6600 XT vs 3060 Ti & 3060 – 17 Game Test 1080p & 1440p

The new RX 6600 XT graphics card is here, and also AMD are stating that it’s faster than Nvidia’s faster RTX 3060 – one small problem though, it’s also implied to cost greater than the 3060 also, so I have actually likewise compared both with the RTX 3060 Ti to find out simply where the 6600 XT suits in 17 various video games at both 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions. Allow’s begin with the differences in specs. AMD’s brand-new 6600 XT has 8 gigs of VRAM, similar to the RTX 3060 Ti, nonetheless the memory is slower. The lower rate RTX 3060 has more VRAM at 12 jobs, which is much more than the Ti because, Nvidia factors. AMD states they’re targeting the 6600 XT in the direction of 1080p pc gaming, so I think 8 gigs there is fine. This is the system that I’m using to evaluate all three GPUs in, so AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU as well as 32 jobs of DDR4-3200 CL14 memory in twin network. I’ve utilized MSI’s B550 Tomahawk motherboard as well as resizable BAR was allowed on all cards. Let’s dive right right into those pc gaming standards, we’ll take a look at points like rates and accessibility, power draw and web content

maker workloads afterwards. Allow’s begin out with Cyberpunk 2077. I have actually obtained the 1080p outcomes under half of the graph, as well as 1440p results above. The environment-friendly bars reveal the Nvidia RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti, while the red bars reveal the Radeon RX 6600 XT. At 1080p the 6600 XT was getting to 12% greater average FPS contrasted to the 3060, however after that at 1440p the void shuts with the 6600 XT only using a 4% lead. Meanwhile the extra expensive 3060 Ti was 16% in advance of the 6600 XT at 1080p, and 26% ahead at 1440p. Currently this game sustains DLSS, and also the Nvidia cards are able to get considerable performance increases with this allowed. This feature isn’t existing for Radeon graphics, and also right currently the game additionally doesn’t have assistance for AMD’s FSR, so the 6600 XT obtains left in the dirt therefore. Of program 80 FPS at high settings at 1080p is more than usable, yet the truth is with DLSS the cheaper 3060 is now 27% faster, whereas it lagged before enabling this simple setting. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a video game that I have actually found to generally favor Radeon graphics, which assists clarify why it’s 14% in advance of the greater tier RTX 3060 Ti at 1080p. Points flip around at

1440p however, the 3060 Ti is back ahead, nonetheless it’s just by a pair of FPS – at least for the typical FPS, the 1% lows, or dips in performance on the 6600 XT were currently less than also the 3060. In Red Dead Redemption 2 the 6600 XT was very close to the 3060 Ti at 1080p, much less than a number of FPS behind, and it was 21% faster than the 3060 as well, a great outcome for it. It’s also fairly capable at 1440p as well, near to 80 FPS, though it’s just 8% in advance of the 3060 now. This game likewise lately included DLSS support, however with top quality setting collection I really did not discover as large of a gain contrasted to Cyberpunk. At 1440p the RTX 3060 was currently ever before so a little ahead of the 6600 XT, but the 6600 XT still had the side at 1080p with simply a 5 FPS lead, very little but hey like my pal Vin Diesel constantly claims, winning’s winning. Control is one more video game that sustains both DLSS and ray tracing, let’s start with default supply results. The 6600 XT was simply a couple of structures ahead of the 3060 at 1080p, a minimum of in regards to ordinary FPS, the 3060 was a couple of FPS ahead in the 1% lows, yet in any case not truly a functional difference in my viewpoint. At 1440p though the 3060 has the ability to take a slightly bigger lead. If we make it possible for DLSS, well, both of the Nvidia cards are able to obtain fairly a huge increase, it’s well understood that

this is one of the far better DLSS executions out there. Even the 1% lows from the RTX 3060 lead the typical FPS the RX 6600 XT has the ability to provide, despite the resolution. I’ve also evaluated ray mapping, as well as this was a win for Nvidia too, provided this is an Nvidia sponsored video game that launched prior to AMD had ray tracing assistance, to make sure that might be why. Nvidia could also gain a further lead here by transforming on DLSS, I really did not do that as I just wished to get a suggestion of differences simply in ray tracing only, as this is an attribute all GPUs below support. Borderlands 3 is another video game where Radeon graphics generally do quite well. Indeed, the 6600 XT was in advance at 1080p, also beating the much more expensive RTX 3060 Ti both in regards to average FPS as well as 1% low. At 1440p the 3060 Ti is able to pull back ahead, at least in average FPS, yet it is just one of the smallest leads that it has the ability to maintain at this resolution out of all 17 video games that I’ve evaluated. Even the 1% reduced from the 6600 XT was ahead of the 3060’s ordinary FPS, despite resolution. Call of Obligation Warzone additionally appears to favor the 6600 XT, which was rather near the 3060 Ti at both resolutions. The 3060 Ti simply had a 5% lead over the 6600 XT at 1440p as well as a 4% lead at 1080p, so

impressive stuff for the 6600 XT, which was around 20% ahead of the 3060. This is another video game that applies DLSS though, and once enabled the 3060 is able to overtake the 6600 XT. It’s still really close at 1080p, though the distinction is a little bit larger at 1440p. This game additionally has ray mapping support, however I really did not assume taking the hit to typical FPS in a game like this that take advantage of high structure rates was worth testing. Fortnite on the other hand is a video game that has a tendency to prefer Nvidia, and indeed the 6600 XT was getting beaten by the 3060 at both resolutions in this one. I mean it’s not as if over 100 FPS at max setups 1080p is at all unplayable or anything, but generally for affordable titles like this the even more frameworks the better, and also this is yet another popular video game that executes DLSS. Allowing this function offers a significant boost to both of the Nvidia cards, even the 1% lows from the 3060 are well in advance of the typical FPS that the 6600 XT can attain. I believe it’s pretty secure to say that if you’re playing a great deal of Fork Blade after that Nvidia is probably the way to go. View Canines Legion was regarding the very same on the 6600 XT as well as 3060 at 1440p, much less than a pair FPS lead by Radeon, nonetheless the 6600 XT has a bigger 9% lead at the reduced 1080p resolution, while the 3060 Ti was 20% ahead of the 6600 XT. You may be tired of hearing me claim this, however this is one more video game with DLSS support, so it’s possible to easily increase efficiency on both Nvidia cards such that the 3060

takes the lead in advance of the 6600 XT. The video game additionally has ray tracing, yet hi there I can only test so many configurations. Microsoft Trip Simulator likewise seemed to go much better with Nvidia. The 3060 and 6600 XT were very close at 1080p, though the 3060 had a subtle edge in ordinary FPS, but not by much. At 1440p though this becomes a clear win for the 3060, while the 3060 Ti has the ability to offer us a 1% low in advance of the averages that the various other 2 cards can create. Rainbow Six Siege was comparable when it come to the 6600 XT and 3060 being close together at 1080p, and also this was additionally the situation at the higher 1440p resolution also. On the other hand the higher rate RTX 3060 Ti had the ability to supply relatively significant gains over the various other two, coming in 24% ahead of the 6600 XT at 1080p, and 34% in advance of the 6600 XT at 1440p. Ideally you like competing video games, because we’ve got 2! F1 2021 was examined with ray tracing readied to medium, since this is just the default of the highest ultra high setup preset. I suppose we’re mosting likely to begin seeing ray tracing effects make their means right into defaults as time goes on, so I didn’t disable it. Anyhow the 6600 XT

remained in between the 2 Nvidia options at either resolution, though at 1440p the 3060 Ti has more of a lead. I’ve additionally evaluated Dirt 5, as well as while this has ray tracing alternatives too they’re not enabled by default so I chose not to utilize them. Again the 6600 XT remained in between the 3060 as well as 3060 Ti, though edging closer in the direction of the 3060 Ti. The 6600 XT had a well above ordinary 21% boost to ordinary FPS over the 3060 at 1080p, and a 19% gain at 1440p, though the Ti was after that 13% ahead of the XT. I’ll simply quickly skip via the remaining couple of games prior to reaching the fun stuff, just stop the video clip if you desire a closer appearance. These results are even more of the very same of the trends we’re currently seen, however it is very important to evaluate as lots of games as feasible to obtain a much better rounded average. Generally out of these 17 games examined at 1080p the Radeon RX 6600 XT was practically 14% faster compared to the Nvidia RTX 3060. The 3060 was just ahead in Fortnite as well as Flight Sim, which are at the bottom of the chart, while titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as well as Borderlands 3 had huge gains on the Radeon card. Stepping up to the higher 1440p resolution though and the 6600 XT was now simply 7% in advance. It shows up that the 3060 appears to be able to better stretch its legs below, so to talk, yet in the majority of games the 6600 XT was still defeating the 3060. Now right here’s exactly how far in advance the higher tier 3060 Ti was contrasted to the 6600 XT, so once more around a 14% lead at 1080p, near what we saw when comparing the 3060 with 6600 XT, so almost like AMD remains in the middle at this resolution. Again outcomes of course depend upon

the certain video game, only two titles on the 6600 XT were ahead of the 3060 Ti at the end of the chart. At 1440p the 3060 Ti was in advance in all 17 video games now, with a 22% renovation to ordinary FPS. As we saw with the 3060, it seems that the 3060 Ti just does much better at this higher resolution when contrasted to the 6600 XT. If we rather compare minority video games where DLSS was offered, well at 1080p the 6600 XT now winds up being around 15% slower compared to the 3060 with DLSS made it possible for on high quality mode. Only Red Dead Redemption 2 was still performing much better with the 6600 XT, and afterwards at 1440p the void obtains even larger in support of the 3060. With DLSS enabled for Nvidia, the 6600 XT is currently nearly 25% slower in these 6 video games. Now I haven’t evaluated AMD’s FSR, as well as I intend you could argue that that’s unfair due to the fact that I consisted of a great deal of DLSS results, but the straightforward fact is none of the 20 plus games that I regularly test presently have FSR support, so it seemed also less fair for me to head out of my means and explicitly select video games that do have FSR support that may have reduced gamer bases simply for the objectives of having some. Currently while I have definitely no question in all that FSR will certainly be a popular function in the future, it’s simply not presently carried out in the popular video games that I personally examination. It is still presenting though, so the

video game assistance checklist will certainly boost with time, but also for now I don’t believe there’s any kind of refuting that Nvidia’s DLSS has just been around for longer as well as is extra extensive in games today. I should also note that when I did examine the Nvidia cards with DLSS I made use of top quality mode where feasible. It depends upon the video game, yet many of them do have other DLSS presets that will certainly either give reduced or greater FPS contrasted to what I’ve revealed below. Currently allow’s discuss cost distinctions – or at least try. Pricing and accessibility will obviously adjustment in time, so refer to those web links down in the description below for updates. Regrettably I am making this video clip prior to the stoppage of the 6600 XT finishes, so the only rates details I have is that it’s $380 USD for the MSRP. However let’s face it, MSRP has been a pretty useless statistics for the in 2015 or so because of schedule problems, however hi there I’ll more than happy to see if I’m wrong! The RTX 3060 is implied to have a $330 MSRP, however yes simply examining Newegg now it’s at least double this in the real life for choices that are really in stock, so MSRP doesn’t truly suggest anything. Also, the 3060 Ti is meant to be $400, simply $20 even more than the 6600 XT, but once more in stock alternatives are even more than

double this. Presuming MSRPs were really accurate, I believe it’s worth paying that little extra to get the 3060 Ti over the 6600 XT, as the 3060 Ti normally was ahead also without the advantages of DLSS, and afterwards in those games that do have DLSS support it sort of puts it on an additional degree, but once more this probably will transform with time as FSR support begins to present. Currently let’s additionally check out some content creator work as well as the power draw. I’ve checked DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Equipments standard, and also both of the Nvidia options were performing considerably much better than the Radeon 6600 XT. This wasn’t also shocking for me, as in the past I’ve typically discovered AMD’s graphics to be behind in these examinations. There’s a bit less of a difference in Adobe Premiere, particularly between the 2 Nvidia alternatives, however once again the 6600 XT was behind also the reduced and theoretically cheaper RTX 3060. I’ve only checked power pull in Control at 4K, as well as at greater resolutions the video game was carrying out much better on Nvidia in regards to average FPS, however at the exact same time the system with the 6600 XT mounted was also using less power from the wall surface. All things considered, I truly just believe the 6600 XT is worth considering over something like

the 3060 if it only costs a little even more money and also if your focus is mostly on 1080p video gaming, as both of the Nvidia options appear to have great gains at 1440p. For maker workloads, well Nvidia likewise appeared to have the win and after that in video games that have DLSS support then, yeah, it’s an Nvidia win once again. So with every one of that in mind allow me know which of these graphics cards you would certainly pick down in the remarks listed below, and also if you’re new to the network then obtain subscribed for future graphics card contrasts such as this one. Come as well as join me in Disharmony as well as support the scenes video clips by sustaining the network on Patreon, and also come and inspect out some of my various other contrast video clips over below following – I’ll see you in among those.

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