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hello there you rubbish in person you this is Kristen to expert and I’m here with Motorola’s new one hyper the latest in a relentless succession of new mortirolo on smartphones that would be hit in the UK it’s just about to come out over here in Blighty for Justin’s are 300 pounds and despite that relatively wallet-friendly asking price it’s bought some really impressive tech including a pop-up selfie camera a four thousand milliamp battery support and 45 watt hyper children and a 64 megapixel rear camera so as usual what we’re gonna do is we’ll get the Motorola one hyper pulled out of its lovely purple box I’ll take you on a full tour of the hardware and the software so you know everything you need to know ahead of my full in-depth review where we’ll go a bit more detail into the performance the battery life everything else and form the latest degree at sec please do poke subscribe anything that notifications bail yes so the actual phone itself let’s just dunk that aside before now see you exactly what else you get in the box or the usual pamphlets literature etc a nice bit of three-pin plug action and of course a bit type-c at USB in order to charge up the more to rule the one hyper as well and you also of course get a nice bit of a wired headphone action as well if it looks like pretty basic stuff although they do at least have a nice rubbery silicone tip so that’s something siliceous it

should be fairly comfortable to wear but I’m expecting they’ll be alright to sort of bung in your bag as a backup emergency pair and that’s probably about it now to stop the video I mentioned that the Motorola Tuan hyper supports 45 watt hyper-charged and capabilities unfortunately you don’t actually get a hyper charger bundled in the box as you can see here it’s actually a turbo power adapter which runs at 27 watts instead of 45 watts and indeed rather sneakily here on the box so you see it says plus 45 watt charging capable with the little asterisks and if you bother to hunt that down on the side of the box you’ll see their motor all the 45 watt chargers sold separately not available in all regions will actually have to hunt down your own hyper charger adapter if you want to take advantage of that feature but anyway enough of that brouhaha let’s turn our attention to the actual smartphone itself the Motorola Wan hyper in all of its glory just peel off that little bit of protective sticker action as you can see there does actually come pre wrapped in a prophylactic kiss just to help to keep it nice and pristine so you can choose to keep that on if you like or if you’re a bit more manly than me then you can prise it off and just go naked as as God

intended and immediately I’m really really like that deep sea blue finish it’s the only color variant available here in the UK it’s not much of a variant really but hopefully there’ll be different hues also available later on gotta say this is one of the more sexy more – all the smart phones that I’ve cast in my hands in recent times right up there along with the Motorola 1 zoom very funky almost gradient style pattern as well when you sort of like tilt it to the light you’ll see it so shines in different hues nice bit of Motorola Brandon right there as well as you can see you’ve got a rear-mounted physical fingerprint sensor which is that indented so you can easily fumble for it when needed and of course that camera grill as well as you said just a dual lens snapper but hopefully should do the trick slightly sticky out slightly Justin from the surface there and of course you’ve got this rather unique sort of strip band design as well I’m course you’ve got the the pop-up selfie camera just there which will test out in a bit and the Motorola one hope it isn’t fortunately constructed from plastic so I’m not entirely sure how durable it will be you might want to keep that transparent cover slapped on there just to keep it in good Nick but it does have a water repellent coating at least and I’ll slightly be testing out the ruggedness so let’s see hopefully we’ve got some gas in the tank yep there we go already starting up so I’ll get the Motorola one hyper all set up right now and then

we’ll take a proper full-on tour of the hardware in the rest of it if we yank out the old SIM tray you’ll see there that it can actually tick two SIM cards at once simultaneously otherwise you can also stop a micro SD memory card in there at ixr micro SD memory cards up to one terabyte in size those are supported and you’ve got hundred twenty eight gigs of storage on there as well right so the motorola wan hyper is all set up and one of the first things you’ll notice about it and absolutely adores the fact that is actually running the latest version of android androids 10 still hanging around waiting for updates or anything as you can see there you’ve already got the dark mode enabled and everything so it’s great to see that it actually comes out of the box and as this is a Motorola blower there has been minimal tampering with that stock version of Android as well so it’s basically pretty much premium Android features on there you do get the mortal experiences as they turn them as well which you can access via the mortal app here and that just adds a variety of extra bonus features on top which here mostly actually pretty damn good most of these bonus bits are found in to action section it’s basically a bunch of gesture support some prison split for do not disturb baguettes tonight time stick the phone

facedown on your nightstand you don’t have to worry about scheduling they do not disturb or anything like that great stuff fast torch of course you’ve got a nice bit of karate chop action cha-cha and boom there you go absolutely blind an owl dumbass you got quick and easy screenshot takers to find out the swipe to shrink is busy a 100 mode very very handy indeed all you need to do is swipe towards a one corner of the model on hope and as you can see there it unfortunately pulls down the notifications bar quite often but it does also miniaturize the screen which is very handy when you’ve got mighty 6.5 inch beast like the motor or the one hyper so yes you can use all your apps and everything in this mode as well which is great and then when you’re done you should just be able to tap this blackboard a bit but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything hopefully swipe in nope that doesn’t do anything okay just turn the phone off and on again and that seems to get rid of it that’s probably a little bug that needs to be ironed out methinks and then yeah the rest of the launcher is basically just pretty much stock Android so nice and simple and straightforward and of course you’ve got the the gesture controls as well so that’s brilliant so you can go back with a little swipe from the side like so pull up your recent apps just by

dragging up and holding so yeah really nice and intuitive now let’s move from the software onto the hardware and of course what are the major advantages here of the Motorola one – compared with the rest of the Motorola one lineup and lots of other smartphones around this price point is the fact that you’ve got a notch list display it’s a complete full view display as I believe they term it 6.5 inches so it should be great for all of your media needs it’s an IPS panel and it’s full HD resolution as well so hopefully should prove nice and crisp so yeah certainly just watch it a bit of full HD trailer action here on good old YouTube and that full view finished definitely doing it great justice indeed looks absolutely stunning stuff nice natural colour reproduction and some pretty decent detail as well despite the size of that panel so yeah for enjoying a bit of Netflix or Amazon Prime video or your streaming service of choice this should definitely do a bang-up job for that sub 300-pound price point that’s for the speaker setup well it’s just a single mono speaker down below unfortunate stack the volume up to max but poop chute to share with random stream yes it certainly seems to be reasonably punchy and not to source staticky or anything like that on top volume and with reasonable power as well I’ve got shipments on the air and want to speaker said I’m not stereo speakers set up but the good news is you do at least get a bit of headphone jack action somewhere on this thing there we go so if you don’t want to rely on a bit of Bluetooth you can just connect a pair of wired headphones like the ones you get bundled in the box alright providing the power is a Snapdragon 675 at chipset backed by four gigs of ram and certainly right now even though I’m still in the

process of setting up the the Motorola 1 hyper it’s still busy downloading apps in the background and all sorts it seems to be absolutely fine for the general performance as you see a sort of fairly smooth so hopefully for everyday shenanigans it should be absolutely no worries at all got a bit of pubsey downloaded so I’ll make sure I give that a full on testing ahead of the in-depth review as well as for the battery tech but as I mentioned before it’s a four thousand milliamp cell and there so hopefully should do you all day no problem especially as it’s a nice stock version of Android not heavy clunky overly on top or anything like that you’ve got usual power battery save and loads and everything and does as I said before support up to 45 watt Trojan but you’ll only get 27 watts with the bundled charger now one of the highlights of the Mordor other one hyper is of course that full view 6.5 inch display and the other highlights is the camera tech which seems to be pretty strong certainly as far as the specs of content so as you can see there you get a 64 megapixel primary lens er F 1.9 aperture I believe it is and that’s actually capable of shooting photos at 64 Meg’s as well otherwise you can do a bit at 4 in 1 pixel bin and shoot a 16 mega merge and it should be a little bit brighter especially good for indoor shots low light conditions and so on and that is a bleep act you would hope by an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens as well f 2.2 aperture and I can just shoot 118 degree photos as well as video I believe and then there’s the star of the

show the 32 megapixel selfie camera which is actually a pop-up effort it’s something very very seen at this sort of price point oh that’s good quite an unusual sound to it as well just get in there with the mic so you can hear this Wow very funky usually when a manufacturer reveals a smartphone with a pop-up camera like this they talk about the lifespan of that mechanism how many pop ups you can expect before it might eventually feel I was in anything like that from Motorola but they here on the what were the one hyper it will prove reliable of course only time will really tell unless you can see here the camera app that you get on the Motorola one hyper is basically the standard motor all the camera app so it’s got all of them in toggles and features you would expect got your auto HDR and everything you do have a full pro manual mode as well if you want to dive on in there and have a bit of a fiddle with some of those settings manually boost that I saw right the way up I’m a bit of a play with the white balance which is handy especially if your indoor something like that as you can see there in the pro mode you can shoot RAW photos as well as a good bit JPEG action or you can do both at once I am hoping though that the modern role of one hyper will prove path leaves append of all in that auteur Moore’s you’ve got usual the motor all as usual AI smarts on board as well so the like serve or a smile capture gesture selfie the smart composition which can be see crop into a

shot and make it look a bit less PO and a shot optimization as well which basically suggests switch into some of the other camera modes when required as you can see without tap here you load up on those bonus features so you’ve got the lights the night vision mode which just takes lit shots at various exposure levels and then meshes them together to quit a nicer brighter looking shot got the portrait mode of course which allows you to add a nice bakit style effect and I really like it on the motor all the smartphones even the budget-friendly ones that has a really nice effect it’s fully customizable the level of blur and everything as well you’ve got a variety of effects on which on entirely enough and as you can see here as well this is where you swap to the ultra res more if you want to take a proper 64 megapixel image as well and at any point if you want to shoot a nice sweeping the Vista or capture quite a dramatic looking shot you can swap to the ultra wide-angle lens like sort and then back again I love this stuff no telephoto option of course but that’s fairly much to be expected for the sort of sub 300-pound price point it can also shoot video as well with a quick tap here and I believe you can shoot up to 4k resolution it’s in full HD bystander buzzing see there it goes all the way up to 4k or you shoot Full HD at 60fps as well I’ll be testing the quality of that all out for my in-depth review so stay tuned for that that’s what a selfie camera well once again you can shoot up to full HD resolution video you shoot photos with a nice bit of

portrait mode action involved as well of course just a lenz lapis there’s no depth sensing or anything it’s bit he just uses software to add that bakit effect and yeah the interest in see the level of quality is 32 megapixels pretty good so should be nice sharp detailed pics will pick up every little wrinkle sag bag all the good stuff and fortunate that front-facing camera can’t be used for fierce recognition when you actually unlock in the smartphone you will just have to use that remounted fingerprint sensor instead they’re not the subjects that remount a fingerprint sensor it does actually have an LED ring around the exterior of it as well and up this just acts as a notifications light for if you receive a call a message and actually lights up when you’re charging it as well and that’s all completely customizable within the settings we dive into the settings menu go to sound and lights and it’s just in this light section here as you can see and completely customized all of that for your liking so there you have it in a nutshell that is the Motorola one hyper toughly seems like a snazzy handset that sort of 300 pound price point being it was interesting to see how that selfie camera holds up definitely fingers crossed it won’t fail at any point as I suspect semis and that full view display is very very gorgeous indeed definitely very nice for your media needs and all the rest so definitely please put subscribed in that notifications balance stay tuned for the in-depth Motorola one hyper review and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below cheers everyone

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