Lenovo Legion 5 vs Dell G15 – It’s SO Close!

Which gaming laptop is better, Lenovo’s Myriad 5 or Dell’s G15? It’s a closer battle than you may believe! I’ll reveal you all the differences to help you determine which is finest. Both of my examination laptop computers have similar specs, AMD’s 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H cpu, Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics, 16 jobs of memory, 512 gig SSD, as well as a 15.6″ 1080p screen with high refresh rate. Both have respectable build quality considering the plastic style. I have actually got the grey G15 yet there’s also an eco-friendly version, while my dark blue Myriad 5 is also offered with a white finish. Dell’s G15 is a little larger, it’s thicker and deeper, however the Myriad is a little larger. The Dell additionally weighs a lot more, both with and without the power brick. The power blocks of both laptop computers are rather huge, but Lenovo’s has greater wattage. Now both of my laptops have 15.6″ 1080p displays, however the Legion 5’s is 165Hz while my Dell G15’s is 120Hz, however both laptop computers are available with 120Hz or 165Hz options and the 165Hz panel is far better than the 120Hz choice. it wasn’t feasible for me to obtain the Dell G15 with that greater 165Hz display in my nation, so

this is going to impact my screen test outcomes. Both laptops likewise have a MUX button, so you’ve got the alternative of running it with optimus enabled for finest battery life, or with optimus handicapped for far better gaming efficiency. Both additionally have FreeSync when optimus is enabled, but with optimus disabled only the Myriad 5 has G-Sync. The Lenovo Legion 5’s display, shown by the red bars, has a much greater color gamut contrasted to the Dell G15 in the purple bars, however this would certainly be various if you’re able to get that 165Hz panel on the Dell, as Dell asserts 100% sRGB protection there. The screen brightness of the Legion 5 was slightly higher when both were maxed out at 100%, but otherwise the Dell G15 was higher at reduced degrees, once more based on the purple bar. Regrettably a large downside to the 120Hz display in the Dell G15 is that it has an extremely sluggish 22ms average grey-to-grey response time. While playing video games I was able to see a lot of blur, yet again this must be much lower in the 165Hz panel, which the Dell specification sheet prices at 13ms worst case, or 3ms ideal case. Slower screen reaction time adds to the overall

system latency, which is the quantity of time between a mouse click as well as gun shot fire on the screen in CS: GO. The Legion was certainly quicker, but there are also much faster options if esports are your thing. Both had really minor backlight hemorrhage, I never ever noticed it during typical use on either laptop computer, but results will certainly range laptop computer and panels. Both laptops have a 720p cam over the screen between. Neither have IR for Windows Hello There encounter unlock, yet the Legion has a button on the right to literally detach the cam. This is what the cam and microphone appearance and seem like on the Dell G15, and afterwards this is exactly how points look as well as seem over on the Lenovo Myriad 5. I believe the key-board is way much better on the Legion. Both have backlit secrets, orange for the Dell as well as 4 zone RGB on the Myriad, however the Myriad also has a white only option while the Dell likewise has a 4 area RGB option. Keying in simply feels much better on the Myriad in my opinion, the keys are extra clicky. The Myriad likewise does not have super tiny arrow secrets like the Dell, they have their own space. Both have precision touchpads, as well as I believed the larger one on the Legion was likewise much better, it just really felt smoother and clicked a bit nicer. Both have their speakers on the left as well as right towards the front. I assumed both sounded decent, yet I’ll provide a minor side to the Dell as it had a little extra bass and also appeared a little much less level. The latencymon results on the Dell were looking far better than the Myriad as well. On the left they both have an air exhaust air vent and a 3.5 mm audio combination jack. The Myriad on top has a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, while the Dell has a 2.5 gigabit ethernet port. They both have an air exhaust on the right as well, and both have USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports on this side, one for the

Legion as well as 2 for the Dell, as well as the Myriad also has its cam disconnect button below. It’s worth noting the less costly Dell G15 with RTX 3050 or 3050 Ti uses slower USB 2.0 here. The remainder gets on the back stuffed in between 2 air tires on the left as well as appropriate sides. They both have the power input on the right, HDMI 2.1 result, and also all USB Type-A ports are 3.2 Gen1, one for the Dell as well as 3 right here for the Legion. Both have USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C ports on the back, and also the Myriad has its ethernet below, however it’s slower gigabit compared to the 2.5 gigabit the Dell has. The Myriad additionally has these icons over the back ports which make it a little easier to see where you’re plugging cables right into without turning the laptop computer around, something the Dell is missing out on. Basically they’re both pretty equivalent when it comes to the I/O. The primary distinctions are that the Myriad 5 has one extra USB Type-A port and one additional USB Type-C port, but the Myriad additionally has slower gigabit ethernet while the Dell G15 has quicker 2.5 gigabit ethernet. Truthfully I assume a lot of people will profit extra from the added USB ports on the Myriad, unless certainly you get on a network where the G15 can put its 2.5 gigabit ethernet to use. The Myriad 5 additionally uses USB Type-C billing on its back port as well as this is something that the G15 does not use at all, and also all Type-C ports on both laptops provide DisplayPort 1.4 assistance. The legion has an extrusion on the front in the center that makes opening up the cover less complicated, yet that stated I really did not really have any type of problems opening up the Dell. Both had some flex for the lids and also key-boards, however the Dell G15 seemed to be extra solid when pushing down hard. This related to the covers also, the Dell had a little much less flex, as well as I likewise noticed that while

typing the display on the Legion moved a bit a lot more, but it was extremely subtle and also not an issue. Below we can see that both have air consumption vents in the direction of the back, however if we look at where the light really beams through it would appear that Dell’s G15 actually has more room for air ventilation compared to the Legion 5 as it has a dirt filter. Right here’s how both look within. The Myriad 5 has some added steel treatments, with those eliminated we can see that both laptop computers are rather similar. They’ve got their batteries down the front, two memory sticks in dual network, 2 M. 2 storage slots and upgradeable Wi-Fi 6 cards. The heat pipes on the Dell are on the opposite of the motherboard, so it’s going to be a little bit extra entailed if you intend to replace the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. The Wi-Fi in the Dell G15 was much faster than the Legion 5, but this could differ by area based on what cards they’re using, plus you could always transform the Wi-Fi card and also upgrade it on your own which sets you back less than $20. Currently all screening in this video clip has been done with both laptop computers using their supply memory that they shipped with in order to maintain this a reasonable contrast, yet it should likewise be feasible to increase the performance on both laptop computers with x8 sticks, so I’ll examine this out later. The battery in my

Dell G15 is 7.5% bigger in terms of watt hour capability compared to the Myriad, at 86 vs 80Wh specifically. Both laptops are likewise offered with lower batteries though, you can get the Myriad with a 60Wh battery and G15 with a 56Wh battery, so anticipate different results with those. The Dell G15 was lasting about 30% longer in the YouTube playback examination, or almost 3 hrs a lot more, however the Legion 5 was lasting a bit longer when running a video game, however directly I ‘d much favor run time beyond gaming that the Dell deals, however that claimed also the lower Myriad leads a lot of other laptop computers. The software program experience on the Legion 5 is way much better contrasted to the Dell G15, it’s not also shut. Dell utilizes their Alienware Command Facility below, it takes 30-60 seconds, often extra after launch before you can open up it as well as utilize it, and also it’s not also that beneficial, all you can truly carry out in terms of making changes is adjust fans a bit, which to be fair is a function the Legion does not have, but that has to do with it. Lenovo’s Vantage software application opens much faster as well as has a lot of more alternatives. You can transform between 3 different efficiency modes via here, or additionally utilize the feature plus Q shortcut, and when you do this the power switch modifications color to reveal you which mode you’re presently in. The Dell just has the G mode F9 shortcut which allows high efficiency mode as well as maxes out the fan, so I think 2 various performance modes, either G mode on or off. Lenovo’s Vantage software lets us allow or disable hybrid setting also known as optimus, something that you can

just do with the BIOS on the Dell. The Legion also lets you look for updates with here, on the Dell you have to open up separate software program for this. The Legion likewise lets us customize battery as well as power setups here, while the Dell once again needs yet different software instead than it being systematized. Allow’s contrast thermals following. We’re just going to check out both laptop computers running in their highest performance modes for best outcomes. If you intend to see just how well both laptops execute in lower efficiency settings after that describe the complete evaluation videos connected below. Heaven bars represent the CPU while the environment-friendly bars represent the GPU temperature. The Dell G15 was considerably warmer on the internals when just resting there still, though in method this isn’t actually an issue, and also as you’ll listen to quickly the Myriad’s fans were louder. I’ve likewise examined both in their highest possible available efficiency modes in a mixed CPU plus GPU tension test to represent a worst situation, and also while playing an actual video game. The Dell was thermal strangling on both the CPU and also GPU in the

cardiovascular test, and also I think the Legion was thermal strangling on the CPU as well as it never ever went above 95 degrees Celsius, it’s just that the Dell has a higher throttle limitation. Regardless of the test, the Dell was warmer inside. These are the clock rates for the same tests just revealed. The Myriad 5 was striking greater rates in all circumstances, regardless of having lower thermal throttle restrictions as well as running cooler. The CPU particularly was 400MHz or so greater on all 8 cores, while the GPUs were much closer. This might be due to the fact that both GPUs were resting at regarding the same power limit in these examinations, although that the G15 was reaching GPU thermal throttling in the cardiovascular test. The Legion had the ability to use even more power on the cpu in the stress test regardless of having the reduced thermal throttle limitation. Interestingly the TDP reported by software program was reduced on the Legion for the CPU while running this particular game, in spite of the clock rate being significantly higher. In Cinebench R23, a CPU only workload with the GPU now idle, the Lenovo Legion 5 was carrying out better despite both technically having the very same Ryzen 7 5800H processor. The multicore rating from the Myriad was greater than 10% greater, though the solitary core distinction is way smaller, but provided neither would be restricted below this is much more to silicon lottery. Points transform when operating on battery power. The Legion 5 was still slightly ahead in the solitary core test, however the Dell G15 was barely shedding any type of performance in the multicore test, where relatively the Legion 5 is now practically 3000 points behind, so not only does the G15 last much longer on battery, it executes better on battery as well. The Legion was cooler to the touch

when both were sitting there still, however that’s not to say the Dell was cozy, low 30 levels Celsius is typical in this examination, the Myriad was simply below par. Both were peaking in the low 40s when under heavy stress and anxiety examination in their highest possible efficiency settings, as well as neither felt warm or uncomfortable to make use of, allow’s have a pay attention to the fan sound. Both were peaceful when idling, however the followers on the Myriad 5 were still audible while the Dell was quiet, well apart from some subtle coil gripe, yet this could discuss why the Myriad was cooler inside at still. The Myriad was a little louder when both were under hefty lots in their highest performance accounts, but not by a lot. Currently allow’s learn how well both laptops execute in a few different games. As pointed out earlier, both laptops did ship to me with the slower x16 memory, so I have actually likewise tested both with a faster x8 upgrade to see what the distinctions are. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked in little China with the street youngster life course on all laptop computers. I’ve obtained the Lenovo Legion 5 highlighted in red, as well as the Dell G15 highlighted in environment-friendly here, with 2 results for each laptop, one with the supply RAM that the laptop featured and afterwards with my upgrade to x8 memory. In this situation the memory upgrade boosted ordinary FPS on the Legion 5 by around 2, with a bigger adjustment kept in mind in the 1% lows, while the Dell saw smaller distinctions, though keep in mind as we saw in the thermal tests previously, the G15 was generally running at higher temperatures, so at the very least that does not seem to be holding it

back much. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested with the video games standard, as well as this moment the memory upgrade was making even more of a difference. The Dell G15 was getting to a 12.6% greater average framework price with the memory change, while the Myriad 5 was reaching 11.2% higher ordinary FPS in the same examination, so practical improvements are feasible on both by making this change to the memory. Control on the various other hand is relatively GPU heavy, also at 1080p, so at max setups we’re not truly seeing a difference with the memory adjustment, both laptop computers were executing within margin of mistake. The Legion 5 was slightly in advance in average FPS, yet it’s like a 1 FPS distinction, so absolutely nothing you ‘d really see and sort of within margin of mistake anyhow, but it might be that additional 5 watts of GPU power readily available to the 3060. So in general, the distinctions weren’t that large with the memory upgrade with these two laptops, but as I have actually displayed in the past there can be a larger distinction in video games at lower setup levels. It truly appears to depend upon the specific game and also how it uses CPU and also GPU. There were generally no sensible differences in 3DMark, practically the Dell G15 was a little in advance, however they’re certainly within margin of mistake as well as essentially equal. Currently let’s check out some content developer workloads. Adobe Premiere was examined with the Puget Systems standard, and also both laptop computers are highlighted in red. There’s no genuine difference below, practically the Myriad 5 was 20 factors ahead, however this is simply a 3% difference as well as reasonably within margin of mistake. The difference was even smaller in Adobe Photoshop, again the Myriad 5 was still technically in advance, however this is definitely within margin of

error so allow’s just call them equivalent. The distinctions in DaVinci Willpower were also little, again the Legion 5 had a mild side, possibly due to the somewhat greater GPU power limit as this is a GPU hefty examination, but once again outcomes are within margin of mistake. SPECViewperf examines out different specialist 3D workloads, and also the distinctions were rather tiny one way or the various other in a lot of the examinations, so again essentially equal performance. Both of my laptop computers featured 512gb NVMe M. 2 SSDs. The creates on both were rather comparable, but the continues reading the Legion 5 were a reasonable bit greater than the Dell G15, but results might vary based on region if they use different drives. Linux assistance was examined with an Ubuntu 21 online CD. The Touchpad, key-board, speakers, cam and ethernet worked with both, yet out of the box the Wi-Fi on the Myriad really did not function, which I presume is even if it utilizes Realtek and requires an update. Despite this, I think Linux will certainly go better on the Legion due to the fact that you can still change performance settings with the function + Q shortcut, as this is baked right into firmware. You can’t use the G trick to toggle high performance mode on the Dell without software application support. Alright allow’s review rates as well as schedule next. This will certainly modification over time as both business often run sales, so costs will transform gradually, you can refer to the links down in the description listed below for updates. At the time of recording, the Dell G15 is $1480 USD for the very same specs I have actually tested below, however with the greater tier 165Hz screen that has better color range, brightness as well as response time. The Myriad 5 on the various other hand is under $1600 USD when set up to the exact same specifications that I’ve evaluated below, well this set has a 1TB

SSD as they don’t appear to provide less now, yet again the final rate of both will certainly differ depending upon the modifications you make with the web links listed below. All points considered I think it’s kind of tough to go as well incorrect with either of these pc gaming laptops. Eventually it’s going to depend on what your concerns are as each laptop has both positives and downsides. Absolutely nothing’s best as well as there’s constantly mosting likely to be tradeoffs, so it’s going to boil down to what you can live with. After considering up all the compromises, I think I’m directly leaning in the direction of Lenovo’s Legion 5, so let’s wrap-up as well as review why. I would certainly state the develop top quality of both laptops is comparable, with a small side in favor of the Dell G15, however the Dell is also a little larger as well as larger, once again always those tradeoffs. I assume the keyboard and touchpad were better with the Myriad, however the speakers were a little far better on the Dell. For a lot of individuals the ports on the Legion will be much better as it’s obtained an extra USB Type-An and Type-C, yet the Dell has much faster 2.5 gigabit ethernet if your network is able to take advantage of that. The Myriad has Type-C fee while the Dell does not, and the Myriad additionally has the electronic camera separate button for personal privacy. The Wi-Fi is quicker on the Dell, but that resembles a $20 or much less upgrade if you truly desired to improve the Myriad’s wireless performance. The battery lasts much longer on the Dell as well as is the finest result I have actually ever recorded so much, however the Myriad is still well above standard for a video gaming laptop. The Dell likewise has the side in terms of efficiency while running on battery power. The Dell usually runs hotter though, at the very least on the internals. The

externals of both weren’t regrettable on either, as well as although the fans from either laptop computer weren’t rather as loud as a great deal of various other video gaming laptop computers I’ve evaluated, the Myriad still was louder. The Alienware Command Center software on the Dell is next to ineffective, it does at the very least use us some follower control, something the Legion is missing, yet or else the software program experience on the Legion was far much better, it’s not even close, and the Legion has far better control over its performance profiles which can be changed with a key-board faster way that’s baked right into firmware – it does not also require software to transform. The Myriad normally does far better in video games as well as developer work, likely because of the somewhat higher power restrictions that it can preserve while likewise running cooler, yet in many tests they’re quite close. Both laptop computers have a MUX button which offers them an efficiency increase in games when optimus is impaired, however I located it a bit aggravating that you have to first boot right into the BIOS on the Dell G15 in order to make that modification. You can do it on the Legion with software application, and although you do have to reboot for the adjustment to really use, I still found that less complicated than having to go right into the biographies. The legion also has G-Sync readily available when running on the Nvidia graphics which the Dell does not have, though both have FreeSync when keeping up optimus made it possible for. The display on my Myriad is also way far better contrasted to the Dell, yet it’s likewise hard to fairly compare because it’s the better 165Hz display while my Dell happened to have the 120Hz display. The Dell is also available with a much better 165Hz display that has much

better illumination, better color range, as well as quicker action time, so if we were to actually contrast both laptop computers with a 165Hz screen I assume the outcomes would be much better. I ‘d suggest steering clear of from the 120Hz screens if budget plan licenses. Yeah, all points considered I believe it can be rather close one way or the various other. Once again it simply depends upon what you want. The Dell is typically cheaper, but once again it will rely on sales – refer to those links down listed below for updates. Personally, I would certainly choose the Legion 5 due to the fact that it’s cooler, the software program is better, you get G-Sync with optimus off and also there are simply great little things from the port icons on the back to the camera disconnect button. Since’s not to state that if you favor the Dell you’re wrong or anything.
As pointed out there’s various points for various individuals, and also both laptop computers are fairly similar. They both have positives and also downsides, I simply wish it would certainly be possible to type of

mash them together and also obtain the finest of both or something. Look, at the end of the day if you’re after the very best gaming performance for the dollar then at the minute the Dell G15 is better. It’s presently cheaper than the Legion 5 and as we saw in video games it was only a little behind it – it was really close. Yet let me understand which laptop computer you would certainly pick down in the remarks listed below. If you require any more info on either of these 2 video gaming laptop computers then examine out the full evaluation video clips over below, as I go into a lot more depth in those. Make certain you’re signed up for the network for future laptop contrasts like this one, and come and join me in Discord as well as get behind the scenes videos by supporting the network on Patreon.

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