Review Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus After One Year

so Samsung’s flipping huge galaxy s20 launch is less than a month away now which of course means that last year’s flagship phone the also flippin huge galaxy s 10 plus should hopefully be getting some sexy discounts soon Sammy’s flag ships are rather pricey when they first hit stores but give them a bit of time and that cost does finally come right down and one year on the galaxy s 10 plus is still a great smartphone as long as you like them large now I’ve been using the Galaxy S 10 Plus on and off for the last 12 months and for the previous week I’ve had my Sims stashed in there full time just to see how well it’s aged so here’s my one year later samsung galaxy s 10 plus review and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications belt Jezz now when I first reviewed the galaxy s 10 plus it seemed rather ludicrously huge but now that six point four inch screen is actually pretty average as far as size goes and consider are the skinny bezels around this thing it really isn’t any more cumbersome to wield them pretty much any other handset out there now I’ll tell you what that dedicated 100 mod is definitely a load off when you’re busy struggling down the street with armfuls and bags or a small child of course like pretty much all glass phones these days the s10 plus is a slippery wee blighter see isn’t it one-handed over a concrete floor is a little nerve-wracking I’ve certainly seen a fair few of these things crack to bits in my time so I’d highly recommend if you’re gonna pick one up to grab some sort of protective case or cover after all they ain’t cheap I have kept my naked the whole time I’ve had it and it is actually doing pretty well as far as scratches go I’ve

shoved it in a backpack of loads of times and generally treated it with utter disrespect and besides a couple of nicks on the screen it’s basically still fresh not too surprising really as that back end is Gorilla Glass 5 and the display is Gorilla Glass 6 admittedly though there is little in the way of frills or flair here and that edge designers kind of lost its impact now that most of Samsung’s rivals have basically lifted it Halsall look the galaxy s 10 plus does at least still look pretty damn smart as long as you give it the occasional bit of buffing to get rid of all that finger muck and speaking of that display it is still a highlight of the galaxy s 10 Plus Samsung’s dynamic AMOLED tech is simply stunning even a full year on I never get bored of slapping on a bear Netflix and letting those vibrant visuals just smack me right in the chops naturally you have full itch to your support to produce natural-looking colors and sharp contrasts I thought unfortunately Samsung is steadfastly sticking to it geo 10-plus rather than the much more widely supported Dolby vision format you can still watch standard HD or content number like some Netflix and of course you can shoot your own itch to your tempest content on the Galaxy S 10 plus then watch your back not to spit but he’s hoping that Samsung gives a spit Dolby vision love in the next round of smartphones the Galaxy S 20 whatever they end up being cold I just wouldn’t hold your breath like most flagship phones you’ve got quite a bit of control over the screen as well from the resolution to the color output complete with the standard iComfort modes and other shenanigans of

course rivals like the oneplus 70 now offer a 90 Hertz refresh rate as well which makes everything look buttery smooth even when you’re just flicking about on the UI to be fair though here on the s10 plus it’s only really a mist when you’ve been used than one plus 70 and then you come over to this handset from that one and well some people really took against Samsung’s cutout camera it’s nowhere near as intrusive as something like the iPhones chunky knotch that corner position at least means that very rarely gets in the way even when you’re kicking back with some fullscreen video and sometimes Galaxy S Templars is just as satisfying on the audio front as well with a dedicated stereo speaker set up an actual proper headphone jack and dependable Bluetooth connectivity as well so yeah me it lacks more modern features like that ninety Hertz refresh rate but something’s my t-mobile deathly still has some serious media chops in 2020 and his hope in the new Galaxy S 20 serves up a variable refresh rate and maybe perhaps and Dolby vision support to really boost those creds now it stretch to think that Samsung’s one UI is already one year old strange and slightly terrifying when you ponder the ceaseless flow of time and irad inevitable mortality

sadly i’m still waiting on an android 10 up dip yes 10 plus and in fact updates in general have been seriously lagging which seems to be a common issue with unlocked Samsung phones thankfully one UI is still a pleasure to use with plenty of customization features you can tweak and fiddle to your heart’s content all the features you’d expect be present are including a bit of always on display action a nifty game launcher and some helpful gesture support as well while the likes of the Bigsby routine still add some satisfying automation to the s10 plus in general and the combination of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and face recognition still works well as special now that Samsung has embedded the s10 series to fix that rather critical flaw that basically let anyone unlock your phone if you’re on a screen protector installed to be honest though nothing much has really particularly changed or been added to the s10 plus certainly nothing not worthy anywhere so if you want to have an in-depth look at some of those software features just go check out my original samsung galaxy s 10 tips and tricks guides and of course performance is still unsurprisingly a winner even a full year on on top detail settings and with maximum frame rate enabled pub G mobile still plays like an absolute dream with this Exynos model and you get that aforementioned given launcher feature to help keep you focused by blocking notifications while also added tools like a proper screen recorder now when I first reviewed the galaxy s 10 plus the subject

of battery life was a bit of a sore point it seems like all of our American cousins who are busy reviewing the Snapdragon model but Boston about this incredible longevity of as I stuck with the Exynos model were less than impressed next in this version often just about made it through a fall dear but thankfully things have actually improved over the past 12 months possibly down to those various Samsung software updates these days I often still have around 20% life for a min and even at the end of a busy day with plenty of screen on time and media streaming definitely a proper relief especially as most of the galaxy s 10 plus as rivals offer at least a day and a half of battery life between charges and of course you’ve got the less than stellar 15 watt fast charge here on the s10 plus which again lags behind many of the competition although you do at least get full support for wireless charging and of course that power share feature as well which is handy if you’ve got the likes of the Samsung Galaxy buds stuffed in your backpack so overall the s10 plus has aged pretty damn well but what about the all-important camera tech well stuffed on the back of the phone you have a 12 megapixel primary lens with dual aperture setup joined by an ultra wide-angle and telephoto lens like many flagship phones and even budget-friendly mobiles these days yeah everyday photos look absolutely fine detail levels are strong enough for viewing back on a big screen and

tricky contrast is generally handled well although the STM plus has been far surpassed by the pixel 4 and early pixels as well with the subsequent software update colors are boosted a quite vivid levels at times using that Scene Recognition mode which I personally enjoy but you can always knock off that setting if you are more natural hues and if you like your good portrait or the s Templar still delivers some great luck in Bakke action thankfully Samsung has finally seen the light and actually added a dedicated night mode to the galaxy s 10 plus as well to cover those low-light situations night snaps taken with the auto mode or still rocky at best without higher picture senton producing artificial looking shots which are marred by flaring and other issues but swap to the new night mode and the overall image is brightened in those murky areas with lighter elements for the most part tempered it’s no pixel night sight and while it is still better in this department but it’s definitely a respectable effort Samsung’s flexible multi lens setup definitely comes in handy at times and I do adore the dramatic photos that you can capture with that ultra wide-angle lens and all the results from the telephoto lens which tops out an Amiga two times optical zoom level look kind of rubbish compared with the mighty periscope zoom from Huawei and opera but where Samsung still excels compared with most of the competition is definitely the video chops you can do beautifully crisp 4k resolution home movies at up to 60 frames per second

complete with full HD are smart which really make a difference when contrast is proven particularly troublesome in fact samsung’s s10 are not series tops my list of the best video Oracle and smartphones Inc buy right now in 2020 score haven’t gander at that if you want to know more and saw one full year after its launch and just ahead of the big s 20 reveal what I still recommend Samsung’s mighty Galaxy S 10 plus well it is definitely still a decent or run smartphone but the major sticking point for me is the fact that even one year after launch the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus will still cost you 800 quid from 800 quid from most UK retailers and that’s just too expensive you can sometimes find yourself a better deal if you really shop around but it won’t be much of a shaving off the original cost the likes of the oneplus 70 for instance cost a few hundred pounds less than the galaxy s 10 plus and offers some of those are cool at modern features like the 90 Hertz refresh rate but that said the galaxy s 20 is just around the corner and when that bad boy launches maybe the s 10 plus will tumble in price so if you find it for more runners or 500-pound lakh I’d say definitely dive on in are now over to you fine fork have you been using the Galaxy S 10 plus and if so what of your experience has been so far positive negative or a bit mixed definitely slap your comments down in the comments box below and please do poke subscribe to dig now notifications both for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone

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