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there was a puny skinny we run of a fellow who’s constantly on the move are definitely a big fan of aces Swift’s five laptop this 14 inch laptop is super skinny and weighs under a kilo and you know pack some pretty solid performance actually reviewed it around this time last year but it’s been fully updated for the end of 2019 with a fresh new 10th generation intel core processor bit of Wi-Fi six support and a few other little refreshed bits here and there as well now the time of shooting this video of the new 2019 version of the ESS Swift 5 cuz just 899 quid from the likes of Curry’s PC world which considering you get some nice dependable performance in a slim and light chassis it’s pretty solid value for money I’ve been using the Swift 520 19 is my full-time laptop for a couple of weeks now and here’s my in-depth for a view and for more on the latest greatest tech peas do poke subscribe anything like notifications bail Jezz now as far as the design goals nothing has really changed here the Swift 5 is still impressively slim and incredibly lightweight at just under a kilo it’s visiting 995 grams every time I pick it up I swear to god it was like forgotten to put any components inside of this thing it does just feel like a plastic shell thankfully is one tough plastic shell though there isn’t an inch of flaccid chassis action anywhere on this thing you can poke it product twist it squeeze it to whatever you like to this thing absolutely fine I usually just bung it strip my backpack done by the strap late into the laptop compartment or anything shove it in there with headphones sharp implements whatever you want there’s not a single scratch or scuff on that a lovely dark blue chassis but metal alloy surface and definitely proven a rugged as well as lightweight and the overall look at the use of Swift 5s nothing particularly special it’s very simple straightforward design but it looks suitably sleek and elegant but what really impresses here on the is a swift 5 20 19 as well especially compared with the likes of the MacBook Airs is the connectivity on this thing you’ve got a full sized USB 3.0 and 3.1 port as well but it’s also managed to

chrome in a proper Thunderbolt 3 port which is something you rarely see this sort of price point that could be used to hook up external display so you’ve also got an HDMI connection as well if you need a more traditional option the fact that is – as much defined space for all of this on such a thin laptop has basically blown my box off it’s absolutely incredible now if we open on up the Acer Swift 520 19 and once again you get a 14 inch IPS display packed inside like the one we made burcham plenty of that ultra-slim laptops this display it pretty much fills that inner lid there are the very skinny bezels down the edges and at the top as well slightly thicker down the bottom but really impressive design all the same so I think that screen no longer bends back the full 180 degrees like it did on some of the previous models it stops off around about there but I had absolutely no problem finding a comfortable viewing angle whether I was just like lounging in bed chillin at my desk or actually crammed into a commuter tree in nor worries as usual you get full touch controls as well as you don’t really have to bother with that dinky annoying little trackpad more often than not which is good you do get some multi gesture support as well which works on some websites unfortunately if you’re working in the likes of Doc’s on Google Chrome for some reason it doesn’t work there apart from that it’s

perfectly responsive nice and easy to use and of course when you actually give the screen a bit of a poke as well those hinges prove nice and stiff not too stiff though so the screen doesn’t wobble about all over the place as far as the quality of the visuals go well that’s basically the same as the previous model of the swift 5 veganize Full HD resolution keeps all of year for those new videos looking nice and crisp you have to really cram your face up to that screen to see any individual pixels and that’s not much fun so probably don’t do it but the split maxes out at just in the 300 nits as far as the brightness goes and that’s absolutely fine certainly in the UK in November you’re not gonna need any more than that in order to see what you’re doing outside and once again is as panel smashes it for colour reproduction as well you get a hundred percent of the srgb gama covered and 78 percent of the adobe RGB as well so nice natural looking output as for the stereo speaker setup well here on the 20 19 a model of the swift 5 that once again buried away underneath unfortunately they’re off firing that audio directly down into your desk or your crotchal region if you’ve got it rested on your lap that’s the actual sound quality well it’s absolutely fine a little bit tinny on the top volume and let’s face it that top volume in exactly gonna win any awards for blast and eardrums out of people’s skulls but it’s absolutely fine for just kicking back with bit and Netflix or YouTube or something in your

homestead just boost this up to maximum gaming laptops classics so again yeah it’s not going to exactly blow your head off in amazement or anything like that but it’s absolutely fine just kicking back in a quiet room now you get a well sized chiclet keyboard slap there inside the swift 5 and it’s been slightly updated from the previous model as well I did have issues before with a space bar where I wouldn’t quite register presses if I was hitting at the for left or right edges that seems to have been completely eradicated now so the only complaint I already have is the fact that the page down and page up buttons are still crammed in there alongside those tiny arrow keys make them all really difficult to individually strike the old type in action seems a little bit firmer here on the new 2019 model of Swift 5 as well so you do have to tap fairly hard when you’re smashing out in SEO something special in your touch typing I finally managed to adjust to it pretty quickly though and once I did I managed to get those good lightning fast speeds without many issues or errors at all that backlighting is back in action as

well and absolutely fine you can toggle between low and high intensities or just completely switch it off if you like using the f8 key sort nice and quick and simple on the trackpad front well there is one it’s a reasonable size it’s once again got integrated Mouse buns but actually does the job but frankly I’d just rather stick with a touchscreen or plug in a mouse if you’re a desk now for this updated version of the ear so Swift five laptop you get your performance provided by F still fresh 10th generation Intel mid-range platform my review model was a core i5 1035 g1 backed by eight gigs of RAM and that allowed the Swift v to breeze through basically any everyday tasks and gives it a bit much the immigrant for some more demanding apps as well as far as the graphics core you get in videos GeForce MX 250 GPU slots in there as well so don’t exactly go expecting it to smoothly edit 4k video or play the latest titles on nice strong detail levels but I found that I could play the likes of risk of rim to the nice dependable frame rate on those default settings and that was a perfectly smooth very playable experience indeed and one of the other very welcomed new additions here in the 2019 a model is the addition of Wi-Fi 6 which is pretty rare on

laptops in general let alone any in the sub 1000-pound category so that’s a nice bit of extra future proofing for the 2019 swift 5 and all the storage tip perfectly acceptable there as well as a single 256 gig SSD for all of your apps media and whatnot a large chunk of that is available at initial boot as well as a little bit crap air on there like so Norton AntiVirus we tried to remove immediately because I was just bombarded me with messages every 5 seconds the but it’s a vice nippy SST as well as a good use of you ends up copying a lot of large files all working on video edits and things like that as far as the battery I’ve cause the swift v once again proves it is a portable powerhouse if you’re working in the like so the edge browser and you’ll probably get about 10 hours of mix juice that’s a bit of went play a bit of media stream and shenanigans like that if you’re gonna be working in the likes of Google Chrome I found that I tended to get around it hours of mixed use because it’s tends to SAP the power a little bit quicker but again that’s pretty much enough for a full work in their runs and off the features you get a dinky little fingerprint sensor crammed in here beneath the

keyboard and despite the fact that it’s very slender little scanner phone that works absolutely perfectly I very rarely had to scan my digit more than once to actually unlock the laptop and you also get a teeny-weeny little 1 megapixel webcam crammed it into that dinky top bezel just above the screen as you’d imagine it is a bit who you Skype sessions will look quite grainy and if you’re sitting there in a dark room trying to video chat that you’ll basically end up looking like some sort of Hammer horror monster but to be honest it’s one of just a handful of minor little complaints on what is otherwise a great all-round ultra portable device super slender super skinny super light and I’ve got some pretty dependable performance solid battery I’ve had strong connectivity as well for a price that’s under a thousand pounds so there you have it my updated thoughts on the fresh new 2019 slash 2020 model of the Swift 5 laptop from a sorry tempted but swift 5 maybe you’ve used one of the previous models me might be tempted to upgrade simply honest there’s probably not quite enough of a boost in there to really warrant the extra thousand pounds or so unless you world swift 5 is on its ass basically but for everyone else I’d say yea jump right on in face first for sure so let us know your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe the thing that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers love you

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