Amazfit Neo Hands-On: Full Feature Walkthrough and Everything You Need to Know! $39 Only!

hi guys welcome back to another video with flim reviews in today’s video i’m back in the cars and truck today due to the fact that i just missed out on spending time in my vehicle so uh in today’s video clip i wish to reveal you men a brand-new watch from amazefit it’s called the amazefit neo as well as this simply got released a number of days ago actually uh as well as i just obtained my hands on this many thanks a lot to dasher so my buddy from dasher they in fact sent me this tool to take a look at i’m not sure if they’ll be selling it on their lazada store or their shoppie shop however yeah these guys from dasher they’re truly trendy as well as they’ve constantly been like lending me stuff to examine so today we have this amazfit neo and undoubtedly i’m incredibly thrilled because i haven’t had a brand-new impress feed gadget or wise watch to evaluate out in a really lengthy time and also yeah fine so this is a budget smart watch it is only around 39 us dollars you can find it online of program pricing will differ based on the location you’re from however right here in malaysia it’s not released yet however if you simply intend to transform the rate it has to do with 140 ringgit or like i said regarding 39 us dollars so really budget friendly smartwatch but what smartwatch is this really as well as that is it for allow’s discover in the video clip okay so as you can see here i’ve currently unboxed the incredible neo and also this can be

found in an extremely basic little product packaging like you can see below as well as what was available in package was pretty standard in fact if you slide on the tool itself you obtain the wise watch in addition to the wire for billing so the charging cord is really comparable to the ones that you jump on the incredible gtr or the gts so if you recognize with that wise watch the battery charger is actually the very same apart from that we additionally get a typical guidebooks in package so absolutely nothing way too much to show you off in the box right here however this is practically what you obtain it from the box itself there’s a pair of details that i want to show you people right here so this is generally talks regarding the key functions of the amazefit neo so once more this is a 39 budget plan smartwatch but it comes with a number of interesting attributes for example it features an always on display it features 50 meters of water resistance so you can bring it for your swims you can just take it for a wash or anything that will be fine aside from that it likewise has an extremely long battery life so amazefit is declaring this to have regarding like 4 weeks of battery life so concerning a month and i think that’s rather awesome apart from that it likewise tracks your heart activities and also naturally it tracks your rest as well okay so instead of

talking too much regarding the box itself let’s simply delve into the watch and also allow me show you people the watch itself so right here this is the amazfit neo guys if you check out this i’m not certain if it gives you any type of type of retro feelings if you recognize with the casio g-shock sees this looks really very comparable to the casio g-shock watch as you can see for this video i’ve in fact placed on my preferred g-shock that i utilized to put on prior to i’ve actually attempted any incredible devices so back after that a number of years ago i was the sort of person who constantly wears these sort of g-shock watches however these days i simply put on a puzzle fit so one of my watches look really very similar to this individual right here and i’m simply mosting likely to show it to you people truly fast so if you consider this watch right below once more i’m uncertain if you recognize with g-shock watches but the style looks rather comparable the astonish video clip contrasted to my g-shock what’s this version again so this is the dw5600 from g-shock but yeah this looks very similar and also really similar uh besides that i also have my amaze-fit gtr right here with me today since if you check out both

watches side by side you’ll discover that they actually look sort of similar they shared an extremely couple of same design hints right below so uh once more really trendy looking this appears like my other g-shock watch whereas this appears like the dw5600 that i simply showed you individuals okay so taking a glance at the watch itself to begin with i must claim that this watch is you do not anticipate it to come with the very best top quality every little thing there’s a whole lot of plastics below going on around the full structure of the watch itself uh on the sides we have everything is simply plastic people it’s simply plastic so honestly talking the plastics doesn’t look affordable or anything like that actually i assume it looks respectable men it looks extremely comparable to my g-shock watch i’m not extremely sure concerning how long lasting this watch really is however if you check out the bands right here we have these really wonderful silicone bands and also the great news is they’re quite awkward and also i have no problems with these bands at all one more thing to point out is that the bands are rather thin so you obtain a

very slim strap right here so you will not really feel like a whole lot of bulk on your wrist specifically if you’re type of skinny like myself so it does feel respectable on my wrist and also no issues there so general develop quality and option of products i have nothing to grumble about this once more this is a 39 smartwatch so i’m not expecting way too much yet overall i would certainly state that this looks pretty great all right so flipping the watch to the back right here you get your common kind of sensors you have your heart price sensor in addition to your basic sensors yeah as well as of program you do get a tiny audio speaker at the back as well so the trendy aspect of this is that this watch would actually beep you can just listen to the sound right there this is just how it defeats so whenever you get a notification it will actually beep so you can listen to the sound uh of program if you desire to turn it off you favor a more quiet type of technique you can constantly turn off the beep on the watch itself to make sure that it does not ring or whatever aside from that point to note is that this amazfit neo doesn’t featured a vibration electric motor so i will not get any type of resonances on your wrist i think this is a little a pulled down truthfully speaking since if you have like a little bit of a vibration motor in right here similar to we carried the mi band 5 which

really set you back cheaper than this man i assume it would certainly be much far better because then you can feel the vibrations on your wrist whenever you obtain a notice okay going on allow’s talk about that display screen right below so obviously if you take a look at this screen this is not a touch screen display so absolutely nothing as well much to be surprised concerning there i’m not even certain how you can touch this display however yeah this is not a touchscreen show it is an always on display so it’s much like your standard watch it will constantly show you the moment as you can see below really clearly absolutely very noticeable under the solid sunshine so that’s what i like apart from that note that there is no sort of watch stages that you can change right here this is the only watch face that you can certainly checking out the way this watch is developed i wouldn’t anticipate it to be able to change the watch face also yet yes so you understand there’s no watch encounters uh on the sides here we have 4 various switches uh the leading one is select the base is back and we have your backwards and forwards

selections just like just how it’s labeled clearly on the watch itself all right so now you could ask me exactly how is this a clever watch considering that there is so limited functions okay so what fantastic is discussing right here generally is that this watch permits you to track your heart rate throughout the entire day so this is one extra feature if you just wear your g-shock washing machine you’ll not be able to obtain any type of clever functions but in regards to the heart rate keeping an eye on i’ve turned it on throughout the whole evening 1 day and also so much it’s been doing a respectable job fortunately here is that if you do not place on the watch it will certainly not find any type of incorrect kind of heart price readings so that’s absolutely great in my publications so in addition to that if you simply click this up as well as down switch right here you’ll have the ability to change through the different kinds of functions that’s on the watch so you additionally have your pi uh pi sort of a rating here so the pi rating is primarily exactly how incredible grades your health and wellness or your way of life throughout the whole day it’ll give you a rating between no to 100 as well as basically the higher your score obviously

the much better it is for your wellness for your wellness as well as living so you can locate even more details regarding this in the amazefit app relocating down here we do get an alarm system so of training course you can still set an alarm system on one’s guard itself uh moving down once again we can see that we do have this stop-watch right here so really easy to operate simply press the button on the top to get the begin watch running and also to quit it or reset it very simple individuals okay so relocating down let me also reveal you individuals what else we have we do have our do not interrupt mode here so once more this is very easy to operate uh if you intend to shut off notifications during the night so they just obtain a quiet kind of a watch with no sound at all you can always switch on the do not disrupt mode moving down as soon as more we do get our climate so it just reveals you the weather a temperature the most affordable temperature level as well as the greatest temperature again you can’t see excessive details on one’s guard it just reveals you

some extremely basic things here on the watch itself okay so relocating down we are also able to see just how much calories you have actually melted throughout the entire day once more this is simply extremely quick details so like for right here i can see that i’ve shed 54 calories today i’m uncertain how much that is but yeah whatever it says ideal relocating down further it also shows you the range you have covered in regards to your strolls throughout the whole day in addition to your activities so right below i have it saying that i have actually walked for about 1.7 kilometers today so i hunch that’s pretty much uh alright i guess for a sunday early morning such as this uh moving down even more it has my action counter this is the component that i like the most it reveals that i have 2 540 actions right here which is good um most definitely i would certainly claim this is rather valuable due to the fact that you can have all this information at a glimpse and finally you have your battery percentage all right so at the end of the day individuals this watch it just reveals you a great deal of brief info of your actions your heart price and also all that yet if you intend to see even more information you most definitely need to utilize the amazefit application

for that as well as this is where the incredible app can be found in so this watch the incredible neo doesn’t included a general practitioners constructed in so if you desire to track your strolls your runs or your cycles you’ll need to use the app itself on the smartwatch you need to utilize the application on your mobile phone to get this running so it’s not as well challenging once again it is not the most easy to use however i guess uh if you’re right into this kind of point you can really take into consideration simply downloading the application and also looking into what’s in the app itself alright so last yet not least notification so just how does notifications work with the watch itself well i would certainly claim that it is a trial and error sort of problem so for telephone call coming in fortunately is that you will have the customer id revealing up at the leading so you’ll know whether this is the the individual you intend to talk to you can not in fact see even more details there if you have notices from your whatsapp from your messages or whatnot it will only reveal a plus one in there as well as it will certainly beep so it will only tell you that there is a brand-new alert however you will not understand what notification that is so if you see from this screen right below this screen uh you’ll just see like tools revealing on the and also one for the applications itself however it won’t inform you what app is from so at the

end of the day you still have to use your mobile phone to examine out that notification on your own okay so who is this expect well i would claim possibly you’re trying to get your initial smart watch or you could wish to take into consideration obtaining this since it simply includes on a number of features to a currently quite impressive watch right here uh maybe your youngest sibling or somebody simply desires a bit of information they can constantly take into consideration purchasing this watch however if you’re searching for the complete sort of details something that shows your your general practitioners your maps as well as whatever uh it likewise shows your full heart price and everything then you may desire to think about something like the amazfit gtr which looks respectable side by side with the fantastic neo all best people um that’s virtually it for this video once more if you have any kind of questions concerning the surprise video do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark section below i’ll attempt to respond to all your questions if i can but yeah in the meantime this is me signing off i’ll see you people in the following one guys bye

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