Intel 11th Gen Game Testing – 1080p & 720p Benchmarks with Razer Blade Stealth 13

Razer’s Blade Stealth 13 inch gaming laptop computer has been upgraded with Intel’s most current 11th gen Cpus, so exactly how well does this more recent design with 1650 Ti Max-Q GPU do in video games? I have actually checked 15 titles at both 720p and also 1080p resolutions as well as likewise compared it with other laptops to show you the distinctions. This is my first Thunderbolt 4 laptop computer, I’ll also examine it with an exterior GPU in an upcoming video clip as well so make certain you’re subscribed for that one. The Razer Synapse software allows you choose in between different performance modes. I have actually done all screening with video gaming setting enabled with the follower set to max speed for best efficiency, yet this doesn’t use any type of overclocking to the graphics. There’s no option of disabling optimus for a speed increase, so no G-Sync either. Anyhow allow’s start by seeing how 15 games execute after that afterwards I’ll compare it with various other laptops and also take a look at screen feedback time. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was examined in the games benchmark tool. I’ve obtained the 1080p outcomes shown by the purple bars, and also the 720p outcomes shown by the red bars. 720p was still able to pass 60 FPS even with the highest possible setting preset, while reduced

settings were needed for a comparable results at the higher 1080p resolution. Combat zone 5 was examined in project setting. Max setups at 1080p supplied really irregular results as well as had not been really useful, high setups was much better, while tool was only simply below 60 FPS. 720p on the various other hand was running penalty despite the highest possible setting preset, which was reaching 70 FPS. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested with the video game standard tool. This game needs more than 4GB of VRAM to run with settings at ultra, so I had not been able to evaluate that here. High setups weren’t that excellent in any type of case, medium was a lot more usable. View Canines Legion was examined with the video games benchmark. 1080p wasn’t even able to reach 60 FPS with reduced settings, while high setups at 720p was only simply a little under this. That said, I do not believe this video game requires a high framework price to delight in, so 1080p at lower setups would certainly be okay. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was likewise checked using the games benchmark, as well as once again although this doesn’t require ultra high FPS, 1080p is just really going to work out at lower setup levels, 720p was just with the ability of over 60 FPS at low setups. Pinnacle Legends was examined with either minutes or max settings as it doesn’t have integrated in presets. There were large differences right

here, even the 720p outcomes were reaching 1% lows over the typical FPS from the 1080p outcomes. That said, 1080p was still running above 60 FPS with all setups maxed out which is still ok, though minimum was closer to the display’s 120Hz freshen rate. Phone Call of Duty Modern Warfare was likewise examined with minimum or max settings for the same factor. 1080p wasn’t rather able to reach 60 FPS despite having all setups at minimum, nevertheless max setups at 720p had the ability to obtain us there. Control was practically performing at 60 FPS 1080p with the reduced setup preset, so absolutely functional as this video game does not require an incredibly high structure rate to play well, plus I still assume it looks respectable even at low setups. 720p on the other hand was still pretty useful despite having the high setup pre-programmed, as well as at 13 inches oftentimes 720p doesn’t look too bad. CS: GO was still reaching high structure prices despite 1080p, also at max setups the typical frame rate was more than the screens refresh price, though 1% lows dip down rather a great deal in this examination because of the smokes. Dota 2 also works on essentially anything, and also there are little distinctions at all between 1080p as well as 720p at the reduced setup degrees. Even at ultra the distinction still isn’t that big, 1080p is still running with a typical structure rate more than the display’s refresh price. Fortnite is another video game that doesn’t need high-end specifications to run well. That claimed, 1080p had not been fairly getting to 60 FPS with the highest legendary setting pre-programmed

however it was still useful, and high settings would certainly get us there for even the 1% low. 720p was or else near 100 FPS with max settings. Overwatch is another esports title, so it was also succeeding. Over 60 FPS max setups with 1080p, while even high settings was over the screens freshen rate, however max settings 720p was likewise over 120 FPS, however I ‘d favor 1080p high setups directly, offered it’s still playing perfectly. Rainbow Six Siege was examined with the games benchmark tool. 1080p max setups was still near 100 FPS, while the 1% lows from 720p were higher than the averages from 1080p, so quite a huge renovation. Even the 1% reduced from high setups at 720p was above the displays freshen price. The Witcher 3 had not been quite at 60 FPS with 720p at ultra settings, though 1080p was able to obtain passed this at high setups, however once more like some of the various other titles tested, the 1% lows from the 720p outcomes were ahead of the average FPS from 1080p. Borderlands 3 was checked with the games benchmark tool. Every time I examine this video game there often tends to be large improvements tipping down just one degree from high to tool, and also 1080p was a little under 60 FPS with tool setups, yet 720p had the ability to reach 80 FPS. Now let’s take an appearance at just how the 11th gen Razer Blade Stealth 13 compares versus other laptop computers, use these results as a rough guide just, as they were checked at various times with different motorists. I have actually checked

Battleground 5 in project mode at ultra setups, and also the 11th gen Blade Stealth 13 is highlighted in red. It’s simply a little in advance of the 10th gen design I tested a few months back, however remarkably both were behind the even older design with non Ti graphics simply ahead of it. All three models had some rather inconsistent outcomes in this test though, so it may just be that this title with max settings is tough to use for contrast purposes on reduced end hardware. These are the outcomes from Much Cry 5 with ultra setups in the integrated in standard. This time around the 11th gen blade stealth was concerning where I would certainly anticipate to see it about the various other devices. It was just about 1 FPS in advance of the 10th gen version though, I honestly anticipated far better as this is a CPU heavier examination as well as the performance distinctions in between 10th and also 11th gen is actually fairly large, yet I’ll compare that in an forthcoming video clip so make certain you’re subscribed. Shadow of the Burial place Raider was likewise checked with the games benchmark tool with the greatest setting pre-programmed. Once again simply 1 FPS in advance of the last gen blade stealth 13 with 10th gen processor and very same graphics, which was 1 FPS in advance of the blade stealth prior to that with non Ti

graphics. That’s not as well surprising though, I’m servicing a 1650 vs 1650 Ti comparison video at the minute as well as it actually feels like Ti isn’t worth it, however again make certain you’re subbed for that. The video gaming efficiency of the Blade Stealth 13 isn’t that excellent when compared to various other bigger as well as less expensive equipments, yet that’s since they’re able to fit extra effective hardware inside as well as have more room for air conditioning. The Stealth is the only 13 inch pc gaming laptop I have actually evaluated that still fits in distinct Nvidia graphics over the weak MX tier, so when you consider just exactly how little it is this is rather excellent. You’ll only actually be checking out something like this if mobility is essential and you’re ready to pay even more however still require some degree of GPU efficiency on the move. The Blade Stealth 13 that I evaluated had the same 120Hz panel as the 10th gen design that came out previously this year, and also while this seems great theoretically, the typical grey-to-grey action time is on the lower side when compared versus others. I don’t think I’m that sensitive to it, however I still noticed some ghosting as well as blurriness when playing. Apart from this panel that Razer are utilizing, I have actually never seen a high refresh option at 13 inches, so my guess is there’s just a lack of panels available and also that’s why the reaction time isn’t impressive.

13 inch gaming laptops aren’t specifically preferred due to increased prices, as well as integrated with the fact that we’re just just recently getting the GPUs to type of make this take place at the lower end, it clarifies why there aren’t great deals of choices. It’s sort of a hen and also egg trouble where there are no good panels to make use of in a 13 inch video gaming laptop computer, however insufficient people getting 13 inch pc gaming laptops to warrant spending in making them. Generally Razer can just make use of the panels available out there as they do not make them themselves, but yeah this is most definitely a big drawback for the 120Hz screen. Allow me recognize what you assumed of the video gaming efficiency from the Razer Blade Stealth 13 pc gaming laptop down in the comments, and also make certain you’re subscribed for some upcoming CPU comparisons and eGPU screening I’ll be doing with this machine.

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