Review Motorola Moto G8 Power A worthy G7 successor?

so if you happen to have seen any of my best budget smartphone runners from the past year or so you’ve probably noticed that I’ve got a bit of a stiffy for the Motorola MOTO G 7 power Motorola’s bar gayness blur wasn’t just a classic because of its insanely good battery life and all that was awesome it was on all round gem offering a smooth and satisfying everyday experience for about a fifth of the cost of the cheapest iPhone well it’s bono time all over again because motorola has just revamped the Moto G 7 power fresh for 2020 and this bad boy here is the result the Moto G 8 power or just the Moto G power if you live in the States because I think they missed a generation or something you’ve got a fresh quad lens for your camera upgraded specs and that same bloody massive five thousand milliamp battery crammed inside but is the Moto G it powered just as essential for bog and smartphone hunters as the previous gen well I’ve been using the Moto G it powers my full time personal handset for the past week or so say here’s my in-depth review and flown the latest quits taking the best budget Bulls around please do poke subscribe and thing that notifications bail Jezz so as far as the locks go the Moto G of power doesn’t really do much to stand out you get similar plastic finish to many budget laws with shiny surfaces that do love a bit of grease and grime other two color options are dark enough so that MOC doesn’t really show up too easily the only design feature that really sets the G power apart from other models is that rather subtle linear pattern on the back end there’s definitely nowhere near as I cut chin or attention arousing as the design of the like

some of the real me handsets for instance which are slightly psychedelic but if you prefer swings a bit more smart and subtle and definitely job done unlike most modern Mobile’s the Moto G at power is a proper monster with a six point four inch display so that nifty one hand the more definitely comes in very handy indeed as does the ability to swipe down the notifications by using the fingerprint sensor about five thousand milliamp battery and all the other stuff crammed in here the Moto G apart if he has a proper heft to it as well as just a shade under 200 grams definite get Sweeney buggers like me a proper workout every time you pick it up the IP 52 water opponent finish means that you can still message your besties in the piss and rain but if you want to keep your board G of power in pristine condition you may want to keep on the bundled condom cover that glossy surface and scratches up a storm if you don’t flip the Moto G at power around and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous six point four inch IPS display which is great for media lovers on a budget those punchy full HD visuals are colorful and pleasing the crisp while the top brightness can counter any kind of irritating glare you don’t self become intruding on the action

somewhat perhaps just a dinky weed Pinole job’ nudged away in the corner so it’s barely noticeable even when you’re watching something in a bit of full-screen mode and even better you got a proper stereo speaker set up here on the Moto G at power something that’s pretty bloody rare at this sort of price points the clarity remains pretty strong even on that top of volume which will definitely do the job and cut through any kind of background noise even in a very noisy household and it’s off offers a little bit of directional support when you gamin although I wouldn’t rely on it too heavily there’s definitely anuraag phone – I did have one slightly troublesome moment with the Moto G powered speakers a couple of days back door where the bottom ones from the sound like was submerged in water and the top one stopped working entirely I honestly thought the entire phone was buggins but thankfully just a quick reboot sorted it out and touch a lot of was it hasn’t resurfaced you’ve got a tasty bit of Dolby audio tuned in via the mortal audio app and on-the-spot audio set and this will tweak the sound to best see whatever you’re up to at the time find those blasters all connected headphones or what if you’re listening through and yeah if you don’t wanna use the phone’s speakers then good news Motorola has not ditched the headphone jack just yet you’ve also got

Bluetooth 5 support here on more Legere power if you want to connect some wireless headphones listening to music on the golf on the connection could be a tiny bit patchy at times if you’ve gone through a busy area like a train station an airport something like that it can be a little bit breaking up in places but overall not too bad and it’s also worth bearing in mind that if you want to use contactless payments by the likes of Google Pier you’ll have to look elsewhere because there’s no NFC support here on the model G at power despite the fact that considerably cheaper handsets do manage to cram it in their bum fudge as always though Motorola can be depended upon to serve up a deliciously clean stock version of Android and yeah it’s a fresh bit of Android 10 action so you get all those great bits like the dark mode gesture navigation and enhanced privacy controls all stuffed inside as per standard you also get the model experiences app onboard the Moto G at power as well this just adds a whole bunch of baller stuff like the aforementioned one-handed mods and the book of these editions are genuinely useful for instance I love for the G a power over to activate do not disturb in silence any calls all doing that karate chop thing to activate that complete with the obligatory Bruce Lee impressions performance is

perfectly respectable – as this mortal foreign rocks the seems Snapdragon 665 platform as most of its similarly priced rivals backed by four gigs of ram of course you will spy the occasional stutter and stammer here on the more toward gia power and sometimes is pretty glaring the obvious as well one time we’re shooting photos in the camera I wanted to switch to video more but it took about four or five seconds to transition by which point of course inevitably your cat kid whatever a stop doing whatever cute thing you wanted to record it in the first place but you can happily blast through a game like pokey mobile with a respectable and a frame rate as long as you keep those detail levels pretty low the screen response rate is typically a bit iffy pretty standard for a cheaper smartphone like this but that didn’t stop me from cap and a few more fours in my online sessions and frankly if even I can make it to the final ten in pub G with this thing then anyone can plus you also have the fresh new mortal game time app which allows you to quickly block notifications and incoming calls so your savage bloodletting isn’t crudely interrupted by the boss or your mum or something battery life is unfortunately a wee bit of a letdown here on the more legit power not because it’s bad by any means but it’s just not quite as good as the g7 power you still get that beefy 5 thousand milliamp capacity cells stuffed inside but you’ll just about script two days of play between charges if you don’t lean on it too much I found over the past week that with a fair bit of media streamer and bit of camera action stuff like that I generally was left

with around 40 to 45 percent of battery life from in and at the end of a day so not quite enough to script through two full days kind of similar results what I got with other budget blower’s like the Opera ear 92020 you’ve also got 15 watt Turbo Power a charging support onboard sword not the nip your arm but again pretty respectable for a budget blower so let’s finish up this moto G power review with a quick squint at that quad lens rear camera certainly on paper at least a massive upgrade over the previous generation you don’t actually get the same camera setup as the g8 plus here rather it is a 16 megapixel primary shooter sat snugly alongside an ultra wide-angle and telephoto alternative plus there’s a 2 megapixel macro lens thrown in for good measure a very generous setup indeed while these multi lens configurations are actually fairly common on smartphones while the sort of 200-pound price point these days very few of those budget blows toward a telephoto lens into the it’s now here on the jet power you don’t get any of that clever pixel been in tech unlike the jeered plus so high-contrast scenes do prove a bit more of a problem and those low light conditions serve up

less detail with more noise creeping into your shots and suddenly the jet power is lacking a dedicated night Lord something that was found on the g8 plus that basically means you’re stuck using the flash if things get a bit to ambient but still if the light is on your side you’ll get fine enough results here occasion the colors can look a bit drab but more often than not those hues are naturally reproduced especially when the background isn’t particularly bright while Motorola Zi tool can straighten up any one key looking picks the two times optical zoom from that telephoto lens gives you a closer view of the action although using this on a moving subject does occasionally deliver a blurry photo and that ultra wide-angle effort works as expected with only slightly warmer color reproduction overall you do get a fairly decent selection of borås mods here on the model g8 power even if that night mode has done a runner the macro mode for instance works well enough although as usual you’ll have to get the distance just right otherwise your results will be a bit of a blurry and I still love the cheesy spot color mode – which can produce arty-farty stuff like this and overall the results of about 16 megapixel front-facing selfie camera about the same as what you get from the real lenses high contrast is again a bit of a bugger but otherwise you’ll fare well and you can have the same great

range of portrait effects in there – including this one here which I’ve decided to go oh my god I’ve somehow crossed over into the abyss and it feels just like being a Coldplay concert as for video well with the rear cam you can capture footage at up to 4k resolution with very respectable audio pick up daily levels are good but colors do appear rather warm which is pretty standard and image stabilization is next to non-existent and that Ultra HD setting do you’ll want to keep pretty still overall I gotta say I still prefer the camera tech on the GE R Plus over the g8 power it’s been Afiya every day of snaps despite the added flexibility that the power throws in and that’s my full review of the Motorola MOTO G power after a weaker view still a solid or run handset but there is strong rival releases from the likes of the real b5 pro the opera 92020 and Jamie’s red Meehan sets here on tech spec I do try to review as many of list budget affordable smartphones as possible seeing check those out here on the channel I also try and run at my but budget smartphones are on the sort of 200 300 400 pound price point and also the best phone and your camera tech and things like that score check those out if you want some ideas of some alternatives to the Model G at power be great to your thoughts down below if you’ve actually got the jet power now give us your own mini review be great to hear from you and please do poke subscribe ding that notifications as well and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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