REALME Watch vs Haylou LS01 – Budget Smartwatch Wars! Which Should You Buy?

hello people invite back to another video with Lima examines so today I have right here two smartwatches that I hear a great deal of you guys asking me to compare so on my life I have the extremely famous halo L at absolutely no one as well as this is a spending plan SmartWatch that sets you back about twenty United States bucks so simply for your record costs will certainly vary based on the area’s you’re at so this is the rate I obtained mine for 20 United States bucks as well as on my right we have the following challenger the actual me enjoy currently the genuine me see is extra pricey than the halo LS 0 1 it has to do with 50 United States bucks here so normally it is greater than double the price of the halo LS 0 1 but we’re going to see here what an added $30 gets you and also whether you ought to simply save the 30 bucks as well as obtain the halo LS your one or ought to you get the genuine me see alright so to begin with allow’s simply speak about the design and the develop top quality right here we can see that the halo LS 0 1 here is actually well constructed I have actually already stated this in my full evaluation and it has a pretty good style really Apple view like look however what’s crucial right here is the screen is resting right in the center we do have a bit of a chin at the bottom component is not that apparent since it individuals are like it’s positioned extra in the center and compared to the actual me see and I have on the right so in regards to the space you view I would say

that the build top quality right here is at least a little better I believe it’s truly subject to what you’re looking for due to the fact that if we check out the sides right here the halo made use of like an aluminum type of appearance below but it’s probably less plastics whereas on the really see we actually have this more shiny looking surface area that makes it look slightly more premium contrasted to the halo Alessio one so as soon as again this looks as subjective in terms of comfort on putting on both devices I would certainly state that they’re both just as comfy however I sort of like the real me watch in the such that it features these slightly thinner bands as well as it really feels extremely lightweight on my wrist so in terms of miraculous convenience I would claim that I must offer it to the actual me expect that alright so following allow’s talk regarding the performance of both watches initially up I desire to say that they both can do like 24/7 kind of heart price tracking they also track your rest and also they provide breathing exercises and naturally both of these smartwatches does includes songs controls so can manage the songs that is using your smartphone so one point you need to note below is that the sleep monitoring is much more accurate on the genuine me watch in such that it has the ability to track your naps in between the days

whereas on the halo LS 0 1 you can only track yawn 9 rests so if you’re a person who likes to take naps during the afternoon or something and you wish to track those you will be much better off making use of the actual me enjoy okay to ensure that’s about as high as just how much they cooperate typical currently let’s go right into the distinctions so allow me simply power up at the display screen on both tools and also you can see here side by side allow’s choose the halo first so on a halo we have this extremely simple standard UI you swipe to the left and there you obtain a couple of applications below the layouts are all right not the best looking they look pretty alright they’re really colorful and also extremely noticeable so this is what you get with the halo LS 0 1 so swiping in the direction of the left you get some controls right here some fast shortcuts and swiping down you obtain your notices a whole lot of notifications below as well as if you swipe to the base this is where you obtain your widgets so a number of widgets here that gives you some basic info again this is how it resembles on the halo LS your one you might prefer this or you may like the one on the really watch so allow’s undergo that now so if I swipe to the right here I get the very same point a number of shortcuts here the icons looks a little bit better a bit rounder much more sleek than the Halos layout if you swipe towards the right this is where we obtain our widgets as well as you can see that it has a better style

here if you ask me whatever looks a lot more polished on the genuine me enjoy so moving down we go right into the app listing as well as below we can see a great deal of apps below so when again all these layouts yeah this looks much more modern-day contrasted to the design that I’m seeing on the halo LS 0 1 naturally this is really down to your individual preference but I type of like the one on an actual new clean much better so one thing to keep in mind right here is that the display screen quality actually looks more vibrant and brighter on the halo LS 0 1 so for one reason or another I’m not consuming that the brightness levels is greater on the halo LS 0 1 as well as you can you could be able to see it to the video clip below and also let me simply go into the application menu right here you just discover that it’s just so much brighter on the halo LS 0 1 so this is not to state that the real me wash is really dim it works well outside outdoors as well you can still see it it’s still noticeable also under the intense sunlight however if we were to contrast which the brighter display I would certainly need to state that mosts likely to the halo LS 0 1 alright so in regards to the differences like I pointed out initially up allow’s speak concerning the Notice Facility so the Notice Center on a halo lsz-1 is really excellent we can see right here that we have all the

info here all the sort of alerts that are can be found in they constantly being in the halo LS observe on this evening they sit in your smartphone you can also take advantage of the notice and also see even more information on a halo LS 0 1 and also I believe that’s rather great that’s great for a person who intends to see their notices on the watch itself there is 5 lines of message here which you can see really clearly so the alerts on the rim watch is a little bit set here so you can only see one notice as well as this listen to me it’s only one notice that you can see on the rim you see so it’s rather sad as well as when you click read it simply vanishes like you would certainly expect it to and there it goes so just one notification on the romaso alerts below absolutely a win for the halo LS 0 1 so let me just talk about a few more stuff that the halo does better and after that we’ll go on to the genuine neat watch so another point that the halo does better is that it is supported on both iphone and also Android so you can utilize it with your iPhone along with your Android smart device whereas on the rim you view you can just use it on an Android device all right so it’s only notices and also the compatibility with iphone and also Android that the halo permits one wins below so now we’re going to chat about the benefits of the genuine me watch so to begin with we have a weather widget below and also that’s really missing on a halo gadget so you can’t see your weather condition on the halo SmartWatch yet you can see it on the actual me view besides that if you discover this now when I was scrolling with the food selections you’ll see we have this spo2 reading here and that’s most definitely very

beneficial due to the fact that you can obtain that on the genuine me watch just going on to the sporting activities setting as well as both are really extremely similar if you ask me we can go into the sporting activity settings below as well as you’ll notice that both actually is composed of really similar kinds of tasks such as running biking and also climbing hiking all those sort of things yet there are a couple much more sporting activity modes with the actual brand-new clean so if you have extra tasks that you intend to track the actual me enjoy is to wish to go to yet bear in mind when again both smartwatches do not have GPS so you’ll need to rely upon your clever for one to track your distance in addition to that both watches are likewise just ip68 rated so you can’t take these to your swimming as well as track your swims with it but or else yeah this is what you obtain so another thing that the Remi laundry does much better as well as I think this is a rather special one I haven’t actually seen this on other smartwatches which is the truth that it has a video camera shot card over right here so let’s claim you intend to take a selfie and also you don’t do not wan na use your phone you can place a phone down elsewhere and simply click this camera switch and your phone will take a picture so a rather amazing attribute apart from that in regards to watch stages yeah we do have more wash stages on the genuine me but the

important things is in regards to the number of watch stages you can store in the wash itself the halo is able to store a 5 watch phases as you can see here we have 5 best here in regards to the watch faces on the genuine me view we can actually star six various watch faces occasionally pretty cool the excellent point here is that there are even more watch faces in the Remi web link app so you can you recognize download those as well as actually sync it to the watch alright so in addition to that let me simply speak about the app that keeps up both this smart watches we have the genuine me link app in addition to the halo fit application as well as as soon as you download these 2 apps you can in fact see it right now that the actual me connect app is simply more polish so naturally actual me is a bigger firm is a way bigger business contrasted to halo as well as they have the ability to invest even more cash to produce their app and also you can just see by the quantity of initiative that they have actually invested into making this application excellent to utilize so this is among my favorite applications actually the Remi link application it features a great deal of details extremely clear

information very simplified layout your steps your rest your heart price your workout logs this is not to state that the halo feed application doesn’t have it the halo feed app likewise have this information it’s respectable it has a pair of info below yet the important things is it’s simply not that brightened like it is hard to obtain some info for instance you can’t also locate your speed in some cases in the app itself so there is a little bit tough for me to utilize I would certainly claim in terms of box apps yet like I stated you can just download and install the applications yourself and also inspect it out and see what you believe alright individuals I assume that is primarily the major differences between the halo and really implies SmartWatch essentially if you intend to concentrate on simply notifications you recognize as well as if you are making use of an iPhone you will certainly have to go with the halo LS 0 1 because it’s hands-down the far better tool in regards to that however if you want extra features like your weather condition widget your spo2 analyses it’s not also extra places a lot of camera shortcuts and even more watch faders and also a much better application interface this is where you can actually think about the genuine me clean alright I assume that’s basically it for this video clip is somewhat longer than what I anticipated but if you people have any more inquiries do not hesitate to leave them down in the remark section listed below as well as I’ll attempt to respond to every one of them alright people thanks for viewing this video clip do not forget to strike that like and subscribe button if you desire to and also I’ll see you people in the next one bye

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