Samsung S20 FE Review – Camera Test, Display Test, and Quick Comparison With OnePlus 8T.

take 2 hey guys invite back to another video with lim evaluations so in today’s video we’ll be inspecting out the samsung galaxy s20 fe but in this video for much easier name i’ll just call it the s20fe alright so i’ve been utilizing this gadget for the past one week now as well as these are just some of my ideas that i would love to share with you individuals maybe you may discover this useful if you’re also looking to buy the samsung s20 fe all right so let’s begin with the rate normally i remain in malaysia so this tool is presently priced at 3400 ringgit right here in malaysia and also it includes the 8 gigabyte ram and also a 256 gigabyte inner memory okay more on that particular later i just want to chat regarding the layout right here very swiftly so as you can see we do have a rather boxy design over below nothing way too much to complain concerning that i actually like the layout quite flipping the gadget to the back we do see that we have this matte bag that i really enjoy also since it does not record as well much of your fingerprints on the back panel although we do can see a bit here and there however it’s not that bad aside from that although this is a plastic sort of back cover and also you observe that when i press it against it it does bend or must i say provide means a little however it’s some type of soft plastic however again i’m

not way too much whining concerning that because we have actually also seen this type of products in the note 20 collection so yeah there we go all right so in terms of layout i like i claimed i actually similar to this layout since it is a spick-and-span minimalistic style although it does look a little bit common with this leading part below with the cam array all right back to the front allow’s speak about that small selfie video camera the front so we do have a 32 megapixel selfie video camera there as well as i should claim that the cam top quality from the selfie is in fact very good so if you notice in my videos i constantly have this small little uh home window on top left section and also most of my video clips are actually fired using this camera itself so it tape-records at 1080p and also 60fps so it’s really smooth i really like the front video camera top quality of the s20 fe if that’s one thing that i want to concentrate on it’s mosting likely to be that so pretty cool stuff below um undoubtedly we additionally have the main electronic cameras let me simply jump right into that straight in terms of the cameras at the back right here we do

have a 12 megapixel primary sensor another 12 megapixel ultra wide and also an 8 megapixel adapt sensor so quite basic things here you don’t get an unnecessary mini sensing unit since you do not require to do those close-up shots if you want you can still make use of the main sensor to get those close-up shots alright so in regards to images i took a couple of pictures below naturally and also i’ll be sharing them throughout with you men so you can judge on your own and what you consider it directly i locate that the images coming out from this gadget is again a little bit saturated naturally they do look very punchy too and some of you may in fact choose that since they’ll be sharing it on social media yet general picture high quality is to be expected to be excellent on a samsung device similar to this the ultrawide shots are likewise extremely very outstanding i really like the picture quality coming up from this and also of training course like i said i’ll be sharing them with you men so you can see take a more detailed look and also understand what to anticipate from this samsung s20 fe all right to ensure that’s it for the cam division all right so next i intend to delve into the screen all right so at the front here we do have a very wonderful amoled screen panel as well as this is obviously running at 120 hertz so anticipate everything to be extremely smooth simply fluid and seamless just like you would certainly anticipate on any kind of various other 120hz display screen one thing i do wish to call out though is that i do have my oneplus 8t with me

as well as this is additionally 120hz very amoled display screen however i didn’t discover that uh it was a bit smoother computer animations were a bit smoother on my oneplus 8t compared to the samsung s20 fe so i’m not exactly sure about that both are 120 yet it simply really feels a lot smoother on my oneplus like i feel it blazing quickly on the oneplus however on the samsung it feels smooth yet just not as fast perhaps it is the one ui on samsung i do not recognize but simply remember that it’s not as blazing quickly as the oneplus 8t all ideal putting back my oneplus 8t away we’re below to focus on the s20 fe next i intend to talk really promptly regarding the processor in here so we do obtain a snapdragon 865 a very first for malaysia due to the fact that we really did not get it in the s20 series as well as besides that we additionally have like i said 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of interior memory so great deals of memory there as well as quite good ram too playing games on this device naturally is a wind you will certainly not encounter any concerns with gaming below certainly your day-to-day jobs like your social media sites as well as perhaps simply searching the net and also whatnot it’s likewise mosting likely to be very smooth whatever just releases promptly like

exactly how you would expect it to launch on a premium flagship tool like this all right i assume lastly allow’s discuss that battery in this device right below so we do have a quite big battery yet i has to claim that it will definitely have the ability to last eventually one solitary day on a full cost however possibly that’s simply my usage if you are a light customer you could be able to get one and a half day yet what i wish to complain about right here possibly it’s a bit on the battery charger so we obtain this tiny battery charger in together with the s20 fe i suggest these days we do have rapid cost and also all kinds of fast charging that is just method quicker than what i’m hopping on the s20 fe so i was simply really hoping that maybe in the following one the following device we can get a quicker or perhaps a just a much faster battery charger in package so we can charge up rather promptly in verdict men um after utilizing this for one week my plan my experience with the samsung galaxy s20 fe has been truly positive i just i really like this device everything seems great simply one point you need to secure take note of which is probably the

uh the visibility of this oneplus 8t before that every little thing was just fine now that the oneplus is being introduced i’m really believing which device to really use as the everyday but yeah total the samsung s20 fe is an extremely good device great general device and you can certainly think about getting this over any kind of other front runner device today due to the fact that of the performance as well as you know just the experience you’re obtaining out of this good men i assume that’s basically it for this uh fast evaluation as well as quick perceptions on the s20 fe if you have any type of questions do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment area listed below obviously if you intend to see more samples i head over to my instagram at lim examines to see more example shots from this gadget it actually looks excellent good guys stay risk-free and also i’ll see you men in the next one bye

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