MSI GS66 – How Does It Perform In Games? 21 Games Tested!

The MSI GS66 pc gaming laptop computer combines the current Intel 10th gen processors with Nvidia RTX Super graphics in a thinner maker, yet how well does it really carry out in video games? I have actually evaluated 21 different video games whatsoever setup degrees as well as contrasted it with various other laptops to assist you determine if it’s worth it. My GS66 has the Intel i9-10980HK CPU, Nvidia RTX 2080 Super max-Q graphics, 32gb of memory in dual network, remarkably MSI selected DDR4-2666 despite Intel 10th gen supporting 2933, and also there’s a 15.6″ 1080p 300Hz display. There are various specs readily available though, you can find updated rates for various designs linked in the summary. The MSI control board software application allows you select various efficiency modes, I have actually done all screening with extreme performance for best results. This uses the complying with overclock to the GPU, and also I additionally tested with coolerboost enabled which maxes out the followers. The GS66 likewise lets us disable optimus, which will certainly offer an additional rate increase in video games, so I’ve used this too. We’ll just be covering video gaming efficiency in this video clip, so if you’re brand-new to the network, you’ll most definitely wish to get subscribed for the upcoming thermal

screening and also complete evaluation. Allow’s begin by going through all games at all setting degrees, after that after that we’ll see exactly how the GS66 compares to a few other laptop computers. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked using the game’s integrated in benchmark tool, as well as these are several of the finest results I’ve seen so much with this game on a laptop computer. Ultra is still below 60 FPS, yet this is simply a source heavy video game. Battlefield 5 was checked in campaign setting, I have actually got the results with RTX enabled, shown by the eco-friendly bars, and RTX off, shown by the purple bars. With RTX off, these are some of the ideal results I’ve ever before seen from this game in a laptop, we’ll see the contrasts soon, on the other hand RTX was actually able to strike 60 FPS at high settings and also it played rather well, however you ‘d most likely intend to adhere to RTX off for higher efficiency outside project mode. Control was also checked with as well as without RTX made it possible for, nonetheless as the video game likewise sustains DLSS 2.0 I have actually tested this at a loss bars. DLSS runs it at 720p and upscales it, as well as it looked quite respectable while likewise still executing quite well at high settings, extremely comparable to with RTX totally off while looking much better. Ruin Everlasting was evaluated with vulkan and no matter the setting degree used the ordinary FPS was very high, reduced setups was still called for if we intended to take full benefit of the 300Hz display, however 240 FPS at max setups is still excellent. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was tested with the integrated in benchmark, and also the

outcomes were some of the very best I have actually ever before seen from a gaming laptop, yet we’ll compare the results in this game and others against other laptop computers quickly. Apex Legends was checked with either all settings at optimum, or all settings on the cheapest possible values, as it doesn’t have actually predefined setting presets. Also max setups was offering exceptional performance, while minimum would better place the 300Hz panel to utilize. Phone Call of Duty Modern War was tested in project mode, as well as I have actually likewise checked it with the settings either maxed out or at minimum. Max setups was simply under a 100 FPS standard with not excessive of a boost at minimal settings, it played well for me maxed out without any problems. Borderlands 3 was checked using the video game’s integrated in benchmark, and also it was still possible to go beyond 60 FPS with the highest possible setup pre-programmed in this examination. Ghost Spy Breakpoint was additionally examined with the benchmark tool, and despite being one more source heavy game striking 70 FPS at ultimate settings is a respectable outcome for it, while high setups was required

to maintain above 100 FPS. Fortnite was tested with the replay attribute, and also medium setups sufficed to offer us a 300 FPS standard, a wonderful match up for the 300Hz panel, while low setups would certainly offer us also 1% low efficiency above the refresh rate of the screen. Overwatch is an additional less requiring video game and also was evaluated in the technique array. Once again, even with the legendary setting pre-programmed the framework prices are extremely high, while the 300 FPS structure cap was constantly hit at reduced as well as moderate settings, so one more great one for the rapid 300Hz screen. CS: GO was examined utilizing the Ulletical FPS standard, as well as the results in this examination are great for a pc gaming laptop. I’ve discovered high FPS examinations such as this one substantially take advantage of laptops that let you disable the Intel GPU as well as run straight on the Nvidia graphics, as well as that integrated with the greater clock rates of the i9 which can get hit in lighter threaded jobs is offering excellent outcomes right here. Dota 2 was tested playing between lane, and also although the results were a little above average below, realistically they aren’t way too much various when compared to other reduced specced as well as cheaper video gaming laptops, it just truly doesn’t take much to run this well. Rainbow 6 Siege was checked with the built in criteria yet making use of Vulkan, again the frame prices were quite excellent for a video gaming laptop, with low settings being not also much behind the 300Hz panel it’s an additional title that is mosting likely to supply a very smooth experience. Metro Exodus was

examined making use of the constructed in criteria, many components of the game do a fair bit better than this, so don’t take these outcomes as a great sign of what to expect throughout the entire game, it’s even more of a worst case, but once again like many various other games examined, the results were notably higher because of the greater end specs in my GS66. The Division 2 was also tested with the constructed in benchmark, and also the outcomes below are fairly excellent. The 1% lows aren’t too various to several others, however the ordinary FPS, especially at reduced settings, was a lot raised which matches what we saw in numerous various other titles, once more perhaps an outcome of the 10th gen i9. PUBG was checked making use of the replay function, as well as ultra setups was still running well with above 100 FPS also for the 1% reduced, while really reduced setups was running smooth and easily passing 200 FPS for the average. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was examined with the constructed in standard, remarkably at max setups the efficiency was close to the Aero 17 I examined lately, it’s got the 8 core 10875H cpu and also 2070 Super Max-Q graphics, however at lower settings the GS66 used a great lead, allow me know if you ‘d want a comparison in between the i7 and i9 in a specialized video. Far Cry New Dawn was also examined with the games standard, and also the

outcomes were also more than what I normally see in this test as a result of the raised CPU power, granted the renovations aren’t by a substantial margin. The Witcher 3 was playing excellent with max setups, it’s been a while because I’ve seen above 100 FPS from a laptop there, nevertheless it was very easy to boost the performance just by tipping down to high, where even the 1% reduced was near the standards of ultra. F1 2019 was evaluated making use of the video game’s benchmark tool, as well as although the ordinary FPS was greater than the Aero 17 with slightly reduced specifications as anticipated, the 1% lows at higher settings were in fact reduced, probably a circumstances of the slower memory in the GS66 resulting in lower efficiency? Let’s additionally have a look at just how this config of the MSI GS66 gaming laptop computer compares to other laptops, make use of these results as a harsh guide only as they were evaluated at various times with various drivers. In Battlefield 5 I’ve obtained the GS66 highlighted in red near in a similar way specced equipments. In this test the 1% low is just one of the most effective out of this choice of laptops, while the average FPS is second-rate below. It’s extremely near to the Triton 500 simply listed below it however, and also

although that has the non Super 2080 Max-Q graphics, it does get an advantage by being the 90 watt variation, the GS66 runs the GPU at 80 watts. These are the arise from Much Cry 5 with ultra settings in the constructed in benchmark. This moment the average FPS is just a little behind the a lot more powerful 180 watt 2080 in the Triton 900 simply above it, however remarkably additionally a little behind the 2080 Max-Q and also i7 in the Triton 500. The 1% lows are still greater when contrasted to most various other laptops checked, and also in any case this is still among the ideal results out of the laptop computers I have actually covered. These are the arise from Darkness of the Tomb raider with the integrated in standard at greatest settings. This time the GS66 was surpassing the higher electrical power 2080 Max-Q in the Triton 500 again, nonetheless it’s still regarding 10 FPS behind the 180 watt 2080 in the Triton 900 above it, in either case though still among the very best outcomes for a gaming laptop computer I have actually examined in this video game. Overall the pc gaming performance from the MSI GS66 is rather excellent, particularly when we take into consideration that it’s

obtained a reduced powered 80 watt RTX 2080 Super Max-Q as opposed to say the 90 watt restriction that will have. Remember that I have actually got the highest CPU and GPU alternatives offered in my GS66, so expect lower results with reduced specced versions, this is type of an ideal instance. That stated, MSI informed me all versions of the GS66 ought to allow you to disable optimus, so there will be a good rate increase in lots of games as a result of that. It might be possible that upgrading to DDR4-2933 memory from the default 2666 that MSI are shipping the GS66 with might supply further enhancement, allow me understand if you would certainly be interested in seeing a comparison, if so I can look at redoing the testing with faster memory to see how much it matters. Also with these awesome specs, the GS66 is only actually able to take complete advantage of that 300Hz panel in esports titles, but when those high framework prices were being struck, it did look incredibly smooth. I have actually seen a comparison of 240Hz and 300Hz alongside, and also in games like CS: GO where you’re in fact striking high frame prices it does make a distinction you can actually see. I’ll cover the thermals detailed in an upcoming video clip, and there’s still the full testimonial yet to find, so if you’re brand-new to the network you’ll absolutely desire to obtain subscribed for those.

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