AMD Ryzen 5 5600X vs 3600 CPU Comparison – Worth Upgrading?

AMD’s brand-new Ryzen 5 5600X is an outstanding processor, however exactly how does it contrast against the 3600 from last generation, and also is it worth upgrading? I’ve contrasted games and also applications to help you choose. This video is sponsored by Ridge Pocketbook, you most likely never assumed you would certainly request a pocketbook for Christmas, yet this is one you’ll desire under your tree. It’s light, streamlined, and can hold up to 12 cards plus money in over 30 different styles. Whether it’s a present for on your own or a person else, it’s difficult to go wrong with something constructed. Ridge likewise offer the Traveler knapsack with a cushioned shock immune laptop computer compartment for carrying your tech. You can get 10% off with complimentary worldwide delivery and returns by going to,  the link is in the description. Both cpus have the exact same quantity of cores, threads, cache and also TDP. The major difference is of course that the 5600X utilizes the more recent Zen 3 design, and this enables it to reach higher base and also boost clock speeds, nevertheless this places it at $100 much more costly than the 3600. You could argue that the 3600X would have made for a far better

contrast, yet based on my 3600 vs 3600X comparison, they’re generally the very same and it normally had not been worth paying much more for the X. Unfortunately there’s no 5600 non X at the time of launch, yet if I needed to think, this will most likely come later, so for now I assume contrasting the 3600 versus the 5600X is the method to go. Both processors were checked in the same system. I have actually examined with 32gb of DDR4-3200 memory running in twin channel at CL14 as well as with MSI’s GeForce RTX 3090 Pc Gaming X Trio graphics card to reduce bottlenecks. Although both cpus include a wraith stealth colder in package, I’ve checked using my Fractal S36 AIO with Noctua NT-H2 thermal paste so I can compare my data with various other chips. I’ve tested both CPUs at stock, and with the complying with all core overclocks applied, so I had the ability to push the 5600X 500MHz higher than the 3600, yet that stated my 3600 does seem to have shed the silicon lotto game as lots of others appear capable of 4.3 to 4.4 GHz. With that said in mind we’ll initially have a look at the distinctions in

different applications, in addition to power draw and also thermals, adhered to by video gaming tests later on, after that end up by comparing some performance per dollar metrics. Beginning out with Cinebench R20 we can see the 5600X was racking up 24% higher in solitary core at stock, a significant renovation in simply one generation. the 5600X was likewise 20% faster in multicore, once more an impressive improvement in just over a year. When overclocked, the 3600 does even worse in single core as the all core overclock protects against single core increase going even more, while the 5600X’s overclock aided much more. I’ve additionally checked the older Cinebench R15 as a great deal of people still utilize it so you can contrast my results, the margins weren’t too various to R20 so allow’s proceed. I have actually checked Blender or food processor with the BMW as well as Classroom standards. This test takes advantage of all cores, however the renovations weren’t as large as in Cinebench, with the 5600X finishing the class test 16% faster than the 3600 at supply, however then 18% faster once both are overclocked as the 5600X has the ability to overclock far better. The V-Ray benchmark is another core hefty providing workload, at supply the 5600X was 22% faster than the 3600, after that when both are overclocked the 5600X is now 26% faster, once again due to the superior overclocking headroom. The Corona standard additionally makes use of the processor to make out a scene, and also the differences were extremely near to what we just saw in the V-Ray examination. The 3600’s overclock just improved the make time by one 2nd, while the 5600X’s

overclock decreased complete completion time by 4 seconds, not a large modification, but once again it aids outline the far better overclocks Zen3 is qualified of. Handbrake was used to convert one of my 4K laptop computer testimonial videos to 1080p. There was much less of a difference below when compared to the various other multicore work checked, with the 5600X finishing the export task just 9% faster at supply, then 13% faster with both overclocked. Adobe Best was made use of to export one of my laptop testimonial videos at 4K. I have actually tested with both VBR 1 pass, which must make better use of equipment velocity compared to 2 pass. There wasn’t much distinction in between the 2 tests however, at supply the 5600X was 14% faster than the 3600 in the 1 pass export, and also 15% much faster in the 2 pass export, increasing up to 20% faster when both processors are overclocked. I have actually additionally evaluated Adobe Premiere yet with the Puget Systems benchmark tool, as this tests for even more points like online

playback instead of just raw export times. The 5600X was scoring 9% faster over the 3600 at stock, one of the most affordable results out of the applications tested. Adobe Photoshop was likewise tested with the Puget Equipments benchmark tool. This test often tends to favour solitary core efficiency, and also as we have actually seen Zen 3 is absolutely supplying because regard, but also still it’s rather outstanding that the 5600X is getting to a 30% greater score. I have actually made use of 7-Zip to evaluate compression and also decompression rates, as well as Ryzen chips usually do rather well below, particularly contrasted to Intel cpus. Zen 3 was still able to supply nice renovations though, with the 5600X racking up 22% faster for decompression, as well as 26% much faster in compression. VeraCrypt was made use of to evaluate AES security and decryption speeds, as well as the 5600X was simply 10% faster than the 3600 in these tests, so a smaller sized boost, yet still a practical win. Microsoft Excel was examined using the Hardware Unboxed huge number crunch test, and also the 5600X was finishing the job 65% faster at supply, then a substantial 85% faster with both overclocked, the greatest distinction out of everything I’ve checked, so if you require a spreadsheet machine Zen 3 might be the means to go. Geekbench was seeing exceptional solitary core enhancements, the

5600X was 27% faster than the 3600 both at stock and when overclocked. The 5600X still had respectable improvements in multicore, the margins simply weren’t as impressive as the solitary core gains, just 14% faster at supply. Below’s just how the 5600X compares against the older 3600 from last generation with both cpus running at supply in all of the applications simply evaluated. The 5600X is much faster in all instances. The solitary core improvements are particularly remarkable, it’s not surprising that the 5600X is likewise beating the Intel competition now. Once both chips are overclocked, the margins really boost as the 5600X draws even more in advance of the 3600, as well as this is because it’s simply able to overclock better. This will of program boil down to the silicon lottery, and also again it seems that my 3600 isn’t a great overclocker. When we consider the total system power draw from the wall surface with the blender or food processor test running, the 5600X system is making use of much less power than the 3600 at stock. This is fairly impressive when we keep in mind that the 5600X was also finishing the blender or food processor test 15% faster than the 3600.
Once both are overclocked though, the 5600X’s power draw soars. My 3600 in fact utilizes less power when overclocked compared to equip as the board seemed to offer it much more voltage than required. Greater power draw typically leads to more heat, and essentially the

temperatures line up with the power draw chart. The 5600X was running cooler than the 3600 at supply, but yeah once more once we overclock the 5600X it’s currently hotter. These are the clockspeeds being reached throughout these very same tests, so at supply the 5600X was around 400MHz higher in an all core work, and afterwards once overclocked the 5600X was now 200MHz greater contrasted to stock, while the 3600 just had a 100MHz gain. Let’s get into the pc gaming results following, I’ve checked 9 games at 1080p, 1440p as well as 4K resolutions. Shadow of the Burial Place Raider was tested with the games benchmark tool. The renovation seen at 1080p was the ideal out of all titles I’ve examined, with the 5600X reaching a 37% greater average framework price, either means though, still a crazy boost just one generation later. There’s still a 21% increase at 1440p, after that there’s no adjustment at 4K. Microsoft Trip Simulator was examined in the Sydney landing difficulty. The 5600X had a nice jump ahead at 1080p, reaching 27% greater typical frame rates, and also the 1% lows were over the ordinary FPS from the 3600. It was a comparable deal at 1440p as well, yet after that by the time we stand up to 4K the outcomes are essentially the same. Zen3 isn’t a silver bullet though, it’s no match for Ubisoft’s, emergency room,

optimizations. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was examined with the video games integrated in benchmark tool, and there was a much smaller sized void between both here. At 1080p the 5600X was 4% greater in ordinary FPS, simply a mild lead at all resolutions. Fatality Stranding was examined by running via the exact same component of the video game on both systems. The 5600X offered significant gains at 1080p, reaching an ordinary FPS 35% more than the 3600. The 5600X was still able to strike 17% higher frame prices at 1440p, then again like the others, basically the very same at 4K. Battlefield V was examined in project mode, as well as things were much better with each other here, though to be fair to the 5600X, it is being restricted by the 200 FPS framework cap of the game, so its 3% lead most likely would have been higher offered the 5600X is 5% far better at 1440p. I needed to put CS: most likely to the test as AMD were claiming some huge gains with Zen 3, and I was seeing this as well. At 1080p, the 5600X was 37% faster than the 3600 in typical structure price, 19% faster at 1440p, and afterwards at 4K still 13% higher, the biggest difference seen at this resolution, given I don’t recognize the amount of individuals are playing this at 4K anyhow. Red Dead Redemption 2 was examined with the games benchmark. One more time like a lot of the various other titles, the 5600X had a great boost over the 3600 at 1080p, attaining 25% greater typical FPS. It was still 16% faster at 1440p, then primarily no change at 4K. Rainbow 6 Siege was evaluated utilizing the games benchmark with Vulkan. I’m

virtually getting unwell of stating it, but good renovations with the 5600X at 1080p which was 24% greater in average FPS, then a lot lower at higher resolutions, though there were still great gains to be had in the 1% lows. Far Cry Renaissance was likewise tested with the games criteria and saw similar results, the 5600X was 25% quicker in ordinary FPS at 1080p, though the standards still saw wonderful gains even at higher resolutions as this examination particularly appears more processor reliant than GPU. Over all 9 video games evaluated, the 5600X was 24% faster than the 3600 in average FPS, though this might be held back a little by the 200 FPS frame cap of battleground V, which is why it’s listed below assassin’s creed odyssey. In any instance, the 5600X was certainly able to provide some superb gains. Tipping up to 1440p, the 5600X was still 15% faster than the 3600 generally. These gains are far bigger than I was anticipating going right into this screening thinking about the 3600 just introduced in July 2019. At 4K the 5600X is now just 3% faster than

the 3600 usually, however it’s being held up by the CS: GO outlier. With that eliminated, the 5600X is 2% faster usually, so generally no difference as the GPU handles a lot of the work. 4K doesn’t really make feeling to check in a CPU comparison, I just did it to show that if you intend on pc gaming at higher resolutions then it might not deserve investing more on the 5600X, and this is why the price per framework differences are the most significant at 4K. Even at 1080p the 3600 is practically still using much better worth, it’s still a capable gaming chip and it’s $100 less costly. I still think the 5600X is worth considering due to the massive gains on deal, it’s worth considering that these rate differences are for the CPU just, the percentage differences become less in the context of claim a brand-new $1000 system. I might see myself upgrading from a 3600 if I desired a boost as the enhancements from just one generation can be fairly big relying on the workload, but if you’re on a tighter budget the 3600 is definitely still capable. With any luck a 5600 non x gets here in future at a reduced cost point, if the distinction between the 3600 as well as 3600x taught us anything it’s that the x does not truly appear to matter, however it’s yet to be seen if that additionally uses to zen3 as AMD have actually just introduced X versions until now. I’m thinking of contrasting the 5600X versus the 3700X in a future contrast video clip, allow me know if it’s something you would certainly be interested in seeing, and if you’re brand-new then get subscribed for even more upcoming processor comparisons such as this one.

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