Review Huawei P30 Pro One Year Still good?

now if for whatever fun and crazy reason you decided to shove a gun in my mouth and force me to come up with my absolute favorite premium flagship smartphone of 2019 I’d honestly struggle to give you an answer partly because I have a gun in my mouth obviously and partly because it’s a tough choice I really loved the likes of the years whose end fold six which was definitely a surprising highlight of last year and of course then you’ve got likes the oneplus 70 handsets to consider as well but there is absolutely no doubt that WoW is p30 Pro would definitely at the very least sneak into the top three with its current blend of premium hardware and satisfying software of course the while we mate 30 Pro was another slick bit of kit that came later and one that’s now finally available here in Blighty courtesy of Carphone Warehouse but the lack of Google services is definitely a pretty tough sell as it really limits your app access and your Android updates if you’re not willing to make that compromise and the huawei p30 pro is a solid a bet even a full year on it still feels like a fresh new handset and of course you’ve got all that googly goodness stuffed away in there I returned full time to the p30 program recently and yeah I am most definitely still smitten so here’s my one-year long term review of the wall with p30 pro but all you need to know if you’re considering a purchase right now and from other layers great tech please do plug subscribe and think that notifications Bell cheers now you’ve got to give it to LA where they really bloody know how to make a good luck and phone well the pro might not do anything

significantly different from the norm the way that that crystal white service just burst with color when it catches the light is simply stunning just as long as you’ve buffed it up a bit to get rid of all your greasy hands smudges and I’m pretty impressed by how durable the p30 pause turned out to be as well even a full 12 months on that back end is still looking nice and pristine no scratches or scuffs or anything to speak of and virtually there are a couple of gouges here on the display end so I would definitely recommend slapping a screen protector on if you’re gonna grab on unfortunately one does not come pre-installed factor in the ip68 water and dust resistance though and this war we handset definitely gets a solid 4 out of 5 on the stiff vomitus scale and while the p30 pro is an exactly refreshingly compact like the standard p 30 it is still a perfectly comfortable grip thanks to the curvaceous design and that well balanced weight to unlock the phone you’ve got the usual in-display fingerprint sensor and face recognition combo and both options still work perfectly they’re just as response inaccurate as newer alternatives no worries now a couple of months back my p30 pro sample was updated to the list under a 10 OS complete with a

nice bit of whoa is a motion UI 10 smushed on top and this brings in some very welcome updates including of course that sexy talk more and more customization than ever before I definitely still a big fan of the software design from that clean presentation to the excellent bonus features but some of the great immune features found on the mid 30 pro like the choice of always-on display layout or sadly still missing in action here on the p30 pro so i’ve already covered at the emotion UI 10 launch and a completely separate dedicated video so won’t bang on about it again here just repeating myself but for a closer look at some of the best features and some of the features that are missing from the p30 Pro voted definitely go check that out another highlight and the p30 pro is that spacious 6 point 4 7 inch display a year ago this seemed rather big but now it’s just bang average as far as the dimensions go solar all that tech means rich vivid colors leaked from every pixel while the brightness and temperature range matches any environmental conditions of course if you decided to go further the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S 20 family or the new one Plus 70 phones then you would get upgrades over the wall with p30 protospace such as a quad HD

resolution for even crisper visuals and a bump up in the screen refresh rate as well for a more smoother UI experience and all those features aren’t that would be nice to have I thankfully didn’t really miss them too much here on the p30 Pro it’s something really when you jump straight from one phone to another that you really notice that difference and why was handset is still a delight for just kicking back with some itch to your film action on Netflix or enjoying a spot of the youtubes I’ve owned absolutely no issues whatsoever connecting a wide variety of Bluetooth earbuds to the one with p30 pro over the pro season yeah either that wireless connection is nice and strong and stable although it is definitely a bollock not having a proper dedicated headphone jack on this thing sometimes it’s just nice to have that wired option and now that even samsung said box to that as well as becoming increasingly rare to find certainly on the more premium handsets you can have to go to the budget blower territory to find yourself a phone with a headphone jack it’s also a mono speaker setup here on the p30 pro as well as acoustic display tech has replaced the earpiece entirely which is done this still works absolutely fine as well whenever I take a call which is in

increasingly rare these days of course the Sun is actually transmitted via vibrations in the screen and even when I’m taking calls outside the end of quaint noisy environment I’m generally hear quite nicely the clarity is pretty surprisingly good now you’re probably wondering as well about the performance here on the p30 Pro as it is powered by what was aged and current 980 chipset and that platforms well over a year all now is that launched at the same time as the mid 20 handsets back in 2018 but the good news is as far as grunt work goes the p30 brought absolutely smashes it still I still never see a stutter or an unseemly pause as I’m getting on with my stuff and of course gaming is no sweat at all if you boost those pub G details hence the maximum levels you’ll still get a smooth session no matter how long you spend running about the place busting caps in complete strangers even games that aren’t helped along by a better GPU turbo actions still play absolutely fine nice crisp frame rates that’s another feature that hasn’t degraded over the past 12 months is the battery life the p30 pro packs a huge 4200 milliamp cell and that Lee’s least see you through to the deaths end of a crazy hectic day as an example recently I took a big old

road trip used it as a sat-nav for over three hours I used it to stream media to keep my kid happy as did for a Skype session to keep my parents happy at the end of all of that it still had juice in the tank it really is impressive stuff and when the p30 brought us finally bite the dust that funny what supercharged tech means you’ll be filled up again in no time at all and of course you’ve got support for wireless charging and reverse wireless charging just in case you’ve got some Qi compatible accessories stuff in your bag whatever – and despite its age the p30 Pro still boasts one of the better smartphone cameras around even now in 2020 that 40 megapixel super spectrum lens can capture some great-looking shots in pretty much any situation with bugger-all effort on your part those photos are packed with detail and you can choose to have rich vibrant colors or more natural hues if you like by toggling that AI mode on or off you also get a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens for a very different viewpoint when needed plus that funky 8 megapixel telephoto lens which still impresses with its 5 times optical zoom sometimes only just being that with the 10 times optical zoom on its s20 ultra model which costs roughly the same as a semi-detached house and you know what the iPhone 11 pro which came six months later and costs half a grand more still isn’t as good as the p30

brought for the telephoto lens the night Lord’s not quite as good frankly this is thing you want if you want top quality optics at a price that weren’t absolutely crippled your savings now of course I’ve done a full while we’re P 30 brought camera reviews go check that out for all you need to know so that right there is what I reckon of the well where P 30 Pro a full 12 months on after it first give me a region tech bona the fact that you can grub it for just 600 quid outside of sales these days makes the p30 put a pretty easy recommendation against quite a lot of other more expensive flagship smartphones so have you been using the P 30 process your full time personal handset be great to get your own personal review down in the comments below and I also did a long-term review recently of the one where P 30 which of course is a bit more compact now quite a smart in terms of the specs everything but it’s also more affordable as well as difficult chat that out what we need to know on that bad boy and from all the latest greatest tech leads do plug subscribe and think that notifications Bell Cheers

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