Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Game Testing – I Expected Better 🤔

How well does Lenovo’s brand-new Myriad 5 Pro pc gaming laptop computer contrast against others in video games? I have actually checked 13 different titles at two resolutions to discover, as well as spoiler, it’s not doing rather in addition to I expected. These are the specs of my Legion 5 Pro, I’ve got among the greater specced options with Ryzen 7 5800H CPU, 16 gig RTX 3070 graphics, and also a 16″ 165Hz screen, but there are likewise other configurations like the RTX 3060 design which you can locate updated rates for down in the description. It’s making use of a 16:10 screen with a 2560 by 1600 resolution, so I have actually tested video games with this, however I’ve also decreased it to 1920 by 1200 as well, as I believe this still looks quite good, so primarily we’re dealing with the 16:10 versions of 1080p and 1440p, and this just suggests there’s a bit much more upright area compared to a conventional 16:9 display – there’s extra pixels. The Lenovo website does not detail the power restrictions for the GPUs, which is regrettable as they do define it on the Myriad 7. Based upon my own screening though, I discovered my RTX 3070 would certainly run up to 140 watts in a GPU only cardiovascular test, and after that with both the CPU and GPU packed up in a stress and anxiety test it would

certainly run up to 125 watts, so essentially this implies it’s a full powered RTX 3070 mobile chip, and based on this I would additionally expect the lower tier 3060 model to be full power too. The Legion 5 Pro has a MUX button, so you can disable optimus after a reboot by switching off hybrid mode via the Vantage software, as well as this will increase gaming efficiency. G-Sync is only available with optimus disabled, but if you do have optimus enabled you still obtain FreeSync, so you have actually obtained the option of making use of both. Lenovo’s Vantage software program lets you modify performance modes. I’ve done all testing in the greatest efficiency mode for ideal outcomes, as well as unfortunately like the Myriad 7, there’s no follower speed control. Alright so let’s start by looking into just how well this arrangement of Legion 5 Pro performs in 13 various games at 2 resolutions. I’ll likewise compare it with various other laptops later on, after that we’ll check out screen response time after that – or if you obtain burnt out of my charts at any kind of point simply utilize those timestamps below to time travel to a pertinent area. Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the street child life path. I’ve got the 2560 by 1600 native resolution shown by the red bars, as well as the reduced 1920 by 1200 resolution is in the purple bars. Max setups at the lower resolution was still above 60 FPS, though we’re not quite there with max ray mapping at the same time. The native

resolution was a reasonable little bit lower somewhat at a loss bars, but still 50 FPS at high settings. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested with the video games standard. There was just a tiny distinction in between the different resolutions at reduced and also moderate settings, so could as well make use of the greater resolution as it does look more clear. Above 60 FPS at max setups with the higher resolution is a terrific outcome. Call of Duty Warzone was evaluated with either all setups at minimum or maximum, as it does not have predefined setting presets.
100 FPS was possible even at max setups with the native resolution, though we might increase this by 40% just by reducing the resolution, a larger enhancement contrasted to the 22% gain on deal by instead mosting likely to minimum setups. For Control let’s beginning without ray tracing or DLSS, so simply supply default gameplay. Max settings at indigenous resolution was still above 60 FPS, so yeah possibly no real reason to reduced settings or resolution as this video game still plays well without high framework rates. Here’s just how much performance hangs back with ray mapping enabled however without DLSS, so not that excellent currently at native res, but still near 60 FPS with the reduced resolution, but DLSS has the ability to improve this, where once again

max settings native resolution is back to over 60 FPS while obtaining the advantages of ray mapping now. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was tested with the game’s benchmark. Once more close to 60 FPS at max settings with the native resolution right here too, and this is an additional game that you do not need a specifically high structure rate to enjoy, but lower is certainly possible at reduced settings. Microsoft Trip Simulator was examined in the Sydney touchdown challenge. The outcomes here are a little bit odd, there’s essentially no difference in between the resolutions, it looks like an error yet that’s just how it was. I have actually noticed this video game to be pretty inconsistent with resolution screening, so I might unload it in future. Watch Pet dogs Myriad was checked with the games standard, as well as this was an additional where the distinctions at lower settings between the resolutions was little. It’s additionally yet another where you don’t actually need ultra high frame rates to play well, definitely usable at higher settings with full resolution. Combat zone V was checked in project setting, again lower differences at lower setup degrees and also even more of a difference at greater setups. The 1% reduced difference was a lot more minor compared to typical FPS modifications, however regardless above 100 FPS at max at complete

resolution is great. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was tested with the video games benchmark device, and also once again small differences at lower settings. Higher resolutions often tend to depend a lot more on GPU power, however so do higher settings, and also it’s that mix that broadens the space at highest settings. Fortnite was examined with the replay function. This is more of an esports examination, so greater structure prices are anticipated, specifically with the ability of disabling optimus, as optimus usually comes to be a bigger bottleneck at high structure prices. High settings at complete resolution was only simply a little behind the display’s refresh rate, while medium was racking up above this also for the 1% low. CS: GO is another esports title, as well as this in specific is one I’ve located to see large gains with optimus disabled due to the high structure prices that the test can strike. Regardless again high frame rates are quickly achieved right here also. Rainbow 6 Siege also hits high frame rates uncreative, even at the greater native resolution, where max settings was reaching 1% lows above the display’s refresh price, so a flawlessly smooth experience right here as well. The Witcher 3 is an older video game that I still test so that you can compare to my older video clips. Not a problem whatsoever maxed out at complete resolution, while medium setups places the ordinary FPS at full resolution right on the screen’s refresh price. Now allow’s figure out how well this configuration of the Myriad 5 Pro contrasts against various other laptops. I have actually had to particularly run these examinations at 1080p, as that’s just the resolution I have actually obtained data for for

the objectives of contrasting. I’ve evaluated Battlefield 5 in campaign mode at ultra settings, and also the Legion 5 Pro is highlighted in red. The outcomes are great compared to many others, I imply it leads also the desktop computer replacement Alienware 51m with desktop computer 9900K cpu, simply consider that for a minute. That said, it’s a little behind the two machines above it which have the exact same 3070 graphics with the very same power restrictions. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was evaluated with the games benchmark device with the highest setup pre-programmed, as well as the Legion 5 Pro moves down a few positions below loved one to the same laptops. This moment it’s rather a reasonable little bit listed below those other 3070 laptop computers which are hitting 120 FPS as well as above, it’s just 3 FPS in advance of the HP Omen 15 which has a reduced wattage 3070 which one also doesn’t let you disable optimus. Much Cry 5 was likewise evaluated with the video games benchmark device at max setups. The Myriad 5 Pro remains to relocate down contrasted to various other laptops in this one. I had not been expecting to see it carrying out listed below the Prophecy 15, once again for those reasons just stated. Certain the difference between them is tiny, yet still this is currently the most affordable result

I’ve got from any type of 3070 laptop evaluated. Establishing the laptop to 1080p or 1440p in Windows includes black bars over and listed below, however it depends on the game and whether or not it supports the 16:9 facet proportion. If it doesn’t, it will just stretch the game up and down so it loads the entire screen, while others like CS: GO allow you set 16:9 resolutions which keeps the black bars. As for exactly how 1920 by 1200 appearances, honestly, I assume it’s still pretty good, if I go out of my means yeah it looks a little blurrier compared to 2560 by 1600, yet when I’m in the game as well as playing it’s not something I’m proactively observing, yet this might rely on the individual viewing. Compared to others, it’s not doing fairly as well as I expected, though it depends on the video game. I’m just comparing my common 3 titles below. In Battleground V it’s in line with other RTX 3070 laptops, yet then or else the various other laptop computers with 3070 I’ve also examined are ahead. That said, it’s not like this degree of efficiency is negative or anything, I guess I just let the buzz obtain to me. I’ll cover thermals as well as every little thing else regarding this machine in the upcoming in-depth testimonial video, so make certain you’re subscribed for that one, maybe it has a low CPU power limitation or something, I’ll discover there, for now let’s check out screen response time. The vantage software lets you allow or disable panel overdrive which impacts screen action time, mine was off by default. If we turn on overdrive, the average grey-to-grey feedback time for the panel was around 4.5 ms. There’s a web link down in the description if you require an explanation on what all of these

numbers indicate. With overdrive instead disabled, we’re taking a look at a 7.3 ms reaction time currently, however there was now no overshoot or undershoot which existed with it on. The outcome with overdrive allowed accumulate fairly well when contrasted versus various other laptops. It’s using the precise same panel model as the Myriad 7 which is within margin of mistake in spite of looking better in this schedule. I have actually located very same design panels to differ by as much as 3ms, so that’s fine. There’s a great deal more I require to reveal you concerning the Legion 5 Pro, so see to it you’re subscribed for the upcoming full evaluation video in addition to for future contrasts with various other laptop computers like say the HP Prophecy 15. For now, come and join us in Discord and also support the scenes video clips by sustaining the network on Patreon, as well as while you wait on the complete evaluation of the Legion 5 pro why not examine out the Legion 7 here.

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