ASUS TUF A15 (Ryzen 4600H + GTX 1650 Ti) Gaming Benchmarks!

Let’s find out how the ASUS TUF A15 gaming laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 4600H as well as Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti performs in 20 various games at all setting degrees. I’ll also contrast it versus some other laptop computers to assist you decide if it deserves it. I have actually obtained the FA506II model right here, so these are the specifications we’re managing, 6 core CPU, my very first time with a GTX 1650 Ti, 16gb of memory in dual channel, and also a 144Hz 1080p screen, I’ll test reaction time too. The TUF A15 is also offered with different specs, I have actually still got the 1660 Ti version yet to test, or else you can discover prices for various models connected in the summary. The ASUS Arsenal Cage software program lets you pick in between different performance settings. I have actually done all screening with turbo setting allowed for ideal performance, as well as this increases the fan rate and also applies the adhering to overclock to the GPU. We’ll only be covering gaming

performance in this video, so watch out for the upcoming full evaluation as well as thermal screening videos. Let’s begin by experiencing all video games in any way setting levels, after that after that we’ll see how the ASUS TUF A15 pc gaming laptop computer compares to a few other laptops. Red Dead Redemption 2 was tested utilizing the video game’s constructed in benchmark tool, and also I wasn’t even able to evaluate ultra setups due to the fact that the GTX 1650 Ti graphics has 4GB of VRAM and also ultra settings needs greater than this. Despite having low setups we’re simply under 60 FPS. Field of battle 5 was examined in project setting, there had not been excessive of a difference between ultra and high setups, both are around the 60 FPS mark and were playable, however reduced setups was coming close to 100 FPS if you like structure rate over looks. Control was just seeing above 60 FPS with the reduced setting preset, though truthfully I believe the video game still looks pretty good at reduced setups anyway, and also I ‘d much

choose the higher performance during fights, yet at the exact same time it does not really feel laggy to me also at higher setups. Darkness of the Burial place Raider was tested with the constructed in criteria. Medium settings was just able to obtain us over 60 FPS in this test, and also we’ll see just how various other laptop computers compare in this video game soon. Pinnacle Legends was evaluated with either all setups at maximum, or all settings on the most affordable feasible values, as it does not have predefined establishing presets. It played fine for me at max setups, though we can considerably boost performance at minimum. Call of Task Modern War was checked in campaign mode, and also I’ve additionally examined it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum. There wasn’t as large of a dive mosting likely to minimum in this video game, however doing so did a minimum of push us past 60 FPS. Borderlands 3 was tested using the video game’s constructed in criteria, and also tool settings was required to hit 60 FPS, anything over this and we start losing efficiency promptly, likely as greater setups are a lot more GPU heavy as well as the 1650 Ti ends up being the major constraint. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was likewise checked with the benchmark tool, and once

again much reduced frame prices were seen at the higher setting levels, significantly due to the fact that greater than 4GB of VRAM is required here. Fortnite was examined with the replay feature, and also as a much less requiring title it was still running fairly well with the greatest legendary establishing preset, nonetheless tool would be a far better option to use the 144Hz screen. Overwatch is an additional much less requiring game and also was evaluated in the practice array. Once again at the greatest legendary establishing preset the structure prices were excellent, as well as we could make big renovations with lower settings. CS: GO was examined making use of the Ulletical FPS criteria, and it was doing alright, I imply the game can basically run on a potato. Dota 2 was checked playing between lane, and also we’re still getting to suitable frame prices in this esports title, even high settings were getting ordinary FPS over the display’s refresh rate. Rainbow Six Siege was checked with the constructed in benchmark using Vulkan, and as another less requiring

title the frame rates weren’t regrettable despite having ultra settings, though we might still get better results with lower presets. High settings as an example appears like a good match for the 144Hz display. Metro Exodus was evaluated utilizing the constructed in criteria, many components of the video game perform a fair little bit far better than this, so don’t take these results as an excellent indication of what to anticipate throughout the whole game, it’s more of a worst situation. The Division 2 was likewise checked with the integrated in benchmark, high settings could not rather get to 60 FPS, nevertheless low was reaching over this even for the 1% low, with averages going beyond 100 FPS. I have actually just examined beast hunter globe a number of times, however the outcomes match what I’ve seen so much, because generally the 1% low performance isn’t also far behind the typical frame rates, so high setups still played quite well. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was evaluated with the constructed in benchmark, as well as the efficiency was rather low right here at higher setup degrees, probably as a result of the lower powered graphics. Medium settings were needed to hit 60 FPS, though I assume the game runs rather well without high structure prices. Far Cry New Dawn was likewise evaluated with the video games benchmark, and we were just able to scratch 60 FPS with the ultra setup predetermined in this test. The Witcher 3 was a bit choppy at max

settings, visibly much better with the high preset as even the 1% low is now above the averages seen at ultra, and also high setups gets us over 60 FPS for the standard. F1 2019 was evaluated utilizing the game’s benchmark device, as well as like the last game there’s a huge boost in performance just by falling to high setups, though it was doing alright also maxed out. Let’s also take a look at exactly how this arrangement of the ASUS TUF A15 video gaming laptop computer compares to various other laptops, use these outcomes as a harsh overview just as they were tested at various times with various chauffeurs. In Combat zone 5 I have actually got the A15 highlighted in red. This is the very first laptop computer with GTX 1650 Ti graphics I have actually ever tested so there’s no others to contrast against presently, nevertheless I discovered it interesting that the lower power level component was defeating the 85 watt 5500M simply below it in this examination, though naturally there is also a pretty huge distinction between the older 3750H and 4600H as well. These are the arise from Much Cry 5 with ultra settings in the

constructed in benchmark. This moment the 5500M was just above it. It’s clear that this part is created to contend with the 5500M in regards to efficiency, as it’s loading in the space that existed between Nvidia’s GTX 1650 as well as 1660 Ti choices, which was fairly huge at around 50% typically. These are the arise from Darkness of the Tomb raider with the developed in standard at greatest setups. Once more the 5500M with reduced CPU was a little in advance, though that is a much higher power level GPU, and again the 1650 Ti seems to be well loading in the space that exists in between the 1650 as well as 1660 Ti laptop computers. I’ll do some correct contrasts once I have extra laptop computers with it. The TUF A15 with these specs is able to supply a decent pc gaming experience, just be prepared to reduce the setups in more requiring

titles. Genuinely to obtain complete use out of the 144Hz display with the 1650 Ti, you either need to utilize minimum settings, or mostly play much less demanding esports titles. While testing these 20 video games out, I honestly can not say I had any kind of problems with the panel, however I do not think I’m directly that delicate to the slower reaction times, which is why I just recently purchased the tools required to determine action time. Far the A15 is the slowest laptop panel I have actually ever before evaluated by a reasonable quantity, provided I have actually only checked about 5 laptops with this so far. You can examine the link in the description if you require a description of what all of these numbers mean, however the essential takeaway gets on standard the grey-to-grey action time is 19.3 ms. I’ll cover thermals comprehensive in the next video clip, so ensure you’re subscribed for that one in addition to the upcoming complete evaluation, however for currently allow me know what you thought of the video gaming performance with the 1650 Ti down in the remarks. I’ll additionally be testing some various other A15 setups with different specs over the coming weeks as well.

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