s Law that as I like to relax and unwind at the end of a long busy day by down in about half a bottle of whiskey and passing out on the sofa in front of don’t tell a bride hopefully the Opera fine x2 and the finest super will be able to save a few livers because what it has on here is the very handy app or relax app now up or relax can help you channel your inner buddist with all kinds of stress relieving activities and exercises so for instance you’ve got the pretty standard breathing exercises which help you to relax your body and your mind you’ve also got a selection of childer tunes as well to help you get focus or some much-needed kit and of course the obligatory common sound effects as well from jungle noises to the pitter-patter of April showers there’s also a camp and sound effects effort which most definitely doesn’t relax me at all it just gives me flashbacks to my time as a Cub Scout definitely a time best left well buried in the past totally sleep deprived parents will definitely appreciate the dition of white noise which seems to chill out babies and get them to shut the hell up for just a minute I saw while you got have a cry of your own in the corner some way and last of it’s great to see that the game space up is once again back on board here for the up or find next to Ella Phoenix to probe these days games this has a real emphasis on online gaming with features that can help reduce Network latency for liable connection very handy for games like poopy and fortnight where you’re competing against other players so first of you may use a

game space to actually load up one of your favorite games at which point it has network priority and also the line share of the Oppo find x2 or the fine x2 pros resources now any time we’re actually in the game just swipe your finger down from the top left corner towards the center of the screen and you’ll call it the game space menu as you can see there one of the features this immediately pulls up is the current time and your battery life for a min and as well as you know whether you actually need to it gaming him back into the real world you can also fast access the likes of whatsapp as well so you can get involved with any message and without actually ruining what’s going on in the game you’ve also got the option to record your game and session if you want to upload it online or just share it with your mates good news if you want to keep your focus as well because you can block all notifications during your gaming session and if you drag down like so you can also reject all calls that’s got a four D vibration feature which is not compatible with all games for instance pub G Mobile is not supporters and as you can see then you can get a little FPS counter if you want it and of course you can get up to all kinds of clever shenanigans with the OP or fine x2 pros camera tech as well but I’ll save that for another day I’ll be bringing you my full in-depth opera fine x2 camera review in just a couple of days after this video here it goes live well dive into all those smart new features including some really good video tech stuff as well the regular is my four tips and tricks guide for the Opera fine x2 and fine X 2 pro using the color OS 7.1 a launcher what do you reckon if I missed any of your favorite personal features that you feel free to bung a comment down below and it’ll wise me up to them and from all the latest great so please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers everyone

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